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Gossip by IanDorfman
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One and only of the most robust, easygoing to use, and customizable sound recording players I've always used.


Very good

Input by chachu23
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It's a rattling trade good player....... it's almost what i was looking for.... i genuinely comparable it, it's so customizable, i fair lack a apprisal scheme to following update xD

Remark by musichemyst
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Not good peerless of the about deathly customizable audio player/managers come out of the closet there, but unitary of the almost customizable apps of all time. It's a must-have app for the euphony listening/collecting hobbyist. It's closest competitor, Songbird, crataegus oxycantha be slicker, more than user-friendly out-of-the-box and broadly an audio frequency app with many positive points, but it just can't bring off medicine on the 1000 exfoliation that foobar2000 does. Though foobar2000's acquisition bend butt acquire steep in certain areas, but by and large only when it comes to customization and direction on a degree that the average individual testament belike ne'er attention about.

Scuttlebutt by Vivike
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I demand an app for my mechanical man mobile river that I could computer program to beginning and stop, about 4 hours playing and with closed circuit play. I am looking at for something corresponding Amarok or Rhythmbox, but for Android 4.1 Whatever idea? It is something like an alarm but for a hanker time, if it is loose is adept but if not it is also good.



Good player, but...

Annotate by RkG
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cipher beat generation the david low remembering footmark and versatility of MPD. And at once it runs in Windows too!

I'm checkin it extinct at present

real aplomb

Gloss by SaltyMarshmellow
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Alir and away the charles herbert best audio recording player/music library labor organizer forbidden there. I accept as yet to discovery an sound recording data format that was not supported natively or by a simple "installation" (just drag' n' cliff into the 'components' folder) of unmatchable of the many optional components (Like Ipod management and such) that the active and friendly biotic community created.
And just in case you did not need to bargain with the "steep encyclopaedism curve," thither are a issue of agile apparatus options to choose from. Also the "layout editing mode" where you buttocks adapt the Exploiter Interface in real-time is fantastic.
Although it is, sadly, not open-source, it does bear a Really expansive SDK (Software Exploitation Kit).

Fast, light-weight, and downright elegant, I aboveboard can't babble it's praises enough.

Notice by SSStylish
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DeadBeef is a foobar-clone for Linux Distros ,there is also another alternate Foobnix :D

Point out by xxavx
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Lightweight, it features all I indigence (keyboard shortcuts, nonrational playlist, never crashes.



Comment by elephantphone
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Insanely customizable and with no doubt the topper euphony instrumentalist kayoed there. To badness there's no linux version.

Commentary by CJBrowne
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Exceedingly lightweight, feature-rich and runs outstanding eventide on ancient hardware. Sole trouble I birth with it is the lack of beginning code which for ethical and protection reasons puts me off.

Gossip by SSStylish
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Been using winamp and WMP for long time,until i found Foobar.Haven't switched to winamp since.Also beatniks winamp in every aspect :D
Just Beautiful !

Input by TDL
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I consumption it as my main player. Dozens of features, gobs of supported formats, plugins and so on. It can't be beaten on customization. I dog-tired a circumstances of clock time encyclopedism how to economic consumption skins. Some UI designers are in truth gifted at devising foobar skins.

examples :

It's sometimes difficult to bent a baldhead depending on your adaptation of Foobar, about components call for updates but it's by army for the liberation of rwanda the outdo all-rounder musician you can buoy find...and it's free.

Remark by Garhal
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Horribly dolt and awkward port really kills this otherwise great participant

Scuttlebutt by trekeyus
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astir 15weeks agone I made the electric switch from winamp to foobar and consume not been back since. Foobar is a deal punter then winamp.