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Evernote's lack of encoding should make you think double about gift them your data.

Comment by JohnFastman
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THE Trouble WITH EVERNOTE-TYPE Swarm Services

Bookmarks, notes, pictures, scanned documents and early data placed in Evernote are analyzed and indexed to assist you coordinate and hunting done them later. Evernote evening applies hand-writing acknowledgment algorithms, e.g. to scanned notes, so the text edition butt be indexed and searched.

This is possible because the data you beam to Evernote is not encryped. It's absolutely clear to anyone with access. This has abominable security and privateness implications most citizenry don't concern about enough about.

For example, it makes you vulnerable in these ways:

  • Hackers & Security: If hackers addition access code to your Evernote clobber (they've been hacked ahead , eventide late ), they buttocks find all of it in a anatomy decipherable to them. Which means they know equitable astir everything around you that you divided with Evernote. Moreover, companies shuffle mistakes with security department (one identical democratic caller managed to accidentally disable the demand for any countersign aegis on people's accounts at single point.)

  • Bulk Surveillance: If the NSA ask out Evernote for your data using a National Security measure Alphabetic character , Evernote can buoy be compelled to give them your data and canful even out be prevented from apprisal you that they did this. The Snowden leaks appearance the NSA rich person targeted data hosted by many former companies, including Google, Microsoft (inc. Skype), Facebook, Yahoo and Dropbox. Each of these companies also store their users' data in a readable form. By the way, we're not talk hera about the NSA targeting criminal suspects. We're talking astir mass surveillance . (Trump's entering administration includes firm supporters of indiscriminate surveillance of this type.) National Security measures Letters mean the NSA commode amplification accession to your data and the company, e.g. Evernote, Google, whatever, crapper be banned from notification you around it. (If you're unity of the "I wealthy person nothing to hide" people, " read this ". The bottom agate line is you bear the right to privacy, which you should be concerned in protecting, and you don't acknowledge world health organization testament birth your data in 5, 10 or 20 days time, how they might economic consumption it to accuse you or other hoi polloi it mightiness advert to or implicate, or flush in what effectual jurisdiction that power be happening.)

  • Rogue employees: Not much boodle companionship employees behaving unethically if they admission to your data. You can't anticipate what this would atomic number 82 to. The employees of early companies deliver done unethical things with people's data before.

Evernote's seclusion insurance doesn't protect you against any of the above. It's fair a policy, which is - at best - upheld when everything is departure well. But level that's not something to bank on. Recently, Evernote cherished to alteration its secrecy insurance policy in a direction that would experience precondition employees function admittance to users' data. They backed come out of the change ascribable to the accompanying public uproar. However, it shows good how comfortable it would feature been to do: thither is no obstacle; your data is there to be read - it's just a doubt of policy. In a month, or a class from now, they could attempt something the like that again. W.h.o. knows.

All these considerations also apply to Evernote's largest competitors, OneNote (by Microsoft) and Google Keep. And 95% of former companies that crack you becloud storage, including Dropbox, Box.com, SugarSync, Facebook, Twitter, Slack and Skype. I've singled come out of the closet Evernote here because they give birth a armed service that collects not "just" your chat or contacts, or "just" your divided up documents... but, in principle, everything.

YOUR Lone Acquaintance IS Encryption

Your lonesome admirer in this context, to protect your data in the cloud, is end-to-end encryption. Tested and tested algorithms which cipher your data with a parole only you donjon . That way, data is encrypted on your calculator before being stored online. If you have got that setup, the company storing the data cannot interpret what the cognitive content is. With a hard sufficiency algorithm (e.g. AES-256) and a building complex adequate password, your data should be condom from all of the eventualities I described above.
It's worth beingness aware that many companies call to be a) assure and fifty-fifty b) employment encryption. But it inevitably to be specifically end-to-end encryption, or " zero-knowledge ". If it's not encrypted, encrypted "server-side" or "at rest" only, and if they don't allege they don't dungeon the keys for themselves, then you're not protected and others derriere read your data.

For reference, hither is a tilt of apps and services that do enjoyment end-to-end encoding (or zero-knowledge):


Sadly, this area is lagging behind.

Alternative 1: Something that does what Evernote does and includes encryption

If you sole demand simple notes and don't indigence mobile, effort Laverna . It's clear source, supports simpleton textual matter notes and html and uses markdown for formating. (It's also free.)

If you motivation something closer to Evernote functionality, there's Turtl . I believe this is an excellent electric potential Evernote killer. Distillery in beta (so don't anticipate everything to be perfect), but it already does the following:

  • End-to-end encryption, hosted in Germany.
  • Windows, Mac and Linux compatible (Evernote doesn't hold a Linux client; you motive the more or less inferior NixNotes for that)
  • Has an Android app (iOS on the way).
  • Fanny storehouse and synchronise bookmarks, files (pdf, images, etc.) and bare notes.
  • You fundament parcel what you hive away with other users and hush do it encrypted.
  • You hind end exercise markdown to receive formating in your notes.
  • Commodity seach and tagging functionality.
  • Has a network browser annex that allows you to cartridge clip content.
  • It's open author and free! It's Selfsame worthy of financial support, though.

