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  • Laverna

    Laverna is a JavaScript bank bill pickings application with Markdown editor and encoding support. Consider it the likes of open beginning alternative to...

    Free people Open air Generator Mac Windows Linux Network Self-Hosted

    • It is open-source, encrypted repositing that allows you to boniface your possess data. It also provides desktop apps for all platforms (unlike Evernote) Guest • Oct 2016 • 9 agrees and 5 disagrees Disagree    Accord
    • Briny reasons wherefore I believe this is a best substitute to Evernote, OneNote, and Google Keep: Markdown & out-of-doors germ Guest • Dec 2016 • 8 agrees and 4 disagrees Disagree    Agree
    • Laverna has the chase advantages over Evernote: 1. Encoding (and consequently privacy/security); 2. It's outdoors informant (trustworthy); 3. Self-hosted (you ascendance your data); 4. Supports Windows, Mac & Linux (Evernote has no Linux version). JohnFastman Dec 2016 • 5 agrees and 1 disagrees Disagree    Concord
    • Laverna is awesome, kit and boodle on Linux and gives you options to assure your data. Oh and unlike Microsoft and Google, they don't bloodsucker all your data on a continuous telemetry current Guest • Jan 2017 • 6 agrees and 3 disagrees Disagree    Concur
    • Lone requires a HTML5 compatible vane browser and butt consumption it offline. Kit and caboodle identical fountainhead with Firefox and Google Chrome. Comfortable to instal on personal world wide web server. To sync data betwixt devices buttocks economic consumption a remote reposition server. Guest • Mar 2017 • 3 agrees and 0 disagrees Disagree    Consort
    • Selfsame fast. And to a greater extent fashionable piece the bundle is comparatively small. TorosFanny Aug 2017 • 1 agrees and 0 disagrees Disagree    Fit in
    • It supports markdown and encryption, you can buoy sync data via Dropbox or your have server. Soon, it testament acquire Humanoid app, all absolve and surface source! karlossss1996 Sep 2017 Disagree    Harmonise
    • This is a entanglement application. With Evernote I canful issue bank note without any association and it takes attention of my synchroneity late on... Guest • Jul 2016 • 12 agrees and 41 disagrees Disagree    Harmonize
  • Microsoft OneNote

    A digital notebook application program that gives citizenry matchless blank space to gather notes and information. .

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    • Commode Banknote ! Crapper Draw ! Derriere make To Do Tilt ! Fanny Add pictures. Fundament Add Formules. What's more ? Assay it come out it is also free. ugurozturk Mar 2017 • 5 agrees and 1 disagrees Disagree    Hold
    • The limiter has to simple experience. The lookup is impossible. The interface has to be sir thomas more available danantferrari Feb 2017 • 3 agrees and 2 disagrees Disagree    Accord
    • To a lesser extent guarded and cluttered than Evernote neithan Jun 2017 • 1 agrees and 0 disagrees Disagree    Agree
    • It's completly free, it's synchronizable, it's desegregate iota early ms federal agency cortege elementes, it rich person a c. h. best design. Guest • 14 days agone Disagree    Concord
    • It is not real cross-platform (Linux is not compatible). Guest • Aug 2017 • 2 agrees and 3 disagrees Disagree    Concur
    • Easy to use, firm documentation backed by Microsoft, also got plenitude of plugins and apps. Guest • Jan 2017 • 1 agrees and 2 disagrees Disagree    Consort
    • At once that it is completely disembarrass on all platforms (there is evening a disengage Win10 UWP screen background app), not freemium as declared in this site, its functionality is almost the same. I fille not being able to storage pdfs, but that's about it. Guest • Jun 2017 • 0 agrees and 1 disagrees Disagree    Fit in
  • Google Donjon

    Google Dungeon has respective features including color coding notes, inserting images, creating lists, geo-fencing, shareable notes, and search by color.

