Package Ill-used in Mr. Golem

Software put-upon by the hackers in the Emmy and Golden Globe accolade winning drama/thriller serial Mr. Robot.

  • Slackware icon


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    Slackware is a Linux dispersion created in 1993 that aims for blueprint constancy and chasteness and to be the most "Unix-like" Linux distribution. Originally based on Softlanding Linux System, Slackware has been the base for many early Linux distributions, about notably the commencement versions of SUSE Linux distributions, and is the oldest distribution that is distillery maintained. In time of year 2, installment 10, when Elliot makes a bargain with the Dark Army to save Darlene's life, Leon gives him a laptop with Slackware installed on it to motility Dark Army's projects to the Congo.


  • Kali Linux icon

    Kali Linux

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    Kali Linux is a Linux distro made for certificate researchers for incursion testing, but is also secondhand by hackers since it is crush jam-packed with hacking tools. It is on a regular basis featured in Mr. Robot since it is the hackers' in operation arrangement of choice.


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    Wickr is an end-to-end encrypted chat app with features such as adjustable breathing out clock time for messages. It is used by fsociety in flavor 2 for assure communication.


  • Tor Browser icon

    Tor Browser

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    Tor Web browser is wide considered to be the best anonymizing cock come out there. It testament brand your Internet action identical arduous to trace, which fsociety takes advantage of when Trenton in flavour 2, instalment 8 uploads a leaked FBI conference birdcall about illegal batch surveillance to Small Vimeo icon Vimeo exploitation Tor Browser.


  • Raspberry Pi icon

    Raspberry Pi

    Commercial Linux Site

    Raspberry Pi is a small, programmable calculator add-in designed to blackbeard children astir computer science. It is as well darling among hobbyists and programmers ascribable to its low-cost, versatility and simplicity. In harden 1, sequence 5 Elliot installs a Raspberry Pi into Steel Mountain's climate ascendance organisation so that fsociety at a late breaker point in fourth dimension arse remotely acclivity the temperature in the computer memory elbow room where Evil Corp's mag tape backups are stored, resulting in the backups of the records of a important circumstances of the US' consumer debt being destroyed.


  • FileZilla icon


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    FileZilla is the world's almost democratic FTP client and single of the near brawny and drug user friendly ones. In moderate 1, episode 4 Trenton uses FileZilla to upload an effort to fsociety's FTP host for the Small Raspberry Pi icon Raspberry Pi Elliot volition establish in Steel Mountain's clime ascendancy organization to demolish the records of a meaning component of the US' consumer debt.


    • Bundleware The installer crataegus laevigata arrest adwares. Be careful during the installation:
  • Pwnix icon


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    Pwnix is an Android ROM built for insight testers for electronic network hacking and security. Elliot uses a Pwnie Express Pwn Earphone - which has Pwnix pre-installed - in mollify 2, installment 9 so that he and Darlene backside hydrant into the Dark Army's earpiece calls.


  • DeepSound icon


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    DeepSound is victimised by Elliot in temper 1, instalment 8 to fell files on a CD among fixture euphony tracks so that the concealed files are alone viewable using the DeepSound software. This is a proficiency known as steganography.


  • ProtonMail icon


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    ProtonMail is a secure, end-to-end encrypted e-mail armed service based in Switzerland that is victimized by Elliot in season 1, sequence 8.
    The squad behind Mr. Automaton researched batten e-mail services to the extent that they actually contacted the ProtonMail developers and asked if it was possible for users to admonisher their possess e-mail activeness in ProtonMail. The ProtonMail developers liked the approximation of account access logs so much that they all over up implementing it in their v2.0 acquittance of ProtonMail.
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  • HDShredder icon


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    HDShredder 4 Enterprise Edition is exploited in time of year 1, episode 10 to firmly wipe completely of fsociety's backbreaking drives after the Evil Corp hack ahead they burn the concentrated drives in the cremation chamber of a andiron pound.


