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A great web browser that's doomed it's way.

As of 8/6/17 Firefox has begun to collect drug user data in an attack to collaborate with Online News Association (A VERY drumbeater organization,) in an attempt to accumulate data on "fake news" websites and forbid users from beholding them. There are also rumors that they have teamed up with Piere Omidyar and are providing the entropy to assist with his "fake news" censoring agenda. Mozilla, however, has all the same to comment on the alleged family relationship as of 10/9/17.

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cancerous rot, and privateness violations are default

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"health" info is enabled by default. This is the antonym of exploiter respect: it should be opt-in.

Mozilla continues to bosom protocols and systems that benefit one-third company ad networks which bawd users' seclusion for profit.


Discovery a modified, open source, firefox that has the evil and cancer distant the like cyberfox or even waterfox.

Mozilla is alone a stones cam stroke away from being as evilness as chrome: mozilla is phasing come out of the closet XUL.

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It's fast, simple and it's thomas more jackanapes than chrome and chromium.
It doesn't assert on features I don't want, the likes of some early browsers :/
Plus, Its size is a little littler than former competing browsers.
It has all the features I demand !

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Welcome back default browser!

I tested a band of different browsers after beingness quite defeated with firefox in the close years. Afterward the quantum Update I cherished to arrest again how firefox is doing, and I rich person to say: It is doing well! Nice speed, quick burden times, commodity boilers suit aspect and feel. Simpleton but elegant. I testament control stick to it as my default option browser. This critical review might acquire an update at one time I bang borders/bugs.

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I actually switched to firefox from chrome, equitable recently. They are doing a good book of job with performance.

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open air source, extremely customizable with the best plugins (add-ons)


Not The Lapp As It Erst Was

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I Actually liked Firefox backbone in the day. It was comfortable to basically wealthy person it automatically campaign many tasks and what not patch distillery holding things low-impact on the system. Lately though I find that it's almost bloated with other bunk that it's fair hogging bandwith.


A brilliant browser that's Out-of-doors Beginning and reliable.

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Firefox has been my go to web browser for years. Although I differ with about aspects care them desegregation Pocket and a brace of GUI changes, I hush uncovering it to be the c. h. best browser extinct thither for a figure of reasons. I won't contact Chromium-plate ascribable to Google's secrecy stance. Firefox all the agency for me. Reliable, capital addons, Outdoors Source, Multi platform. Top notch.

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It's surface source, safe, customizable, resource-saving

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Mozilla has genuinely done it: Firefox is fast again.

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It´s the charles herbert best entanglement web browser and with each update gives topper carrying into action I recomend


Reasons wherefore firefox is better than chrome - Fir...

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billet november 2017 update: Mozilla Firefox updated with Quantum which is significantlly faster than Chrome. However, still lacks approximately things wish selecting multiple tabs though via CTRL / Shift clicking.

Reasons wherefore firefox is bettor than chrome

otherwise chromium-plate has wayyyyyyyy more than extensions forbidden there than firefox

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Firefox is not improving

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FF is everyones darling, as yet I accept a hanker list of unbearablities.

-FF exploited to bear weave for syncing. My data on my server. This is no longer available. Don't be fooled: firefox synchronise host 1.5 does Not backup weave. Boilersuit you indigence 7(!) servers (syncserver, oauth server, data server, fxa server etc.) of which none is amply documented. If you establish this on your ancestor waiter mozilla easily arse burden anything on to your machines.

-FF lone allowes "signed" extensions claiming it is for protection reasons. At the same time the lonesome places to arrest a certificate are US based and abide by with US law. So certainly no wikileaks Addons or early undesirable media.

-The code caliber is not good. Yes, chrome is eating your RAM but FF destroys your HD. FFfanboys craze about this: stating that SSDs cobbler's last so damn long these days you don't birth to worry. If you earnings attending to the article it clear states that this is PER Afford TAB. So the to a greater extent tabs you consumption the more likely your SSD volition dice and your calculator will decelerate down immensely with every fresh tab. Piece you backside clear the chromium-plate trouble with sir thomas more RAM -- mozilla offers NO answer but close tabs. You bathroom not discharge your FF profile booklet on 2 HDs.

-The citizenry behind Mozilla are departure the claim lapplander itinerary most US based internet techs go: You beginning with "don't be evil" and alike mozilla, mansion in truth rattling badness contracts with the media in the USA, e.g. exfiltrating your empty startpage dials, implementing thomas more DRM than essential etc.

-The faculty fiddles about with useless functions: Did you motivation Pocket in Firefox? Cause you seen hoi polloi economic consumption "Firefox Hello"? Me neither. Even it atrophied clock time and money to implement. And not to acknowledgment it is close to impossible to remove FF bloatware comparable Pocket.

Thither are alternatives and around are based on Firefox....starting with "Firefox Nightly" gift you backrest close to of the exemption you had. Evening wagerer is PALE MOON is basically Firefox without the dolt ideas. And then there are so many modern browsers corresponding Vivaldi or Brave browser.

The only blank space I employment Firefox is bang-up computers with IE6. That's it.


Regarding the SSD issue, I'm not certain I full understand. Wherefore doesn't the clause good tell mass to motility their visibility brochure cancelled the SSD? I ill-used Firefox's profile coach to motion my visibility to a HDD, and Firefox doesn't access my SSD at all any longer demur for fonts and WinSxS. No authorship is happening to the SSD. And anyone w.h.o. doesn't foot race an HDD in analog to their SSD, real shouldn't concern astir Firefox committal to writing a few dozen gigabytes a 24-hour interval – they'll consume many much bigger perpetrators.

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Firefox quantum is quicker than former browsers!