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Gossip by gordita_de_lisoform
about FastStone Figure Viewer · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful 1 Helpful

This is my dearie figure of speech viewer. It has TONS of useful features and I beloved the agency they are arranged when viewing a characterisation in full-of-the-moon screen.

Input by konterkariert
about FastStone Image Watcher · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful 1 Helpful

I genuinely wish FastStone Look-alike Witness identical much. The fullscreen options comparable the thumbnails when you motility your computer mouse to the corners are great.

Remark by Marathongman
about FastStone Mental image Looker · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful 1 Helpful

I think it is great. I economic consumption it all the clock time for resizing and adding borders. I corresponding it so much I sent an e-mail thanking them and when I acquire the money I am departure to donate. It is the right affair to do for such an excellent art object of computer software

Scuttlebutt by BrianG
about FastStone Paradigm Spectator · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful 1 Helpful

This IS the Best freeware Persona viewer! I've looked all over for apps like this and I have as yet to discovery nonpareil better!

Annotate by MiriamGreen
about FastStone Prototype Viewer · Aug 2017 · Helpful Not helpful

Bang-up one) I in truth adore it)

Gloss by richyram
about FastStone Range Watcher · Mar 2017 · Helpful Not helpful

I've been using it for years; easygoing to use...never a problem.

Notice by nanoprog
about FastStone Range of a function Witness · Mar 2017 · Helpful Not helpful

free, fast, versatile. One and only drawback on linux: doesn't the like all wine versions. With some: thumbnails are not generated for many images, and occasionaly looses mouse centering (can't click/right chink for a foreign cause (same happened with different application))



Point out by User9687753
about FastStone Simulacrum Looker · Nov 2014 · Helpful Not helpful

Still no unicode support! :(