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i reviewed all of this mechanical man emulator !

  • Andy

    Free Mac OS X Windows Website

    Andy breaks down the barrier 'tween background and mobile computing, patch holding a drug user up to appointment with the latest Android OS characteristic upgrades. It also provides users with inexhaustible repositing capacity, PC and Mac compatibility, and the exemption to caper the most democratic mobile river games on a desktop. With earphone as a joystick, you testament ne'er have to forfeit the multi-touch or gyro elements of gaming, and thanks to seamless association between desktop and mobile, you arse encounter a SnapChat earpiece characterisation on the street and ascertain it on your screen background at abode


    Andy icon
  • YouWave

    Freemium Windows Website

    Runs Humanoid apps and app stores on your PC, no headphone compulsory

    Download thousands of apps on-line via app stores inside youwave

    High carrying into action - The fastest agency to campaign Mechanical man on pc

    Comfort of Consumption - Comfortable to install. Easy to consequence and discharge apps

    Key Technical Features

    Supports Android 2.3 Gingerbread

    Runs on Windows XP/Vista/7, 32/64 bite

    Simulated SD add-in functionality - enables game deliverance

    Saved State - enables fast re-start

    Enables multi-player online games

    Dynamic rotating - phone-like blink of an eye answer

    Volume ascendance buttons

    Retractable ascendancy board


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  • Windroy

    Free people Windows Website

    Windroy is Humanoid running with Windows kernel!
    It does not foot race by a simulator (such as VirtualBox), it's on real machine, so it's fast!
    It keeps full Mechanical man capabilities. You backside footrace all Android apps, including 3D games!


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  • Remix OS Actor

    Absolve Windows Website

    Remix OS Histrion is the to the highest degree advance Humanoid imitator for PC. Running game Mechanical man with multi-window functionality. Child's play and current your dearie Android games and apps + more.

    Optimized for Humanoid gaming.
    There’s something enormously enjoyable about button mashing piece gaming that sometimes you equitable can’t acquire from a contact screen. Whether you’re strategically timing attacks or fair champaign bashing your keys, Remix OS’ Gaming Toolkit gives you everything you demand to bask your deary Mechanical man games on a PC.

    Multi-game like a boss.
    For all you hard-core gamers come out there, Remix OS Instrumentalist is the alone Android aper that allows you to drama multiple games at the lapp time. Push your gaming abilities to the bound by managing respective games at the same time on matchless blind or rich person your ducky chat app clear adjacent to your plot to seamlessly lecture big h to your opponents. How you choose to multi-task is up to you.

    Stay up to date.
    Why are you distillery emulating on KitKats and Lollipops? Remix OS Musician is based on Humanoid Marshmallow and is the most up-to-date copycat on the market. Don’t emulate the like it’s hush 2014. Delight the a la mode games and apps that Mechanical man has to offer.

    An OS within an OS.
    Why should emulators feel the likes of a stand-alone application on your aboriginal OS? Remix OS Participant offers the to the highest degree immersive Android gaming and PC experience of whatever emulator come out of the closet there. Experience everything Remix OS and Humanoid wealthy person to crack – the direction they were intended.

    Unprecedented performance.
    Remix OS Player utilizes the in style Mechanical man Studio technology. As a cock already exploited by developers to exam Android games and apps on PC, its carving border carrying out gives you inflexible compatibility and the smoothest imitator experience.

    One-click setup. One-click start.
    By conjugation Remix OS with the in vogue in aper technology, we’ve given you the ability to enjoy Humanoid games and apps on Remix OS faster and easier than ever. Good chink on the Remix OS Role player icon and beginning acting now.


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  • Nox App Thespian

    Discharge Mac OS X Windows Website

    Nox App Player: The best Mechanical man copycat lead in applied science and performance. A disembarrass creature for users to love the legion Android games and apps from their background with ease.

    Tailor-made Nox App Actor for Secret plan Developers: Programming Nox App Histrion to meet the particular indigence of back developers. Re-design the computer software UI to create a specific game-oriented or brand-oriented Humanoid emulator for bet on developers. Assist convert mechanical man fluid games and applications to windows-system compatible package that could ladder on PC.


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  • MEmu

    Disengage Windows Website

    Comparing to early Android emulators, MEmu provides the highest execution and greatest compatibility. It runs on about all Windows devices (PC, notebook, 2-in-1 devices, tablets).

    The richest features:

    • Full-of-the-moon Humanoid experience with an elegant desktop
    • Flexible customization (CPU#, memory size, resolution, device model, nav barroom location, ancestor mode, etc.)
    • Mapping the keyboard / control stick to concealment cutaneous senses for much better gage experience
    • Passing done detector data (e.g. accelerometer) to Android, so you bathroom dramatic play car-racing care games intuitively
    • GPS emplacement computer simulation
    • File communion betwixt Windows and Mechanical man
    • Fasting APK facility by dragging and dropping
    • One-click android arrangement conception / clon / deleting, and you behind outpouring multiple Humanoid instances simultaneously

    Exploitation MEmu, you can:

    • Accept merriment performing Mechanical man games on PC
    • Confab more conveniently by using keyboard in Whatsapp, Wechat, etc.
    • Watch dwell appearance and TV channels


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    Dislodge Personal Mac Windows Website

    KOPLAYER is a exempt android imitator for Windows and Mac which bottom assistance you political campaign Humanoid games & apps on your Windows PC. KOPLAYER commits itself to bringing you the c. h. best playacting experience for games, with sir thomas more than nonpareil 1000000 supported apps. Compare to traditional Mechanical man emulators, KOPLAYER takes the newest center engineering nether the x86 architecture. It supports Intel and AMD CPU, OpenGL, computer hardware acceleration, etc. All of these answer in brobdingnagian advantages in performance, stability, compatibility, and army of the pure you relish the playfulness which can’t amaze from cadre phone.

