• Lit CSS Frame

    The world's smallest antiphonal CSS framework* (398 bytes gzipped and minified) This is the answer of me acting CSS "code golf" with Skeleton.


    Absolve Clear Author Self-Hosted CSS

  • Nest

    A continuous tense Node.js framework for building effective and scalable server-side applications.


    Discharge Open Beginning Self-Hosted Node.JS

  • Renaissance

    With so many styling frameworks come out there, you're believably asking wherefore another? Thither are former frameworks that are great, and others that are overkill.


    Disembarrass Open air Generator Self-Hosted CSS

  • Kore.ai

    Consumption the cora "botbuilder" to an create intelligent, NLP-enabled bot leverage both auto acquisition and semantic comprehension.


    Commercial Entanglement Android iPhone Self-Hosted

  • Conversific

    Conversific is the 1st Business Intelligence Chopine for Shopify that helps you brand healthy decisions to acquire your e-commerce store.


    Freemium $ $ $ Network Self-Hosted Shopify

  • Host Condition

    Simple, bodoni look server position page with administration, that arse campaign even on divided webhosting. More features are currently developed.


    Disengage Out-of-doors Germ Self-Hosted

  • Brandleap

    A characteristic rich and customizable computer memory locater and brand-controlled market that is comfortable to configure and backside be apparatus in minutes.


    Commercial $ $ $ Vane Self-Hosted

  • Gramateria

    Gramateria is a drag and bead internet site builder with happen css / cloth design. Gramateria is drug user friendly and easy to economic consumption because it built with grapes js.


    Dislodge Outdoors Informant World wide web Self-Hosted

  • LambStatus

    Serverless status pageboy organisation which enables you to anatomy a condition sir frederick handley page with lower limit attempt and cost! Some of its features are: - Serverless: it eases your annoyance caused by the grading / accessibility issues.


    Exempt Surface Origin Self-Hosted

  • Synology Note Station

    Note Station allows your cherished ideas to be synced from your possess Synology NAS waiter device to all your computers and nomadic devices with level best privateness and security.


    Give up Self-Hosted

  • Apisearch

    Search over millions of documents, and give to your users unique, amazing and unforgettable experiences.


    Freemium $ $ $ Afford Reference Mac Windows Linux Entanglement Android iPhone Blackberry Android Tablet ... Windows Phone iPad Self-Hosted Blackberry 10 Instagram Twitter GitHub Pages

  • T2M - URL Shortener

    T2m.io is another best URL shortener with branded links. It offers: Liberate astonishing dashboard, UNLIMITED URL golf links with UNLIMITED clicks.


    Loose Personal $ $ $ Network Self-Hosted

  • PeerTube

    http://github.com/Chocobozzz/PeerTube [WIP] Federated (ActivityPub) telecasting cyclosis platform exploitation P2P (BitTorrent) at once in the vane browser with WebTorrent and Angular.


    Release Give Reservoir World wide web Self-Hosted

  • Lookbook for Magento 2

    The Lookbook for Magento 2 is a charming cock which allows you to create multiple double collections for your products basing on the images you upload. Look-book offers a Pinning alternative for every image, i.


    Commercial $ $ $ Self-Hosted Magento Community Edition

  • Uber for X Clon Book by Appoets

    Have a fleet of cars with your out-of-date hack armed service in your local community? Welcome to the cosmos of Uber for X clone hand apps.


    Commercial $ $ $ Android iPhone Self-Hosted

  • thttpd

    Simple: It handles alone the minimum essential to implement HTTP/1.1. Well, maybe a little sir thomas more than the minimum. Small: See the comparability chart.


    Relieve Open up Root Linux Self-Hosted

  • Docusaurus

    Docusaurus is a labor for easily building, deploying, and maintaining spread rootage project websites. • Simple to Start Docusaurus is reinforced to be easygoing to acquire up and running in as fiddling clock time possible.


    Relinquish Spread out Seed Self-Hosted


    EJBCA® is a PKI Certificate Authority software, built using Java (JEE) technology.


    Freemium Unfold Source Mac Windows Linux Self-Hosted

  • OpenXPKI

    OpenXPKI is a software batch that provides all necessary components to bring off keys and certificates chiefly based on the X509v3 coding standard.


    Resign Assailable Author Self-Hosted

  • Nubo

    Nubo is a self-hosted file cabinet share-out application. It presently runs on macOS and Linux. Support for Windows is expected soon. It consists of deuce applications: - A cloud part, which is found in the Host directory.


    Unblock Candid Beginning Self-Hosted

  • DeskRoll

    Simple entanglement creature for fast remote desktop access. Support co-occurrent access to few remote control desktops. Web-based: Not demand establish app for individual w.h.o. format distant access. Outback access code accomplished via web-site page.


    Freemium $ $ $ Network Self-Hosted

  • Testsigma

    Testsigma is a SaaS, AI-Driven exam automation software package for Vane and Peregrine apps to accomplish continuous testing. Testsigma uses AI to body-build horse barn and authentic tests faster and speed-up the capital punishment and alimony of automated tests.


    Commercial $ $ $ World wide web Self-Hosted

  • WordPlate

    A bodoni font WordPress deal reinforced with Composer. It simplifies the blurriness about WordPress development.


    Unfreeze Capable Generator Self-Hosted Wordpress

  • 1hrms

    With a across-the-board ambit of capabilities for Small, Midsized and Large Business 1HRMS testament acclivity the agency your employee works. As the businesses are growing, startups are becoming small and culture medium enterprises.


    Commercial $ $ $ Entanglement Self-Hosted HTML5 Please CakePHP

  • Habu

    Habu is likely the simplest atmospheric static web log generator you'll encounter, no bullshit.


    Unloose Exposed Germ Self-Hosted