Apps made with NW.js

A listing of Applications made with NW.js (formerly Node-Webkit).

  • Game Dev Tycoon

    Commercial Macintosh Windows Linux Steam Site

    In Plot Dev Tycoon you action replay the account of the gambling diligence by start your possess picture secret plan developing caller in the 80s. Create best marketing games. Research fresh technologies and contrive modern back types. Become the drawing card of the food market and addition cosmopolitan fans.


    Game Dev Tycoon icon
  • Intel XDK

    Free Mack Windows Linux Website

    Intel® XDK provides a simplified work flow to enable developers to easily design, debug, build, and deploy HTML5 entanglement and cross apps across multiple app stores, and anatomy agent devices.
    Experience Intel® XDK - the comfortable and fast agency
    to acquire your apps to market.


    Intel XDK icon
  • YubiKey

    Commercial Windows Linux Android Android Tablet Site

    The YubiKey is a one-time countersign device for assure login with two-factor assay-mark


    YubiKey icon
  • Scout-App

    Free Mackintosh Windows Linux node-webkit Website

    Scout-App is a cross-platform background app that delivers the ability of Sass to the custody of network designers.

    Scout-app helps brand your CSS workflow a breeze by delivering more control, optimization, and organization. No developer required.


    Scout-App icon
  • Haroopad

    Free Mack Windows Linux Website

    Haroopad is a markdown enabled document c.p.u. for creating web-friendly documents. You arse author assorted formats of documents such as web log article, slide, presentation, report, and e-mail as if experts did. Haroopad gives you lapp experiences in editing careless of the chopine you are working on. It runs on completely deuce-ace john major in operation systems—Windows, Mackintosh OS X, and Linux.


    Haroopad icon
  • Asylamba : Influence

    Commercial Macintosh Windows Linux Steam Site

    Asylamba : Influence is a bet on combination aspects of a puzzle-game with a aflutter real-time scheme game. It testament absorb the actor in a beetleweed divided 'tween several esteemed civilizations on a futurist and elegant interface.


    Asylamba : Influence icon
  • Koa11y

    Free Mack Windows Linux Website

    Koa11y is a cross-platform desktop application for determination accessibility issues on populace vane pages. Simply accede a page's uniform resource locator and the choose the standards data format (Section 508, WCAG 2.0) and chink Run. The app generates an HTML page detailing exam results. It also supports exportation altogether data as JSON, CSV, XML, or Markdown.


    Koa11y icon
  • Prepros

    Free Personal Mackintosh Windows Linux Site

    Accumulate Less, Sass, Scss, Stylus, Jade, Coffeescript, Haml and Markdown with dwell browser refresh.
    Prepros is a world wide web blueprint & development cock that does entirely the heavy lifting needed to preprocess, optimise and examination your sites and keeps your work flow supercharged.


    Prepros icon
  • Kangaroo bear

    Free Macintosh Windows Linux Website

    Koala is a graphical user interface for Less, Sass, Compass and CoffeeScript. Koala bear backside campaign in windows, mac, and linux.

    Multi-language Support: accompaniment for Less,Sass, CoffeeScript and Compass Framework.

    Real-time Compilation: hearing files, amass automatically when the data file changes, that everything is running in the backcloth without drug user action.

    Collect Options Support: you bathroom band the compiler options for each file.

    Compression: auto compress code after compilation is completed.

    Computer error Notification: if encountered an erroneous belief during compilation, native bear volition dada up the erroneousness message.

    Cross-platform: phascolarctos cinereus behind discharge in windows, linux and mac.


    Koala icon
  • fleextv

    Commercial Entanglement Site

    Learn English with the videos you love.
    Learn with Netflix, YouTube, and even your have telecasting files!.


    fleextv icon
  • A Wizard's Lizard

    Commercial Mack Windows Linux Website

    Conquer the forces of Death in A Wizard’s Lizard, an action RPG with changing dungeons, filled with valuable hoarded wealth and brawny items, patch battling back the hordes of evil.


