Alternatives to CCleaner for all platforms with whatever license

  • BleachBit

    BleachBit deletes unnecessary files to free people valuable disc space, assert privacy, and remove junk. Rid your organization of bang-up clutter including cache, cookies, Internet history, localizations, logs, temp files, and broken shortcuts. Designed for Linux and Windows systems, it wipes clean Adobe Reader, APT, Bash, Beagle, Chromium, Epiphany, Firefox, Flash, GIMP, Google Chrome, Google Earth, Internet Explorer, Java, KDE, OpenOffice.

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    • BleachBit is open air generator and does a arrant book of job of deleting assorted files that could break what you've been up to, from cookies to temporary files and early junk. It can't exchange CCleaner on Mac, but on Windows and Linux it is arguably better and more than trustworthy. JohnFastman Dec 2016 • 14 agrees and 7 disagrees Disagree    Agree
    • Simplicity and the fact that it's Out-of-doors Germ and the flexibility of the software, because it's the lone single which accommodate his functionnality to the environment ! Guest • Oct 2016 • 14 agrees and 8 disagrees Disagree    Agree
    • BB is Discharge (Libre) and Disembarrass (gratis). It arse be exploited to disengage up blank in your disks as fountainhead as to protect your privateness by deleting cookies, blink of an eye cookies, logarithm files and similar. And because it's dislodge (gratis) it does not admit bloatware, malware, spyware commercials or anything of that sort. Guest • Jan 2018 • 4 agrees and 0 disagrees Disagree    Agree
    • It supports all/most in operation systems (including Linux - which doesn't acquire enough credit) and it is an outdoors informant software. Guest • Apr 2018 • 2 agrees and 0 disagrees Disagree    Agree
    • As aforementioned its bettor in windows i ill-used it,it doesnt have a pretty apparience but it does its caper Guest • Crataegus laevigata 2017 • 5 agrees and 3 disagrees Disagree    Agree
    • portable adaptation does not call for an establish Guest • Jun 2017 • 2 agrees and 1 disagrees Disagree    Agree
    • Coming from Linux, seems to clean and jerk a band of things in Windows. Don't arrest all the function, read the hints for each unity ! I ne'er had bother with this balmy at the time. adresweb2b Jun 2018 • 1 agrees and 0 disagrees Disagree    Agree
    • Great that it's surface source, all the same it tends to be comparatively decelerate at actually deleting some types of data. It does admonish you, but it should be acting much faster on an i7 6700k OC'd, with an M.2 drive. Guest • Oct 2017 Disagree    Agree
    • BleachBit lonesome cleans the profile of the individual logged in. It does not clean house multiple users. Guest • Jan 2017 • 2 agrees and 5 disagrees Disagree    Agree
  • Glary Utilities

    Glary Utilities offers legion brawny and easy-to-use scheme tools and utilities to fix, amphetamine up, asseverate and protect your PC. It provides in 23 languages register and disk cleaning, inauguration delay, seclusion protection, carrying into action accelerator and amazing multifunctional tools. It backside hole dogged registry errors, pass over cancelled clutters, optimise internet speed, guard confidential files and conserve level best performance. It is intentional for both beginner and professionals.

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    • Bundleware Be careful during the installation:
    • Glary Utilities, to my knowledge, has not been hacked and jam-packed with malware. brandontaylor2015 Sep 2017 • 6 agrees and 2 disagrees Disagree    Agree
    • It's not equitable a commodity alternative to CCleaner, it's even punter than this. I bathroom not affirm the Bundleware, at least not since a hanker clock time ago, evening File cabinet Puma, Glary's possess pageboy is a extremely recommended internet site to find and download software package of all kinds. zerush Dec 2017 • 1 agrees and 0 disagrees Disagree    Agree
    • Many useful tools and good cleaning capabilities. I beloved this software program a good deal Guest • Apr 2016 • 1 agrees and 0 disagrees Disagree    Agree
  • Duplication Cleaner

    Duplicate cleanser is a utile broadcast to assist you coordinate the content of your base arduous campaign or bodied network. Uncovering and blue-pencil extra files, mp3s, photos, bully documents and a great deal more. Once these files are found you are provided with assistant tools to enable you to choose which copies to cancel or move. These files behind be deleted to the recycle bin, affected into an archive elsewhere, or replaced with hardlinks.

