C. h. best VPS Hosting: 2018 Edition

Hera are the charles herbert best VPS providers based on factors like drug user reviews, support, and privacy practices.

If you're planning to acquire a VPS and are fresh to VPS hosting, you should read these deuce-ace posts that comparability different virtualization types, since there is a important difference. A TL;DR of those articles: If you're look for preformance, arrest away from Small OpenVZ icon OpenVZ since it is identical comfortable for VPS providers to oversell OpenVZ VPS'. OpenVZ is also worse security-wise and privacy-wise ascribable to lack of breakup 'tween the OpenVZ containers.

Heights preformance Linux VPS' today are broadly powered by Small KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) icon KVM (Kernel-based Practical Machine) , which are much harder to oversell and VPS providers commonly annul doing that. Small Xen icon Xen is as well exploited for high preformance VPS' on rare occasions, but KVM testament give you better preformance. Be besides aware that almost completely VPS hosts on this listing and in full general are unmanaged, import that the VPS host's briny resposibility is keeping the VPS on-line and the amount of handholding with facility and configuration of computer software is close to none, so you're more or less on your own.

Please be cognisant that the entanglement hosting diligence is plagued with shills since the affiliate programmes are selfsame lucrative, so be disbelieving of whatever hosting reviews that arrest associate golf links and attempt to affirm their claims via fencesitter sources.

  • Managed VPS Hosting

  • FastComet

    Commercial Network Site

    FastComet is currently graded #1 come out of 4091 hosting providers - rated 9.7/10 by 485 exploiter reviews - on HostAdvice .
    4.86/5 evaluation on HostAdvisor based on 258 substance abuser reviews.
    4.68/5 on Vane Hosting Geeks based on 41 user reviews
    5/5 on WhoIsHostingThis? by 35 drug user reviews.
    The exploiter reviews on Hostjury , where FastComet is presently matchless of the topper rated hosting providers, are normally between 4.5 to 5 come out of the closet of 5 stars with alone nonpareil substance abuser brushup departure at a lower place four stars.

    According to WebHostingStuff , FastComet has had deuce downtimes - 27 minutes in April of 2016 and ball club proceedings in December of 2015 - since WebHostingStuff started monitoring uptime for FastComet back in September of 2014. This puts FastComet's average uptime at 99.99%, which is quite impressive.

    This is the lone hosting provider on this tilt that I have personal experience with. I recommended them to my cousin for her photography website, and direct after she had placed the order, she got a birdcall from San Fransisco from FastComet accompaniment w.h.o. wondered what land site she was devising and if she cherished whatsoever help. They arse carry-over websites from early hosts, establish and configure software, optimise websites, configure DNS settings and do pretty a good deal anything you ask out them for free if you data file a ticket. The absolute majority of tickets we filed - even the david low antecedence ones - were answered inside 10 minutes, which lines up with their call that 93% of entirely backing requests - in sample size of 10 000 backup requests - were resolved in to a lesser extent than 10 transactions . Daily, weekly, and monthly backups are provided for free.

    FastComet is based in the United States and has data centers in Dallas, Texas, United States; Chicago, Illinois, United States; Newark, Modern Jersey, United States; Amsterdam, the Netherlands; Frankfurt, Germany; London, United Kingdom; Tokyo, Japan; and Singapore.


    FastComet icon
  • SiteGround

    Commercial World wide web Website

    SiteGround is believably the most well-reviewed entanglement boniface on the Internet:
    4.9/5 on Shopper Approved based on 2984 user reviews
    5/5 on HostSearch based on 1806 drug user reviews
    5/5 on WhoIsHostingThis? based on 1559 exploiter reviews
    9.6/10 on TrustPilot based on 1231 substance abuser reviews
    9.7/10 on HostAdvice based on 1147 user reviews
    9.7/10 on The Webmaster based on 1059 drug user reviews
    5/5 on WebHostingStuff based on 760 exploiter reviews
    9.8/10 on top5hosting based on 755 users
    4.58/5 on Network Hosting Geeks based on 673 substance abuser reviews
    10/10 on Vane Hosting Hero based on 378 user reviews
    8.5/10 on HostingFacts based on 213 drug user reviews
    4.73/5 on HostAdvisor based on 100 exploiter reviews
    The brobdingnagian bulk of the 1267 substance abuser reviews of SiteGround on WPBeginner are very positive.
    On Hostjury , the huge legal age of the many user reviews charge per unit SiteGround betwixt 4 - 5 extinct of 5 stars, fashioning them one and only of the acme rated world wide web hosts on Hostjury.
    SiteGround holds an A military rank with the BBB (Better Business Bureau).

