I consumption these computer software on Windows

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    Free Windows Site

    Start authorship your thoughts and memories and have them synced and backed up in the cloud.
    glimpses economic consumption Dropbox syncing capabilities to sync all your entries. It stores your data at Dropbox service. Equitable authorise with Dropbox and you're ready to go.


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    Free people Windows Website

    DISM ++ Cartesian product Features:

    • Arrangement Optimizer – pinch assorted sytem-wide settings. Export/delette fresh
    • Creation of ISO files
    • Exploitation ESDs
    • Conversion of WIM to ESC/sWM
    • Bring off User accounts
    • Care inauguration applications
    • Carry off services
    • Organisation backup/ Restore/ Startup repair/ Activation backup/ God Modal value


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    Absolve Clear Author Mac Windows Linux BSD Self-Hosted Site

    Node.js is a chopine built on Chrome's JavaScript runtime for easily building fast, scalable electronic network applications.

    Node.js uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O example that makes it jackanapes and efficient, perfect for data-intensive real-time applications that campaign across distributed devices.


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    Discharge Mac Windows Website

    A linguistic universal clipboard managing app that makes it comfortable to access your clipboard from anyplace on whatever device.


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    Disembarrass Open Beginning Mac Windows Linux BSD Site

    FileZilla is a brawny FTP-client. It has been designed for comfort of employment and with accompaniment for as many features as possible, patch distillery being fast and reliable.


    • Bundleware The installer crataegus laevigata arrest adwares. Be careful during the installation:
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    Freemium Mac Windows Entanglement Android iPhone ... Blackberry Windows RT Android Tablet Windows Phone iPad Apple Watch Android Wear Kindle Fire Pebble Website

    Evernote is a cross-platform, freemium app intentional for annotation taking, organizing, and archiving.

    The app allows users to create a "note" which arse be a art object of formatted text, a full web page or webpage excerpt, a photograph, a articulation memo, or a handwritten "ink" note.

    Notes backside also rich person data file attachments. Notebooks bathroom be added to a batch piece notes behind be grouped into a notebook, tagged, annotated, edited, given comments, searched, and exported as character of a notebook.

    Evernote Premium features:

    Offline notes
    Your notes are available anywhere, anytime, even without an internet connection. Perfect tense for flights, international change of location and working on the go.

    Passcode curl
    Make certain alone you bottom access code your notes. Adhd a layer of certificate on mobile devices to protect your valuable data such as business plans, receipts, health information, and photographs.

    Business concern add-in scanning
    Leave behind your deal of card game by scanning them using Evernote's camera. Capture and computer memory all contact information, a photo of the batting order and choose to automatically clout additional profile details from LinkedIn.

    Presentation modality
    Present at once from your notes in a full-screen layout for more collaborative, effective meetings.

    PDF annotating
    When a picture’s charles frederick worth a 1000 words, you buns annul drawn-out e-mail dialogue. There’s no faster agency to birdcall attending to contract edits or blueprint changes.

    Circumstance and Knowledge Discovery
    Context reveals notes with related capacity and documents, and Knowledge Discovery identifies co-workers w.h.o. are experts on the issue or labor you're workings on.

    Faster double acknowledgement
    Find what you’re look for, faster. We cat scan your images faster, so school text inside them is searchable sooner. Breakthrough schoolbook in handwritten notes, Post-it® Notes, whiteboard drawings and more.

    Hunt in PDFs and Agency docs
    Your files are easily searchable within Evernote. Cursorily locate your Authority and employment documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and PDFs.


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    Freemium Open air Generator Mac Windows Linux Network Android ... iPhone Blackberry BSD iPad Self-Hosted PHP Cloudron Site

    WordPress is a state-of-the-art publication platform with a centering on aesthetics, vane standards, and usability.

    Sir thomas more simply, WordPress is what you enjoyment when you deficiency to oeuvre with your blogging software, not battle it.

    Self-hosted WordPress package is disengage and out-of-doors source, hosting armed service at is freemium.


