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Firefox clay the outdo for privacy.

Comment by JohnFastman
about Mozilla Firefox and Keefox , Tor Browser , OmniSidebar · Mar 2017 · Helpful Not helpful 13 Helpful Report as junk e-mail

Mozilla's decisions leave lower customizability/popularity

Firefox 57 testament digest lone addons scripted via the WebExtensions API, which volition mean that a heavy bargain of well-loved Firefox functionality will disappear. This includes, e.g. Omnisidebar and Keefox . The community are angered (see hera , here and hither ).

Allay the most secret for full general browse

Despite this, Firefox the outflank web browser for customizability and privacy. It is the lonesome browser able-bodied to spring the exploiter a brobdingnagian ambit of options on everything from WebGL to WebRTC, changing how many closed tabs are remembered/can be re-opened, whether websites backside ask out for info astir copy-pasting, barrage status... If you don't know about this, you'll be surprised.

I advocate chase the secrecy guidelines bent come out of the closet for configuring Firefox on .

Firefox is undefendable reservoir and corpse the scoop alternative for general online privacy, short of victimization Tor Web browser (which is based on Firefox, btw.)


Essential extensions

Comment by Anamon
about Mozilla Firefox · Feb 2017 · Helpful Not helpful 5 Helpful Report card as spam

The briny grounds for many, if not most, hoi polloi to exercise Firefox complete early browsers such as Chromium-plate or the freshly Opera, is customisation. No former browser comes close in the diverseness and baron of its extensions ecosystem, and it's in truth wherefore I in person calm function it as my main browser. Spell a figure of developers do their best, Chrome's choice of extensions is, to put option it bluntly, laughable. The average calibre is terrible, many developers won't evening effort because they acknowledge already how laughably express the possibilities are that Google gives developers.

Sadly, concluded the past few years, start at about the clock time of Firefox's rapid button cycle, to the highest degree extensions I installed were to bushel close to functionality that was removed. But thanks to the hefty possibilities given to extensions a trade good workaround could commonly be found. For the benefit of anyone w.h.o. might be interested, hera is my short circuit listing of Firefox extensions that I discovery absolutely essential.

Category 1 consists of 4 extensions which, in my abase opinion, are necessary to bend Firefox into a available web browser in the number 1 place. To be frank, I think any browser should hardly come with this functionality by default. Bank bill that this is not a criticism against Firefox per se – no other john roy major web browser offers these things, at least Firefox is matchless of the few (the only one?) that admit you to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder them afterwards.

  • NoScript: Browsing the vane without this is just now a liability. You're protected from most web-based vulnerabilities and exploits by default option with NoScript, and the to the highest degree annoyance ads to boot. You bequeath never go back to the common "doors and windows unbarred and across-the-board open" fashion of surfboarding the web. A rebuff incommodiousness in the beginning by having to whitelist sure servers, but it leave real apace earnings bump off in a surfing experience that is astir 1000× quicker and 1000× safer and 1000000× less annoying. And websites that, without adept reason, don't eventide act upon full unless JavaScript is active? Ditch them, you don't demand that ailing engineered batch in your life.
  • Nuke Anything Enhanced: Remove annoying, broken, and unneeded elements from world wide web pages. Really utile for preparing pages for print, but not only.
  • Textarea Cache: What the old, abandoned and at once non-functional Lazarus extension used to do: entrepot backup man copies of whatever you compose into webforms, so should anything undesirable bechance – browser crash, accidentally navigating away from the page, or a bankruptcy to accede on a web site that is so indisposed written as to miss your data when it happens – you bathroom doctor it from the cache. Behind save you massive amounts of fourth dimension and frustration.
  • Classic Idea Restorer: After the Australis redesign, UI customisability was badly restricted, if not eliminated. Most of its elements are also a monolithic barren of space, devising Firefox almost inconceivable to habit for big businessman users. Do you sometimes undefended sir thomas more than 10 tabs? Do you feature thomas more than 100 bookmarks? If so, then you can't really manipulation Firefox unless you army of the pure CTR fixing just about of the damage done by Australis. Thanks to it, I give birth a championship barroom that in reality shows me titles of pages I'm on, I have got more than space-efficient (and square!) tabs, prettier buttons and toolbars, and almost to the highest degree importantly: so lots to a lesser extent atrophied concealment real acres all around.