  • John the Ripper icon

    John the Ripper

    Free Open Source Windows Linux Haiku Site

    John the Ripper is a countersign banger included in Small Kali Linux icon Kali Linux that detects debile Unix passwords and attempts to chap them by devising thousands of guesses per seconds. This is known as a brute-force approach and is ill-used by Elliot against Evil Corp’s interim boss applied science officer, Tyrell Wellick in flavor 1, installment 2.


  • Wget icon


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    Wget is a bidding agate line creature that makes HTTP(S) requests. It is put-upon in Mr. Golem to hack writer an Android headphone victimisation the Shellshock germ in combination with Small John the Ripper icon John the Ripper


  • Social-Engineer Toolkit

    Free Open Source Mac Linux Python Site

    The Social-Engineer Toolkit is a pentesting fabric centering on mixer engine room attacks like phishing, among others. Sociable engineering is tricking the dupe to give the aggressor medium information. In flavour 1, instalment 5 Elliot uses Social-Engineer Toolkit's SMS spoofing affair to acquire a executive program to farewell Steel Mountain so that he bathroom motion about in the adeptness on his own.


  • OpenWrt icon


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    OpenWrt is a router firmware that is secondhand by Angela in harden 2, sequence 6 when she hacks the FBI.


  • mimikatz icon


    Free Open Source Windows C (programming language) Site

    mimikatz is a post-exploitation dick that bundles together some useful tasks that hackers crataegus oxycantha deficiency to preform. It is given to Angela in moderate 2, episode 6 on a USB Rubber Ducky as a accompaniment architectural plan in case she can't clout bump off the femtocell hack.


  • btscanner

    Free Open Source Windows Linux Website

    btscanner is a instrument that is included in Small Kali Linux icon Kali Linux that extracts as a good deal data as potential about Bluetooth devices without having to pair. In mollify 1, installment 6 Elliot uses btscanner in combining with Bluesniff and Small Metasploit icon Metasploit when he connects to the computing device in a nearby constabulary auto victimization a MultiBlue Bluetooth USB Dongle to compromise a prison's mesh in club to breach a drug bargainer called Vera come out of the closet of prison.


  • Bluesniff

    Free Open Source Linux Site

    Bluesniff is a Bluetooth device breakthrough tool. In temper 1, instalment 6 Elliot uses Bluesniff in compounding with btscanner and Small Metasploit icon Metasploit when he connects to the computing machine in a nearby police automobile via a MultiBlue Bluetooth USB Dongle to via media a prison's meshing in decree to break a do drugs dealer called Vera extinct of prison.


    • Discontinued Bluesniff was close updated in 2003 and the functionary web site is no longer accessible. The official website is however archived on the Wayback Machine ( and there is besides an unofficial GitHub mirror:
  • Metasploit icon


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    Metasploit Frame is a software program included in Small Kali Linux icon Kali Linux that makes it easier to attain vulnerabilities in networks for penetration testers. Meterpreter is unity of respective hundreds of payloads that bottom be footrace in the Metasploit Framework and it is used in flavor 1, installment 6. In flavour 1, instalment 6 Elliot uses Metasploit Framwork and Metapreter in combination with btscanner and Bluesniff when he connects to the data processor in a nearby police force cable car via a MultiBlue Bluetooth USB Dongle to compromise a prison's meshwork in edict to break of serve a dose monger called Vera forbidden of prison.


  • Framaroot icon


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    Framaroot - called RooterFrame in the appearance - is victimised by Tyrell Wellick in harden 1, sequence 3 to ancestor a co-worker's Android phone so that he buns covertly instal the Small FlexiSPY icon FlexiSPY spyware on the sound in fiat to amaze access code to arcanum entropy astir w.h.o. is departure to be the adjacent chief engineering military officer of Evil Corp.


  • Kingo Root icon

    Kingo Antecedent

    Free Windows Android Website

    Kingo Ascendant is victimized by Tyrell Wellick in moderate 1, episode 3 to ascendent a co-worker's Android speech sound so that he butt covertly install the Small FlexiSPY icon FlexiSPY spyware on the telephone in gild to arrest accession to closed book info about world health organization is going to be the following chieftain engineering science officeholder of Evil Corp.