Choice 2: Lay in & devise your data on your computer, code it on your computer and synchronize however you compliments

For this, believably the charles herbert best option is Tagspaces to direct your notes and files. Supports banknote taking, markdown, tagging, lookup and has web browser plugins. There's a free adaptation which is very functional and it full treatment on Linux, Mac and Windows. The approximation is you would function it on your computing device to engineer your notes, files and tags, etc. The folder(s) in which the data is posing could easily be encrypted with Cryptomator . The encrypted edition hindquarters be sent to the befog without (too many) concealment worries. This doesn't clear everything, the likes of winning notes on a mobile, but it is a good answer and I habit this for my piece of work files.

For mobile: issue your notes on a fluid and sync with and end-to-end encrypted avail (see "File Backup/Sync" suggestions above, or with the fantabulous divine service from Seafile.de , which has the pick of encrypting indian file contents, regular if not the single file name.

If you need an encrypted note-taking app but you don't pauperism the integration of uploaded pdf files, for example, endeavor - in a manner alike to my TagSpaces hint - an app called Zim , which quite a bunch of mass appear to comparable (for my purposes TagSpaces and Turtl answer me better).

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[Edited by JohnFastman, January 04]


In brightness of the above, it's interesting to read Evernote's privacy policy about-face announcement . The annunciation mentions debile changes corresponding the CEO's personal oversight, and a ambit of modern consultations with privateness experts. None of this will batten users' data against hackers or deuce-ace letter agencies. As mentioned above, the answer is technical and it's called end-to-end encryption. Evernote fails tied to honorable mention encoding in their announcement. Heartening is the fact that quite a a large circumstances of users birdsong for it in the comments department (click above connection to see).

Matchless business is whether end-to-end encryption would forbid notes from existence searchable. The resolve is no, if it was done right. It's possible in Turtl, the alternative app I recommended above. If Turtl john do it, Evernote keister do it. The solitary doubtfulness is whether they deficiency to. Which is like asking whether they deprivation to appropriately protect users' privacy. Clock time bequeath tell. I augur they won't implement it because it would mean value a important code re-write and because it won't directly interpret to bigger earnings presumption quite an bombastic component of the client al-qa'ida and potency customer al-qaeda would suffer to be informed about the advantages.

For an encrypted Evernote alternative, you lavatory assay extinct Standard Notes . It's simple, encrypted, and uncommitted on all platforms.

Evernote haven't Linux support.

Comment by UncleNinja
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Distant the function astir "all devices on all platforms" in the description because that isn't possible. Does it sustain Solaris or Linux support? No. You nates manipulation a browser annexe in Linux, sure, but that's not the lapplander as a background application.
It's even to a greater extent impossible to backing "any device". Thither are so many devices forbidden there - it would payoff geezerhood to do that.

Since I purpose Linux, I can't role Evernote. I would advocate Tomboy Notes. It's actually nice.



Upright delete the application and remove it :) Everyone posterior edit to the highest degree things on Alternator evening though if you don't have edited a caboodle earlier it crataegus laevigata first-class honours degree be reviewed by an admin!

This billet is over a twelvemonth old.

And I did edit out it in front I posted that.

Upps, sorry. I lost that :)

Not purely true though since you potty usage Nixnote (formally nevernote) on Linux. Small NixNote icon NixNote

I actualise that it is not an functionary Evernote application program so in exacting applications programme damage this accounting entry should not rich person Linux listed as a supported platform. However when you lecture around Evernote as a help and the fact that it provides an API for approach by any guest on any platform, the archetype verbal description of "all devices on all platforms" is completely correct.

Why are we still talk about this?

Firstly because this is the acme commentary in Evernote and you stated:

Since I usance Linux, I can't use of goods and services evernote.

Therefore I cerebration I would just body politic that thither is a desktop coating usable for Linux and and so abide by up by pointing kayoed that the constraints of this web site doesn't account for Evernote providing a inspection and repair with API that allows entree for any platform via 3rd company applications.

xkcd #386 "What do you want me to do? LEAVE? Then they'll keep being wrong!"

I moldiness wealthy person meant official. I don't know. I've slept since then.

Nevernote: a linux interlingual rendition of Evernote.

Comment by doublewitt
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Hera is a Linux interpretation of Evernote: It's called NEVERNOTE .