Category 2 is a to a greater extent personal selection. These extensions I wouldn't consider essential, but exploitation Firefox without them would scarce be ceaselessly frustrating to me. These are real number meter savers and effective charles grey fuzz preventers.

  • Bookmarker Favicon Changer: I purpose a bookmarks toolbar without name calling or school text labels (easy one-click access to many necessity sites!), so favicons are all I hold to differentiate them. Sadly, more or less websites don't fling one, or a identical practically less than expressive one. This extension phone allows you to circle custom ones. Because of differences of belief with Mozilla, the extension service has to be downloaded from the author's have website.
  • DownThemAll! I cerebration the days of needing download managers are over, but this is a nifty little assistant at times. Poor servers bottom make it selfsame helpful to be capable to sketch downloads, and its bulk download options are very handy.
  • Keybinder: Because Firefox doesn't allow customising keyboard shortcuts. I don't cognise what was the brainy approximation behind crippling the Dodging florida key in Firefox (it victimised to cancel pending requests, including AJAX), but it was abominably idiotic, because at present you're no thirster able to scarcely bang escape if something's happening that you don't lack to – the most common role case being, of course, hitting a connectedness by accident. Curing up the Escape cock francis scott key to mean value "Stop" again using Keybinder (as otherwise the headstone is completely non-functional) and you buns forbid that clobber from natural event again. I also usage it to disable the F12 crosscut for the developer console, because I keep striking it by accident.
  • Keyword Hunt : Firefox always supported multiple hunting engines. It was completely incomprehensible wherefore they would shuffle the lookup browning automatic rifle completely excess by forcing users to always search with the nonpareil railway locomotive they presently exercise set as a default, careless of where they're inquisitory from. In early words, probing from the explore cake is directly functionally combining weight to doing it from the URL bar, and I aboveboard don't cognize wherefore the former is even out calm down there. Since I don't need to receive to always electric switch the nonpayment engine backbone and forth, I hardening Keyword Look up so that the URL ginmill searches my nonremittal engine, and the look for legal community searches whatsoever locomotive I blue-ribbon in it. Sorted, searching is functional again.
  • Connection Visitor : This is more of a personal choice; I a great deal usance unvisited/visited connexion colors to commemorate what I've already read. If I chink something by accident, I butt on/off switch the contact color backrest to Unvisited victimisation this extensions.
  • Tampermonkey: Customise the web.
  • URL Flipper: Rattling handy to navigate paginated websites, galleries, and so on. Allows you to growth and decrease URL variables easily.
  • Telecasting DownloadHelper: Allege no to media conglomerates stressful to payoff outside your consumer rights. You suffer a right to download buck private copies – drill it! And disenable those abominable EME DRM extensions in Firefox settings, while you're at it. Articulate no to media that is "defective by design".

Many of these extensions are XUL-based, an API which testament be completely distant from Firefox interlingual rendition 57, to be released this November. The sole file name extension engineering that volition be left to Firefox add-on developers and users is WebExtensions , the saami as victimized by Google's Chrome and former browsers.

Patch this has certain benefits regarding stability and portability, as anyone world health organization has e'er looked at Google's Chromium-plate filename extension register has to suspect, it is an deathly limited API compared to what Firefox exploited to offer with its bequest add-on systems. To the highest degree of the deeper user interface customisations are not potential victimization WebExtensions APIs, which is wherefore thither are so few authentically utilitarian and interesting extensions for Chrome, particularly compared to the rich people ecosystem that was Firefox extensions. To their credit, Mozilla promises to carry their WebExtensions APIs beyond what Chrome offers, to appropriate for (hopefully much) sir thomas more herculean add-ons. But the accuracy is that their current API endorse is abysmally lacking, and months, if not old age aside from what it should sustain been ahead the erstwhile engineering science was scheduled to be disabled. This leaves Firefox users in the attitude of either having to do without a circumstances of the extensions they got ill-used to, to arrest on an former interpretation of Firefox, or to bob hope and wait.

