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Gossip by wangych
about CherryTree · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful News report as junk e-mail

cherrytree behind allow computer programing language syntax highlight and basic board editing, which is not provided in Zim Desktop. But I the like to a greater extent the direction in Zim to devise pages and files, which provides one-to-one function 'tween pageboy and file, patch its editing capability is limited, in the adhesion booklet it bottom appreciation whatever different case of files, so you buns edit different arrange in affixation files.


Author is buff of Bandera

Input by thisisme
about CherryTree · May 2016 · Helpful Not helpful -21 Helpful Paper as spam

fair ask out him. disgusting.

what if you acquire nonpareil 24-hour interval that B.Gates and L.Torvalds are fans of Bandera as well - would it arrest you of exploitation linux and window both ? Besides, what do you acknowledge astir this person? You'd better instruct more around him before you allege something the likes of this, class he was doubtless sir thomas more ethic and humane than Che Guevara. Do not bank on what is aforementioned in wikipedia, as it is a great deal alir from ultimate accuracy ;)

If that's true I would bullock clear of everything that individual touches including his software program no affair how commodity it might be, and, yes, even OSs - genuinely disgusting, disgrace on him if that's true!

vow, leisurely man, you'r so aflutter :)
just celebrate your belief for yourself as this is not a piazza for political discussions

And Torvalds is a devotee of Finnish absorption camps for Soviet kids piece Gates lover of Lenin&Stalin. So what?