    According to WebHostingStuff , SiteGround has had 28 outages of a aggregate of 388 minutes of downtime since WebHostingStuff started monitoring uptime for SiteGround backbone in September of 2005 with the bingle longest downtime being 77 proceedings long. This puts SiteGround's norm uptime at 99.99%, which is quite a impressive. According to Inline Emcee Blogger's uptime tracking cock for the close 90 days (January 16th, 2017 to April 15th, 2018), the cartel uptime of their heptad SiteGround sites were 99.98% with 23 outages. This is largely thanks to special host monitoring and troubleshooting software.
    An hourly updated amphetamine exam for SiteGround backside be found on HostingReviews.Website .

    SiteGround was a business firm adversary of the SOPA and PIPA legislations backrest 2012, debut a Stop Censoring campaign against the controversial bills.

    SiteGround guarantees that bread and butter tickets volition be answered within 10 minutes. Daily backups are provided for free. SiteGround are rattling quick to bandage vulnerabilities (such as WordPress and WordPress plugins) when they are announced by certificate researchers and their answer to the ball-shaped WordPress animal effect approach in 2013 was quite an amazing. They crack free people site migrations, but lonesome up to 1 GB ; whatever bigger than that, and you either rich person to earnings them a $50 fee, or do the situation migration yourself.

    SiteGround is based in Bulgaria and has data centers in Chicago, United States; Amsterdam, the Netherlands; London, United Kingdom; Milan, Italy; and Singapore.


    SiteGround icon
  • A2 Hosting

    Commercial Entanglement Site

    A2 Hosting is rather especial when it comes to managed VPS hosting in that they bang the afters berth 'tween commodity price, good computer hardware specs, and great 24/7 support. I advocate their burden (root access) VPS. If you're equitable going to amaze an unmanaged VPS, you'll breakthrough a bettor bargain among the former VPS hosts on this list. A2 Hosting is a BBB Accredited Business and has been given an A military rating by the BBB (Better Business Bureau).

    Drug user reviews:
    9.4/10 on HostAdvice based on 677 exploiter reviews.
    9.3/10 on TrustPilot based on 325 substance abuser reviews.
    4.6/5 on WhoIsHostingThis? based on 224 user reviews.
    95% "Very Good" ratings, 2% "Good", and 3% "Average" ratings on SiteGeek based on 180 drug user reviews.
    4.64 on BBB (Better Business Bureau) based on 120 exploiter reviews.
    4.73/5 on Network Hosting Geeks based on 110 substance abuser reviews.
    4/5 on WebHostingStuff based on 99 user reviews.
    10/10 on Vane Hosting Hero based on 56 drug user reviews, of which 54 of the users recommends it.
    5/5 on Serchen based on 22 exploiter reviews.
    The immense majority of the 205 substance abuser reviews on HostingReviews.Website are positive.
    98/99 user reviews on WPBeginner are positive.
    The vast absolute majority of the 79 drug user reviews on Hosting Facts are positive.

    WpHostingReview 30 days VPS uptime: 99.60%
    Critical review Hell (October 2014 - January 2018): 99.9655%
    Hosting Facts (January 2017 - December 2017): 99.92%
    WebHostingStuff (February 2006 - April 2018): 99.91%
    World wide web Hosting Secrets Revealed (February 2018): 99.98%
    WebSitePulse (January 6th, 2006 - July 21st, 2014): 99.9753%
    Hourly updated dependability and f number tests going away binding 48 hours bathroom be base on HostingReviews.Website .

    A2 Hosting is based in the US and has data centers in Michigan, USA; Arizona, USA; Amsterdam, the Netherlands; and Singapore.


    A2 Hosting icon
  • Privateness Friendly VPS Providers

    Annotation that evening though the countries mentioned below wealthy person firm seclusion laws, many of them distillery preform bulk surveillance to some degree. Sadly, that seems to be the course in the sir thomas more industrialised countries. Of the countries mentioned, Sweden, the Netherlands and Switzerland execute mass surveillance, and Finland is preparing a constabulary that will the admit the Finnish administration to do it.