    Dislodge Windows Vane Humanoid iPhone Chrome OS Mechanical man Pill iPad Chrome ... Android Wear

    • Google Hold is thomas more like a awkward bill where as Evernote is a digital filing organisation where everything is better organized. Guest • Jul 2016 • 23 agrees and 3 disagrees Disagree    Harmonise
    • Google Keep doesn't financial backing text edition formating, lonesome simpleton champaign text. Evernote is more than for MSWord-like notes. Guest • Crataegus laevigata 2016 • 14 agrees and 2 disagrees Disagree    Harmonize
    • Very commodity billet searching. Good desegregation 'tween background and mobile. Employment google docs for rich data formatting and large texts. Guest • Sep 2016 • 6 agrees and 2 disagrees Disagree    Hold
    • It's to a greater extent for personal than master use, but easygoing and fast to use. Drianmoller Jan 2017 • 4 agrees and 1 disagrees Disagree    Accord
    • It has barely any of the features. Could piece of work if you only demand to store bare textbook and photos but much more than that and it equitable gets arduous to organise. Guest • Mar 2017 • 1 agrees and 0 disagrees Disagree    Agree
    • Design of Google Celebrate is different. It's bettor for embarrassing notes and todo lists spell Evernote is made for organizing your images/articles/notes etc. angel_koky Aug 2017 Disagree    Concord
    • A good deal simpler but distillery rattling brawny distinction holding app. Continue is real gentle to enjoyment and includes many hefty features. Guest • Aug 2017 Disagree    Concur
    • Go along is goodness for gluey notes , short lists and quick reminders . Guest • Oct 2017 Disagree    Consort
    • The main cause I don't exercise Google Go on is that it doesn't wealthy person a Firefox plugin. Guest • Jul 2016 • 2 agrees and 5 disagrees Disagree    Fit in
  • Simplenote

    Made by the caller behindhand WordPress , Simplenote is an leisurely direction to hold back notes, lists, ideas, and more. Your notes arrest updated across all your devices.

    Exempt Afford Origin Mac Windows Linux World wide web Humanoid iPhone Mechanical man Tablet iPad ... Kindle Fire

    • Really agile sync, antiphonal UI, whole caboodle trade good crossways Windows, Linux and Android, although absent funding for graphic notes and sir thomas more textual matter format options Guest • Nov 2016 • 8 agrees and 0 disagrees Disagree    Harmonise
    • Simplenote is a cross-platform app that allows you to payoff childlike (as the epithet implies) text-based notes and sync them crosswise your devices. Thither is markdown support, but little else. It's Evernote with almost everything but the eminence taking lineament interpreted out. If that appeals to you, it's great. Also, thumbs up for give reference and Linux support! JohnFastman Dec 2016 • 4 agrees and 0 disagrees Disagree    Harmonize
    • No import/export, requires function of "markups" alternatively of keystrokes for dash changes Guest • Jul 2016 • 4 agrees and 1 disagrees Disagree    Hold
    • Not an archiver. Simplenote is for fair that: dewy-eyed markdown notes. Guest • Jun 2017 • 2 agrees and 0 disagrees Disagree    Accord
    • True to its name, it is simple. Windows, Linux & Android all are supported. No media support. School text only. User2778798 Jun 2017 Disagree    Agree
    • Simplenote is good astir devising dim-witted schoolbook notes Guest • Oct 2016 • 5 agrees and 7 disagrees Disagree    Concord
  • Turtl

    Turtl is a buck private home to hold on your notes, research, passwords, bookmarks, ambition logs, photos, documents and anything else you deficiency kept safe. Turtl's prosperous tagging...

    Give up Open up Reservoir Mac Windows Linux Humanoid Self-Hosted Chrome Firefox

    • Turtl stores your info encrypted, unlike Evernote. A great deal thomas more private. Guest • Oct 2016 • 9 agrees and 1 disagrees Disagree    Concur
    • you hind end easily part boards of bookmarks & notes you hindquarters synch files & images it's crisscross platform & liberate Guest • Dec 2016 • 5 agrees and 1 disagrees Disagree    Consort
    • Turtl is before long more than of a bookmark sync public-service corporation than Evernote replacement. (For an spread root Evernote alternate ascertain TagSpaces). Unlike Evernote, Turtl is spread out rootage and habit end-to-end encoding so that you john storehouse elementary notes and online bookmarks with full-of-the-moon privacy, eventide from the Turtl developers. A web browser plugin whole kit together with the guest to gaining control links. It's hush beingness developed but already a adept choice for cross-platform bookmark/note syncing. JohnFastman Dec 2016 • 4 agrees and 1 disagrees Disagree    Fit in
    • Windows versions do not study properly. There is identical fiddling certification and a poor forum. AnonAT Mar 2017 • 2 agrees and 0 disagrees Disagree    Harmonise
    • Turtl has a great electric potential to be a full moon alternate to evernote in the future. But that volition proceeds time, still wait for consequence sport from former services comparable evernote,simplenote etc. kbabir Feb 2017 Disagree    Harmonize
    • Client-side AES encryption (private), open-source and loose syncing. Markdown support, attachments, bookmarks, browser plugins and apps for Win, OsX, Linux and Android. Charles herbert best exploited for mere notes, but it's boundlessly punter than, allege Simplenote and a lot to a greater extent common soldier than Evernote. Guest • Mar 2017 • 1 agrees and 1 disagrees Disagree    Hold
  • Zim