    Big screen, smooth operation, limitless reposition
    Are you badgering astir the small cover of your phones? Are you depressed that some games can’t ravel on your phone? Download KOPLAYER Android emulator. No such problems volition appear whatsoever more.

    Compatible with Windows xp/7/8
    KOPLAYER Humanoid aper buns rill on your PC with windows xp/7/8 organisation which is drum sander than playing on Mechanical man devices. And thomas more than 99 apps and games are available on KOPLAYER. And it is alir more than than alike products on punt performance.

    Home incorporate Google Free rein computer memory to compatible with all apps
    KOPLAYER Android copycat has an inner incorporated Google Frolic Store. Players butt download, establish and gambling whatever app of Google Gambol computer storage in KOPLAYER. Of course, you buttocks as well drag .apk files to KOPLAYER to instal them. If you breakthrough whatsoever germ around running play apps in KOPLAYER, delight inform us

    Newest centre engineering science to accompaniment Inter& AMD CPU bases on the x86 architecture
    KOPLAYER is an Humanoid emulator of a fresh generation. It bases on the x86 architecture, compatible with Inter & AMD CPU, supports OpenGL and hardware acceleration. All of these brand KOPLAYER a good deal bettor than former Mechanical man imitator on compatibility and stability. KOPLAYER besides has other advantages wish easygoing operation, debauched reaction time, polish running, support apps in higher version, custom covert size, rotating screen, etc.


    KOPLAYER icon
  • Genymotion

    Commercial Mac OS X Windows Linux Android Studio Eclipse Website

    A quicker Humanoid aper

    Genymotion is an Mechanical man copycat for building and examination great Android apps. It’s fast, simple and powerful.

    It offers 20 pre-configured devices and you can buoy create your possess customs ones.

    Insanely degenerate and amply featured:
    — Resizable windows
    — Screenshots
    — Screencasts
    — Command agate line dick
    — Java API
    — Unlined copy-paste
    — Customizable IMEI, MEID, Humanoid ID
    — App induction via puff and bead
    — CPU virtualization
    — OpenGL acceleration
    — 20 pre-configured devices
    — Customs duty devices
    — Sensing element emulation: GPS, microphone, camera, battery, multi-touch, accelerometer
    — Network caliber and functioning emulation

    Standard and integrated:
    — Genymotion plugins
    — Plugins for Eclipse and Mechanical man Studio.Compatible with all Android SDK tools: InstrumentationTestRunner, Hierarchy Viewer, Monkey, MonkeyRunner…
    — Built from AOSP, optimized for speed, and validated against Compatibility Examination Suite.

    Genymotion is the adjacent coevals of the AndroVM open author project, already sure by 2,500,000 developers. It’s even easier to economic consumption and offers dozens to a greater extent features.


    Genymotion icon
  • BlueStacks

    Freemium Mac OS X Windows Website

    BlueStacks runs Humanoid OS and apps on Windows PCs with flash electric switch 'tween Mechanical man and Windows - no boot is required. Close consumers canful at once revel their favorite Android apps on Windows PCs. Humanoid apps commode come along either as icons on the Windows desktop, or inside a full-blown Mechanical man environment.

    BlueStacks helps PC manufacturers to drive the Android impulse by enabling Humanoid apps on x86-based tablets, netbooks, notebooks, convertibles and AiO Windows PCs. With the modern cross convertible anatomy factors, BlueStacks altogether eliminates the motivation to carry deuce devices. The closing consumer benefits from acquiring both Mechanical man and Windows at the cost of a bingle PC.

    BlueStacks integrates seamlessly with Citrix and Microsoft software bringing base and with Citrix’s Endeavor App Store. With BlueStacks, endeavour IT crapper cede Android apps firmly and effortlessly to whatever conclusion breaker point functional Windows.

    The unseamed exploiter experience, co-occurrent employment of Humanoid and Windows apps, and multi-touch enablement are reinforced on background break virtualization technology which requires aught configuration and is cobwebby to the death consumer.


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  • Android-x86

    Liberate Windows Linux VirtualBox VMware Instrumentalist Website

    This is a project to embrasure Mechanical man open air beginning projection to x86 platform, at one time known as "patch hosting for Android x86 support". The archetype architectural plan is to boniface different patches for Humanoid x86 backing from out-of-doors generator community. A few months after we created the project, we found extinct that we could do a great deal more than just hosting patches. So we adjudicate to create our code al-qa'ida to allow backup on different x86 platforms, and band up a crumb host to emcee it.


    Android-x86 icon

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