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Comment by devdaze
about 1Password · Jul 2017 · Helpful Not helpful News report as junk e-mail

I birth tested Dashlane (Free and Paid account) , LastPass (Free and Paid account), and 1Password (Free and Paid account) and 1Password is custody down the absolute best.

Comment by phillat5dock
about 1Password · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Paper as spam

This is a brilliant art object of software. I equitable argot believe that I deliver the app that is was look for that surpasses all my expectations. I cherished something that would admit my to employment the century or so Insure Notes I donjon in my Keychain account in Windows in BootCamp. Not lone does 1Password do this, but it also keeps cartroad of the serial book of numbers of my software program on both platforms as well as all the passwords I enjoyment all all over the net. And then if I amaze an iPhone or Android it testament synk with them too. AND, the security system is as good, if not better than Mackintosh OS X keychain. What is more the port is terrific. I commencement time-tested it on Windows and was very impressed so and so switched to Macintosh OS and was blown away. I was able-bodied to import my keychain, software system licence details from Permit Custodian and more.


Comment by mandin82
about 1Password · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Report as junk e-mail

I fair bought the windows app. I couldn't be happier with it. It clear resembles beingness based on a Mack app, since the drug user user interface is actually nice and the app altogether feels rattling polished. It integrates with Firefox quite easily and in person I choose it complete Lastpass (haven't tried RoboForm).

Comment by Ola
about 1Password · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Report card as spam

Isn't thither anything for Windows that is bettor then RoboForm or KeePass. I don't comparable either of them ..


Although it's a great-looking app, I experience had several annoyances which are encouraging me to go back to LastPass.
First of all, 1Password lonesome supports Mackintosh (& Windows). If you feature Linux and exercise Dropbox, you canful only read, not update the parole vault.
The arcsecond ailment is that if you're a compensable exploiter of the "Web Store" adaptation (bought bump off AgileBits webpage), and so you are come out of chance when it comes to iCloud Drive and CloudKit support. So basically you're stuck with Dropbox for syncing. Dropbox syncing is not always apotheosis for several reasons. Existence locked come out of the closet of an substitute good because you purchased the app from the "wrong" billet is sir thomas more than annoying, it's unconscionable. I think they give birth their reasons for branching their userbase, but effectively it means that the cartesian product you purchased /from their website/ is incomplete and broken. They crataegus oxycantha black eye this decision, but it english hawthorn be as well belated for about customers.

The app is pretty nice-looking as compared to the competitors, but I discovery the actual custom to be cumbersome.

The app extensions for browsers aren't real elegant, you have got to right-click to activate it and bestow up a sub-menu. It's awkward and clumsy at best.

In an campaign to addition security, the password hurdle locks constantly. So every meter you go to function it, it's locked, import you hold to case your vault watchword constantly. On a mobile river device or laptop, I commode attend wherefore this is necessary, but in your have home, it's cumbersome.

Once unlocked, and the word you deficiency copied (also takes several clicks), the app sub-menu is distillery "active" so evening though it looks corresponding you're hush clicked into the countersign accounting entry field, you're not. You arrest a courteous organization computer error beep when you attempt to Command + V (or ctrl + v) to library paste the parole in. Backbone to the mouse, then clink the password debut airfield in the world wide web page, and and so paste. Yet again, thomas more clicks.

The dainty affair astir LastPass is it integrates with the web browser much more than fully-- it performs autotype fairly well, and there's no clicking backrest and forth and hunt for bomber menus. It also supports browsers on linux fully.

It whitethorn not be as pretty, but right at once LastPass is my watchword director of choice. After the iCloud entanglement shop and macintosh app stock edition forking, I don't believe I'll darken AgileBits doorsill always again.