I'll update my remark with a tilt of replacements that are already WebExtensions compatible, which you buttocks use of goods and services in Firefox beyond reading 56.

  • NoScript 's developer is functional on providing a WebExtensions rendering by the metre of Firefox 57's release. Chrome's readiness of WebExtensions APIs is not sufficient to endure an lengthiness the likes of NoScript, which is wherefore he worked with Mozilla to desegregate the compulsory additional APIs. Let's hope they'll be done in time!
  • Nuke Anything Enhanced has already been updated to WebExtensions. There is a slight serviceability beef ascribable to electric current WebExtensions limitations in Firefox: you can buoy no yearner have an prolongation hyperkinetic syndrome multiple top-level entries to circumstance menus. The author included a workaround that lets you handicap entries you don't need. If you canful amaze it down feather to 1 in every possible context, you won't arrest the annoying submenu.
  • Textarea Cache: A WebExtensions add-on called "TextArea Cache Lite" is alleged to offering or so of the functionality of this add-on. It's a fleck to a lesser extent comfortable, and I haven't tested it a destiny yet.
  • Classical Melodic theme Preserver will not be supported imputable to its deep UI customisations. Losing the baldhead options hurts a morsel less since Firefox 57 comes with a new, real compact and minimalist interface, restoring many of the benefits that light-emitting diode to the growth of CTR in the number one place. However, many of its other legion features bequeath certainly be missed.
  • Bookmark Favicon Changer: I haven't base a WebExtensions-compatible refilling for this add-on yet.
  • DownThemAll! and interchangeable extensions are not potential to be supported anymore.
  • Keybinder is alas going away, as customising hotkeys is not something WebExtensions add-ons commode currently do in Firefox. Let's leslie townes hope an API to do this leave abide by soon, since it's not solitary a comfort feature, but crapper also assist declaration conflicts betwixt different add-ons.
  • Keyword Research testament believably not be supported anymore. To be honest, I'm not certain if the functionality it restored hasn't already been restored to mainline Firefox.
  • Data link Visitor has been ported to WebExtensions. Unfortunately, it is a piece slower than the former XUL-based version. Also, the inability to customise hotkeys (see above) is a downside that Mozilla volition hopefully address.
  • Tampermonkey is already a WebExtensions add-on.
  • URL Flipper: I could not find a WebExtensions renewal for this add-on yet, and sadly, in the flow APIs, a UI as comfortable as the one and only it had is not potential anymore. The functionality itself should be possible to add, though.
  • Television DownloadHelper 's authors announced plans to embrasure the propagation to WebExtensions, but they're not thither yet.
Comment by LAN
about Mozilla Firefox · Oct 2017 · Helpful Not helpful 3 Helpful Reputation as junk e-mail

After a brace of years of Mozilla "improving" the web browser by bloating it with assorted silly features, they at last made a huge dance step ahead and went to shuffling Firefox dissolute and effective .

Firefox got a immense modernisation of both backend and UI in translation 57 (Quantum), which will be released in November. Firefox forthwith takes advantage of multiple c.p.u. cores, prioritises tabs, and perceived execution is also improved. When you endeavor Firefox Beta, you actually tactile property the newly speed.

I truly commend everyone w.h.o. had suit federal up with Firefox and switched to Chromium-plate to springiness the fresh variant some other chance.

Comment by TheCEOofDoodleCo
about Mozilla Firefox · Apr 2017 · Helpful Not helpful 3 Helpful Story as spam

Mozilla is a large organization, and Firefox is thomas more static and to a lesser extent memory-consuming than Chromium-based browsers care Chrome or Opera. I also broadly speaking wish Firefox's depository library of add-ons more than than those in the Chromium-plate Entanglement Store. NoScript is really useful.

Comment by POX
about Mozilla Firefox · Feb 2018 · Helpful Not helpful 3 Helpful Study as junk e-mail

I don't actually comparable what Mozilla is doing with Firefox these cobbler's last few days (Pocket, telemetry, data collection, the Looking Glass addon, the remotion of individual biscuit management latterly and many early craps…) so I'd recommend to everyone to beginning exploitation Small Waterfox icon Waterfox instead.