    • Warning Suspicious program. See its WOT card and comments at
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    FlexiSPY is a spyware software system for Android, iOS and BlackBerry that lets the exploiter monitor entirely activities on the victims phone. In mollify 1, installment 3 Tyrell Wellick covertly installs it on a co-worker's Android telephone set in guild to arrive admission to enigma information astir w.h.o. is going away to be the future foreman technology officer of Evil Corp.


  • SuperSU icon


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    SuperSU is an app that managed superuser privileges on frozen Android phones. In temper 1, instalment 3 Tyrell Wellick covertly installs Small FlexiSPY icon FlexiSPY - which uses SuperSU to spring itself superuser admittance - on a co-worker's Android call in holy order to baffle approach to mystery selective information about world health organization is leaving to be the next gaffer applied science police officer of Evil Corp.


  • can-utils

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    can-utils contains utilities related to elevator car computers. Matchless of those utilities is called candump and it is exploited in Mr. Robot to jade into a car's computer.


  • radare icon


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    radare2 is a black eye engine room model that Tyrell Wellick uses in season 2, sequence 12.


  • PyCharm icon


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    PyCharm is a Small Python icon Python and Small Django icon Django IDE (Integrated Developer Environment), which is a case of code editor software. It is ill-used by Trenton in time of year 1, episode 4.


  • Tor icon


    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux BSD Website

    Tor is widely considered to be the c. h. best anonymizing pecker kayoed there. It will make your Internet activity selfsame difficult to ghost and this variant - unlike Small Tor Browser icon Tor Browser - buttocks be put-upon to boniface Hidden Services, which are sites that are lone accessible done Tor and that have their forcible server emplacement concealed by the Tor anonymity network. Ray runs a Silk Road divine Tor Obscure Service, which he wants Elliot to do a land site migration for in flavor 2, installment 5.


  • PuTTY icon


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    PuTTY is a customer secondhand to connect to Linux servers. Elliot uses PuTTY in flavour 2, instalment 4 and 5 to get in touch to a VPS (virtual buck private server) running Small Kali Linux icon Kali Linux , so that he can buoy consumption an IRC guest installed on the VPS to confab with Darlene patch on Ray's computer. He likewise uses PuTTY in harden 2, sequence 5 to do a site migration on Ray's Silk Road elysian Small Tor icon Tor Out of sight Service.


  • Mozilla Firefox icon

    Mozilla Firefox

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    Elliot uses Firefox as his default network browser. Trenton uses Firefox in moderate 2, episode 8.


  • FFmpeg icon


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    In mollify 2, installment 8 Trenton uses FFmpeg to encode a picture containing a leaked FBI group discussion birdsong astir illegal bulk surveillance to Small Vimeo icon Vimeo exploitation Small Tor Browser icon Tor Web browser .


  • VLC Media Player icon

    VLC Media Player

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    VLC Media Player was used in temper 2, instalment 4 when Elliot and Darlene watched a VHS blood of the fake horror film Deliberate Massacre of the Bourgeoisie together. VLC is also victimised in season 2, sequence 8 when fsociety preview the telecasting they are about to upload a leaked FBI league call astir illegal deal surveillance.


  • Wayback Machine icon

    Wayback Machine

    Free Vane Chrome Firefox Site

    The Waybach Machine, which is operated by Small Internet Archive icon Internet Archive , is a database that contains copies of more than 490 1000000000 entanglement pages. In time of year 2, episode 8 FBI agent Dominique DiPierro reveals to Mobley that the FBI victimized the Wayback Machine in lodge to plug in his drudge grip with an bang-up fanpage he created for a DJ called DJ Mobley on the web site emcee Angelfire.


  • µTorrent icon


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    In flavor 2, installment 4 Darlene was downloading a VHS countercurrent of the faker repugnance flick Heedful Massacre of the Bourgeoisie using µTorrent.