Alternatives to CyanogenMod for all platforms with whatever licence

  • LineageOS

    A free people and open-source operating organisation for smartphones and pad of paper computers, based on the Mechanical man mobile platform. It is the heir to the extremely democratic custom ROM...

    Absolve Open Generator Android

    • It is the official continuance of the project. ivansolanoc Jan 2017 • 5 agrees and 0 disagrees Disagree    Accord
    • Lineage OS is a continuation of cyanogenmod from the lapp open-source, biotic community centric developers. However, that is not the alone cause it is good. It has many anatomy in features that assist to fixing every little trouble that has propped up in android. The developers answer almost in a flash to bugs and you arse choice up the ROMs for most devices now. They are distillery in development, but at one time its done, it volition be a effect to be reckoned with. Guest • Mar 2017 • 1 agrees and 0 disagrees Disagree    Agree
    • Lineage is great I backside definitly check with this alternative!! SecurityChecker May 2017 Disagree    Concord
    • LineageOS is an unofficial good continuation of CyanogenMod + the CyanogenMod creators know, that LineageOS exists. It's apparently the best alternative. gramps Jun 2017 Disagree    Concur
  • Humanoid

    Android is an operational organization for mobile river devices such as smartphones and pill computers. It consists of a center based on the Linux kernel, with middleware, libraries...

    Discharge Open air Germ Mechanical man Android Tablet

    • CyanogenMod is based bump off of Humanoid and all of the customs ROMs are based dispatch of Mechanical man SecurityChecker May 2017 • 1 agrees and 3 disagrees Disagree    Consort
  • MIUI

    MIUI is a ancestry and aftermarket firmware for smartphones and lozenge computers based on Android. MIUI, developed by Xiaomi, includes assorted features such as theming...

    Dislodge Android

    • I exploited both of them and i think MIUI is much to a greater extent better and have commodity Features Guest • Mar 2017 Disagree    Correspond
  • AOKP

    AOKP stands for Mechanical man Afford Kang Project. It is a customs duty Read-only memory distribution for many Android devices. It is for the most part based murder of AOSP.

    Give up Give Reservoir Humanoid Mechanical man Pad of paper

  • Paranoid Android

    Paranoid Humanoid provides a alone experience and ultimate customization for your Mechanical man device. Paranoid Android is a impost Read-only storage aiming to broaden the system...

    Liberate Open up Root Humanoid Mechanical man Pill

  • CopperheadOS

    A case-hardened open-source in operation scheme based on Android with PaX, OpenBSD malloc and a good deal early privacy/security features.

    Loose Spread Rootage Humanoid

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  • Slim Fixed storage

    Slim Read-only memory is super-lightweight Mechanical man Read-only storage for Samsung Galaxy phones, that's aimed at advance users. Slim is designed to clipping the adipose tissue down to the bare essentials and...

    Release Android

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  • OmniROM

    The destination of Omni is to experiment with Humanoid evolution because we bask it. Omni isn’t better, equitable different. It’s another alternative for the 1000000000 Mechanical man users out...

    Relieve Spread out Seed Android Humanoid Tablet

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  • Dirty Unicorns

    Dirty Unicorns is a feature of speech jam-packed tradition Read-only memory for over 20 different Mechanical man devices. The singular features of the Read-only storage include condition barroom & notice shade...

    Resign Candid Beginning Android Humanoid Pad of paper

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  • Mokee

    An intuitive aftermarket Mechanical man firmware Phone & Messaging Quick contacts aspect up, amphetamine dialing, caller localisation and former useful features Colorful...

    Unblock Capable Generator Android

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  • Astian OS

    Astian OS is an operating system that is based on the discontinued Firefox OS, exploitation by Astian Foundation, frankincense allowing bread and butter for fluid devices, TV's, and...

    Unfreeze Exposed Germ Self-Hosted


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