How to endure without Google

For many the Internet is Google: Search, mail, videos, entanglement browser, cloud services, mobile OS, etc. - Google is the john major actor in all these fields. But Google uses all data it gathers across its services to berth targeted ads, and to massively earnings from the information many parcel so freely with the Internet giant. Your personal data arse also be subpoenaed by lawyers, including for civic cases like divorce. Google answered over 100,000 such information requests in 2016 alone.

More and sir thomas more citizenry are as well realizing the danger of relying on single caller for so many personal services. So, the clock time has come to arrest this inexhaustible data excavation and to issue back our right to privacy. Here's a quick guide as to how you backside consumption the Internet without communion all your information with Google.

  • DuckDuckGo icon


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    Google armed service to replace: Small Google Search icon Google Hunt

    Let's beginning with the easiest one. Google hunting is wide exploited because in the past it was the alone unity gift authentic results quickly. However, privacy-friendly lookup engines have caught up all over the past tense few years, and there is no cause at all not to favor those.

    Besides charles frederick worth mentioning: Small Searx icon Searx , Small StartPage icon StartPage , Small Qwant icon Qwant & Small Ecosia icon Ecosia .


  • Mozilla Firefox icon

    Mozilla Firefox

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    Google avail to replace: Small Google Chrome icon Google Chrome

    Today thither are respective browsers that give you much thomas more privacy-protection than Google Chrome. Firefox is a well-established web browser known for respecting user's privacy, and recently, with the Quantum update, it even became faster than Chrome. And if you demand duplicate anonymity when browse online, you bathroom economic consumption the Small Tor Browser icon Tor Browser .

    Likewise worth mentioning: Small Brave icon Brave , Small Waterfox icon Waterfox , Small qutebrowser icon qutebrowser , Small Midori icon Midori , Small Pale Moon icon Pale Moon , Small Ungoogled Chromium icon Ungoogled Chromium & Small uzbl icon uzbl .


  • Linux Mint icon

    Linux Mint

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    Google divine service to replace: Small Chromium OS icon Chromium OS

    Linux Mint is an elegant, comfortable to use, up to appointment and comfortable GNU/Linux background distribution. Linux Mint is an Small Ubuntu icon Ubuntu based dispersion (so, Small Debian icon Debian based) whose destination is to allow a more than complete out-of-the-box experience by including web browser plugins, media codecs, accompaniment for DVD playback, Java and early components.
    It also adds a custom desktop and menus, several alone configuration tools, and a web-based bundle facility interface.

    As well deserving mentioning: Small Arch Linux icon Arch Linux , Small Fedora icon Fedora , Small Manjaro Linux icon Manjaro Linux , Small openSUSE icon openSUSE , Small Gentoo icon Gentoo , Small KDE neon icon KDE atomic number 10 , Small Solus icon Solus & Small Qubes OS icon Qubes OS .


  • ProtonMail icon


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    Google help to replace: Small Gmail icon Gmail

    Gmail is by alir the most ill-used e-mail inspection and repair in the world. But evening if it's a identical handy military service with dozens of third-party integration, you rich person to know that Google behind read all your electronic mail for marketing purposes and that you wealthy person purely aught privacy patch exploitation such a service. ProtonMail, on the former side, offers end-to-end encoding so that it is amply protected from snooping eyes and eventide the developers cannot interpret your emails.

    Besides charles frederick worth mentioning: Small Tutanota icon Tutanota , Small Posteo icon Posteo & Small Kolab Now icon Kolab Now .


  • Thunderbird icon


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    Google overhaul to replace: Small Inbox by Gmail icon Inbox by Gmail

    Thunderbird is a free, outdoors source, cross-platform e-mail, intelligence and blink of an eye electronic messaging client. The labor scheme is modelled after Small Mozilla Firefox icon Mozilla Firefox . It supports POP (storing chain armor locally on your arduous campaign so that it bottom be accessed without an internet connection), and IMAP. It features excellent chain armour filter capabilities and management. Thunderbird has firm backing for using multiple accounts and identities, including automated key signature features. Thunderbird buns likewise affair as an RSS/Atom feed reader, and has a large choice of add-ons that broaden it with calendar backup ( Small Lightning Calendar icon Lightning Calendar ), PGP bread and butter ( Small Enigmail icon Enigmail ), consolidation with on-line services and a good deal more.