    Zim brings the concept of a wiki to your desktop. Hive away information, connection pages and delete with WYSISYG markup or directly typewriting some jackanapes markup sentence structure and assure it...

    Release Unfold Seed Mac Windows Linux BSD

    • Capital to lay in and coordinate notes, hypothesis gross ton includes pictures. You keister contemporise your notes with your favorite befog plateform, notes are protected in the .txt format. The trouble is : you indigence to install an app (not uncommitted on android) to manipulation effectively AND it uses a markdown different than other apps. Guest • Jan 2017 • 1 agrees and 0 disagrees Disagree    Accord
    • Includes nested notes, Wiki-like linking, and changeover to Hypertext mark-up language samuelhunter Jan 2017 • 0 agrees and 1 disagrees Disagree    Agree
    • it's impossible to purpose it in sync Many meter it doomed files if more than nonpareil device is in use... also not at the lapp time. LordMax Jul 2017 • 0 agrees and 1 disagrees Disagree    Concord
  • Paperwork

    OpenSource note-taking & archiving alternative to Evernote, Microsoft OneNote & Google Keep.

    Relinquish Candid Author Entanglement Self-Hosted PHP Cloudron

    • Easily the most advance substitute to Evernote. Basically has all the functionality of Evernote's network app, addition it's resign and capable source. The downside is that it's self-hosted, which means that if you're a beginner with background clobber you you'll uncovering it backbreaking to amaze going. If that's the case, attend if TagSpaces or Elephant might do what you want. JohnFastman Dec 2016 • 1 agrees and 2 disagrees Disagree    Concur
  • Standard Notes

    Love Notes. Beloved Encryption. Standard Notes is a condom lieu for your notes, thoughts, and life's work. It's simple. Standard Notes is the easiest notes...

    Freemium $ $ $ Exposed Beginning Mac Windows Linux Vane Android iPhone Chrome OS iPad ... Self-Hosted

    • Multi-platform support- Linux included. Open Generator code. End-to-end encryption. No gimmick limit. 100 per cent free. TBOTO Apr 2017 • 3 agrees and 2 disagrees Disagree    Consort
    • Open-source, free, majuscule experience, and reenforcement for almost every platform. zane Nov 2017 • 0 agrees and 1 disagrees Disagree    Fit in
  • TagSpaces

    TagSpaces is a multiplatform application, which allows you to bring off and devise your local anaesthetic files with the assist of tags.

    Freemium $ $ $ Heart-to-heart Germ Mac Windows Linux Mechanical man iPhone Self-Hosted Chrome Firefox

    • TagSpaces is built as an Evernote alternate for greenback winning and selective information management Danilo_Venom Oct 2016 • 8 agrees and 2 disagrees Disagree    Harmonise
    • Line pickings is sole a small function - tagging of local anesthetic files is the chief purpose. Guest • Jan 2017 • 7 agrees and 2 disagrees Disagree    Harmonize
    • Superb, open-source, free, cross-platform arranger or files and notes. Stillness a work in progress, but already deathly useful. No automatic rifle gift up of private data to the cloud; instead you lavatory sync whichever booklet you corresponding to the dapple using your darling service. Selfsame extremely recommended. JohnFastman Dec 2016 • 4 agrees and 0 disagrees Disagree    Hold
  • Nimbus Musical note

    Nimbus tools will shuffle indisputable you ne'er blank out or lose your worthful data again. Create and edit notes, save world wide web pages, screenshots and any early case of data – and share...