  • OrangeWebsite

    Commercial Entanglement Website

    OrangeWebsite is an Iceland-based offshore hosting supplier that focuses on secrecy and exemption of speech. The owner of OrangeWebsite is aforementioned to be an anarchist that powerfully supports freedom of actor's line and both he and the caller itself were strongly against the SOPA and PIPA legislations. OrangeWebsite ignores complaints that does not assault Icelandic laws or OrangeWebsite's Terms of Service. A goodness denotation of OrangeWebsite's allegiance to concealment and exemption of address is that they accept Tor electrical relay and exit nodes to be hosted on their VPS servers, which not many companies do, especially when it comes to buy the farm nodes that arrest fixture abuse complaints.
    OrangeWebsite offers two-factor assay-mark , only command an e-mail address to create an account and - in accession to accepting credit/debit card game via Small PayPal icon PayPal and bank transfers - they likewise assume anon. payments via Small Bitcoin icon Bitcoin . OrangeWebsite's servers campaign on 100% cat valium department of energy .
    OrangeWebsite is the highest rated Islandic network horde with a paygrade of 4.72/5 on HostSearch based on 107 exploiter reviews and 9.0/10 on TrustPilot based on 104 substance abuser reviews. According to WebHostingStuff , OrangeWebsite has an average out uptime of 99.95%, which is above the industriousness intermediate of 99.94% uptime. From February 2011 to Feburary 2018 it has had 57 outages, resulting in a combined 52 hours and 20 transactions of downtime in septenary years.

    Iceland is wide regarded to be the outdo area to host websites for those world health organization economic value privacy and abhor censorship. The 2016 Data Center Risk Index rated Iceland 100/100, making it the safest country for data centers among the 37 countries they looked into. This is the land that told the FBI to farewell Iceland when they came thither to arrive Julian Assange and WikiLeaks . The Pirate Company is Icelands one-third largest party and the party's drawing card is a former Small WikiLeaks icon WikiLeaks member. That political leader was in 2010 the boss presenter of the Icelandic Modern Media Initiative, which band forbidden to brand Iceland a journalistic condom haven. The marriage offer was adopted nem con by fantan and nether that marriage proposal the Icelandic authorities is at once tasked with determination shipway to beef up freedom of delivery and exemption of information, as fountainhead as allow hard protections for sources and whistleblowers. Another advantage with Iceland is that it's located between North America and Europe, qualification it the optimal nation if you deficiency to allow for fast burden multiplication to both continents without exploitation a CDN.
    Porn is technically illegal in Iceland since 1940 (though almost ne'er enforced), so if you think that you or your users might upload capacity that mightiness autumn into that category, Iceland is not the home to innkeeper your website. So don't go and legion the adjacent adult double hosting locate in Iceland.


    OrangeWebsite icon
  • FlokiNET

    Commercial Vane Site

    FlokiNET is some other Icelandic hosting provider that is also quite democratic with privateness advocates. It is rated 3.5/5 by 12 reviews on HostSearch . FlokiNET doesn't bear the brilliant approach perfect critique ratings that OrangeWebsite has, but their Icelandic VPS' are a bunch cheaper than OrangeWebsite's and it is a nice alternative for those w.h.o. deprivation seclusion well-disposed hosting in Romania or Finland. Romania is the rural area with least surveillance in Europe (though that power birth changed since the account is from 2010) and Finland places 3rd on Reporters Without Borders' 2017 Cosmos Closet Freedom Index . A trade good mansion that FlokiNET takes secrecy and exemption of language badly is that they allow Tor cash in one's chips and relay nodes as well as VPN services to be hosted on their consecrate and virtual servers, which not many companies do, particularly when it comes to Tor choke nodes that baffle habitue contumely complaints. FlokiNET as well runs respective Small Tor icon Tor nodes themselves in club to documentation the Tor Project. FlokiNET's servers are encrypted with AES 256-bit encoding and FlokiNET preforms casual backups for free.
    Porn is technically illegal in Iceland , so that is not allowed to be hosted on their Icelandic servers, but is allowed on their servers in Romania and Finland.
    FlokiNET doesn't constrain DMCA - and besides has a effectual department to business deal with ill-treatment complaints the like that - which is adept considering how kayoed of ascendance DMCA has gotten. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] . The FlokiNET faculty sole consumption end-to-end encrypted communicating systems and their right of their employment stations are pre-boot encrypted with AES 256-bit encryption.