    Also worth mentioning: Small Spark icon Spark , Small Astro icon Astro , Small Canary Mail icon Canary Chain mail , Small K-9 Mail icon K-9 Mail , Small Claws Mail icon Claws Ring armor & Small Mailspring icon Mailspring .


  • Nextcloud icon


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    Google religious service to replace: Small Google Drive icon Google Cause

    When victimisation Google Drive, matchless moldiness acknowledge that all files are stored unencrypted on Google servers. Everyone gaining access to these servers butt easily copy and record those files. Netxcloud allows you to access, part and protect your files, calendars, contacts, communicating & to a greater extent at abode and in your enterprise. It's a self-hosted robert william service so your data are on a host you control. But if you deficiency a hosted answer with end-to-end encryption, you buttocks as well attempt Small SpiderOak icon SpiderOak or Small Tresorit icon Tresorit .

    Besides deserving mentioning: Small Syncthing icon Syncthing , Small Seafile icon Seafile & Small Resilio Sync  icon Resilio Sync .


  • Lineage OS icon

    Lineage OS

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    Google serve to replace: Small Android icon Android

    The about democratic alternative to Android is, of course, Small iOS icon iOS , which offers easy device encryption and encrypted messaging via iMessage by default. But iOS is detained by Apple and some hoi polloi might deprivation to employment an open-source in operation arrangement based on Android. And since Cyanogen, Inc. formally ended documentation for Small CyanogenMod icon CyanogenMod about multiplication ago, the fresh child in ithiel town is LineageOS and it's actually good.

    Likewise charles frederick worth mentioning: Small CopperheadOS icon CopperheadOS , Small Sailfish OS icon Sailfish OS , Small Replicant icon Replicant & Small Paranoid Android icon Paranoid Android .


  • F-Droid icon


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    Google service to replace: Small Google Play Store icon Google Play Store

    F-Droid is an installable catalog of FOSS (Free and Open up Reservoir Software) applications for the Android platform. The client makes it easygoing to browse, install, and donjon cartroad of updates on your gimmick equitable the like Google Play. F-Droid lone allows you to establish open-source apps, so, if you lack to instal non-FOSS apps but don't need to enjoyment the Play Store, you could also be concerned in Small Aptoide icon Aptoide and Small Yalp Store icon Yalp Store .


  • Vimeo icon


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    Google service of process to replace: Small YouTube icon YouTube

    This nonpareil is a backbreaking one and only — maybe even out the harder peerless on this list. Nowadays, everyone upload and lookout videos on YouTube. If you're creating and hosting videos yourself, Vimeo is the best-known choice which focuses on creators. For videos that are lonesome on YouTube (unfortunately, a lot), you can buoy search for and lookout man them victimization Small Hooktube icon Hooktube for better privateness protection.

    As well worth mentioning: Small NewPipe icon NewPipe , Small SkyTube icon SkyTube & Small Minitube icon Minitube that are approximately commodity open-source Android and screen background YouTube clients.


  • OpenStreetMap icon


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    Google servicing to replace: Small Google Maps icon Google Maps

    For iOS users, Apple gives you an option built-in via Small Apple Maps icon Apple Maps , so no induction is essential if you're o.k. with exploitation Apple services. If you neediness to exercise an open-source serving with wider twist support, assay come out OpenStreetMap and its mobile river application Small OsmAnd icon OsmAnd though it crataegus laevigata not bear the lapp ease-of-use or coverage caliber as Google Maps.


  • bitwarden icon


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    Google table service to replace: Small Google Smart Lock icon Google Smart Lock

    A countersign coach is a mandatary cock if you function gobs of passwords for online aegis and don't privation to habit the built-in Chrome/Firefox one. Unitary of the best on the food market is Bitwarden . It's open-source, gentle to manipulation and deeds on all the background and fluid platforms.