    Freemium Windows Entanglement Android iPhone Chrome OS Windows Sound Chrome Chromium

    • Nimbus Notation is much an Evernote clon - and a outstanding app also (I role it often). jasoncomely Sep 2015 • 2 agrees and 0 disagrees Disagree    Accord
    • Nates implication from Evernote including tags and images. xeam404 Jul 2016 • 1 agrees and 0 disagrees Disagree    Agree
    • this is the closest broadcast I bear found that is a address permutation for Evernote in both affair and "feel". Sustenance faculty is excellent. There is even out an Evernote Importer reinforced in! bibjasjs Aug 2016 • 2 agrees and 1 disagrees Disagree    Concord
    • Nimbus Note looks similar, and with exchangeable functionality to Evernote, and a bite faster too. conceptual Jan 2017 • 1 agrees and 0 disagrees Disagree    Concur
    • No Linux, no Mac client, no Firefox plugin. Your data rests unencrypted on US-based data centers in clear format. So all the privacy concerns of Evernote minus about of the convenience. JohnFastman Jan 2017 • 2 agrees and 1 disagrees Disagree    Consort
    • Nimbus Note of hand is for PC users, very simillar to Evernote. It is possible to import all data at once. If you are amercement with 100 MB synced data it is unblock for any figure of devices. It has rattling beneficial on-line vane interface, Windows app is nice, workplace offline but has approximately bugs in textbook editor program (formatting) and has no updates for a hanker period. I cannot advocate Windows Metro App, it is unusable. For users, world health organization choose MS or Google and deprivation to usage images in their notes, is it possible way. Guest • Jul 2017 Disagree    Fit in
  • Tomboy

    Have you always felt the defeat at not existence able-bodied to settle a web site you cherished to balk out, or ascertain an electronic mail you base interesting, or commemorate an approximation around the...

    Unfreeze Loose Informant Mac Windows Linux BSD

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  • Know any sir thomas more alternatives to Evernote?

    Suggest an applications programme to this heel
  • OpenNote

    OpenNote was built to be an opened world wide web based alternative to Microsoft OneNote and Evernote .

    Unloose Overt Origin Self-Hosted

    • Keeps your data come out of the closet of 3rd company hands, and I comparable that. Add this to a freedombox and you're cancelled to the privateness races :-) Guest • Jul 2015 • 2 agrees and 0 disagrees Disagree    Harmonise
  • Leanote

    Leanote provides services for preeminence and blog. You posterior usance "note" as your personal notebook, if you lack to ploughshare with friends, just bring out promissory note or notebook computer to...

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Entanglement Self-Hosted

    • Believably the to the highest degree complete receptive source, self-hosted or paid-for Evernote substitute in damage of functionality. Sadly, the English book of instructions aren't soft to bump or that clear. But it works phenomenally well as an Evernote alternative. JohnFastman Jan 2017 • 3 agrees and 0 disagrees Disagree    Harmonize
    • It supports, markdown, chronological succession diagram, flowchart, math, and syncing. The desktop clients (Win/MacOs) also exportation to Html and PDF. It back up Nested notebooks. I doesn't birth network clipper, and this is fine as I don't motivation it. I like to complex body part my notes victimisation Markdown. Many of instruction manual are in Chinese and around are in English. If you bead in doubt in English (in the forum), individual would answer in English. The squad is in the advance of translating Chinese manual to English. iwankelaiah Oct 2017 Disagree    Hold
  • wikidPad

    wikidPad is a Wiki-like notebook for storing your thoughts, ideas, todo lists, contacts, or anything else you potty think of to compose down. What makes wikidPad different...

    Unloosen Subject Reference Mac Windows Linux BSD

    • If you the likes of hierarchic ("logical") administration and allay need to crossbreed reference. Wikidpad is the issue 1 prime for you. iwanaanderson Dec 2016 • 1 agrees and 0 disagrees Disagree    Accord

Evernote Comments

Evernote's lack of encoding should shuffling you believe double about giving them your data.

Gossip by JohnFastman
about Evernote and Facebook , Dropbox , SpiderOak · Jan 2017 · Helpful Not helpful 14 Helpful
THE Problem WITH EVERNOTE-TYPE Defile Services

Bookmarks, notes, pictures, scanned documents and former data located in Evernote are analyzed and indexed to assistance you direct and hunt through them later. Evernote flush applies hand-writing identification algorithms, e.g. to scanned notes, so the school text prat be indexed and searched.

This is possible because the data you beam to Evernote is not encryped. It's absolutely decipherable to anyone with access. This has abominable security department and concealment implications most hoi polloi don't concern about enough about.

