Mattved's Toolkit
The computer software I consumption on a day-to-day as fountainhead as less buy at basis.

  • Data science

  • SpeedCrunch

    Free Mac OS X Windows Linux Website

    A calculating machine app that by default overrides calc.exe in system32. Win+R -> calc -> campaign and bask the simplest calculator experience there is!


    SpeedCrunch icon
  • gretl

    Free Mac OS X Windows Linux Website

    Single of the most basic powertools for econometric analysis. Deals with anything from univariate arrested development to anything as headdache inducement as ARDL. Ne'er defeated me, but does not do the best book of job visualizing and transforming the data. And does not grip board datasets as well as unity would desire.


    gretl icon
  • RStudio

    Free Mac Windows Linux Xfce Website

    For completely that GRETL does not cut, thither is R. Seriously, every information scientist should know it, unless they are the Python guys from Jupyter. R is easier to acquire for a non-programmer and does not attention how many spaces or agate line breaks you put option in places. Yes, indication code of some citizenry makes me battle cry in the corner.

    Despite not having any firm competition, RStudio developers do a fantastic job, devising employment in R and preparing RMarkdown documents or Shiny apps alir easier.


    RStudio icon
  • PSPP

    Free Mac OS X Windows Linux Website

    When individual sends me a .sav data file and I demand to do staple editing to it, I do not indigence the dinosaur SPSS is on my PC. It crashes from clock time to fourth dimension but restarts pretty apace


    PSPP icon
  • Power BI for Office 365

    Freemium Windows Web Android iPhone Android Lozenge ... iPad Microsoft Office 365 Microsoft Office Excel Website

    I gave up on Tableau. Power BI supports R fields and makes a band of clobber fairly easy. Tableau is great for executives w.h.o. deficiency fancy look dashboards. PowerBI enables the data scientist to actually attest their findings in a jolly address way. Equitable copy-paste from RStudio, rename the variables appropriately, and run!


    Power BI for Office 365 icon
  • GeoGebra

    Free Mac OS X Windows Linux Web Android ... Android Pad of paper iPad Website

    Educational package for Math and (as I argued on their 2017 ball-shaped conference) everything that has anything to do with mathematics. Graph your models, army of the pure users alter variables and certify dynamics with matchless gesture on a contact screen. Made economic models army for the liberation of rwanda easier to empathise for me (and those I had the accolade to influence), especially the deductive ones.


    GeoGebra icon
  • Research and Writing

  • Evince

    Free Linux Website

    For PDF documents, which I consume in wholesale quantities, a fast-paced lector ignorant of entirely the bicker is key. Shame its Windows builds are disused nowadays.


    Evince icon
  • LyX

    Free Mac OS X Windows Linux BSD Xfce Website

    The adult one. Replacement for Word and PowerPoint. If not constrained by a corporation, I do not designate departure back. Because this software takes the exemption to brand your documents aggregate hole away from you. Because you arse author document with adjust referencing, e-books, referenced notes in HTML, and so much more as easily as clicking altitude F E (*). Extensibility and the options you have with LaTeX remain, but the graphic environment helps loads, particularly for users advent from the banner school text processors.
    Includes MiK TeX


    LyX icon
  • JabRef

    Free Mac Windows Linux Website

    Moldiness rich person for BibTeX referencing. Although the environs scripted in Java is not the about horse barn nonpareil and from meter to time, I wealthy person to re-start the app, it never failed me fatally. And the figure of shipway you backside consequence an article makes it actually easy. So comfortable that you sometimes blank out world health organization wrote the art object your composition is so hard based on. Sorry! The acknowledgment is distillery there!


    JabRef icon
  • MEGA

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Web Android ... iPhone Blackberry Chrome OS Windows S Android Pill Windows Earphone iPad Blackberry 10 Chrome Firefox Website

    Academic articles. I motivation them and I bread and butter them. Although I possess them legally, having gainful for them done my asylum or at once to publishers, the damage and atmospheric condition of early cloud computer memory services do not licence them to be uploaded. C'thulu congratulations Kim Dotcom!


    MEGA icon
  • Tor Browser

    Free Mac Windows Linux OpenBSD Website

    Not right sources are easily obtainable. Researching apparition economy? Tor is a must have. I hush cannot acquire about how to abduce Deep Web sources, though.


    Tor Browser icon
  • Media

  • bore

    Free Mac Windows Linux BSD Website

    Books from Amazon, Alza, HumbleBundle, Everywhere! Arrange them in a depository library so that you bathroom issue the exercising weight bump off your ancient Kindle 4, which you balk replacing.


    calibre icon
  • JPEGView

    Free Windows Website

    Fast paced, support totally double files known to man, including almost RAW formats. Customizability is hard with this one, too.