    FlokiNET icon
  • Exoscale

    Commercial World wide web Website

    Deliver you always precious to master of ceremonies your internet site in a atomic bunker in the Swiss Alps? Then Exoscale might be the hosting supplier for you. Exoscale is based in Switzerland and has a courteous DigitalOcean-like platform. It likewise has configurable firewall settings that you adhd the ports that you lack to economic consumption into. Switzerland is peerless of the outflank countries for online privacy. I can't discovery many user reviews about Exoscale, but CERN uses Exoscale . Exoscale embraces clear author package and at the consequence they experience 177 repositories on GitHub .
    There's a nice, detailed guide for background up a site with nginx and Let's Encrypt on Exoscale here .
    One of the four-spot data centers that Exoscale uses is, the likes of I mentioned earlier, in a nuclear dugout in the Alps (near Zurich, Switzerland). The other data centers are located in Geneva, Switzerland; Frankfurt, Germany; and Vienna, Austria.

    I am currently using Exoscale for a school labor and it has been bang-up so far. The financial backing staff answered inside an 60 minutes when I submitted a financial support just the ticket early in the morning.
    I do however feature about criticism. The defrayal options are credit/debit add-in and PayPal, but recurring payments via PayPal has not been enabled as a defrayment option, so unless you need to computer memory your credit/debit batting order info with Exoscale so that Exoscale behind automatically accusation your credit/debit bill you're leaving to give birth to manually attention deficit disorder cash in hand to your account. This is a problem because Exoscale doesn't advise you ahead your account statement runs knocked out of money, they beam a electronic mail when your accounting is ko'd of money and your VPS has been powered down. They spring you 29 days to remuneration the account before the VPS is deleted, so your data is hush amercement though. Something else that annoys me is that their prices don't admit taxes, so a 5€ VPS costs 6,20€ in reality, for example.
    That said, I'm still a felicitous compensable client and I'd commend Exoscale over early fancy DevOps cloud hosting platforms care Small DigitalOcean icon DigitalOcean (which I tested deuce days ago) in a heartbeat. The biggest bunco is that Exoscale is more or less thomas more expensive and offers less of a bang for the buck specs-wise than a caboodle of their bigger competitors, but if you fair demand a small VPS for a depression dealings site, they're a solid choice.


    Exoscale icon
  • Greenhost

    Commercial Entanglement Website

    Greenhost is an environmentally well disposed hosting provider based in the Netherlands that focuses greatly on concealment and security. Greenhost hasn't logged whatsoever data since 2009 , and have got urged former hosting providers to do the lapp by circumstance up an enlightening internet site in Dutch ( Google Translate ) astir data logging in the Netherlands. Greenhost is a bighearted admirer of open beginning software and encryption, is by and large built on open air generator software, has incorporate free, out-of-doors germ Lets Encrypt TLS certificates into their hosting platform, and supports DNSSEC . Greenhost performs day-after-day site backups and day-by-day database backups for free.

    4.6/5 based on 25 Dutch drug user reviews on webhosters ( Google Translate )
    4.7/5 based on 11 Dutch exploiter reviews on Facebook
    4.4/5 based on 7 Dutch substance abuser reviews on Host-reviews.nl ( Google Translate )
    100/100 based on 7 Dutch user reviews on ISPGids.com ( Google Translate )

    Greenhost was right of septet Internet armed service and communication theory providers to file a legal ailment calling for the close of GCHQ's illegitimate hacking of electronic network base for volume surveillance. Greenhost gestural an outdoors alphabetic character career for body politic ambassadors to implement Cyberspace Neutrality in the EU, devising it the solitary hosting supplier to mark the surface letter and also the entirely bodied signee as totally other signees were organizations. Greenhost as well sign an afford letter of the alphabet goad Mark Zuckerberg, the beginner and CEO of Facebook - to champion Internet Neutrality on Facebook's Internet.org platform. Greenhost has promulgated a 244 page hanker Basic Internet Protection manual , helps journalists and and activists about the creation to commune freely and sponsors organizations that are attached to freedom, sustainability and culture, such as Absolve Crush Unlimited and De Concertzender, helps basketball team whistleblowing sites with their technical expertise, and is the hosting provider chosen and promoted by the non-profit administration Privacy First-class honours degree . Greenhost besides developed a at present discontinued placeholder plugin for WordPress in decree to forbid censorship.


