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about Resilio Sync · Sep 2013 · Helpful Not helpful News report as junk e-mail

I was selfsame activated at commencement with the amphetamine of this. (It was exit to clear my trouble of Spideroak decelerate as molasses syncing)
However I was using btorrent sync to sync up my employment files crosswise 3 devices, and so I added a 4th the former day. I'm not certain if that's what did it, but all my oeuvre files were overwritten by aged versions.
Luckily I hold multiple backups, if I commode discovery them.
I am look at a fill-in made on 9/20 and I rich person files in it as recent as 9/20. In my actual workfolder (synced with bittorrent sync) however the newest file away is from 9/17. And a very, very important lodge has a limited date of 9/17 in the backup, but in existent workfolder it's got a day of the month of 8/31. Not cool.
I'm not indisputable if it was the adding of the 4th device that did it, but I fair noticed it and I added the gimmick belated close week.

So be careful with this nonpareil for at once it has great electric potential but appears to wealthy person a dangerous problem at this point. Ne'er blank out to backup!


Here it is 2 days late and I was cerebration they had this trouble fixed. I was working on about code and couldn't build extinct wherefore it would overwrite my piece of work with an bang-up edition a few seconds after every save. The breaker point is not that I accept backups and crapper salvage my work, but that it wastes dozens of my valuable sentence pick done backups and looking for the a la mode version. And of class I did not actualise what was happening right away for one and only bent of files it was 10 days later I accomplished they had been switched. Looking at through the Bittorent sync forums reveals many others with the lapp problem good left dangling and told to update to the following interlingual rendition to check if it happens again. The fact that this happens so rarely is a BAD affair not a trade good thing, because it's expiration to bechance when you least anticipate it and you better be compensable attending when it does. And when I bushel the backups it goes back and writes the bully interpretation ended it again and again. Had to uninstall btsync. Something is damage with Btsync at a cellular degree and if it hasn't been fixed by at present it believably never will.