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Been exploitation Atomic number 24 as a primary web browser for 2 years

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Atomic number 24 crataegus laevigata aspect equitable the like Chrome with a different icon and, for the most part, it is, but it's thomas more geared towards "power users" and for open-source projects. The about important differences are Chromium being less annoyance with warnings (when using custom extensions for instance), it doesn't mutely establish whatever auto updaters and it has fewer drug user tracking features (no RLZ). And of course, you arse alter it, but the codebase is so brobdingnagian and complicated, it's almost likely not charles frederick worth it.

If you'd the likes of to attempt it, I extremely advocate downloading an unofficial anatomy with all the auvio/video codecs built in from here:



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I am victimisation ubuntu 64bit (on my desktop) and 32bit (on my bang-up laptop) and chromium deeds perfectly. With the bundle adobe-flashplugin blink of an eye full treatment even at my 32bit organisation (really authoritative since google stopped 32bit builds). It comes with atomic number 24 pdf lector plugin enabled by default (at least on ubuntu, I'm not certain about early distros). There is also the package chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra on Ubuntu for qualified codecs accompaniment (I'm dead reckoning something alike testament exist on former distros), so you have all the functionality that chromium-plate has with the benefits of beingness an opensource project!!!


I care it better...

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I in person wish Atomic number 24 a bite more than than I do Google Chrome or whatsoever of the other ones based bump off the Chromium beginning code, and since it doesn't come with all the correctitude software Google dozens into Chrome, it allows me to custom-make what I consumption to exchange it, or if I demand it at all.


On Android you backside not instal extensions!

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Which leaves us assailable against google's barf called ADS

That's a dangerous trouble and a NO-GO to me. I control stick with Firefox boulder clay they alteration their 'here-u-go-jerk-i-puke-in your-face' tactic.

Easiest agency to effort on Android (not every adaptation supports it):



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Although it's fast at the beginning, it gets decelerate after a while.


it was ne'er as commodity as Google Chrome

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because the updates ejaculate identical late, all the same it seems that they stopped-up it completely.

The latest edition of Chromium you bathroom download is 18.0.1025.168~r134367 which is offered on Ubuntu 12.04 Software-Center; at the consequence Chromium-plate 21.0.1180.57 is up-to-date

That could be a Linux problem. I rich person heard exchangeable stories of Linux Mint 10 cerebration that Firefox's a la mode was 3.6
I commend upgrading to a newer Ubuntu fair because 12.04 has LTS doesn't mean it is whatever better