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Brilliant app…

Comment by gregoryem
about Directory Piece · Nov 2016 · Helpful Not helpful 1 Helpful Report as junk e-mail

… worth every penny, but additional defrayal for ”advenced FTP” functionality is a bang at a lower place the belt.
These functions should be uncommitted in the convention Professional license.


Brilliant but expensive and per facility licence

Comment by wonea
about Directory Piece of music · Oct 2012 · Helpful Not helpful Report card as spam

Brilliant but read the T&C's, it's per induction licence. So moving a auto and your likely to rich person to earnings again. To citation the website 'Directory Composition is accredited on a per-machine basis.'

*** Update 13/02/2013 - I bandstand corrected. Happily using my Professional licence on my personal laptop and employment laptop computer seperately.

[Edited by wonea, February 13]


That's not quite the case.

If you motility machines, you bathroom motion your Musical composition initiation to the modern machine. You would lone demand to remuneration once again if you cherished to consumption Opus on BOTH machines at once.

(There is, currently at least, no activating organization in berth either, so evening if your commencement automobile breaks and you can't uninstall Piece from it, you will wealthy person no problems victimisation your existent licence to establish Piece of music on a second.)

Composition Professional includes a loose licence for an extra personal laptop.

The USB export licence ("portable version") provides a brassy direction to economic consumption Musical composition on additional machines.

Finally, citizenry victimization practical machines indigence lonesome accept nonpareil Opus licence for the unit forcible machine.

(Note: I oeuvre on Opus.)

Comment by PeterWilt
about Directory Piece · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Reputation as junk e-mail

Really one and only blaze of a antic explorer replacement.
Think of anything, Directory Piece of music does it, and it does it deathly fountainhead !
Woell deserving always cent !!!

Comment by awraynor
about Directory Composition · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Story as spam

This is not a cheap program, but it is charles frederick worth every dime. Excellent charge manager, replicate finder, media player, photo spectator file transfer protocol agent and so lots more. I discovery novel items all the time, they bear a demo if you motivation a computer program comparable this and you do motive it.

Comment by veri
about Directory Musical composition · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Study as junk e-mail

Anyone w.h.o. necessarily a file away handling cock owes it to themselves to attempt Dopus. There is no bettor creature on whatsoever platform.