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SuperSU Android rooting app no thirster uncommitted on Google Play Store

Published 10/2/2018 by IanDorfman

SuperSU, for days single of the most democratic rooting applications for Android, has been delisted from the Google Play Store today.

The developer of SuperSU, Chainfire, ceased developing it a class agone on October 3rd, 2017. Since then, its current owner, Coding Code Mobile Technology, has not updated it or posted news on whatever of its sociable media accounts. This, conjugate with today's remotion from the Small Google Play Store icon Google Play Store , signifies that users look for superuser access and the ability to ancestor their Small Android icon Android devices should aspect for alternatives.

Though the free adaptation of Small SuperSU icon SuperSU has been delisted, as of this news program post, the $3.75 SuperSU Pro is distillery usable for leverage and download. For executable free people alternatives, apps such as the open-source Small Magisk icon Magisk are hush actively updated and available.

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