Interesting and open-source Android apps

A listing of interesting and clear author Small Android icon Android apps.

  • F-Droid

    Free Entanglement Android Android Tablet Website

    F-Droid is an installable catalog of FOSS (Free and Open Beginning Software) applications for the Android platform. The client makes it comfortable to browse, install, and donjon cartroad of updates on your device.


    F-Droid icon
  • Yalp Computer memory

    Free people Android Website

    Yalp Computer storage lets you download apps from Small Google Play Store icon Google Play Depot as apk files. It searches for updates of installed apps when it starts and lets you hunt for early apps. That's it. Yalp saves downloaded apks to your default download booklet so you arse late open air it in your darling data file coach app and hydrant each matchless to establish the apps.


    Yalp Store icon
  • Aptoide

    Absolve Network Android Android Tablet Kindle Fire Website

    Aptoide is a distributed market for mobile applications which runs on the Android in operation system. In Aptoide, unlike the default option Small Google Play Store icon Google Play Entrepot , there is not a alone and centralised fund but apiece drug user manages their possess store.


    Aptoide icon
  • KISS Catapult

    Discharge Android Website

    KISS is a blazingly fast launcher for Android requiring about no memory to run.
    Search done your apps, contacts and settings lightning fast. No more clock time dog-tired nerve-racking to breakthrough the app you deficiency to launch: accede a few characters of the epithet and bang enter. Need to birdcall someone? Don't meddle with the birdsong log, equitable give deuce-ace letters of their figure and button the "phone" button. KISS becomes smarter and smarter as you consumption it, push forward results you're sir thomas more likely to select.


    KISS Launcher icon
  • OpenLauncher

    Disembarrass Android Website

    OpenLauncher is an out-of-doors generator Android rocket launcher project, started from scratch. We bearing to create a brawny and community-driven Android launcher.


    OpenLauncher icon
  • Signal

    Disengage Mac Windows Linux Android iPhone ... Android Tablet iPad Chrome Website

    Privacy is possible, Signal makes it easy. Using Signal, you backside commune at once patch avoiding SMS fees, create groups so that you bathroom chat in real fourth dimension with all your friends at once, and parcel media or attachments all with complete privacy. The host ne'er has access to whatever of your communicating and never stores whatsoever of your data.


    Signal icon

    Dislodge Android Kindle Fire Website

    Silence (formerly SMSSecure) is an SMS/MMS application that allows you to protect your privateness piece communicating with friends. Using Silence, you behind beam SMS messages and part media or attachments with discharge privacy. It's a branching of Small Signal icon Signal .

  • Wire

    Exempt Personal Mac Windows Linux Vane Android ... iPhone Android Tablet iPad Website

    Wire is a assure and buck private courier for phones, tablets and desktop. Crystal clear articulation and picture calls, common soldier chemical group chats, file sharing, audio and telecasting messages - everything is end-to-end encrypted. Wire deeds on Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS, Linux and whatever bodoni world wide web browser.


    Wire icon
  • Telegram

    Give up Mac Windows Linux Entanglement Windows Mobile river ... Android iPhone Blackberry Android Tablet BSD Windows Earphone iPad Apple Watch Android Wear FreeBSD Website

    Telegram is a electronic messaging app with a centering on amphetamine and security. It’s super-fast, simple, batten and free. Telegram seamlessly syncs across all of your devices and bottom be exploited on desktops, tablets and phones alike. You buns broadcast an inexhaustible amount of messages, photos, videos and files of whatsoever case (.doc, .zip, .pdf, etc.). Telegram groups have up to 5000 citizenry and you butt create channels to broadcast messages to an limitless figure of subscribers.

    "It's charles frederick worth a acknowledgment that Telegram's server english is not open-source. However, that doesn't actually affair for certificate purposes, because the end-to-end encoding 'tween client-side close users is tested and full treatment cleanly in Telegram careless of the computer software on the server." — enigmatoid

    "It's been shown that Telegram is identical insecure and shouldn't be ill-used if protection and seclusion are your primary concerns, which is something that Telegram has (and distillery does) advertised as a john major feature." — JackDostoevsky


    Telegram icon
  • Conversations

    Liberate Android Android Tablet Website

    Conversation is a loose and outdoors germ Jabber/XMPP customer for Android 4.0+ smartphones that has been optimized to allow a singular fluid experience. Easy to use, reliable, assault and battery friendly. With built-in accompaniment for images, group chats and e2e encryption.


    Conversations icon
  • Kontalk

    Release Android Self-Hosted Website

    Kontalk is a batten down blink of an eye messenger, allowing you to charge and encounter text, double and interpreter messages (other file cabinet types advent soon) to and from former Kontalk users altogether relieve of charge.


    Kontalk icon
  • Antox

    Relinquish Android Website

    Antox is an Android 4+ guest for Small Tox icon Tox created by Mark Winter. It aims to bring the full multimedia backing Tox offers to your device, although it's hush currently in heavy development.


