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I care it, but...

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I employment this because of its promises but, it is hosted by Amazonaws that has servers in the USA, that believably rich person to criminal record your IP ascribable to legislation. Either direction its bettor than departure to google if you deficiency privacy.
Small StartPage icon StartPage & Small ixquick icon ixquick are condom alternatives as well


DuckDuckGo is not open-source, but freeware?

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I good base the root codification repository: . The book of facts to GItHub is not specified in the description.

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DDG licence?

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I don't think that DDG is entirely open-source, so changed its licence to 'free'. Even though DDG has an give brain towards cathartic (some of) its products nether an open up rootage licence, I acknowledge for certain that its Android client is closed-source. Is the alteration OK?

I believe it's OK :)

As scripted on their Support Center ,

DDG is by and large closed source. However, a apace growing circumstances is spread source.

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In the close 4 weeks DuckDuckGo had by alir to a greater extent likes than Google Search:
See Small DuckDuckGo icon DuckDuckGo

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A great customizable research engine that takes privacy seriously.


Updated Screenshots!

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Hello guys I wealthy person just updated the screenshots for DuckDuckGo, Enjoy!


Interview with the founder

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Don't fille the audience with the beginner of DuckDuckGo on Hanselminutes.

I got aquiline on DDG a few weeks agone because I Beloved the !bang feature, and the more I read astir this caller and its father the sir thomas more I wish it.

Buck private searches are the following coherent dance step for the web. I am grateful to Google for its contributions to the entanglement early on with relevant seek results and many utilitarian services, but it is clock time to motility forward to the future consistent step: relevant AND common soldier hunt results. I believe we bathroom accept both. Duckduckgo and Startpage display that it is possible.