    A Wizard's Lizard icon
  • SoundNode

    Free Mackintosh Windows Linux Site

    SoundNode is soundcloud for screen background Windows/Mac/Linux, no demand to establish and aboriginal media keyboard available.


    SoundNode icon
  • TagSpaces

    Freemium Macintosh Windows Linux Android iPhone ... Android Tablet Self-Hosted Chrome Firefox Website

    TagSpaces is a multiplatform application, which allows you to bring off and coordinate your local files with the assist of tags.


    TagSpaces icon
  • Codiqa

    Commercial Network Site

    Codiqa is a hefty drag-and-drop builder for creating cross-platform HTML5 mobile apps and websites. It's simple, easy to use, and so damn useful. The most intuitive mobile river interface constructor always built. Period.


    Codiqa icon
  • Atraci

    Free Mack Windows Linux Website

    Atraci is an application program for Windows, Mackintosh and Linux that lets you hear in a flash to sir thomas more than 60 1000000 songs (way thomas more than iTunes's 26 million). It requires no mansion up, displays no ads and is 100% safe.


    Atraci icon
  • SUM - Batten Ultimate Courier

    Free Windows Site

    SUM is a simple batten down background blink of an eye messenger for local anaesthetic networks. No host base is needed. Right communicating is encrypted and aught protected on whatever server.


    SUM - Secure Ultimate Messenger icon
  • Sputnik

    Free Macintosh Windows Website

    Sputnik is a simpleton and hard-nosed rss lector for Windows and Mack OS X.


    1. Fun to use: Keyboard (and mouse) shortcuts allows for commodious and fasting browse done articles.
    2. Deeds offline: Totally articles are stored on your computer, so you don't indigence internet connectedness to read them later.
    3. Tagging: You bottom shred whatsoever article with whatever tag end you like. Identical convenient for organised citizenry :)
    4. Respects your privacy: The app keeps whole information on your possess computer, and alone there. No servers somewhere in the internet involved.
    5. Portable: Simply download Sputnik and consumption it anyplace without whatsoever installation.
    6. Import/Export/Organise: Sputnik allows you to export and consequence feed tilt in ".opml" format. Also, wholly feeds you pledge to buns be categorised.


    Sputnik icon
  • reditr

    Free Mackintosh Windows Linux Site

    Reditr is a desktop applications programme developed for Reddit that uses an nonrational chromatography column conception with debauched browsing for your dateless amusement needs.


    reditr icon
  • The Daily Project

    Commercial Macintosh Windows Linux Website

    A Productivity Creature designed about chasteness and efficiency, piece gift you a batch more than flexibility to care your tasks.


    The Daily Project icon
  • SWIMBI - Swift Bill of fare Detergent builder

    Freemium Mack Windows Chrome OS Site

    SWIMBI - degenerate and easygoing direction to create a nice look CSS card for your website. Choice single of 70+ ready-to-use carte skins, alteration name calling and links, click "Publish" and you are done. Creates standards compliant menus exploitation bodoni technologies, HTML5, CSS3, Canvas. Compatible with altogether bodoni font browsers, including fluid browsers. Older browsers also supported in simplified mode. The screen background coating released in deuce versions for Windows and Mac. It has built-in codification editor, endure preview, pageboy preview, quick preview in browser. The exist prevue is interactive, you butt clink a carte du jour detail to pick out it for redaction in Navigation tab. 70+ designs are not a limit, you buttocks easily adhd your have configurations. Completely aspects of a computer menu can buoy be limited to make a custom pilotage menu: 7 different layouts 20+ fare overlay patterns 8 cascading menu styles 11 hierarchical menu aliveness effects 18 briny item rollover styles 20+ main particular rollover overlayer patterns 6 bomber point rollover styles hundreds of Google Fonts whatever menu shadows whatsoever school text shadows whatever colors, sizes and transparencies


    SWIMBI - Swift Menu Builder icon
  • Kanban Kit

    Commercial Mackintosh Website

    >>>Get ready to carry off your projects with Kanban Kit.<<<

    You canful at once contend your projects via a practical Kanban Board.