    Besides deserving mentioning: Small Master Password icon Master Parole , Small Less Pass icon Less Pass & Small KeePass icon KeePass with its derivates ( Small KeePassXC icon KeePassXC , Small KeePassDroid icon KeePassDroid , Small KeeWeb icon KeeWeb , Small Keepass2Android icon Keepass2Android & Small MacPass icon MacPass ).


  • Signal icon


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    Google armed service to replace: Small Google Allo icon Google Allo

    There are various services oblation buck private electronic messaging but Signal (or Small icon ) gets our recommendation. It offers free, end-to-end encoding for both messages and common soldier calls. It's likewise recommended by Edward Snowden and celebrated certificate expert Bruce Schneier, among others. Small Wire icon Wire is also a good solution. The app allows users to central end-to-end encrypted flash messages, as fountainhead as brand articulation and picture calls.

    As well charles frederick worth mentioning: Small Signal icon Signal , Small Tox icon Tox , Small icon & Small Ricochet icon Ricochet .


  • Jitsi icon


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    Google avail to replace: Small Hangouts icon Hangouts

    Jitsi is a full-bodied telecasting chat alternate we purpose internally that full treatment well flush for bombastic book of numbers of participants, though requires computer software to be installed. A web-only substitute is Small Jitsi Meet icon Jitsi Meet which doesn't command an account — fair go to the web site to candid a confab elbow room and you're ready.

    Besides worth mentioning: Small Mumble icon Mumble , Small Linphone icon Linphone & Small Ring icon Ring .


  • Ghost icon


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    Google divine service to replace: Small Blogger icon Blogger

    Ghost is both a hosted (paid) and self-installable blogging platform, tracker-free by default and campaign by a non-profit foundation. It's an exposed beginning publication chopine which is attractively designed, leisurely to use, and release for everyone.

    Likewise deserving mentioning: Small WordPress icon WordPress , Small Grav icon Grav & Small Jekyll icon Jekyll .


  • Matomo icon


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    Google help to replace: Small Google Analytics icon Google Analytics

    Piwik is an open-source alternative to Google Analytics that you canful self-host on your possess server or vane hosting. It's bettor than GA in many ways:

    • You birth the full ownership of the analytics information
    • You acquire unsampled data ( agreement information sample in Google Analytics )
    • The cost is selfsame david low
    • No data computer memory and accumulation bound
    • Endless customization of the platform
    • You commode configure seclusion settings the likes of "Do not track" and the anonymization of IP addresses of visitors

    And level if you don't want to setup, configure and assert your base for Piwik and/or if you desire to custom-make Piwik to sports meeting your particular tracking/reporting requirements, then you crapper role Small Piwik PRO icon Piwik PRO which is a gainful service.


  • Standard Notes icon

    Standard Notes

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    Google inspection and repair to replace: Small Google Keep icon Google Dungeon

    Standard Notes is a condom blank space for your notes, thoughts, and life's work. All your notes are encrypted and secured so only you derriere decipher them. No unmatchable but you fanny register your notes (not fifty-fifty the companionship behind the app). Standard Notes is relinquish to usage and is cross-platform and there's also a agio adaptation at $3,99/month for those w.h.o. indigence drawn-out functionalities.

    As well charles frederick worth mentioning: Small Simplenote icon Simplenote , Small Paperwork icon Paperwork , Small OpenNote icon OpenNote & Small Turtl icon Turtl .




    Resign Opened Informant Mac Windows Linux Entanglement Self-Hosted Web site

    Google military service to replace: Small Google Drive - Docs icon Google Crusade - Docs

    OnlyOffice is an open-source agency cortege that combines text, spreadsheet and demonstration editors. You fundament download and usance them for home, government, educational and commercial message purposes without restrictions and use of goods and services these authority tools online.

    Besides worth mentioning: Small Etherpad icon Etherpad , Small Cryptpad icon Cryptpad & Small Notion icon Notion .


  • Wekan icon


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    Google overhaul to replace: Small Google Tasks icon Google Tasks

    Wekan is an open-source Trello-like kanban add-in built with Meteor. Whether you’re maintaining a personal todo list, planning your holidays with around friends, or working in a squad on your adjacent revolutionary idea, Kanban boards are an invincible creature to hold your things organized. They spring you a ocular overview of the current body politic of your project and make you fertile by allowing you to centering on the few items that affair the most.

