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Comment by POX
about Atomic number 24 · Feb 2018 · Helpful Not helpful 5 Helpful Report as junk e-mail

Chrome and Chromium are essentially the same, except for just about differences:

  • Chromium-plate includes commissioned codecs for more or less proprietorship media formats (AAC, H.264, and MP3)
  • Chrome supports Adobe Flash (PPAPI) by default option
  • Google supports auto-updates unlike Atomic number 24 (but you arse consumption a bang handwriting or an addon for that)
    and maybe other things I'm not aware about.
    But, even if Chromium is open-source, it still sends gobs of data to Google.

So, if you deficiency to donjon exploitation a Chromium-based network browser and not economic consumption Small Mozilla Firefox icon Mozilla Firefox or Small Waterfox icon Waterfox , you should payoff a expression at Small Iridium icon Iridium or Small Ungoogled Chromium icon Ungoogled Atomic number 24 . Another commodity alternate is Small Brave icon Brave .

Comment by OmgItsTheSmartGuy
about Chromium · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Report card as spam

The lonesome different betwixt this and Chromium-plate is the icon. :P

Just kidding. But ignoring ideologic issues about open-source and whatever, the differences 'tween Chrome and Atomic number 24 are barely detectable to a convention user. Featurewise, thither isn't a good deal disagreement between the two. Chromium-plate includes built-in bear for MP3s and or so early proprietary stuff, so certain Chrome extensions that command this bear out might not oeuvre on Chromium. Also, Chromium includes a brace of small duplicate features that are commonly only available in the genus beta versions of Chrome. However, almost of these extra features are "experimental features", so they're not evening enabled by default-- you have to case about:flags into your address barroom to activate them.

To amount it up: Chromium-plate and Atomic number 24 rich person a few differences, but if you're a formula person, the biggest conflict betwixt the deuce volition stillness be the color of the icon.

Comment by tabakis
about Chromium · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Reputation as junk e-mail

my darling web browser changed ikon today (not certain if it's permanent, i'll delete accordingly) ref.

Comment by UncleNinja
about Atomic number 24 · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Story as spam

Added OSX to the inclination of supported platforms. Don't know wherefore it wasn't in there.

Comment by Amila
about Chromium · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Study as junk e-mail

all the functionality without google branding :) Atomic number 24 FTW

Comment by madjr
about Chromium · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Write up as spam

i the like atomic number 24 identical much, for roughly cause i the likes of it eventide sir thomas more than chrome lol


Yay for Chromium!It's a bettor alternative than Chromium-plate on Ubuntu ...

Comment by UncleNinja
about Chromium · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Written report as junk e-mail

Yay for Chromium!

It's a punter choice than Chrome on Ubuntu since Atomic number 24 is in the Ubuntu repos. Then you don't demand Chrome's updater, it upright uses Update Manager! :D

Comment by tabakis
about Chromium · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful -3 Helpful Cover as spam

Yep, i discovery myself installation chromium-plate case I care the built-in PDF reviewer that's absent in chromium. It makes quite a difference.