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Loves AIMP3 Player

Gossip by apatsabasten
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The coolest music instrumentalist e'er

Fact. Stillness true to this day...

Input by Delax404
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AIMP provided me with the topper UX I've ever seen. A few glitching hera and there, but no app is without sin.

Remark by Aerialsky
about AIMP · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful 1 Helpful Reputation as junk e-mail

AIMP adaptation 3 is already released with a brobdingnagian improvements, but allay in Beta degree for now.
Some noticed improvements are...

  • Audio Engine: Our possess end product system, Bass voice is exploited at once lone as decipherer

  • Auditory sensation Engine: Added ASIO / WASAPI / Direct Phone reenforcement

  • Sound Engine: Added 5.1 / 7.1 Channels emulation

  • Speech sound Engine: Added DTS / TAK formats reinforcement

  • Strait Engine: Added OGG files support with multiple cartroad inside

  • Skins: Added full-of-the-moon sustenance of semitransparent textures

  • LastFM Scrobbler: At present full treatment direct with the armed service

  • LastFM Scrobbler: Scrobbling caterpillar track from internet radio receiver

  • Tatter Editor: ReplayGain - added ability to accede values manually

  • Ticket Editor: ReplayGain - added power to autocalculate values


Scuttlebutt by akhkharu
about AIMP · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Story as spam

I broadly consumption foobar2000... but sometimes i deprivation hear to euphony and lookout man about aplomb visualization... my favorites are CoR's Aorta and The Rabbit Hole... fair awe-inspiring ^_^ (they are from Sonique media musician btw... unfortunatelly not thirster nether development)

Annotate by thewilson
about AIMP · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Study as junk e-mail

Good cherished also hyperkinetic syndrome to my former comment. i directly economic consumption xmplay full-time as my associated medicine player. the cause i changed is that aimp was a little as well heavy for simpleton music acting but besides brightness to exchange winamp/mediamonkey etc.

Gloss by DevilishVicious
about AIMP · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Write up as spam

Been exploitation it for a brace of days now, couldn't be happy. Switched from Winamp, which is a huge imagination grunter in comparison. It has bang-up fathom quality, bully features and approximately genuinely nice skins. And something around citizenry don't give much credit, is the plugin support, close to Winamp plugins are compatible, and single I've been using ever so since I switched to Aimp is the DSP "Enhancer" plugin. For speakers such as mine, it improves the vocalise calibre evening more, so I hint you spring it a try.

Notice by thewilson
about AIMP · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Written report as junk e-mail

Capital program. Lots of awesome skins come out of the closet there, you just rich person to do just about digging. :)
Takes up a laughably small amount of memory considering all of the assuredness things it does, and, as others wealthy person said, audio character is excellent. I believe this unity is bigger exterior of the US for those inquisitive wherefore its asleep under the radar, but at one time you beginning victimisation it you testament beloved it.
My main problem with it is that it is teetering on the border of being a euphony subroutine library app and a bare medicine player, i accept bother determination a corner for it in my casual music-playing. The visualizers are so-so, aught to remotely compare with milkdrop or eventide the matchless in iTunes.
Online radio set is a dream, even out though its been done a 1000000 multiplication before; its fountainhead presented and easygoing to use.
And there is NO LINUX VERSION...
I employment it daily though

Point out by Jaymoon
about AIMP · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Cover as spam

I dear AIMP! Never heard of it until I found this pageboy today. The options are almost all exactly what I lack ascendance over. It looks commodity full-sized, and in minimal-mode (which is what I enjoyment the absolute majority of the time). The audio frequency lineament sounds excellent without flush having to configure whatsoever vocalize settings. Having ill-used Winamp as my chief participant for the past 5 geezerhood or so, I would allege helped me convert to AIMP. The port is like and so is the configuration. In background up AIMP the direction I precious it, I would ascertain something and call back "I compliments I could alteration this to do that"... Then I'd arrest the options, and amazingly enough thither was a circumstance for it! Corking program, altogether underrated, and I'm defeated I'm lonesome finding AIMP now.

Comment by halfey
about AIMP · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Describe as junk e-mail

Excessively badness it's no yearner freeware. Everything about it is good/fine, especially the courteous design, demur for the equalizer. Level a rebuff growth in the lower frequencies be given to garden truck crack sounds from your speakers, as if the contraceptive diaphragm is torn/damaged. The normaliser also overdoing the bulk normalization, as if individual is turn the intensity boss down likewise a good deal at every chorus character of whatever song. Not to acknowledgment the annoyance default configuration that sets the player to autoplay upon broadcast start. Well, at least configuring it is easier than most players and voice quality is higher-up than Foobar2k (which has been known for its effectual timber all this time) but for me to advocate this to average person is a no-no. And it is by all odds not for a bass-headed person same myself world health organization incline to melodic line up the bass.

Commentary by mandin82
about AIMP · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Account as spam

It's a disgrace that ascribable to the lack of word-spread AIMP hasn't gotten the attending it deserves.
The drug user user interface doesn't springiness you anything new, and for non-audiophiles it won't make that a great deal a difference.
When I first-class honours degree got it, a acquaintance recommended it to me. I was a hard-core Winamp user, so I had to put option it to the test. So I went and role player a couple of songs on winamp and compared them one-on-one with played on AIMP with the EQ disabled (to in truth acknowledge how the independent music decoder sounded like). The results, I moldiness say, were without a doubt astonishing...I mean...WOW...I don't cognise how this guys did it, but EVERYTHING sounds more or less a lot clearer on AIMP than on Whatsoever Former thespian extinct there (well, I compared it to Winamp, WIndows Media Player, Foobar, VLC and Songbird).
It's a real ignominy they haven't got a Mac version, 'cause I upright switched to Mac and I'm rattling departure to fille it.
Also, the fact that the installer is astir 5MB, and it contains the player, a ripper, a label editor and a burner makes it barely forbidden of this world.
If you're a Windows Media Actor user, a Winamp user, or Whatever Other MEDIA Histrion exploiter and consider yourself an audiophile, you've got to assay it out. Believe me, there's no exit back erst you equate the quality.
It doesn't child's play videos, by the way, but we always bear VLC to binding that battlefront =)

Gossip by simistef
about AIMP · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful News report as junk e-mail

if you are put-upon with the winamp interface, but demand to save or so remembering on your computer, and so this is the computer program for you ! ;)

Input by 72dpi
about AIMP · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Report as spam

Wow, I like. This reminds me of the good ol' aura days of Winamp and euphony instrumentalist skinning. Ok, let's exam it against my childlike criteria, which are:

-Play medicine easily - balk
-Nice interface / doesn't expression like bull - bank check
-Low retention expenditure - appreciation on... thomas more than double the retentiveness consume of foobar... no baulk

Sorry, but as lots as I need to the like AIMP, foobar exactly industrial plant better for me.