    Greenhost icon
  • Bahnhof

    Commercial Network Website

    Bahnhof is a hosting supplier and residential ISP that is the character example for how a creditworthy companionship should act. Bahnhof is Based in Sweden, which has approximately of the strongest imperativeness freedom pentateuch in the world. They hold hosted Small WikiLeaks icon WikiLeaks and Small The Pirate Bay icon The Pirate Bay in their atomic sand trap called White Mountain (which looks wish something from prohibited of a James Bond movie) and are known as a discharge lecture ISP . The lapplander citizenry world health organization discharge Bahnhof likewise foot race a security, privacy, and autonomy non-profit called the 5th of July Foundation . Bahnhof is presently providing hosting to a insistence exemption hosting avail that helps intelligence agencies in regimes to check online. Bahnhof's data centers are 100% powered by renewable energy and whole the excess estrus generated by the divine service is ill-used to heat up nearby households. Bahnhof started a authentication for this appendage that is called Triple Green.
    While hosting WikiLeaks is a bully affair to do, what actually makes Bahnhof applaudable is their position and actions against aggregate surveillance. Their catchword Internet with privateness says it all. Book binding in 2013 when the Swedish Security Help in secret started pressuring ISPs in Sweden to springiness the Swedish Security department Inspection and repair automated address access into their systems in edict to behavior aggregated surveillance Bahnhof was the exclusively ISP that radius proscribed and they did so when the CEO of Bahnhof, Jon Karlung, on the q.t. recorded the Swedish Security measure Services demands and threats and leaked it to the Swedish insistency ( Google Translate ). Good cobbler's last class Bahnhof leaked documents about a governance proposal for increased data holding [1] [2] (which is also in assault of EU data regulations). The 24-hour interval the European Court of Justice overturned the EU data keeping directive Bahnhof published a mechanical press acquittance expression “Just hours afterward the finding of fact I [Bahnhof CEO Jon Karlung] arranged our technicians to abort storing traffic data astir our customers. Moreover, we erased existent data.”. When Bahnhof was told by Swedish telecoms governor PTS that they stillness had to logarithm their customers Internet activities under Swedish jurisprudence Bahnhof provided a VPN military service footrace by the 5th of July Foundation for disembarrass to wholly its customers. When copyright trolls started suing Internet users across Sweden and demanding Internet contributor info from Bahnhof, but since Bahnhof just stores IP addresses for 24 hours there was no data for the right of first publication trolls to demand from Bahnhof. Bahnhof and so decided to cash register the epithet of the copyright trolls campaign, Spridningskollen (roughly translates to The Distribution Check) with the Swedish Patent and Registration Office, broadcast the right of first publication trolls a accumulation missive for earmark infringement and beginning a internet site in Swedish called Utpressningskontrollen ( Google Translate ) (roughly translates to The Extortion Check) about the consequence and altogether of the on-going sound cases.


  • NFOrce Entertainment B.V.

    Commercial Vane Web site

    NFOrce Entertainment is a Netherlands-based hosting provider that is known for donating consecrated servers to the Tor mesh via torservers.net. They are as well unitary of the leash hosting companies Small ProtonVPN icon ProtonVPN uses for their Dutch VPN servers . Needless to say, they are quite a sure when it comes to handling hosting with a high gear indigence of seclusion and security. They are besides quite an generous and compromising when it comes to hosting dwell cyclosis sites . NFOrce Entertainment offers nonrecreational backups with convalescence points . Drug user reviews for NFOrce Entertainment are positive and bottom be constitute on World wide web Hosting Talk and Reddit .


    NFOrce Entertainment B.V. icon
  • Affordable and Highly Rated VPS Providers With Capital Hardware Eyeglasses and Lots of Repositing Blank

  • BuyVM

    Commercial Entanglement Internet site

    BuyVM is a real low-cost VPS boniface with beneficial ironware glasses that is well-known and respected on network hosting forums such as Vane Hosting Talk , LowEndTalk , First Closing Box , vpsBoard , and Reddit where you buns interpret batch of exploiter reviews. BuyVM always makes it into LowEndTalk's Big top Supplier Poll, this clock time placing fifth lieu in the 2017 Provider Of The Twelvemonth canvass with 75 votes. BuyVM placed arcsecond on vpsBoard's Supplier of the Year crown with 66.5 points. BuyVM has low-priced prices and effective specs. BuyVM is fairly exacting with dupery and I've scan that they sometimes expect customers to provision a governing issued ID, but there's a addition english to that, you won't receive whatever fishy neighbours and the chopine boilers suit bequeath be safer imputable to that.

