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  • Qiqqa

    Freemium Windows Entanglement Android Android Lozenge Website

    Qiqqa is free award-winning knowledge-, research- and acknowledgment direction software. If you're dangerous about acquiring the most from managing your publications, PDFs and bibliographies, Qiqqa is for you.

    Superb address and document management. Import PDFs into offprint libraries. Automatic OCR and shred extraction. Qiqqa helps you dwell absent metadata for millions of enquiry papers. Full-text search, duplicate composition detection, inbound and outbound links, and much more.

    Top-notch built-in PDF lector with annotating, highlighting, automated jump links, and so a good deal more. Create printable summaries of notes, mindmaps of your thoughts, and direct abduce your references and automatically make bibliographies inside the Microsoft Word™ bible processor.

    See data astir papers, and connections 'tween concepts, in a altogether fresh way. Explore an entire depository library of document via authors, papers, tags, and themes. Know exactly what newspaper to centering on next.

    Back up and contemporise your library to a free people 2Gb cloud repositing across desktop, tablet, network and mobile. Optionally sync inside your buck private intranet with inexhaustible storage. Parcel program library documents, metadata, and notes in common soldier with selected friends or colleagues.

    Qiqqa enables 21st century research, sure by academics and researchers about the world.


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  • BibSonomy

    Absolve Vane Website

    BibSonomy is a arrangement for communion bookmarks and lists of literature (BibTex format).

    When discovering a bookmark or a issue on the web, you arse computer memory it on our server. You backside adhd tags to your c. w. post to call back it more easily. This is identical alike to the bookmarks/favorites that you computer storage within your browser.

    The advantage of BibSonomy is that you bathroom access your data from whereever you are. Furthermore, you behind attain sir thomas more bookmarks and publications from your friends and early people.


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  • Pearltrees

    Freemium World wide web Android iPhone Android Pad of paper iPad ... Chrome Firefox Website

    Pearltrees is a mixer curation tool. It lets you organize, break and part the clobber you like on the web.


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  • Dropmark

    Freemium Mac Entanglement Chrome Safari Website

    Dropmark is a ocular coaction cock for creative citizenry and teams. Drag and bead to the bill of fare barroom app, and your files are mechanically uploaded to the cloud. Coordinate and invite colleagues to aspect and collaborate privately, or percentage your capacity with the world.


    Direct into collections and adjudicate w.h.o. sees what. Bread and butter your cognitive content private, ask for friends, or go public. Each accumulation has its possess sharable shortlink.


    Ask in colleagues to eyeshot and get together privately. Ploughshare your employment with clients and omission e-mail and sociable media clutter. No mansion up compulsory for invited guests.


    Donjon the conversation in matchless spot. Gather feedback, recommendations, and suggestions from those you invite, right on Dropmark.

    Puff & Cliff

    Pull and drib files right field from your background or network browser. Your files testament be automatically uploaded to the cloud.

    Fullscreen presentations

    Say adieu to Powerpoint. Every Dropmark aggregation bottom be viewed as a fullscreen presentation. Mix images, videos, websites, and more.

    Collaborative playlists & podcasts

    Retarding force in audio or picture from YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, or even your desktop to produce custom playlists and dead simple podcasts.

    Blink of an eye exposure slideshows

    Cart and driblet photos from your screen background to create flash fullscreen photo slideshows. Ask over others to horizon and attention deficit disorder to your collection.

    Extensions, apps, & add-ons

    Upload and bring off your content right hand from your favorite vane browser, democratic background apps the like iPhoto, one-third company tools, e-mail, and more.


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  • Bookmax

    Freemium World wide web Website

    Engineer your on-line bookmarks in nested folders, hunt for terms, or aspect for your close added, cobbler's last exploited or about ill-used bookmarks. Import and export to a banner bookmarker file.

    Make manifold kinds of lists to dungeon and depot your personal information. Lists buns have text, number, date, or arrest fields.

    Take your contacts with you. Entrepot your contacts in to access code them from wheresoever you are. Form your contacts in groups.

    If you equitable deficiency to save some short information, memos are the affair to use. Get up your memos in groups and again, accession them on every browser from every computer.

    Collect all your RSS and ATOM newsfeeds in and admission them directly in your personal account.

    Configure to your personal needs, consumption nonpareil of the organisation templates or evening produce your have style.


