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Real Time strategy

Gossip by mbeln1992
about Refinement (series) · Feb 2012 · Helpful Not helpful

I dear CIV V but I'm looking for an RTS substitute to it. A lame that goes through with all ages.

Input by OmgItsTheSmartGuy
about Civilisation (series) · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful

I've been performing a band of Civilization V recently. About of the glitches and carrying into action problems from the earlier versions of the mettlesome appear to have been fixed. The spirited deeds c. h. best if you campaign it in DirectX 9 fashion (it'll give you a alternative when you beginning up the spunky launcher). However, in my personal experience, the game hush lags care crazy at one time you access routine 200. By the clock I was on spell 250 or so, my aged computer would a great deal fair freeze for 40-50 seconds 'tween turns. Even my novel computing device has 10-20 arcsecond timeouts. And since my unexampled computing machine is pretty awesome, I doubt it's a hardware problem. Either that, or Culture V has the highest organisation requirements of whatever commercial-grade PC plot in the entire world.

I purchased the Aspyr adaptation of Refinement V a few months back, and it runs much better than my bang-up 2K edition of the game. Wherefore thither are deuce different companies distributing offprint versions of the lapp game, I rich person no idea. Anyways, Civilisation V no longer freezes outright, so that trouble is solved. Unfortunately, the secret plan still gets actually laggy in the late turns. Plus, when I'm playacting the back in windowed manner on Mac OS X, the window is stuck in the first-class honours degree monitor; I can't motility it to my endorsement monitor, so OS X's bobtail and bill of fare barroom block my aspect of the game.

tl;dr Everything full treatment better, but it's stillness laggy. Support for dual-monitors on OS X sucks.

Remark by thelivingded
about Civilization (series) · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful

I absolutely dearest civilization. I do wealthy person to question, though, wherefore is this a itemisation for Culture as a serial publication but lone dialogue astir five? I erotic love 5, but I as well honey 4 and 3. Should those be given reprint listings?

Scuttlebutt by OmgItsTheSmartGuy
about Refinement (series) · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful

Civilisation V is genuinely addictive, but unfortunately, the early versions of this bet on (a.k.a. the versions I played) were super glitchy. I don't cognise how many of the problems accept been fixed since then. Hopefully, almost of the bugs are no thirster a problem, because they in truth dilapidation the gameplay.