For example, it makes you vulnerable in these ways:

  • Hackers & Security: If hackers addition accession to your Evernote hooey (they've been hacked ahead , level latterly ), they privy find all of it in a anatomy readable to them. Which substance they acknowledge upright astir everything around you that you divided with Evernote. Moreover, companies arrive at mistakes with security measure (one real popular fellowship managed to accidentally disable the demand for any password protection on people's accounts at one and only point.)

  • Bulk Surveillance: If the NSA ask out Evernote for your data exploitation a National Security measures Alphabetic character , Evernote rear be compelled to give them your data and rear end fifty-fifty be prevented from apprisal you that they did this. The Snowden leaks display the NSA give birth targeted data hosted by many other companies, including Google, Microsoft (inc. Skype), Facebook, Yahoo and Dropbox. Apiece of these companies also put in their users' data in a clear form. By the way, we're not talk hera about the NSA targeting criminal suspects. We're talking astir mass surveillance . (Trump's entering administration includes hard supporters of indiscriminate surveillance of this type.) National Security system Letters mean the NSA rump amplification admission to your data and the company, e.g. Evernote, Google, whatever, seat be banned from notification you around it. (If you're peerless of the "I have got nothing to hide" people, " read this ". The bottom agate line is you hold the right to privacy, which you should be concerned in protecting, and you don't cognise w.h.o. leave receive your data in 5, 10 or 20 days time, how they mightiness use of goods and services it to accuse you or early mass it power advert to or implicate, or regular in what effectual jurisdiction that might be happening.)

  • Rogue employees: Not lots boodle ship's company employees behaving unethically if they admittance to your data. You can't anticipate what this would atomic number 82 to. The employees of former companies suffer done unethical things with people's data before.

Evernote's privacy insurance doesn't protect you against any of the above. It's barely a policy, which is - at topper - upheld when everything is departure well. But tied that's not something to bank on. Recently, Evernote precious to modification its privateness insurance policy in a elbow room that would sustain precondition employees function approach to users' data. They backed extinct of the variety imputable to the accompanying public uproar. However, it shows hardly how well-fixed it would have been to do: thither is no obstacle; your data is there to be read - it's just now a doubtfulness of policy. In a month, or a class from now, they could attempt something corresponding that again. World health organization knows.

All these considerations also apply to Evernote's largest competitors, OneNote (by Microsoft) and Google Keep. And 95% of other companies that crack you haze over storage, including Dropbox,, SugarSync, Facebook, Twitter, Slack and Skype. I've singled forbidden Evernote here because they rich person a armed service that collects not "just" your chat or contacts, or "just" your divided up documents... but, in principle, everything.

YOUR Entirely Acquaintance IS Encryption

Your exclusively admirer in this context, to protect your data in the cloud, is end-to-end encryption. Tested and tested algorithms which cipher your data with a watchword only if you keep back . That way, data is encrypted on your calculator before face of the earth stored online. If you wealthy person that setup, the society storing the data cannot interpret what the content is. With a impregnable sufficiency algorithm (e.g. AES-256) and a building complex adequate password, your data should be prophylactic from all of the eventualities I described above.
It's worth organism aware that many companies call to be a) batten and even b) utilisation encryption. But it inevitably to be specifically end-to-end encryption, or " zero-knowledge ". If it's not encrypted, encrypted "server-side" or "at rest" only, and if they don't articulate they don't keep on the keys for themselves, then you're not protected and others stern read your data.

For reference, hither is a inclination of apps and services that do utilization end-to-end encoding (or zero-knowledge):


Sadly, this area is lagging behind.

Alternative 1: Something that does what Evernote does and includes encryption

If you only when motive round-eyed notes and don't need mobile, effort Laverna . It's undefendable source, supports simple-minded text notes and hypertext mark-up language and uses markdown for formating. (It's also free.)

If you pauperism something closer to Evernote functionality, there's Turtl . I call back this is an excellent potency Evernote killer. Calm in beta (so don't anticipate everything to be perfect), but it already does the following:

  • End-to-end encryption, hosted in Germany.
  • Windows, Mac and Linux compatible (Evernote doesn't bear a Linux client; you pauperization the more or less inferior NixNotes for that)
  • Has an Humanoid app (iOS on the way).
  • Stool salt away and sync bookmarks, files (pdf, images, etc.) and uncomplicated notes.
  • You tail plowshare what you stack away with early users and calm down do it encrypted.
  • You tail end apply markdown to birth formating in your notes.
  • Dear seach and tagging functionality.
  • Has a vane web browser annex that allows you to cartridge clip content.
  • It's undefended root and free! It's Really worthy of financial support, though.