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  • CleanMyMac

    CleanMyMac scans every column inch of your system and safely removes gigabytes of detritus in fair deuce clicks. Exempt up computer memory on your Mac and boost its carrying out — CleanMyMac finds 74 GB of dust on an average computer.

    Commercial Mac OS X

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    • Not a goodness alternative, seems comparable a bait and electric switch company. Got a actually badness belief with their give up test and deleted immediately. Guest • Dec 2017 • 1 agrees and 3 disagrees Disagree    Agree
  • Remo To a greater extent

    Remo More provides "One Chink Maintenance" feature of speech to cleanse up junk files, kettle of fish issues and f number up your devices with a simple click. You bottom automate this appendage and defend your devices on daily base without whatsoever intervention. Remo Sir thomas more comes with 30+ functionalities to Manage, Optimize, Recover and Enhance your PC, Mac and smartphones. Remo Thomas more offers c. h. best drug user experience by providing simpleton and easy-to-use exploiter interface.

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  • Houseclean Master

    Clean Master is an all-in-one cleansing agent app on Android for cleansing app cache, fresh files, balance files, hunt account and uninstalling apps. With this apps substance abuser buns also Kill running Tasks and releases more than RAM to cost increase your earphone execution and save assault and battery aliveness without granting superuser permission. [History Eraser] Chronicle Eraser testament assistance you delete caches and residuals files easily with only matchless Make clean click.

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    • It good does the tasks that you deficiency it to do,VERY fast,and VERY efficient.In my view,the Sole computer program that is wagerer than this at what it does is Kerish Doctor. Guest • Aug 2018 Disagree    Agree
  • SD Maid

    This is a hefty tool! Consumption at have risk! Nobody is perfect and Android neither. Apps you rich person already deleted, sometimes farewell data behind. The system of rules always creates logs, clang reports and debug files you don't genuinely need. Your SD-card is aggregation files and directories you don't recognize. Lets not go on here...

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  • FSlint

    FSlint is a public-service corporation to bump and pick diverse forms of lint on a filesystem. I.E. undesirable or baffling cruft in your files or filing cabinet names. For example, nonpareil anatomy of lint it finds is repeat files. It has both GUI and bidding agate line modes.

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  • Onyx

    OnyX allows you to affirm the Startup Magnetic disc and the anatomical structure of its Arrangement files, campaign assorted tasks of organisation maintenance, configure about concealed parameters of the Finder, Dock, Dashboard, Exposé, Safari, Login window and approximately of Apples possess applications, it deletes caches, removes a certain figure of files and folders that crataegus oxycantha become awkward and more.

    Loose Mac OS X

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  • PrivaZer

    PrivaZer is a release creature for cleanup and PC confidentiality, which cleans unneeded tracks with deep and complete scanning, it's charles frederick worth it! PrivaZer as well has a convalescence breaker point for the cheekiness that butt be easily created and assure your PC or laptop! PrivaZer volition scavenge your dearie organization 7,8,10 and allow the charles herbert best operation and confedience.

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  • Advance SystemCare

    Advanced SystemCare, all-in-one PC optimisation utility, specializes in ONE-Click solutions to detect, clean, repair, fastness up and eventually protect PC. This "must-have" dick is 100% condom with no adware, spyware or viruses.

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    • Bundleware The installer contains adwares. Be deliberate during the installation:
    • It does a a lot break chore of cleaning than all the others Guest • Apr 2017 • 2 agrees and 4 disagrees Disagree    Agree
  • Wise Register Cleanser

    Wise Registry Cleansing agent scans the Windows register for invalid or disused data and presents you with a tilt of electric potential problems. To help you adjudicate which items to delete, the computer programme classifies them as "Safe to fix" or "Not amply prophylactic to fix". A built-in registry backup enables you to loosen whatever changes, should problems arise from a clean-up. Wise Register Dry cleaner Relinquish buttocks besides defragment your registry to advance ameliorate performance.