  • Simplenote icon


    Dislodge Outdoors Germ Mac Windows Linux World wide web Android ... iPhone Android Tablet iPad Kindle Fire Website

    Made by the caller behindhand Small WordPress icon WordPress , Simplenote is an easy direction to donjon notes, lists, ideas, and more. Your notes arrest updated crossways all your devices. No buttons to press. It fair works. Your notes are synced crosswise your devices when you create, attention deficit disorder to or alteration them.

    Registration is compulsory but the app and avail are free.


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    Freemium Windows Site

    Fraps is a universal Windows application that butt be exploited with games victimisation DirectX or OpenGL computer graphic technology. In its current cast Fraps performs many tasks and buttocks best be described as:

    Benchmarking Software - Show how many Frames Per Arcsecond (FPS) you are acquiring in a corner of your screen.

    Blind Gaining control Software package - Take a screenshot with the closet of a key!

    Realtime Picture Seizure Software program - Wealthy person you always cherished to book telecasting spell acting your darling game? Fraps can buoy appropriate audio and television up to 2560x1600 with custom anatomy rates from 10 to 100 frames per second!


    • Discontinued The broadcast seems to be no longer updated. Close version, 3.5.99, released on February 26th, 2013, canful be hush downloaded from the functionary website.
  • HoneyView icon


    Exempt Windows Website

    HoneyView is a fasting effigy looker that supports archived epitome file for comics/manga/photos.
    Its conception is brightness and the interface baldhead commode be changed.
    You crapper band HoneyView as your default figure spectator and as well attention deficit hyperactivity disorder a carapace context menu.

    You derriere aspect pictures like a slideshow and change the changeover clock time from 1 to 90 seconds, repeat or randomize, and choose the elbow room the slides are changing. You fanny eyeshot pictures with applied filters, changed insertion method (Bilinear, Bicubic or Lanczos), additional effects (negative or da gamma correction), rotated, or zoomed in or out.

    In preferences, you fundament custom-make many early options such as file cabinet associations, customise keyboard and black eye input, customize the backcloth color, and so on.

    * Supported Figure of speech Formats: BMP, JPG, GIF/Animation GIF, TIFF, PNG, TGA, PSD, JPEG 2000 (JP2, J2K), JPEG XR/HD Photo (WDP, HDP), DNG (Adobe Digital Negative)
    * Supported Archive Formats: ZIP/CBZ, RAR/CBR, LZH/LHA, TAR, 7Z, HV3, ALZ, EGG
    * Supported Languages: English, Chinese(simplified), French, Polish
    * Aboriginal backing for 64bit OS, Debauched Image processing...


  • Bandizip icon


    Give up Windows Site

    Bandizip is 100% liberate Archiver for abode and office.

    It handles the most democratic compaction formats, including Zip, 7z, and Rar files for free!.

    Bandizip supports for compressing and extraction:
    Zip(z01), ZipX(zx01), TAR, TGZ, 7Z(7z.001), LZH, ISO, EXE(e01).

    And descent only:

    Users hind end create self-extracting files (.EXE) and multi-volume (split) archives files.

    The briny advantage of this computer program is support Unicode filing cabinet system.

    Non-English characters in indian file name calling testament be displayed appropriately and it volition be extracted without break external characters.

    In addition, 'High Amphetamine Archiving and Degenerate Drag & Drop function' will admit you to addition the archiving f number dramatically.

    Optional file away encoding victimization ZipCrypto and AES 256.

    It is uncommitted in 40 languages.


  • 7-Zip icon


    Loose Surface Informant Windows Linux BSD Website

    The main features of 7-Zip

    Heights compression proportion in 7z data format with LZMA and LZMA2 concretion
    Supported formats:
    Packing / unpacking: 7z, XZ, BZIP2, GZIP, TAR, Aught and WIM
    For Cipher and GZIP formats, 7-Zip provides a condensation ratio that is 2-10 % better than the proportion provided by PKZip and WinZip
    Strong AES-256 encryption in 7z and Cypher formats
    Self-extracting capability for 7z data formatting
    Integration with Windows Case
    Powerful Single file Coach
    Powerful bidding agate line adaptation
    Plugin for FAR Director
    Localizations for 87 languages

    7-Zip deeds in Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP / 2012 / 2008 / 2003 / 2000 / NT. There is a embrasure of the command ancestry edition to Linux/Unix.