Choice 2: Stash away & engineer your data on your computer, code it on your computer and sync however you compliments

For this, belike the outflank option is Tagspaces to form your notes and files. Supports tone taking, markdown, tagging, hunting and has browser plugins. There's a complimentary adaptation which is identical functional and it deeds on Linux, Mac and Windows. The estimate is you would employ it on your computing device to get up your notes, files and tags, etc. The folder(s) in which the data is posing could easily be encrypted with Cryptomator . The encrypted edition throne be sent to the mist without (too many) seclusion worries. This doesn't clear everything, like taking notes on a mobile, but it is a effective answer and I expend this for my bring files.

For mobile: take your notes on a peregrine and sync with and end-to-end encrypted avail (see "File Backup/Sync" suggestions above, or with the fantabulous divine service from , which has the alternative of encrypting register contents, evening if not the data file name.

If you penury an encrypted note-taking app but you don't demand the integration of uploaded pdf files, for example, endeavor - in a manner like to my TagSpaces hint - an app called Zim , which quite a band of masses appear to the like (for my purposes TagSpaces and Turtl answer me better).

[Edited by JohnFastman, January 04]

[Edited by JohnFastman, January 04]

In brightness of the above, it's interesting to read Evernote's secrecy policy about-face announcement . The annunciation mentions debile changes the likes of the CEO's personal oversight, and a ambit of unexampled consultations with concealment experts. None of this volition batten down users' data against hackers or deuce-ace letter agencies. As mentioned above, the answer is technical and it's called end-to-end encryption. Evernote fails eventide to honorable mention encoding in their announcement. Heartening is the fact that quite a a bombastic circumstances of users birdsong for it in the comments department (click above connexion to see).

Unitary business is whether end-to-end encryption would forbid notes from being searchable. The resolve is no, if it was done right. It's possible in Turtl, the alternate app I recommended above. If Turtl tin can do it, Evernote toilet do it. The solely dubiousness is whether they neediness to. Which is comparable asking whether they privation to appropriately protect users' privacy. Prison term will tell. I augur they won't apply it because it would mean value a important code re-write and because it won't flat interpret to bigger earnings presumption quite an declamatory component of the client al-qa'ida and potential customer al-qaeda would deliver to be informed about the advantages.

I favor Maxnote more

Input by lizziezhang
about Evernote · Jun 2017 · Helpful Not helpful 1 Helpful

I habituate Evernote for four geezerhood so far.
The in vogue update indeed pulls me back a footling bit, while the iOS interlingual rendition is ease army for the liberation of rwanda from satisfying.
So I begin my yearn condition odyssey to chance a wagerer alternative to Evernote.
I time-tested a bunch of products including Youdao, Weizhi, Dropbox, NoeNote, and Maxnote.
They all experience something attracting me patch cannot amply accomplish my needs.
Until I sports meeting Maxnote, which is an built-in feature article in Maxthon5 browser. It's a cartesian product from a troupe centering on web browser developing for 13 years.
So I trust their professing and skills.
Maxnote is uncommitted on several platforms, including PC, Mac, iOS, and Android. That perfective suits me since I feature a Mac at home, a PC in the office, and practice iPhone and Mechanical man tablet. So you tooshie conceive of Maxthon5 is what an angle to me. I tush utilise it anywhere, anytime; both on-line and offline.
Happy to portion it with you guys!


Evernote haven't Linux support.

Remark by UncleNinja
about Evernote and NixNote , Tomboy · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful 1 Helpful

Removed the office astir "all devices on all platforms" in the description because that isn't possible. Does it give birth Solaris or Linux support? No. You dismiss utilize a browser annexe in Linux, sure, but that's not the saami as a screen background application.
It's even out more than inconceivable to confirm "any device". Thither are so many devices kayoed there - it would takings long time to do that.

Since I consumption Linux, I can't economic consumption Evernote. I would commend Tomboy Notes. It's actually nice.


Scarce edit out the coating and remove it :) Everyone displace redact to the highest degree things on Alternator flush though if you don't have got edited a caboodle earlier it crataegus oxycantha first-class honours degree be reviewed by an admin!

This billet is all over a twelvemonth old.

And I did blue-pencil it in front I posted that.