    You butt choose betwixt data centers in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA; Piscataway, Novel Jersey, USA; and Roost, Luxembourg. Luxembourg is unmatchable of the countries with the scoop secrecy torah and freedom of manner of speaking is powerfully protected there. Thither is currently no DMCA put-down enforcement in the Luxembourg data center. Frantech Solutions, the company behind BuyVM, is based in Canada.


    BuyVM icon
  • Infomaniak

    Commercial World wide web Web site

    Infomaniak is based in the Switzerland. It is rated 4.48/5 based on 340 French substance abuser reviews on Circus tent 10 Hébergeurs ( Google Translate ), 4.7/5 based on 178 user reviews on Facebook , and 4.69/5 based on 14 drug user reviews on SiteGeek . Infomaniak has had an uptime of 99.98% 'tween September 2010 and March 2018, with 11 outages resulting in 611 minutes of downtime combined during that fourth dimension catamenia (and the longest outage beingness 407 minutes), according to Entanglement Hosting Stuff . This is alir higher up the industry banner of 99.94% uptime, and it's rather impressive.
    Since they are not bounce by American laws, they do not issue action on DMCA complaints, which in my belief is a estimable thing, since the DMCA arrangement is ailing designed and has gotten stunned of control. If anyone wants to payoff down cognitive content hosted by Infomaniak on copyright grounds, they suffer to go done the Swiss effectual system, which, unlike its American counterpart, gives the place possessor a bazaar chance to defend their land site in front whatsoever action at law is interpreted against it. Switzerland has the to the highest degree indulgent right of first publication laws in the horse opera world, which shows by the figure of large streaming and cloudburst sites hosted in Switzerland . If you're sledding to emcee a site that accepts exploiter submitted content, I'd recommend looking into Infomaniak or another DMCA disengage hosting provider and save yourself the bother that is DMCA. In add-on to existence in a corking legal jurisdiction, they likewise sustain really expert prices for cracking computer hardware specs, as Infomaniak is the largest hosting supplier in Switzerland and control its possess data centers (three of them, to be specific). The data centers are located at undisclosed locations. Automatic day-to-day backups are included for free.


    Infomaniak icon
  • TransIP

    Commercial Network Internet site

    TransIP is unmatched of the largest hosting providers in the Netherlands, and likely the highest rated unrivaled as well, with a 9.1/10 account based on substance abuser 550 reviews on TrustPilot , a 97% grade based on 305 Dutch user reviews on ISPGids.com ( Google Translate ), a 8.3/10 grievance based on 236 Dutch drug user reviews on HostingWijzer ( Google Translate ), a 4.3/5 grudge based on 179 Dutch exploiter reviews on webhosters ( Google Translate ), a 4.6/5 mark based on 68 Dutch substance abuser reviews on Hosting-reviews.nl ( Google Translate ), and a 4.7/5 musical score based on 49 English user reviews on Serchen . TransIP offers quite a circumstances of reposition space, so if you're departure to horde a media heavy site, TransIP mightiness be a full burst for you. TransIP is also concealment friendly, so it fits into that category as well. TransIP provides everyday backups for free.


    TransIP icon
  • HostUS

    Commercial Vane Web site

    HostUS is an affordable US VPS provider with a honest hardware specs which continually ranks high school in LowEndTalk's Cover Supplier Polls, placing 11th in the 2017 opinion poll with 19 votes. They have been rated 4.5/5 based on 10 drug user reviews on Affgadgets.com , and there are deal of exploiter reviews available on world wide web hosting forums alike LowEndTalk , Entanglement Hosting Talk , First gear Conclusion Box , Reddit , and vpsBoard .

    HostUS has data centers in Atlanta, Georgia, USA; Charlotte, North Carolina, USA; Dallas, Texas, USA; Los Angeles, California, USA; Washington D.C., Virginia, USA; Amsterdam, the Netherlands; London, United Kingdom; Hong Kong; Singapore; and Sydney, Australia.


    HostUS icon
  • Time4VPS

    Commercial Network Internet site

    Time4VPS is a air division of Interneto vizija, which is Lithuania's largest hosting provider. Because they ladder their have grade 3 data center field they rich person the last prices I've seen among VPS providers that wealthy person a honorable reputation. Bank bill that referable to the 200 IOPS and 50 MB/s limits their storage VPS are disqualify for employment as media servers and for blistering backups (daily restores) and are meant to be put-upon for rarely retrievable data.
    Time4VPS is rated 4.7/5 based on 1839 substance abuser reviews on Shopper Approved , and 4.6/5 based on 49 user reviews on Facebook . More than drug user reviews buttocks be establish on LowEndTalk , WebHostingTalk , and Reddit .