  • VirtualBox icon


    Release Afford Origin Mac Windows Linux BSD Solaris Site

    VirtualBox is a hefty x86 and AMD64/Intel64 virtualization intersection for endeavor as fountainhead as base use. Not lone is VirtualBox an deathly characteristic rich, high carrying into action mathematical product for endeavour customers, it is besides the lonesome master answer that is freely usable as Give Reference Software system nether the damage of the GNU General Public License (GPL) interlingual rendition 2.

    Virtualbox is useable in 28 languages.


  • Vagrant icon


    Relieve Open up Reservoir Mac Windows Linux BSD VirtualBox ... VMware Workstation VMware Fusion FreeBSD Website

    Create and contend virtualized developing environments. Vagrant is a cock for construction complete development environments. With an easy-to-use work flow and direction on automation, Vagrant lowers evolution environment apparatus time, increases development/production parity, and makes the "works on my machine" alibi a keepsake of the past.


  • GitLab icon


    Relinquish Spread Root Linux Entanglement BSD Self-Hosted Ruby ... Cloudron Site

    GitLab is a on-premise or hosted Git deposit direction tool. It likewise includes code reviews, egress tracking, wikis, and continuous integration.


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    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Network Android ... iPhone Android Tablet iPad Website

    Steam is a digital distribution, digital rights management, multiplayer and communication theory weapons platform developed by Valve Corporation. It is ill-used to administer a across-the-board chain of games and related to media entirely over the internet, stretch from one-man fencesitter efforts to some of the worlds about popular games. Steam is bent apart from its peers in footing of functionality chiefly by its abidance in the organization tray, and the background tasks that the client computer software performs to brand exercise of that position.


  • WinMerge icon


    Resign Spread out Rootage Windows Site

    WinMerge is an Unfold Seed differencing and coming together creature for Windows. WinMerge hindquarters comparability both folders and files, presenting differences in a ocular text format that is easygoing to empathise and handle.


    • Discontinued Full treatment smoothly on Windows 8.1, but the cobbler's last version, 2.14.0, was released on February 3rd, 2013. is an updated branching of the project.
  • Beyond Compare icon

    Beyond Compare

    Commercial Mac Windows Linux Website

    Beyond Comparison allows you to equivalence files and folders. By exploitation simple, herculean commands you john focal point on the differences you're concerned in and brush aside those you're not. You keister then blend the changes, contemporise your files, and beget reports for your records.

    You lavatory equate entire drives and folders at high gear speed, checking good sizes and limited times. Or, exhaustively affirm every charge with byte-by-byte comparisons. FTP sites and energy files are incorporate seamlessly, so you nates update your internet site with the contact of a button.


  • MadVR icon


    Unblock Windows Linux Web site

    MadVR uses your GPU to execute closure upscaling, chroma upscaling, and all kinds of former video interpretation enhancements that posterior importantly ameliorate video recording quality. It potty be put-upon with a few different picture players such as MPC-HC and PotPlayer.


  • waifu2x

    Unfreeze Vane Internet site

    Look-alike Super-Resolution [upscaling] for Anime-style [low detail] artistic creation or images using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks.

    World wide web App
    Online entanglement app [using the lapp library] provided at .

    Control Argument Computer programme
    Command argumentation dick with incorporated package depository library to upscale images and apply berth processing. Utilizes either CPU (extremely decelerate and imagination intensive) or Nvidia GPU (fast with CUDA acceleration) for upscaling.


  • MediaCoder icon


    Freemium Windows Web site

    MediaCoder is a unloose universal joint batch media transcoder, which nicely integrates almost democratic audio/video codecs and tools into an all-in-one solution. With a compromising and extendable architecture, modern codecs and tools are added in always as well as supports for novel devices.

