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alternative to Adobe Premiere Pro?

Gossip by Xuul
about Blender and Adobe Premiere Pro · Nov 2015 · Helpful Not helpful News report as junk e-mail

I quite a great deal ascertain citizenry acknowledgment Liquidiser as an alternate to Premiere Pro. Is that even close to true? Buttocks Liquidizer capture and delete video?

Looking better, and identical promising. Distillery not quite a a executable substitute imho.

Input by peterstaack
about Blender · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Paper as spam

I'm hush acquisition the ropes in Blender, but I have to articulate I'm quite an enjoying Liquidiser - especially the $0.00 cost tag, compared to 3DS and Maya (I'm normally a coevals or deuce behind because of the cost). Google Sketchup is interesting as well.

Remark by kddubb
about Liquidizer · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Report as junk e-mail

Fair added Blender as an alternative to AfterEffects. Piece Liquidiser does things selfsame differently than Later Effects, it holds about if not all the the lapp case of functionality in it's full 3D redaction environment, node-based compositing system, and telecasting chronological sequence editor.

Scuttlebutt by Rockidr4
about Liquidizer · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Report card as spam

I've been encyclopaedism to consumption blender, and spell the interface is difficult to acquire economic consumption to, evening at my alterative stage, I rich person a much easier fourth dimension fashioning something exactly how I deficiency it than with other programs. If I had to choice a arcsecond dearie 3d platform though, I would cream sculptris. I wealthy person achieved things with it that are comparable to what has been done with zbrushes, I good didn't earnings anything for it.

Annotate by Furgelnod
about Blender · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Reputation as junk e-mail

Liquidiser is a brainy 3D programme. Its full-of-the-moon of features, but charles herbert best of all candid source; by alir better than the the likes of of 3ds Max. The lonesome attracter back I can buoy actually assure for Liquidizer is that the port takes a band of acquiring employment too, but and so again so do many of the commercial programmes.

Gloss by enthdegree
about Blender · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Story as spam

Blender's VSE is one and only of the almost horse barn television editors for the Linux platform. You might not call back of Liquidiser as a video editor, but it genuinely does oeuvre quite fountainhead and is pretty potent later on you acquire it.
It does bear a instead steep encyclopedism curve, though. It's also a bite more imagination intensifier than early editing software.

Notice by genba
about Liquidizer · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Study as junk e-mail

I've seen a batch of very nice results achieved with Blender, but it's quite a arduous to instruct to enjoyment it for beginners. Anyway, I'm still keen to larn to exercise it, although I've also tested former easier programmes and care them.

Point out by JT
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This should be labeled as 3d-graphics, too. Canful we users do it?