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New MSIX package data formatting supports Win32 packages for Microsoft Store and sir thomas more

Published 3/8/2018 by IanDorfman

March 7th was Microsoft's Windows Developer Day for 2018, and it brought with it multiple announcements pertaining to the in operation system. One of the easiest to overlook patch also carrying the electric potential to alteration things up for the Small Microsoft Store icon Microsoft Store and early app storefronts is the creation of the MSIX file cabinet packaging format.

Designed as a bridge 'tween apps and MSI installers, MSIX testament accompaniment all Windows application types, including WinForm, WPF, Win32, and UWP, the close of which has been the de facto format for applications on the Microsoft Store. With MSIX support both the Microsoft Store and whatever former storefront, this will, in theory, admit democratic Win32 exclusive applications to discovery their agency on to multiple curated storefronts and find thomas more exposure to casual calculator users that bank on app storefronts for content.

The MSIX formatting has been clear sourced by Microsoft, and has a consecrate GitHub page for its SDK .

MSIX Promo SDK on Alternator