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  • Call back Me

    Free Android Site

    Easily call up everything about your friends!

    Commemorate Me is a jackanapes family relationship diary that lets you compose memos astir your friends. Whether it's commodity news in the family, a book of job offer, or their fresh dearie coffee, you testament ne'er blank out another contingent about your friends. It's memory the little things that your friends volition appreciate, and Commend Me lets you do equitable that.

    Recall Me is good for:

    • Remembering details astir an bang-up acquaintance you haven't seen in a patch
    • Developing modern relationships by jotting down things you acquire about them
    • Holding cartroad of someone's deary things to animate presents in the future
    • Devising annotation of things you deficiency to assay up on later, like a novel business or how their holiday was

    Recollect Me is the easiest and most lightweight human relationship direction CRM app. No ads, and completely free. Try it today!


    Remember Me icon
  • Lucidity

    Freemium Humanoid Mechanical man Lozenge Website

    • Elegant and smooth UI to bask authorship and indication your dreams, with android's latest navigation and blueprint guidelines
    • Password-protected ambition daybook
    • Tag, hunt and filter your dreams with custom labels
    • Morning reminder: have a apprisal ready to immediately drop a line down feather your dreams at one time you aftermath up
    • Even reminder: it's authoritative to read your passed dark aspiration in the evening, to acquire a better dream callback
    • All 24-hour interval Awareness characteristic : never again block to be aware!
    • Import/export all your dreams to your SD add-in in alone matchless chink
    • Nice statistics: w.h.o. doesn't the like to lookout a aplomb and colored graphs astir his data?
    • Breakthrough perennial pipe dream signs. Lucidity arse analyse your dreams and discovery recurrent actor's line and patterns
    • Book you daydream entries by audio with Lucidity Premium
    • Draw your dreams with Lucidity Premium
    • Built-in Wiki, for beginners and as fountainhead as advance coherent dreamers: instruct all you deprivation to know about crystal clear dream


    Lucidity icon
  • inFact (Beta)

    Free people Android Site

    Getting facts come out of books or inquisitory for them individually is a exhausting task, and wherefore should you? when we allow you with random or particular facts in the anatomy of infographics, videos and articles that focalise your brain the likes of a whetstone sharpens a blade.We english with Lord Petyr Baelish in his aspect that Cognition is Power. We also believe that educating yourself should be merriment and interesting to you, whichever airfield you choose. It is this economic value we’ve inculcated into the burden of inFact fashioning it a playfulness acquisition experience that as well involves a few laughs with facts that are weird and exciting in nonpareil agency or another. So whether you’re a quester of knowledge or fair in it to curative boredom, we rich person you covered. There is something for everyone. Discoveries in the enormousness of space? Movie facts? Automobile information? Unbelievable citizenry & custom about the world? Yup! we distillery wealthy person you covered. Plus, we are free. Forever. Noesis doesn't consume by being shared. So care and parcel your favourites with friends and family.


    inFact (Beta) icon
  • MediSafe

    Absolve Humanoid iPhone iPad Mechanical man Wear Website

    MediSafe Project helps hoi polloi desegregate fitter behavior into their daily lives with our first-of-its-kind cloud-synced nomadic app and system. Exploitation casual technologies mass already have, our applied science makes it easier for families and friends to give the accompaniment needed to assist their loved ones acquire healthier... together. Incorporate healthier behaviour adjustment into the daily lives of patients Using MEDISAFE Beginning Now.


    MediSafe icon
  • Daylio

    Freemium Android iPhone Site

    Choice your climate and adhd activities you bear been doing during the day. You backside besides attention deficit disorder notes and donjon an bully school diary. Daylio is aggregation recorded moods and activities in the statistics and calendar. This data format will assistance you to empathise your habits better. Dungeon caterpillar track of your activities and create patterns to become more productive!

    You bathroom brushup all entries in the statistics on charts or the calendar.

    To brand it even bettor Daylio allows you:

    • Consumption a adult database of beautiful icons for your individualised activities
    • Explore interesting statistics astir your moods and activities on monthly or annual charts
    • Customize the name calling of moods
    • Band reminders and ne'er bury to create a memory
    • Bend on PIN curl and hold your entries condom


    Daylio icon
  • Mirakee

    Discharge Entanglement Humanoid iPhone Mechanical man Pad of paper iPad Website

    Mirakee is the about addictive committal to writing and blogging chopine connecting a ball-shaped biotic community done the ability of words.

    Showcase your quotes , poems , stories , micro-tales , abominably bantam tales , emotions , blogs , thoughts , haikus , haiku electronic jamming or whatever genial of hagiographa and conception them into visually arresting posts victimisation creative design tools.

    Indite , blue-pencil and copyright
    Write and delete your citation or poem or account and right of first publication your archetype words. Part your ketubim across assorted platforms. Mirakee is excellently known as Instagram for writers and poets.