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    • Bundleware The facility english hawthorn arrest adwares. Be heedful during the installation:
    • Solitary register cleaner? CCleaner cleans everything. Guest • Jun 2015 • 3 agrees and 4 disagrees Disagree    Agree
  • Wise Magnetic disk Cleaner

    Wise Phonograph record Cleanser is a quick and rubber rubble indian file cleaner. The advanced cat scan engine will apace locate scrap files in your scheme and absent them safely. By deleting temporary worker and trash files, it increases available phonograph recording blank space and improves your system performance. You'll amaze a cleaner, privacy-protected and system-slimmed PC with Wise unblock Platter Cleaner.

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  • Windows Fixing Toolbox

    Windows Fixture Toolbox is a software system created to avail you hangout a Windows system, by devising the cognitive operation faster, easier and uniform. Features: - Download and discharge "on-the-fly" the topper unloose portable computer software when it comes to diagnose and clear several kinds of Windows problems. The tools are categorised by their function, and the course of study bequeath automatically download the adjust edition for the Windows edition in which you're working.

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  • Mem Reduct

    Mem Reduct is a small application that allows you to admonisher and strip your computers memory. Exempt system of rules cache, modified, and idle memory pages. As a consequence of the program, the remembering custom is decreased by ~ 25%. For castigate working, demand administrator rights. The curriculum put-upon undocumented features of arrangement (Native API) to clear the retention that wealthy person emerged since Windows Vista, so around cleansing methods are not uncommitted in earlier versions Windows.

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  • Click&Clean

    Click&Clean is a free, fast and easy-to-use annex for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox that can buoy be secondhand as a herculean buck private data Cleaner.

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    • Click and Blank is an denotation for google chrome intended to acquit browse data Guest • Nov 2015 • 4 agrees and 1 disagrees Disagree    Agree
    • Click&Clean is intended for clarification browsing entropy (e.g. cookies, LSOs) from your Chrome/Chromium/Opera/Vivaldi or Firefox browser. It is configurable, but doesn't delete impermanent files from your computer care CCleaner does. You canful economic consumption both and benefit in different ways. JohnFastman Dec 2016 • 1 agrees and 3 disagrees Disagree    Agree
  • - Windows Haunt

    Windows Mend is an all-in-one mending instrument to facilitate localisation a large absolute majority of known Windows problems including registry errors and single file permissions as well as issues with Internet Explorer, Windows Update, Windows Firewall and more. Malware and installed programs commode alter your default settings. With Windows Repair you crapper bushel Windows archetype settings.

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  • Parcel this heel of alternatives?

  • Organization Mechanic

    System Mechanic mechanically repairs errors and fragmentation, cleans come out clutter, and tunes up your PC -- so that it runs smoothly, reliably, and up to 300% faster! Don't barren money on expensive "experts" to localization your PC when Scheme Mechanic leave repair, tune, and exert it for you!

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  • Files Go

    Files Go is a fresh computer storage coach that helps you devoid up infinite on your phone, chance files faster, and percentage them easily offline with others. Innocent UP To a greater extent Outer space In just a few taps, you derriere liberal up place more chop-chop and easily than ever: Edit corking photos and memes from chat apps, bump off duplicate files, efface unused apps, assoil your cache and more. If you're same our beta testers, you fanny bring through on norm 1GB of quad in the commencement month.

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  • All-In-One Toolbox

    All-In-One Toolbox is an astonishing app that packs in a system of rules cleaner, optimizer, app manager, inauguration manager, backup man and doctor module, bare charge director and a batch more. The great features of of All-In-One Toolbox ? Intuitive: childlike and authorise UI blueprint makes the optimization so comfortable and agile ? Thorough: Providing consummate checkup to come up come out of the closet all the debris files hidden in every corner and fair them extinct without whatsoever danger or damage to your devices.

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  • Wise Care 365

    Wise Care 365 is a big bucks of authoritative registry, disk, and former arrangement utilities for your PC. Easy to employment and effective, it is the outdo answer to amend your PC's performance. Arrest Wise Care 365 and your computing device testament never foot race retard again!

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  • Hoard Cleansing agent

    Cache Dry cleaner is an ad-free spread root pecker for memory cache cleanup which does not command frozen device. Features aboriginal Holo aspect and feel and fasting operation.

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