    Antox icon
  • Jitsi

    Resign Mac OS X Windows Linux Network Android ... BSD Website

    Jitsi for Android is an Android embrasure of the Jitsi project: The most feature-rich communicator with backup for encrypted audio/video, confab and bearing over SIP and XMPP.


    Jitsi icon
  • Hack Confabulation

    Unblock Vane Android Self-Hosted Website is a minimal, distraction-free new world chat application. Create a chat room with fair a name, thither is no predetermined canal so good come in a chatroom gens and a nickname, percentage the connectedness and communicate.


    Hack Chat icon

    Unfreeze Mac Windows Linux World wide web Android ... iPhone iPad Self-Hosted Chrome Safari F-Droid Firefox Website

    Riot is a simple and elegant coaction environment that gathers all of your different conversations and app integrations into nonpareil bingle app.

  • K-9 Chain armor

    Unloose Android Android Tablet Website

    K-9 Chain armour is an open-source e-mail node with search, IMAP energy email, multi-folder sync, flagging, filing, signatures, bcc-self, PGP, chain mail on SD & more! K-9 supports IMAP, POP3 and Exchange 2003/2007 (with WebDAV).


    K-9 Mail icon
  • ProtonMail

    Freemium Entanglement Android iPhone iPad Website

    ProtonMail is the world’s largest encrypted e-mail armed service with all over 1 1000000 users. The ProtonMail ensure electronic mail app for Android brings easy-to-use email encryption to your nomadic device by seamlessly desegregation PGP end-to-end encryption. ProtonMail also provides a bodoni font exploiter interface with a full-of-the-moon band of groundbreaking features such as customizable swipe gestures and the ability to commit expiring emails.


    ProtonMail icon
  • Tutanota

    Unloosen Personal Network Android iPhone iPad Website

    Tutanota is a barren and surface informant web-mail client that focuses on privacy. All data is stored encrypted and buttocks not be searched, i.e. for commercial usage. It offers dead easygoing end-to-end encryption.


    Tutanota icon
  • Lightning Browser

    Complimentary Android Android Tablet Website

    Lightning is a simple, fasting vane web browser that focuses on design, security, and efficiency. It uses cloth design, doesn't caterpillar track you, spring you lots of options to protect your privacy, and does it in nether 2MB. It gets come out of the agency of the user.


    Lightning Browser icon
  • Firefox Direction

    Costless Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad Website

    Firefox Focal point is the Mozilla-made browser that considers your secrecy commencement and foremost. By default, it blocks ad-trackers and it helps dungeon things fasten by providing gentle shipway to acquit your browse history, including passwords and cookies.


    Firefox Focus icon
  • Brave

    Destitute Mac Windows Linux Android iPhone ... Android Tablet iPad Electron / Atom Shell Website

    Brave has coupled forces with LinkBubble to bring in you a faster world wide web - by block the ads and trackers that acquire in your direction addition all the features you beloved from LinkBubble. Just go to the settings to bend on or bump off concealment features like ad blocking, tracker aegis and Small HTTPS Everywhere icon HTTPS Everywhere .


    Brave icon
  • Orbot

    Detached Android Android Tablet Website

    Orbot is a devoid placeholder app that empowers other apps to economic consumption the internet thomas more securely. Orbot uses Small Tor icon Tor to cipher your Internet dealings and then hides it by bounce through a serial of computers about the world. Tor is gratis package and an afford electronic network that helps you champion against a anatomy of mesh surveillance that threatens personal exemption and privacy, confidential business activities and relationships, and body politic security known as traffic analysis. Orbot creates a genuinely private peregrine internet connection.


    Orbot icon
  • Orfox

    Gratuitous Android Website

    Orfox is a fresh privacy-enhanced web browser for Android, based on Small Mozilla Firefox icon Mozilla Firefox , configured by nonpayment to employment with Small Orbot icon Orbot : Tor for Android.
    Orfox is built from the lapp origin code as Small Tor icon Tor Browser (which is reinforced upon Firefox), but with a few child modifications to the privacy-enhancing features to brand them compatible with Firefox for Android and the Android operating system. Orfox requires Orbot app for Android to connect to the Tor network.
    In as many slipway as possible, we adhere to the blueprint goals of Tor Browser, by support as much of their actual codification as possible, and extending their oeuvre into the additional Android components of Firefox for Android.


    Orfox icon
  • Twidere

    Innocent Android Android Tablet Website

    Twidere is a hefty Small Twitter icon Twitter app for Android 4.0+, which gives you a full moon Fabric experience and almost dispatch (or even better) Twitter feature.


    Twidere icon
  • Slide for Reddit

    Liberal Android Website

    Slide for Reddit is a rock-solid material-designed unofficial web browser for Small Reddit icon Reddit with an leisurely to employment UI and dozens of customization. Slide is ad-free, give source, and is jam-packed with many unequaled features.


    Slide for Reddit icon

Feel spare to adhd aplomb open up reference Android apps which would be absent from this tilt or to castigate whatever error you could berth on this GitHub repo .

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