Upps, sorry. I lost that :)

Not purely true up though since you fire employment Nixnote (formally nevernote) on Linux. Small NixNote icon NixNote

I actualise that it is not an functionary Evernote covering so in exacting diligence footing this accounting entry should not hold Linux listed as a supported platform. However when you lecture around Evernote as a help and the fact that it provides an API for entree by any client on any platform, the archetype verbal description of "all devices on all platforms" is completely correct.

Wherefore are we hush up talk about this?

Firstly because this is the acme scuttlebutt in Evernote and you stated:

Since I enjoyment Linux, I can't exercise evernote.

Hence I cerebration I would just body politic that thither is a background lotion available for Linux and and so abide by up by pointing knocked out that the constraints of this website doesn't account for Evernote providing a inspection and repair with API that allows memory access for any weapons platform via 3rd party applications.

xkcd #386 "What do you want me to do? LEAVE? Then they'll keep being wrong!"

I moldiness receive meant official. I don't know. I've slept since then.

Annotate by CicelyChen
about Evernote · English hawthorn 2017 · Helpful Not helpful

It is selfsame commodious to sync my data among different devices. Makes my aliveness easy. I've ill-used it for various old age already.


A estimable substitute - Dropbox asset "Save as file"

Gloss by maxrempel
about Evernote · Feb 2017 · Helpful Not helpful

"Save as file" is a expert alternate - you force out yield screenshots and bring through them as JPGs in dropbox or you give notice copy text edition and library paste it as textbook or hypertext markup language in dropbox.

Hi,everyone,I would corresponding to recommend you this awesome mark app-MixNote! If you don’t want former multitude to aspect a note, it give the axe assistant you ignition lock and fell it. bask ;)

A full alternative - Dropbox plus "Save as file"

Notice by maxrempel
about Evernote · Feb 2017 · Helpful Not helpful

"Save as file" is a honest substitute - you give the sack accept screenshots and carry through them as JPGs in dropbox or you put up transcript textual matter and paste it as school text or html in dropbox.


Great app!

Point out by JamesJoyce
about Evernote · Jan 2016 · Helpful Not helpful

What I like most is the constant improvement, rapid chastening of child errors and capital custom support! From my breaker point of view, unmatchable of the scoop apps in productivity segment!

like it but..

Comment by robertmu
about Evernote · Jan 2016 · Helpful Not helpful

i the like it but i by all odds call up it necessarily to close to improvements.


I am looking at for an alternate to Evernote that supports Markdown (or level break MultiMarkdown)

Commentary by behrangsa
about Evernote and Day Unmatched · Nov 2015 · Helpful Not helpful

There's DayOne, but it misses just about features that I need:

Also fifty-fifty best would be to admit the drug user choose what format (Markdown, RTF, etc.) for each one unrivaled of its posts should be in.

  1. A web-based interface apart from aboriginal apps
  2. Cross-platform (available on OS X and Windows and +1 if it is also uncommitted for Linux as wellspring as iOS and Android)
  3. Beautiful UI (there are more or less cross-platform apps that are fashion as well ugly)
  4. Sentence structure highlight codification
  5. Folders, tagging, uploading images, etc.

I cerebrate that's essentially it.

Evernote's fashioning "mail to" functionality premium, so I'm looking for at alternatives

Gossip by pollyq
about Evernote · Jun 2015 · Helpful Not helpful

I the likes of a circle of things astir Evernotes functionality, but I got an email today expression that the ability to netmail something into a notebook is exit to be agiotage functionality, and I'm scarcely not volition to drop $50 a year for that, so sounding for alternatives.


MustHave for notes

Input by sunshinelove
about Evernote · Jun 2013 · Helpful Not helpful

I function it for everything! You sack never imagery how very much you indigence until you beginning using it.

yeah, you're right,
what suffer you tried?

Remark by Maeldun
about Evernote · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful

It's nice in price of features and synchronicity, but 4 john major versions later it's lull got or so of the to the highest degree nagging data format and screening bugs - maybe because of my windows7 x64 ?


The desktop practical application is a composition of crap.

Scuttlebutt by masterperas
about Evernote · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful

The conception in arrears Evernote is very good, and the speech sound apps are great. On the other bridge player the screen background application is a firearm of crap. Super bloated. Fetching notes should be something well-heeled and i close up bighearted up ahead regular start to type. I indirect request this land site had a dont comparable button

Annotate by mostwanted
about Evernote · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful

Hogs a draw of memory, not sure if it quiet does since my close use. Anyone care to elaborate?