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16eur on Apple Store but relinquish on the website

Input by Gianfranco
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I rich person no idea. It's genuinely weird. I conjecture they attempt to sell a brace of copies to not so educated users. But it's a adult diffrence .. it would wealthy person been nonpareil affair if it was comparable €2-3 on the AppStore and then resign on the website. But €16 .. hehe.

Remark by tmmy
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The c. h. best file transfer protocol on windows for sure. If you are fillezilla drug user it volition be so light to jump with consequence to cyberduck.

Scuttlebutt by Vii
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I think this is the charles herbert best FTP-and-more web browser ever, although I accept not tested Transmission. But Cyberduck is unblock and unfold source, so I bear no demand to aspect for more. I beloved it.