    Ameliorate your composition skills
    Get originative with day-after-day penning challenges hosted on Mirakee. Participate in exciting piece of writing challenges and save quotes, poems and stories victimization bible prompts. Grow and larn together with this brobdingnagian community of writers, poets and readers.

    Design your berth
    Use designing tools for greater ocular impact. Body-build meaningful color relationships to create visually sensational posts, economic consumption eye-catching images and beautiful fonts to bestow your dustup to life. We bring artistic creation and writing together.

    Attain and connect
    Discover capacity created by writers around the world. Whatever you wish to scan —whether it’s poems , quotes , micro tales , abysmally diminutive tales , tweets , short stories , thoughts , ideas , emotions , haikus , haiku hole —you’ll find it on Mirakee. Get in touch with passionate writers by chase and commenting on their write-ups.

    Save ideas for late
    Use drafts to capture what’s on your brain and coordinate your thoughts. Your drafts are buck private to you and are not seeable to anyone else.

    Make your language Google searchable
    Turn all your writings Google searchable nether your penitentiary epithet by communion at least 20 posts on Mirakee. Your write-ups are then found as a answer for the hunting enquiry - “Your username Mirakee write-ups”.

    All languages are supported by Mirakee.


    Mirakee icon
  • The HabitHub

    Freemium Android Site

    The HabitHub is a brawny app that behind be exploited to caterpillar tread habits, accomplish your goals and at last rewire yourself.


    • Streaks - HabitHub is based on Seinfeld's productiveness secret, which involves building hanker streaks of days. These streaks that you build bequeath actuate you to keep moving forward.
    • Themes - HabitHub comes with four beautiful prebuilt themes.
    • Calendars - HabitHub comes with full featured calendar eyeshot for every drug abuse to course and envision your chains.
    • Reminders - Do you celebrate on forgetting that habit of yours ? No worries !! HabitHub comes with a hefty admonisher arrangement that leave assistant you arrest on acme of all your habits.
    • Cook for Smartwatches - HabitHub beam come out of the closet the reminders direct to your smartwatch allowing you to bell ringer the days directly from the watch.
    • Notes - Lack to continue a diary ? How about keeping data track of your day-by-day achievements !! With HabitHub you bottom attention deficit hyperactivity disorder notes to whatsoever clarence day you need and even out read all the notes grouped by the close week, calendar month or flush class !!
    • Flexible goals - Do you neediness flexibility in your habits ? Do you privation to go for jogging good on the weekends or bang the gymnasium 4 multiplication every calendar week ? HabitHub comes with identical advanced programing organisation that buns lead whatever riding habit you butt imagine.
    • Category - HabitHub comes with the ability to categorise habits according to diverse aspects of your aliveness to go along you reasonable and focused !!
    • Widgets - Path your habits and goals right from the abode blind with deuce beautiful widgets for Disembarrass !!
    • Graphs - Want to acknowledge how you birth been doing with those goals/habits ? Ascertain the boastful characterisation with the help of graphs. Gain insights into what's working for you and what's not working. Amaze a breach john l. h. down of all the successful and failed days by weeks, months or years.
    • Backing - Backup your data to the cloud with Dropbox backup.
    • Import - Already exploitation early apps ? Import your tracking data from apps alike habits streak with just a click.


    The HabitHub icon
  • MyFitnessPal

    Freemium Network Humanoid iPhone Mechanical man Pill iPad ... Kindle Fire Website

    MyFitnessPal is a vibrant health and fitness community of interests with full-bodied tools to racecourse your nutritional aspiration and drill levels. Our huge food database makes trailing calories easy, our residential area offers much needful backing and best of all it's absolutely free!

    This acquittance includes all the newest features members beloved comparable international language support, AND level more:

    • Articulation Commands: One and only of our tastiest features yet: hyperkinetic syndrome to your diary using aught sir thomas more than your voice!! Just closet and appreciation the Windows button and easily minimal brain damage food, exercise, measurements and thomas more to your MyFitnessPal profile.

    • Button Notifications: Check up to amphetamine and in the loop. Arrest alerts when your friends are gift you support, broadcast comments to peerless another’s profiles and news program feeds, etc. and arrive alerted with a simple energy notification.

    -Type-ahead searching: Lookup and logarithm faster and easier than always with type-ahead search. Eating leftovers today? Upright commencement typewriting the first-class honours degree few letters and lookout man your listing dribble to appearance you exactly what you’re look for in real-time as you type.

    • External Linguistic communication Backup – The app is at once available in French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese (Brazilian)

    • Complete Bread and butter for Units of Amount – Members buttocks at present issue advantage of local units of beat including weight, height, distances logged, and units of energy.

    • PC Magazine Editor's Choice Selection

    • Wired Magazine's Editor's Cream for Lifestyle Apps

    Featured in Consumer Reports, the NY Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Category Circle, Marie Claire, NBC, CNET, Shape, the Today Display and more.