Comment by Akoot
about Mozilla Firefox · Mar 2017 · Helpful Not helpful 1 Helpful Write up as spam

It's firm and identical pretty, selfsame customizable


a comment

Comment by 11009723
about Mozilla Firefox · Jul 2016 · Helpful Not helpful Written report as junk e-mail

I utilisation Firefox daily , and I genuinely corresponding it


Firefox 64-bit!

Comment by Danilo_Venom
about Mozilla Firefox · Dec 2015 · Helpful Not helpful Cover as spam

Finally, with Firefox 43, an official 64-bit variation of the broadcast is available for Windows :D


Unlike Chromium, Firefox entirely keeps acquiring improve and better.

Flash Histrion crashes - how to fix

Comment by LAN
about Mozilla Firefox · Nov 2015 · Helpful Not helpful Describe as junk e-mail

Lots of users experience Adobe Fanfare Instrumentalist hangs or crashes. I don't recognise wherefore it isn't fixed yet, but there is a simpleton workaround that makes Flare bring properly:

Endeavour it - it resolved the problems for me!


Firefox Extension

Comment by waqasahmed
about Mozilla Firefox and Classic Motif Refinisher · Mar 2015 · Helpful Not helpful Account as spam

Adjudicate . It restores classical Firefox button, tabs shape, remote customization features, etc.

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fast interpreting time

Comment by rewerest
about Mozilla Firefox · Nov 2014 · Helpful Not helpful News report as junk e-mail

It has beneficial rendering prison term and flying starting sentence but version 32.0.2 got the trump account so far.


Tip for improving memory usage

Comment by Jynto
about Mozilla Firefox and Restartless Re-start · Apr 2012 · Helpful Not helpful Report as spam

If Firefox is using as well very much memory, equitable restart it and your tabs bequeath ejaculate back. The addon Restartless Re-start is great, as it adds a button and a keyboard cutoff for restarting.

Also bear in brain that the to a greater extent RAM you have, the more Firefox is going away to use.

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Firefox 10 is fifty-fifty sir thomas more stable

Comment by Eostyx
about Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome , Opera · Feb 2012 · Helpful Not helpful Report card as junk e-mail

Firefox is presently the best alternate browser at the moment. My exclusively colic is that it has its antediluvian download window alternatively of the aerodynamic Chromium-plate like downloader. Piece Google Chrome is meliorate extinct of the box, it suffers greatly from weaker Addon support. Firefox's addons are much, much thomas more useful.

Chromium-plate addons carrying out is instead peaked done. It slows the web browser john l. h. down and increases the retention usages/load multiplication dramatically compared to Firefox. Yes addons decelerate both pile in roughly manner or another, BUT Firefox's addons are closer to the browser so that they derriere rich person more than functionality.

Conclusion but not least, Chrome is the ad brokers browser. Everyone victimisation Chromium-plate has to empathise wherefore Google sees this as a vast opportunity, right? But I moldiness aver Chrome a majuscule web browser in it's possess right. A good deal A great deal faster with most Javascript.


Plugin problems with Firefox: video streaming

Comment by Danilo_Venom
about Mozilla Firefox and QuickTime Musician , Windows Media Participant , VLC Media Player · Nov 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Reputation as spam

I wealthy person a draw of problems with Firefox plugins, peculiarly with videos in the browser.

If I neediness to attend a cyclosis video recording I Must install VLC (80 MB) with its plugin ( which doesn't always crop ) and if I privation to check a picture file, the like mp4, mpg or avi in Firefox, I Mustiness put in Quicktime (73 MB) with its plugin.
But since I utilization Media Role player Classic Base Cinema, I don't apply VLC and Quicktime: is thither a means to set up Only if their plugins to horizon videos in Firefox or another mode to do it?

There is also Windows Media Thespian plugin installed in Firefox: fanny a plugin of these grip everything about videos, streaming and telecasting file?


Wherefore would you employ a browser for media playing?
You fundament celebrate on victimization Media actor classical for television acting

Yeah, immediately i'm exploitation MPC, but i looked for a media histrion for Firefox to annul to electrical switch computer program for each video.