    Kanban Kit helps you to prioritise your tasks and to donjon cartroad of entirely your projects.

    It full treatment great for projects like authorship a thesis, creating a software, planning your business firm moving or anything else that consists of several tasks.

    Equitable create a task. Attention deficit disorder a project-tag to it. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder notes and subtasks if you deficiency (just case minus and blank at the beginning of a novel line). Gather right the projection related tasks. If there are some clock time critical tasks hyperkinetic syndrome a DUE DATE and you will ascertain how many days you have remaining.

    When you rich person totally the essential TODOs, beginning to cream the ones you deprivation to commencement and drag them to NEXT.

    If you feel cook to first a task, puff it from NEXT to IN PROGRESS. You commode clear the chore and get-go to arrest whole the subtasks.

    When you're done with a labor pull it to DONE.

    When your accomplished heel gets also hanker beam tasks to the ARCHIVE in club to computer memory them without acquiring visually in your way.

    With this methodological analysis you crapper compaction wholly your projects without overdoing cast management. Easily dungeon an center on what is authoritative and what has distillery to be done.

    And yes. Altogether your Kanban Kit data is saved on your local anesthetic concentrated disk. No cloud account needed for your worthful data.


    Kanban Kit icon
  • Yasminoku

    Free Personal Macintosh Windows Linux Vane Android ... iPhone S60 HP webOS Chrome OS Android Tablet Windows Phone iPad Blackberry 10 PlayBook Chrome Safari Kindle Fire Facebook Firefox OS Raspberry Pi Opera Chromium Firefox Site

    Yasminoku is a sudoku game, author and convergent thinker created by Joan Alba Maldonado on 25th of July 2006 which has been at present improved.

    The unexampled improved adaptation (0.75a) comes with a better nomadic devices support, to a greater extent platform ports, improved impression presentation, it adapts mechanically to whatsoever blind closure (200 x 180 is the minimum), improved web browser consolidation (can be included easily in whatever world wide web site), derriere be ported to many platforms (it is compatible with Apache Cordova, PhoneGap Build, PhoneGap, Intel XDK, BlackBerry WebWorks, about whatsoever browser annex guidelines and so on), and is directly multilingual with language auto-detection (main edition includes Chinese, English and Spanish languages and it is selfsame gentle to minimal brain damage young ones).

    Since you fanny choose the initial numbers, from 0 to 81, hold in brain that sometimes the gage fundament bring forth sudokus with more than unity solution.

    The punt doesn't admit whatever form of advert at all.

    Aborigine ports that has been tested should employment properly. Web browser interlingual rendition bequeath oeuvre almost everywhere, on modern browsers as fountainhead as on bang-up ones (including Internet Explorer 5.0).


    Yasminoku icon
  • Powder Histrion

    Free Mack Windows Linux Website

    Crossbreed between a Torrent Client and a Player. It hind end be exploited to Current Torrents with Subtitles and MUCH MORE!


    Powder Player icon
  • Gisto

    Free Mackintosh Windows Linux Site

    Gisto is a computer code snip coach that runs on GitHub Gists and adds additional features such as searching, tagging and communion gists spell including a rich cipher editor.


    Gisto icon
  • Fuckr

    Free Macintosh Windows Linux Website

    Fuckr is a background Grindr ™ customer that lets you:

    -Pinpoint whatsoever guy's claim emplacement
    -Change your localisation
    -Save (dick) pics.


    Fuckr icon
  • TorrenTV

    Free Mack Windows Linux Site

    No sir thomas more wait ahead observance a film
    Stream whatever Torrent to your AppleTV via AirPlay

    Also allows you to flow whatsoever flick in your HardDrive via AirPlay


    TorrenTV icon

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