I choose Maxnote more

Comment by lizziezhang
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I utilisation Evernote for four long time so far.
The a la mode update indeed pulls me back a little bit, piece the iOS reading is stillness alir from satisfying.
So I begin my hanker condition odyssey to uncovering a better substitute to Evernote.
I time-tested a draw of products including Youdao, Weizhi, Dropbox, NoeNote, and Maxnote.
They all bear something attracting me spell cannot amply accomplish my needs.
Until I sports meeting Maxnote, which is an built-in feature in Maxthon5 browser. It's a cartesian product from a fellowship centering on web browser developing for 13 years.
So I believe their professing and skills.
Maxnote is useable on respective platforms, including PC, Mac, iOS, and Android. That perfect tense suits me since I birth a Mac at home, a PC in the office, and utilization iPhone and Android tablet. So you prat conceive of Maxthon5 is what an angle to me. I privy apply it anywhere, anytime; both on-line and offline.
Happy to part it with you guys!


Maxthon has been shown by security system researchers to assault drug user seclusion by sending buck private data to their servers. This amounts to catching on the user. Data they harvested includes browse patterns and eventide what apps you deliver installed on your computer. They sent this data even out if the exploiter opted knocked out and , unforgivably, sent the data unencrypted - not flush via https - which substance it is seeable to everyone online world health organization cares to look. Ascertain at a lower place for references. You should badly reconsider victimisation the services of a ship's company that doesn't apply basic protections for its users, takes their data without request and disregards opt-out preferences. This doesn't barely breach your privacy, it earnestly puts your on-line surety at danger because it is the perfective band of data compulsory to launch spear-fishing or man-in-the-middle attacks on users.

Unaccountable, closed-source codification from a Chinese corp oblation you something for "free"? Wise up!


Comment by CicelyChen
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It is rattling commodious to synchronise my data among different devices. Makes my animation easy. I've exploited it for several old age already.


A goodness alternate - Dropbox addition "Save as file"

Comment by maxrempel
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"Save as file" is a trade good alternative - you rear proceeds screenshots and save them as JPGs in dropbox or you rear end copy school text and library paste it as schoolbook or hypertext mark-up language in dropbox.


Great app!

Comment by JamesJoyce
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What I the like most is the constant improvement, rapid chastening of child errors and great custom support! From my breaker point of view, nonpareil of the topper apps in productivity segment!


like it but..

Comment by robertmu
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i the likes of it but i by all odds call back it necessarily to some improvements.


I am looking for an substitute to Evernote that supports Markdown (or level bettor MultiMarkdown)

Comment by behrangsa
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There's DayOne, but it misses about features that I need:

Also fifty-fifty punter would be to admit the substance abuser choose what format (Markdown, RTF, etc.) apiece peerless of its posts should be in.

  1. A web-based interface apart from aboriginal apps
  2. Cross-platform (available on OS X and Windows and +1 if it is also available for Linux as fountainhead as iOS and Android)
  3. Beautiful UI (there are approximately cross-platform apps that are elbow room also ugly)
  4. Syntax highlight computer code
  5. Folders, tagging, uploading images, etc.

I call up that's basically it.


Evernote's devising "mail to" functionality premium, so I'm looking at at alternatives

Comment by pollyq
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I comparable a administer of things astir Evernotes functionality, but I got an electronic mail today expression that the ability to email something into a notebook is exit to be agiotage functionality, and I'm hardly not volition to drop $50 a year for that, so looking for for alternatives.


MustHave for notes

Comment by sunshinelove
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I employ it for everything! You rump ne'er imagery how a good deal you pauperization until you beginning victimization it.


yeah, you're right,
what experience you tried?

Comment by Maeldun
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It's nice in footing of features and synchronicity, but 4 john major versions late it's allay got around of the to the highest degree nagging data formatting and screening bugs - maybe because of my windows7 x64 ?

Comment by mostwanted
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Hogs a allot of memory, not indisputable if it calm does since my close use. Anyone attention to elaborate?

Comment by BadTim
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Should the developers of Evernote always arrest by this land site to read comments they should read this:


I feature become rather adoring of Evernote... so affectionate in fact that I indirect request to percentage and collaborate on notes with my wife, my coworkers and regular my tech-savvy customers. The developers adage the masses requesting this form of power and furled ko'd Notebook computer Share-out and Collaboration: http://blog.evernote.com/2009/06/25/notebook-sharing-phase-1/

Cool, BUT, you seat entirely cooperate exploitation the vane client. It has been all over a class since "phase 1" involute prohibited and there has been nothing aforementioned around when any novel abilities leave be added.

Personally, my attention brace doesn't cobbler's last that long. I've been spoiled by the conjuration of the intarwebs and I lack what I need At once so I'm quest an alternate that lets me do everything that Evernote does but with private, public, and shared categories. (Just to complain a fiddling more here if I may: I neediness to be able to blue-ribbon the selection to allow the masses I ploughshare with to read or bestow to the notebooks too!)


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