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Not working well

Comment by CaptainHindsight
about Loge · Oct 2012 · Helpful Not helpful 1 Helpful News report as junk e-mail

Installed because I base a direction to arrive 25gb for free. But it just doesnt study well. The synchronise node upright hogs my central processing unit and stopped-up syncing anything a few years afterward installation. I had to remove it. Glad that I did not earnings whatever money for it.


I aggre that windows8 app sucks, but its a commodity synchronize app, and bang-up crack the 25gbs. i testament consumption this, of class is more or less better.

umm this app is alright

Comment by Joseph864
about Package · Jun 2013 · Helpful Not helpful Paper as spam

staple lodge storage, could be improved with to a greater extent storage. there are better competitive register storages.

Comment by Biaxident
about Box seat · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Report as junk e-mail

In regards to"Only with DropBox you buns commencement with 2.25GB give up Online storage", Nomadesk offers liberate on-line unlimited storage. How is it potential that Nomadesk is able to fling the loose inexhaustible online warehousing ?

Comment by Tommy_B
about Boxful · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Report card as spam has a authoritative targeting of their services to businesses and enterprises - just indication their description butt tell you that much. I don't store a good deal on merely because I choose more automated means of data file repositing and back up. But what I do economic consumption for are the 20 or so different "services" you buttocks attach to your account, many of them are bung based services to the full general public but users can buoy employment them for release without having to mansion up at once with the divine service provider when exploited in alignment with your Boxwood docs. For instance, eFax is unity of the services offered. Faxing something is literally as simpleton as selecting the document you'd same to fax, pick out eFax from a bead menu, and filing in the dialing information. That's it. Their ball-shaped folders are also aplomb too, it's like beingness able-bodied to select your possess domain.