  • Diigo

    Freemium Entanglement Android iPhone iPad Internet Explorer ... Chrome Safari Firefox Website

    Better indication and inquiry with annotations, highlighter, awkward notes, archiving, bookmarking and more.


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  • Webjets

    Discharge Network Website

    Optic entropy management for creatives - Machinate noesis intuitively exploitation card game and boards

    Webjets allows you managing whatever genial of info with ease. Blank space cards freely, or chemical group them at the amphetamine of thought. Whatsoever contentedness collected from the vane automagically turns into an interactional card. Economic consumption drag in and drop, a bookmarklet or eventide IFTTT to button your data into Webjets.

    You butt

    • Create Boards and Mindmaps
    • Upload Images, Videos, PDFs
    • Mastermind lists of tasks, KanBan, TODOs, GTD
    • Bookmark links, music, videos, notes
    • Infinite hierarchies of related information (3 dimensional relations)
    • App integrations (YouTube, Wikipedia, Google Docs...)
    • Different demonstration options (List, Grid, Table, Mindmap...)


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    Freemium Mac Windows World wide web Windows Mobile Android ... iPhone Chrome OS Android Pill Windows Phone iPad Website

    Shelf is a transformational contents share-out chopine that helps teams and companies organize, declutter, and at once breakthrough their almost authoritative resources in one and only place.

  • Zotero

    Disembarrass Mac Windows Linux Chrome Safari ... Microsoft Office Book LibreOffice Firefox Website

    Zotero is a free, easy-to-use Firefox/Chrome annex or standalone broadcast to assist you collect, organize, manage, hunting and adduce your research sources flat in your darling christian bible processor, with 300 MB disengage online storage.


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  • TheBrain

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Entanglement Android ... iPhone Android Tablet iPad Website

    TheBrain helps you orchestrate all your Network pages, contacts, documents, emails and files in a context-driven optical map. .


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  • ConnectedText

    Commercial Windows Website

    ConnectedText is a brawny but simpleton selective information direction system. It is based on wiki principles and is a free-form note-taking and note-management application that allows you to hold an limitless figure of notes in peerless or many files. The data buttocks be accessed at an heartbeat done advanced full-text searches, which can buoy brace all clear files. Navigation between topics is a breeze. ConnectedText deeds the likes of a notebook with an outright issue of pages, which canful be coupled with unitary another easily by wiki-type links. It is also a dislodge school text database with hyper-linking ability. This provides you with a fast and comfortable agency to store, anatomical structure and organise all your notes. It has a selfsame able outliner. ConnectedText's outlining opinion full treatment care a one-pane outliner. But it commode as well be made to oeuvre two-pane outliner. Topics crapper be dragged into the abstract view, for instance. It derriere besides be put-upon as a clipboard appeal tool. When the clipboard backstop is sour on, anything copied to the Windows clipboard is mechanically transferred to a ConnectedText topic. You fanny likewise drag on and drop entropy from almost whatever author on the Vane or your computer.


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  • Docear

    Exempt Mac Windows Linux World wide web Website

    Docear is a alone answer to academic literature management, which helps you organizing, creating, and discovering academician literature. The 3 near clear-cut features are:

    1. A single-section user-interface that allows the nearly comp administration of your literature. With Docear, you fundament form documents into categories; you hind end kind annotations (comments, bookmarks, and highlighted schoolbook from PDFs) into categories; you hindquarters sort annotations inside PDFs; and you john panorama multiple annotations of multiple documents, in multiple categories – at once.

    2. A ‘literature cortege concept‘ that combines respective tools in a bingle application program (pdf management, book of facts management, brain mapping, …). This allows you to bill of exchange your possess papers, assignments, thesis, etc. straight in Docear and copy annotations and references from your assemblage direct into your draft.

    3. A recommender organization that helps you to bring out modern literature: Docear recommends papers which are free, in full-text, directly to download, and bespoke to your info needs.

    Last, but not least, Docear is free, open source, available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X, and not evil. In addition, it keister be secondhand stand-alone or together with character managers such as Zotero or Mendeley


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  • FreeMind

    Give up Mac Windows Linux Website

    FreeMind is a chancellor liberate mind-mapping computer software scripted in Java. The holocene developing has hopefully turned it into heights productiveness tool. We are gallant that the cognitive operation and pilotage of FreeMind is faster than that of MindManager because of one-click "fold / unfold" and "follow link" operations.


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