    Time4VPS icon
  • Early Well-respected VPS Providers

  • RamNode

    Commercial Vane Web site

    RamNode is unrivalled of the most well-liked VPS providers on world wide web hosting forums comparable LowEndTalk , Entanglement Hosting Talk , Low gear Death Box , vpsBoard , and Reddit . RamNode constantly makes it onto LowEndTalk's Crest Provider Poll, this meter placing fifth part piazza in the 2017 Supplier Of The Class pate with 32 votes. RamNode placed first base on vpsBoard's Provider of the Twelvemonth poll with 80.8 points. It is as well matchless of the to the highest degree recommended VPS providers on the /r/webhosting subreddit. RamNode has experienced and fasting customer overhaul , low-cost prices, and in effect specs. RamNode is based in the US and has data centers in Unexampled York City, USA; Atlanta; USA; Seattle, Washington, USA; and Los Angeles, California, USA, as wellspring as a data center of attention in the Netherlands. Benchmarks can buoy be ground on VPS Benchmarks .


    RamNode icon
  • VirMach

    Commercial Network Internet site

    VirMach is a US VPS supplier that is placed third in Sir david alexander cecil low Destruction Talk's 2017 Provider Of The Year poll parrot with 62 votes. They are rated 7.9/10 based on 142 reviews on Trustpilot and 4.5/5 based on 31 reviews on Affgadgets.com , fashioning them the highest rated VPS supplier on that site. Thither are besides flock of reviews of VirMach on vane hosting forums corresponding LowEndTalk , World wide web Hosting Talk , and Sir david low Ending Box .

    VirMach has data centers in Seattle, Washington, USA; San Jose, California, USA; Los Angeles, California, USA; Phoenix, Arizona, USA; Dallas, Texas, USA; Chicago, Illinois, USA, Buffalo, Young York, USA; Piscataway, Freshly Jersey, USA; Amsterdam, the Netherlands; and Frankfurt, Germany.


    VirMach icon
  • VPS Providers With Lots of Hosting Locations

  • EDIS

    Commercial Entanglement Web site

    EDIS is a hosting provider in Austria that offers hosting in 24 locations within 22 different countries. They bear a solid state report on network hosting forums similar LowEndTalk , Vane Hosting Talk , and Abject Goal Box , and their prices are identical affordable. For example, if you neediness to beat a VPS on Iceland - either for the privacy benefits or for the geographic reward of face of the earth placed between deuce john major continents to bring home the bacon debauched cargo times to both North America and Europe - your cheapest choice by army for the liberation of rwanda is EDIS. However, do bank note that to a greater extent than the data centerfield emplacement alone matters when talk astir jurisdiction. The hosting company's localisation is just as important. The nonpareil disadvantage with EDIS is that they don't enjoyment SSDs; they exclusively exercise HDDs.


    EDIS icon
  • Anexia

    Commercial World wide web Internet site

    Anexia is a hosting supplier based in Austria, and what sets them apart from the balance is that they fling 70 hosting locations in 45 different countries , application completely populated continents. If you motivation around genuinely alien locations, Anexia is one and only of the number 1 companies where you should aspect for them.
    There aren't that many reviews for Anexia, potential because it is a hosting provider that seems to be geared more towards enterprises than the general public. Despite this, it has been rated 4.7/5 based on 12 German exploiter reviews on Google Maps , 5/5 based on 6 German substance abuser reviews on Facebook , and 4.6/5 based on 5 German user reviews on Cloudtango ( Google Translate ).

    What I don't like about Anexia is that they don't display whatever prices for their hosting services and alternatively enquire you to become in contact with them for a pricing quote. This either agency that they are ineffective to anatomy a simple on-line pricing calculating machine or that they privation to clout close to gross revenue antic on you to maximise their profits. I'm going to stake on the latter.
    To citation Hacker News drug user desdiv:
    It's a funny domain when Elon Musk leave openly exhibit $90M to charge 6.4mT of your asshole into geosynchronous ambit [ 0 ] and all the same millions of businesses marketing things that are former armed forces to a lesser extent expensive and interahamwe sir thomas more fungible want you to contact our gross sales squad for a quote.


    Anexia icon

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