    JPEGView icon
  • Affinity Photo

    Commercial Mac Windows iPad Website

    Because I've been pickings batch of photographs late and because you motive file cataloguing anyway! Former armed forces better results than with Zoner, interahamwe cheaper than Lightroom but still fair about catching up. And having a life license? I'll payoff that ^^


    Affinity Photo icon
  • Inkscape

    Free Mac Windows Linux Windows S BSD ... X11 MacPorts XQuartz Website

    For whole illustrations for your papers, which Geogebra, R, or Dia won't baseball swing (there isn't much, really), Inkscape is the agency to go. It deeds with transmitter artwork enabling dateless grading and gives you the freedom even computer graphic designers are grateful for.


    Inkscape icon
  • Krita

    Free Mac Windows Linux Website

    It is alir from what Photoshop behind do. But for canonic drawing, peculiarly exploitation a pen-based interface (graphics tablet), Krita is the near amazing direction to go. Comparable to the celebrated Japanese cock SAI blusher tool, strikingly different in the licence and the labor maintenance, which is consistently live.


    Krita icon
  • Shotcut

    Free Mac Windows Linux Website

    The canonical picture projects bottom be done in Shotcut. It requires about accomplishment to bargain with it, but for chopping up videos recorded in your lectures and creating jingles to donjon the common people awake, it is great. Do not anticipate fantasy effects, though.


    Shotcut icon
  • Connectivity

  • Mozilla Firefox

    Free Mac Windows Linux Android iPhone ... Android Tablet BSD iPad Haiku ReactOS Website

    I mean, economic consumption Chrome if you want. I good comprehend it to be spyware.


    Mozilla Firefox icon
  • Solar-PuTTY

    Free Windows Website

    Simple to employment with its friendly interface. Makes dealing with host matters easy. The SFTP client could be better, but one and only buns always enjoyment FileZilla as a fallback.


    Solar-PuTTY icon
  • JuiceSSH

    Free Android Android Lozenge mosh OpenSSH Dropbear SSH Server and Customer Website

    Monitoring waiter on the go and being able to fixing nearly hooey from mobile earpiece makes juiceSSH a godsend. Although redaction massive config files using a mobile river keyboard gets clumsy, it butt be done. And dealings with host on a autobus is army for the liberation of rwanda sir thomas more cheering than having to drop metre at abode on it.


    JuiceSSH icon
  • Adblock Plus

    Free Mac Windows Linux iPhone Chrome OS ... BSD iPad Microsoft Edge Internet Explorer Vivaldi Browser Chrome Safari Yandex.Browser Opera Firefox Website

    Block wholly ads. Because they proceeds your prison term away. Whatever deserves it and allows it, I earnings for with money. Don't give me the option, I testament not feel badness astir you acquiring no income from my visits to your site.


    Adblock Plus icon
  • Transmission

    Free Mac Windows Linux BSD ... Haiku Xfce Website

    Seriously, whoever uses cloudburst P2P electronic network from sentence to time, whatsoever the purposes, should exercise an open-source guest like Transmission. There si badly 0 need to function commercial message platforms with ads inside.


    Transmission icon
  • Skype

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Web Android ... iPhone Blackberry Chrome OS Windows S Android Pad of paper BSD Windows Headphone iPad Apple Watch Android Wear Website

    The background app is resource-heavy and easy getting obsolete. I advocate the Windows Store app.


    Skype icon
  • Leisure

  • Discord

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Web Android ... iPhone BSD FreeBSD Website

    Nothing to allege here. For communicating patch gaming, it is handy. Spends nigh of time sour dispatch anyway.


    Discord icon
  • Miscellaneous

    What I did not burst elsewhere, all the same

  • CCleaner

    Freemium Mac Windows Android Android Tablet Website

    Yes yes yes yes. And the agio is charles frederick worth it if you can't be fussed about ceaselessly taking care of the introductory tasks.


    CCleaner icon
  • Dia

    Free Mac OS X Windows Linux FreeBSD ... Xfce DragonFly BSD NetBSD OpenBSD Website

    When you oeuvre on business appendage reingeneering, you kind of pauperism something to envision it with, piece complying with your NDA and former caller policies. Dia is offline and opensource and has well-disposed environment. Sometimes, the controls amaze a bite awkward, but it is golden!


    Dia icon

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