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It's effectual ...and annoying

Gossip by VitaminYes
about Pick Subdue · Jun 2015 · Helpful Not helpful 1 Helpful

I indigence this app to do one and only thing and peerless affair only: scavenge up after myself and early apps. Unfortunately it likes to repeatedly enquire if I deprivation to economic consumption additional services I find useless. It's as if they're banking on me to accept the crack by accident.

So true.


Nice shoot.

Input by zwsjdalian
about Strip Surmount · Jul 2016 · Helpful Not helpful

This mechanical man Blank Chief app full treatment well on my HTC phone, it seems the likes of the Android Data Cleansing agent software program I am victimisation now, which enables you to clean-living up all unwanted files from Humanoid devices inside bare clicks! Nice sharin, thx.

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Battery hog

Remark by coffeegirl
about Fair Main · English hawthorn 2016 · Helpful Not helpful

I base this app utile but my bombardment (Note 4) took a nozzle diving with this. Ended up deleting to effort to carry through my charge.