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Input by giamoss
about Pleasant-tasting · Oct 2017 · Helpful Not helpful News report as junk e-mail is an choice bookmarking site that I haven't heard a good deal bombination about, but it seems to be fairly adept - it at to the lowest degree looks nice, so that's something. lol


Looks the likes of its up again

Remark by alexlehm
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Looks care the military service was reworked erst sir thomas more and is directly running game on wish before and my login kit and caboodle and they bear all my links from before.

Scuttlebutt by tabakis
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assumed alarm. yummy is not departure to close, it's exit to [something else :D]
"While we birth compulsive that thither is not a strategic burst at Yahoo!, we believe there is a apotheosis base for Delicious exterior of the caller where it can buoy be resourced to the degree where it canful be competitive."

Annotate by em4020
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How To Import (1) Delightful Bookmarks Into Xmarks with 3 clicks

Gloss by tabakis
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Google bookmarks perhaps? there's a book that imports pleasant-tasting to gb for you @

Notice by em4020
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Xmarks (1) was and is the best cross-browser-bookmark-synchronization-service
Xmark’s cross-browser-sync (including mobile devices) is a alone feature, which no option overhaul commode provide: Firefox Sync does not employment with Chrome or IE, Chromium-plate Sync does not oeuvre with firefox or IE, and Windows Live Essentials Sync Program is not compatible with FireFox or Chrome. Since Dec.2010 Xmarks has with LastPass a novel owner with the to the highest degree popular and selfsame excellent countersign religious service "LastPass" and forthwith XMarks for IE crapper also be exploited for relinquish in a commercial-grade environment. Additionally you apace derriere share a booklet (with subfolders) with your personal internet-bookmarks on-line as web page and you fanny right to vote and assure the the average ballot of early Xmarks-users for the caliber of sites.
Further as an alternate to the Xmarks host you fundament enjoyment your have server for your bookmarks, and you also hind end sync the passwords across all your ill-used browsers and computers, if you want.
I in person do not fille Delicious, which I ne'er used, because Xmarks always had by alir thomas more and better features. Especially for mobile river devices. With the unexampled possessor LastPass I hope, that in 2011 XMarks will be to boot uncommitted also for Windows Mobile, Phone 7 and Opera.
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Point out by Ola
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Oh dear. Yummy is closing down. What is the c. h. best substitute according to you guys? I believe XMarks hindquarters do alot of the hooey Delicious does today?

Comment by nosivadnomis
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Delightful is by army for the liberation of rwanda the charles herbert best bookmarking robert william service I've put-upon in the close 10 days and having tested most of the alternatives listed hera I bump to the highest degree of them lacking. While Luscious comparable all the others listed offers a great bookmarking public-service corporation that syncs 'tween multiple web browser types, it also has the topper book of contents devising its explore results arcsecond only to the lead look engines.

Commentary by em4020
about Pleasant-tasting · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Written report as junk e-mail

Very beneficial comparability (1) of cross-browser-bookmark-synchronization-services :
It seems, that Xmarks (2) has no existent challenger concerning the cross-browser-bookmark-synchronization-abilities.
No former bookmark-sync-service than Xmarks is able to sync Bookmarks (and passwords) crossways IE, FF, Chrome, Mac OS X10, iPhone and iPad.
Additionally you chop-chop john apportion a brochure (with subfolders) with your personal internet-bookmarks online as webpage and you keister suffrage and attend the the norm balloting of other Xmarks-users for the calibre of sites.
Further as an alternative to the Xmarks waiter you lavatory exercise your possess host for your bookmarks, and you also nates sync the passwords crosswise all your secondhand browsers and computers, if you want. (3) has no Chrome-support and a badness report on (4), whereas the reputation of Xmarks is fantabulous on (5) about compeer to the first-class repute of, check (6).
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Gossip by em4020
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For me XMarks (1) is the outdo applications programme to store, contemporise & chance bookmarks on multiple computers rattling easy.
Unlike toothsome (organized chiefly with tags) the web-links posterior be organised in a freely definable folder anatomical structure additional to victimisation tags. You potty come up each connexion of your real adult link-collection in a quick consequence because of the ripping look for functionality: research in link, description or tag, or seek in the leaflet structure. Since 14 calendar month I cannot conceive of to function the internet without Xmarks and Scrapbook (2). XMarks manages sole links, Scrapbook stores complete sites (with comments, if you want). I cartel Scrapbook with DropBox (3) or SugarSync (4), so I consume access to the stored internet-sites on serveral computers. Xmarks is also usable for the windows explorer, but for this browser solitary for common soldier use. XMarks has also a web-interface, which allows to bring out and deal a choosable link-directory with early people.