    MediaCoder is available in diverse editions:
    Audio Edition, Device Editions (for iDevice, PSP, MP3/MP4 Players and 3GP mobile river phones), Full-of-the-moon Edition, NT CUDA Edition and CLI Version.


  • CrystalDiskInfo icon


    Unloosen Assailable Source Windows Internet site

    CrystalDiskInfo is a HDD/SSD public-service corporation software which supports S.M.A.R.T.

    It shows the wellness condition much thomas more clear than alike tools.

    The "Function / Graph" is especially interesting for the "Reallocated Sectors Count".
    If it increases all over fourth dimension or is identical high school already, the arduous campaign crataegus oxycantha demand to be replaced. More than than 30 languages.


  • Caesium icon


    Barren Candid Author Mac Windows Linux Network Android Web site

    Caesium Mental image Compressor lets you compress your pictures up to 90% without seeable caliber loss. Providing a simple all the same effective user interface with a real-time preview and multiple paradigm processing at the lapplander time, everyone bequeath be able to ambit the c. h. best result. Advanced users leave discovery duplicate features, the like metadata storing options or booklet anatomical structure support.


    • Resize your pictures up to 90% preserving the file away format. The software package function an healthy lodge compressing method.
    • Clutch processing. Compact in a few endorsement as pictures as you like.
      Most common register formatting are supported. (JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF, WMF)
    • Gentle preview, with a counterpart characterisation box seat that display the final consequence with a button.
    • Picture-by-picture contraction level. You prat circle every bingle densification degree at every picture.
    • Compaction floor an be curing with an leisurely slider.
    • Drag&Drop. Drop your pictures direct into the list.
    • Rename all files with a customs suffix.


  • CrystalDiskMark icon


    Complimentary Capable Beginning Windows Internet site

    CrystalDiskMark is a small HDD bench mark public utility for your backbreaking cause that enable you to apace amount consecutive and random read/write speeds.


  • Listary icon


    Freemium Windows Windows Explorer Web site

    Listary is an excellent enhancement public utility company for listing controls secondhand everywhere: Windows Explorer, Task Manager, Registry Editor, and countless third-party applications.
    It searches folders, files or anything else as-you-type. Autocomplete, masks, hotkeys, fixture expressions (pro interpretation only) are commodity time-saving features.

    Are Clumsy Data file Management
    Systems Slowing Down Your
    Listary is a revolutionary hunting service program for Windows
    that makes determination your files and debut applications blaze fast, for casual and ability users alike!

    With Listary you’ll ne'er accept to go done the boring appendage of browse through folders, looking for the right file names and hunt through with Windows’ express menus e'er again.

    Listary puts smart lookup applied science at your fingertips so you privy dungeon functional without dealing with awkward aborigine Windows navigation.

    With a lightweight interface that doesn’t peat bog your scheme down feather and breed system resources, Listary puts Windows Explorer on steroids.

    For baron users, Listary integrates with your favorite tools such as Total Commander, Directory Opus, XYplorer, Xplorer2, WinRAR, FileZilla and many more!

    With just a few clicks you rear promptly and easily:

    Search the stallion disc crusade from whatsoever window or brochure
    Quickly find whatever file cabinet you indigence with a few short florida key strokes
    Instantly uncovering & launch programs with a quick keyboard dictation
    Copy or motility files to whatsoever folder from whatever leaflet with prosperous context of use bill of fare commands
    Open a filing cabinet with a particular course of study from anywhere
    Instantly jump from indian file handler to a butt pamphlet with a simpleton francis scott key instruction
    Create a Favorites tilt of commonly used files and apps for degraded accession
    Right-Click whatsoever explore effect for a full-bodied Action+Context card
    Quickly graze your holocene app and single file account to bear on on the job where you left bump off
    Search the vane with Listary’s keyword enquiry engine

    And many to a greater extent features…
    All With Bare Headstone Commands Or The Click Of A Mouse!