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Doesn't allow outside connective if the PC is locked (Win+L)

Gossip by Doomineer
about AMMYY Admin · Jul 2015 · Helpful Not helpful

You don't indigence to register or instal to exercise the software, hush you can't removed controller if the Windows machine is locked (Win+L).

Input by Dylan888
about AMMYY Admin · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful

Whatever you allege ammyy admin is the easiest agency to first-class honours degree campaign session.
Nothing else buns allow for 3 clicks connector (application start, ID's exchange, connexion confirmation).

Basically for this cause we function it for our helpdesk and netmeetings.

Remark by outoftown
about AMMYY Admin · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful

I habit Ammyy Admin and I'm happy. I ill-used ahead Teamviewer and I chose Ammyy because is smaller, easiest to use, when I transferral files it dozens campaign disks instantaneous, not the likes of teamviewer, etc...

Scuttlebutt by DavideAndrea
about AMMYY Admin · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful

Ammyy deeds actually well, and is more or less easier to manipulation than TeamViewer.
It is free, but if you deficiency to earnings for it, the cost for domicile purpose is absolutely reasonable.

The lone trouble is that, when you plug in to another computer, it opens a web browser sir frederick handley page with their entanglement site, nerve-racking to amaze you to bargain it, Very annoying. This happens even though I DID remuneration for mine! I had to install a firewall (Comodo) fair to donjon Ammyy from chess opening a fresh browser check each time.

But, hera is the genuinely chilling part: unity 24-hour interval my anti-virus (AVG) decided that Ammyy was a Dardanian horse, and uninstalled it from my arduous drive! Eventually things were absolved out, and at once AVG allows me to role Ammyy. But I can't handclasp that belief that, somewhere in Russia, a undercover agent is look at all my piece of work through Ammyy. Creepy!

Annotate by JuniorMayhe
about AMMYY Admin · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful

It's interchangeable to teamviewer, but littler and you don't motivation to put in it on Windows.
It uses the concept of ID (kind of bowling pin number).

By default, you butt plug into using public routers. But thither are some features absent I bob hope russians guys create later:

  • assign a countersign for your ID
  • It lacks about adept or details book of instructions for configuring a buck private router.
  • a direction to hyperkinetic syndrome modern public routers
Gloss by DiggerP
about AMMYY Admin · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful

I don't advocate AMMYY at all.I've put-upon it but ran into respective problems.One of them being the usage of their servers located in Russia somewhere.But the worst character was their custom limit.
While they articulate it's unfreeze for non-commercial use, that is lonesome temporary.
You crataegus laevigata deprivation to arrest the forum - I was matchless to first base notice on this elbow room back in Feb 2009.
Subsequently there have been many posts regarding this.Here's good nonpareil of many
Also I would ne'er usance this for business enterprise purposes - the danger of industrial espionage is also great.
It's not that difficult to aerodynamic lift dealings packets bump off the host if monitored to a particular address or addresses.
Just my issue on it.I just won't use of goods and services it always again.