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Pale Moon edition 27.8 released, improves autocorrect and emoji backing

Published 3/6/2018 by IanDorfman

Moonchild Productions has released a fresh update to its flagship vane browser Small Pale Moon icon Pale Moon on March 2nd, 2018. Pale Moon stands come out as a branching of Small Mozilla Firefox icon Mozilla Firefox that emphasizes ocular customization, modularity, and david low calculator imagination use.

Interlingual rendition 27.8 of the web browser includes enhanced autocorrect functionality that recognizes and corrects mistakes in typewriting come out of the closet URLs, as fountainhead as enhanced emoji backup for aged Windows machines.

Here are the full acquittance notes for interpretation 27.8 of the Pale Moon world wide web browser as listed by Moonchild Productions :

  • Added bread and butter for emojis on Windows systems that have comparatively poor documentation for them with banner baptismal font sets by including our possess baptistery (EmojiOne based for now).
  • Added a background in preferences to choose the consumption of check previews with Ctrl+Tab.
  • Added Eyedropper bill of fare accounting entry to the AppMenu.
  • Added a druthers to ascendance whether the school text cursor (caret) should be thicker when dealing with CJK characters or not (default = yes).
  • Added URL fix-ups for schemes (mis-typed "ttp://" etc.).
  • Added financial backing for ES6 "Symbol species".
  • Updated our TLS 1.3 financial support to the latest (probably final) draft.
  • Fixed break incompatibility in the tabstrip.
  • Fixed a figure of web browser crashes.
  • Fixed a clang with the exponentiation hustler "**"
  • Set the carrying into action timekeeper coarseness to 1 ms.
  • Updated the kiss-fft depository library to our bifurcate 1.4.0 version.
  • Disabled a potentially baffling optimisation on Win 8+ with heights contrast themes in use.
  • Removed the apprisal barroom when in full-of-the-moon blind to forbid undesirable seeable concealment elements.
  • Removed unmaintained and insecure WebRTC code - building with WebRTC enabled is no longer an option.
  • Removed pleonastic checks for "Vista or later" since that is all we support.
  • Added display of the http condition to altogether asking displays.
  • Added a workaround for cloned videos not retaining their dull state.
  • Added a temp workaround to annul crashes on pathless media.
  • Removed some excess ellipses from card labels.
  • Fixed undesired shrinkage of agate line heights as a answer of circumstance lower limit baptistry size in preferences.
  • Fixed about issues with context the modern chit orientation (regression).

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