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Comment by s0me0ne
about Drupal · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful News report as junk e-mail

Thither are bettor CMSes advent out, this is display its age, even w adaptation 7.


Yeah I agree. I compliments it wasn't so glitchy. 7 is thomas more stable, but there isn't almost as many modules for it, so I economic consumption 6. Trouble is at one time 8 comes out, backup testament closing with edition 6. They demand to arrest devising newer versions and direction on one.

Care to elaborate on the punter CMS's?

Pimcore and so on. Drupal is the like departure back to vane 2.0 or 2005-2008

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Thanks! Two questions though...!

  1. "and so on", a brace of more than wouldn't hurt..?
  2. ...and this is approach from? (a little bite of backcloth always makes certain statements a fiddling to a greater extent trustworthy, what with all these not to be sure cats on the interwebs, eh!)

Drupal 8 is a chip bizarre distillery - so complex, so many dependencies. I have been a Drupal buff since interlingual rendition 4, but hera look for something else. Affair is - I deprivation to employment the Taxonomy features, pages and views that worked so fountainhead in 7. Don't lack to beginning anything modern autonomic nervous system amaze isolated in 7 with the lone acclivity to an unstable, erratic 8.
I'm disbursal so a good deal fourth dimension nerve-racking to arrest composer, sass, drush, drupal cabinet and early clobber exit - hooey I rich person lived without until at once but Drupal 8 has made it arduous to endure without at present - that I'm not actually achieving anything. It seems impossible to bend the cache bump off - so every alteration necessarily the hoard to be cleared. Equitable so tedious.

Don't need to ditch it ... but thither is constantly another problem with it. Directly I wealthy person

Fatal error: Cannot adjudge category Drupal\Console\Composer\Plugin\ExtenderManager, because the epithet is already in enjoyment

and I'm hush fair nerve-wracking to arrive the bloody console matter working in the faint bob hope that the memory cache backside be sour dispatch - that this method volition work.

Comment by madjr
about Drupal · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Paper as spam

bully CMS, but evening wagerer community, shows the baron of quislingism and undetermined germ
Very focussed on features and more on efficiency and security. Eventide the albumen business firm is victimisation it ;)

it bathroom proceeds a hanker meter to master, so..


Ahh yes, I call back those days.