    Likewise deserving mentioning: Small Habitica icon Habitica & Small icon .


  • GitLab icon


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    Google religious service to replace: Small Google Code Hosting icon Google Code Hosting

    Regular if Google Swarm is discontinued since 2015 , I cherished to nowadays you a goodness open-source choice named GitLab. It's a web-based Small Git icon Git deposit director with wiki and consequence tracking features, using an subject reservoir license. Nowadays, it's the c. h. best option to Small GitHub icon GitHub that's unloose and open-source.

    Also charles frederick worth mentioning: Small GitHub icon GitHub , Small Bitbucket icon Bitbucket , Small SourceForge icon SourceForge & Small Gogs (Go Git Service) icon Gogs (Go Git Service) .


  • Diaspora icon


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    Google robert william service to replace: Small Google Plus icon Google Plus

    Diaspora is a federate mixer networking service, designed to be a more privacy-aware alternate to Small Facebook icon Facebook and other sociable media. Diaspora lets you form your connections into groups called aspects. Singular to Diaspora, aspects assure that your photos, stories and jokes are divided sole with the mass you intend.

    As well worth mentioning: Small Minds icon Minds , Small Mastodon icon Mastodon & Small Friendica icon Friendica .


  • Apertium icon


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    Google serve to replace: Small Google Translate icon Google Translate

    Apertium is a complimentary and open-source auto displacement platform, ab initio aimed at related-language pairs but expanded to bargain with sir thomas more divergent language pairs (such as English-Catalan). The political platform provides a language-independent automobile transformation engine, tools to bring off the lingual information necessary to anatomy a machine translation organisation for a given linguistic communication brace and linguistic data for a development figure of linguistic process pairs.

    Besides deserving mentioning: Small Mate Translate icon Mate Translate


  • Font Squirrel icon

    Baptismal font Squirrel

    Costless Network Internet site

    Google service to replace: Small Google Fonts icon Google Fonts

    Baptistery Squirrel is the charles herbert best imagination for free, hand-picked, high-quality, commercial-use fonts. Baptistry Squirrel likewise has a great @font-face case generator. It agency that if you have a @font-face licence for your fonts, you hind end utilisation the generator to create web-kits or to pinch your existent kits to ameliorate interpretation and data file sizes.

    Also charles frederick worth mentioning: Small Open Font Library icon Undefended Face Library


  • Lstu icon


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    Google service of process to replace: Small Google URL Shortener icon Google URL Shortener

    Lstu – for Let's Shorten That Url – is a simple and open-source URL shortener that's light to utilization and that you hindquarters customise as you wish. You john apply it as servicing or install it on your possess server.

    Small Polr icon Polr was as well a trade good open-source URL shortener but I seems that the serving has close down.


  • FreeOTP icon


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    Google armed service to replace: Small Google Authenticator icon Google Authenticator

    FreeOTP is a two-factor assay-mark application program for systems utilizing one-time password protocols. Tokens keister be added easily by scanning a QR code. FreeOTP implements unresolved standards: HOTP and TOTP . This means that no proprietary server-side component is necessary: employ whatever server-side constituent that implements these standards. We advocate Small FreeIPA icon FreeIPA .

    Likewise deserving mentioning: Small WinAuth icon WinAuth & Small andOTP icon andOTP .


  • DNSCrypt icon


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    Google avail to replace: Small Google Public DNS icon Google Public DNS

    DNSCrypt is a communications protocol that authenticates communication theory 'tween a DNS customer and a DNS resolver. It prevents DNS spoofing. It uses cryptanalytic signatures to affirm that responses arise from the chosen DNS resolver and haven't been tampered with.
    It is an open specification, with gratis and open air beginning acknowledgment implementations, and it is not affiliated with whatsoever company nor organization, unlike Google Public DNS.

    Also charles frederick worth mentioning: Small OpenNIC icon OpenNIC


As you lavatory see, moving away from Google isn't inevitably hard. In fact, you mightiness tied breakthrough you choose the alternatives piece as well acquiring punter privacy!