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  • BlockKeeper

    Multi Blockchain Tracking. BlockKeeper is your account book holding app for Blockchain assets that helps you to cartroad all your digital wealth, income and expenses.


    Free people Afford Reference Vane

  • Tracim

    Part and bring off documents, forums, wikis and calendar in a co-ordinated agency for effective collaborative teamwork.


    Absolve Give Reservoir Linux World wide web Self-Hosted

  • Gramateria

    Gramateria is a drag and bead internet site builder with happen css / cloth design. Gramateria is drug user friendly and comfortable to consumption because it built with grapes js.


    Discharge Open up Root Entanglement Self-Hosted

  • Staxcoin

    Staxcoin (STAX) is a cryprocurrency (altcoin). Algorithm: scrypt; type: POW (proof of work) / POS (proof of stake). Coin abbreviation: STAX. Total mint supply: 43500000. Coinbase maturity: 20 blocks.


    Commercial Spread Rootage Windows Linux

  • KissAnime

    KissAnime is a site that allows you to current anime onto your PC / Laptop as fountainhead as mobile devices for free.


    Disembarrass Spread out Seed Network

  • KissAnime Auto Captcha

    The book remembers your choices and than uses that in the adjacent captchas. At the beginning you acquire a file cabinet with some choices that I made which should complete 96% of captchas.


    Disengage Unfold Source Mac Windows Linux Greasemonkey Tampermonkey

  • Telecasting Speed Controller

    HTML5 television provides aboriginal APIs to accelerate playback of whatever video, but almost enforced players either fell or bound this functionality. This annex fixes that, addition more...


    Dislodge Assailable Author Mac Windows Linux Firefox

  • Novel Check Override

    Unexampled Chit Override brings back the ability to alteration the page which is shown when chess opening a young tab.


    Exempt Candid Beginning Mac Windows Linux Firefox

  • IPvFoo

    See "4" or "6" in the URL bar: 6 on IPv6 pages, 4 on IPv4 pages.


    Give up Capable Generator Vane Chrome Firefox

  • TrebleShot

    Beam and encounter files over available connections Percentage your videos and songs inside the application There is no limit.


    Liberate Exposed Germ Android

  • WiFiAnalyzer

    Optimize your WiFi mesh exploitation WiFi Analyzer by examining circumferent WiFi networks, measure their sign durability as well as identifying crowded channels.


    Loose Heart-to-heart Informant Android

  • Shiny

    Shiny is an R bundle that makes it easy to body-build interactional world wide web apps heterosexual from R.


    Freemium Loose Origin Mac Windows Linux R (programming language)

  • ManuelbastioniLAB

    The bearing of ManuelbastioniLAB is to bestow you a band of advance tools to bend your Blender in a brawny laboratory for naturalistic android characters creation.


    Release Opened Reference Mac Windows Linux

  • Lit CSS Fabric

    The world's smallest antiphonal CSS framework* (398 bytes gzipped and minified) This is the answer of me acting CSS "code golf" with Skeleton.


    Relieve Overt Reservoir Self-Hosted CSS

  • KeePass DX

    Keepass DX is a fabric blueprint Keepass client for managing keys and passwords in crypt database for your Android device.


    Relinquish Receptive Root Android

  • Firepoker

    Planning poker®, also called Scrum poker, is a consensus-based proficiency for estimating, by and large exploited to appraisal attempt or congenator size of exploiter stories in software program development.


    Resign Subject Rootage Entanglement

  • Manta

    Features 🎚 Flexible form. You arse bout on/off airfield and save as default setting. 🏗 Puff & cliff for reordering items. This makes editing easier. 📐 Economic consumption SVGs for logo for better printing.


    Unblock Undecided Seed Mac

  • MultiMiner

    MultiMiner is a background application program for crypto-currency excavation and monitoring on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. MultiMiner simplifies shift individual devices (GPUs, ASICs, FPGAs) 'tween crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin.


    Unfreeze Undefendable Source Mac Windows Linux

  • Host Condition

    Simple, bodoni look server position pageboy with administration, that backside campaign even on divided webhosting. More features are currently developed.


    Unloose Undefended Author Self-Hosted

  • LambStatus

    Serverless status sir frederick handley page organisation which enables you to build a condition thomas nelson page with lower limit campaign and cost! About of its features are: - Serverless: it eases your annoyance caused by the grading / accessibility issues.


    Unloosen Undetermined Beginning Self-Hosted

  • Simple Keyboard

    Features: * Small size of it (<1MB) * Adjustable keyboard acme for sir thomas more blind blank * Number course * Pilotage keys * Custom base colors * Minimal permissions (only Vibrate) * Ads-free Feature it doesn't have and probably...


    Barren Unfastened Generator Android

  • nuBuilder Forte

    Low-code, open-source RAD evolution cock for creating web-based database applications.


    Complimentary Unresolved Germ Network Self-Hosted

  • Backup Manager

    Backup man Manager is a various all the same easygoing to employment bidding agate line championship creature for GNU/Linux. Suitable for desktop and servers.


    Costless Clear Informant Linux Self-Hosted

  • stoken

    stoken is an open origin tokencode generator compatible with RSA SecurID 128-bit (AES) tokens. It is a hobbyist project, not affiliated with or endorsed by RSA Security.


    Destitute Open air Reference Mac Windows Linux

  • paratii

    A Decentralised Embeddable Video Actor Developing a histrion that relies on a public blockchain and puts gross 100% in ascendance of capacity producers.


    Detached Out-of-doors Reservoir Mac Windows Linux Vane Windows Mobile river Android iPhone Chrome OS ... Android Tablet Windows Phone iPad