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Very convenient, but has problems that around english hawthorn make do with

Comment by darkclide
about Trefoil · Mar 2017 · Helpful Not helpful 2 Helpful Report card as junk e-mail

It's pretty comfortable to employment it, you butt enjoyment ctrl + t to create a tab, ctrl + w to close it... Almost like with chrome!
Unfortunately, it updates also frequently for my tastes (almost daily), which interrupts my work flow as well much, even though the updates are fast.
I equitable compliments you could disable them or the updates were to a lesser extent frequent, addition you don't evening know what is updated since the update UI is in chinese.

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Great, but at once with ads...

Comment by Maoholguin
about Clover · Mar 2017 · Helpful Not helpful 1 Helpful Reputation as spam

Trefoil is believably the charles herbert best tabs answer for windows right at present (I mean, aesthetically), but since the 3.2.7 update (2017-01-19) it has a VIP option, wich agency that the release adaptation comes with ads, so be cognisant of that.



Comment by coryz40
about Clover and QTTabBar · Aug 2015 · Helpful Not helpful Story as junk e-mail

Anyone else exploitation this on Windows 10? How's it working for you? I was having actually annoyance issues and had to uninstall it. I genuinely demand tabs in Explorer, but qttabbar merely doesn't baseball swing it.


I was using Trefoil v3 besides but it is so buggy with Windowpane 10 that it's asleep to oblivion. I fair deficiency a simple Indian file Manager that has Tabs & Favorites. Clover was selfsame commodity in that you could rich person favorite folders arranged at the top. I am nerve-racking come out Small Explorer++ icon Explorer++ A bible of advice: ahead you establish it, r/click on it's .exe and choose to campaign in compatibility modal value or it leave clang when you r/click in a back breaker (the albumen area in Documents, for example). If I discovery something that industrial plant with Windows 10 and is simpleton enough, I testament c. w. post it here. Hope others volition do the same. Cheers from Unexampled Zealand.

Good overall

Comment by Autumn
about Trefoil and QTTabBar · Sep 2013 · Helpful Not helpful Study as spam

It's very clean, although Yandex hasn't provided whatsoever skins for it yet.

I was running it on Windows Vista, and sometimes it affluent a bite slow, former multiplication it crashed. I'd considered again in the future though.

For now, I'll exercise QTTabBar for my customized shells on Windows.