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Avoid OpenCandy

Comment by RobertL87
about FreeFileSync · Dec 2015 · Helpful Not helpful 11 Helpful News report as junk e-mail

Adept news: as of v10.0 FreeFileSync is ad-free!

Rattling beneficial tool, but ignominy around the (optional) OpenCandy in the installer.
You buns donate to amaze an installer without OpenCandy adware. Unfortunately, you have to donate for every update then, but you butt choose the amount of money yourself.

Tip to annul malware comparable OpenCandy and undesirable toolbars: establish Unchecky .

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No belief anymore

Comment by Du
about FreeFileSync · Aug 2015 · Helpful Not helpful 2 Helpful Paper as spam

Thither is no portable instal anymore, and it is formally ad-driven, according to their website.
I'd corresponding to blue-pencil this comment, but there is no such option.

antecedently I wrote:

No malware in 7.3 portable install
Installed 7.3 and got no blind to opt-out nagware (which I was expecting), but apparently no nagware as well. Either it was because I chose "portable installation", either they distant it.

However, grading that positive, for now.

While installation the lapplander rendering on some other win8.1 machine, I was given an alternative to opt-out, presented on consecrate screen.

Comment by webheaded
about FreeFileSync · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful 1 Helpful Report as junk e-mail

Does pretty a good deal everything I demand to do bettor than MS Synctoy. I had started bump off with that audience dear things until I found come out it won't transcript files that are in use. I'm victimisation it to sync my XBMC database from my media center to my fixture PC. It full treatment like a charm. I also employment it to dungeon my medicine synced across 2 computers (I the like having it in both places) as well as my Portable Apps. It reads the changes laughably quick, copies files in use, and the port corset comparatively responsive.

If you're look for the portable version, aspect in the v3.2 folder. That's where it paf bundle was.

Comment by Pspletinckx
about FreeFileSync · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful -1 Helpful Report card as spam

Fastest elbow room to install:
sudo apt-add-repository ppa:freefilesync/ffs
sudo apt-get put in freefilesync


Don't use, if your privateness is crucial to you

Comment by Snr
about FreeFileSync · Mar 2013 · Helpful Not helpful -5 Helpful Reputation as junk e-mail

FreeFileSync is a great program, it fits my inevitably perfectly. I especially the likes of the nice sir herbert beerbohm tree view, that shows what is departure to be transferred, including size information. This is fashion punter than the apartment eyeshot most alternatives offer.

There is one and only affair I don't care at all however: It includes the OpenCandy spy- and adware. ( Info on OpenCandy: )
And of class thither isn't a adult admonition sign, lonesome the capable candy permit accord is shown at a lower place FreeFileSync's certify agreement. (Have you always scrolled down that alir and actually read the license? :-))

So if your seclusion is important to you, then enjoyment some early program, or at least auction block FreeFileSync and it's installer in your firewall (which of course is not an option, if you deficiency to sync over the internet).

Summary: Bang-up computer program by itself, but includes spy- and adware.


Thanks for this real of import comment!

I've equitable atrophied an 60 minutes removing the OpenCandy / Delta Hunt from my calculator that has been installed by FreeFileSync Setup. I wouldn't anticipate that from what I put-upon to believe a bully program!
If anyone decides to exercise FreeFileSync, he/she should brand certain to disable "Delta hunting engine" during setup.

Well, this exposed confect clobber (now it's "Softonic Websearch Toolbar") is an choice actually. As with many othe freewares, be careful upon installing : many times, there's a little checkbox concealed somewhere that prevents this form of PUP to be installed.

Piece I do not funding unrelated induction suggestions in the installer, particularly when they are pre-selected by default, you believably lost how it works.

Their Faq clear explains

The installer provides you the option to set up additional software. If you do not choose it, aught is installed in accession to the briny program.

The Faq also shows how you buttocks establish with a command without even receiving the command prompt for optional software. It also states that you testament encounter an installer without it if you donate.

Spell I hate that its in there, it’s peerless of the few shipway to arrest a fiddling chip of money for heart-to-heart origin software; so we should not be also abrasive or unfair. Peculiarly since I do not check a effective FOSS alternative to FreeFileSync.