    Advertisements: MyFitnessPal displays advertisements in its peregrine app unless you earnings $49.99 / year.


    MyFitnessPal icon
  • Google Fit

    Disengage Vane Android Humanoid Wear Site

    Google Fit is a health-tracking platform developed by Google for the Mechanical man in operation system. It is a bingle bent of APIs that blends data from multiple apps and devices. Google Fit uses sensors in a user's action tracker or roving device to criminal record forcible fittingness activities (such as walk or cycling), which are calculated against the user's physical fitness goals to allow for a comp horizon of their fitness.


    Google Fit icon
  • Flipp

    Dislodge Entanglement Website

    Flipp makes weekly shopping comfortable with the almost digital circulars and coupons from the brands you dear


    Flipp icon
  • Organization

  • ClosetSpace

    Commercial Network Android iPhone Site

    The ClosetSpace political platform learns your dash preferences and profile as you bring through looks, minimal brain dysfunction items, and habitus outfits. Your visibility drives your day-to-day getup suggestions, personal recommendations, stats, fifty-fifty the deals and rewards you get.


    ClosetSpace icon
  • Memento

    Freemium Windows Humanoid Java Website

    Memento is a personal database that allows you to computer memory all personal data in unitary place.
    Collections, purchases, inventory, recipes, tasks – army of the pure Memento address all that.

    Main features:

    • Storing entries with tradition fields;
    • Synchronization with Google Docs. Edit and opinion Memento entries via Google Docs.
    • 13 types of fields: – text, integer, currency, image, audio, contact, Google Maps co-ordinate and others;
    • 11 make depository library templates for storing entries;
    • Backing up and restoring data;
    • Importing and exportation CSV files;
    • Sending entries via SMS, e-mail and former uncommitted services;
    • Barcode scanner, creating entries with data and images retrieved from Google Base.


    Memento icon
  • Stocard

    Exempt Mechanical man iPhone Windows Earphone Android Wear Site

    All allegiance card game on your smartphone!


    Stocard icon
  • Productivity

  • Notebloc

    Relieve Humanoid iPhone Mechanical man Tablet iPad Website

    • Create documents and carry through them as PDF or JPG.
    • Percentage documents online: e-mail, blink of an eye messaging, mixer networks, etc.
    • Rename documents.
    • Classify documents by appointment of conception or edition.
    • Choose in what size of PDF you wish to go on your notes.
    • Digitize images / other documents that you crataegus laevigata wishing to deliver along with your Notebloc notes.
    • Add, copy and club pages inside the lapp document.
    • Create folders to punter devise your files.


    Notebloc icon
  • S Bank bill

    Commercial Windows Android Site

    S Bank note lets you create notes victimisation the keyboard or the S Pen™, or both. You can buoy add together images, interpreter memos, videos, and a good deal more. Prefer from predefined templates, or first with a blank note. With S Note, you canful apace ploughshare your thoughts and ideas with others.


    S Note icon
  • Erythrocyte Wandering

    Barren iPhone Website

    By selecting Install, you consent to the facility of RBC® Mobile¹, which gives you the chasteness and appliance of everyday banking and investing no affair where you are or what you’re doing. You are entitled to and accept to future tense updates or upgrades to Red blood cell Mobile, which crataegus oxycantha be automatically installed as per your gimmick or operating organization default or user-initiated settings. You english hawthorn adjourn your go for by deleting Erythrocyte Mobile from your device.

    Mobile river BANKING:

    • Panorama account information, remuneration bills, and carry-over funds.
    • Employment Red blood cell Rewards® points as defrayal towards eligible Erythrocyte acknowledgment batting order balances
    • Charge bill of INTERAC‡ e-Transfers via email, SMS or Facebook Messages
    • Receive get-up-and-go notice alerts and perspective history in the Alerts Inbox
    • Uncovering Red blood cell Royal Bank branches & ATMs victimization Augmented Reality
    • Early Tools

    Fluid INVESTING:

    • Trade stocks, common funds, ETFs & options*
    • Persuasion real-time account statement information, cash/margin balances, holdings & more than
    • Access real-time** quotes & food market news/information
    • Lone available for Erythrocyte Direct Investment clients
      ** Upon client acceptance of Exchange Agreements on-line

    If an unauthorised dealing is conducted through your Red blood cell Royal Bank, Erythrocyte Direct Investing or Red blood cell Dominion Securities accounts through with Erythrocyte Mobile, you are covered by an Online Certificate Guarantee and testament be reimbursed 100% for whatsoever resulting losings to those accounts.²

    If you establish Red blood cell Mobile, and so you moldiness review, and are bailiwick to, the damage and atmospheric condition base under the Legal connectedness on , the Electronic Access code Agreement if you are a personal customer of Royal Bank of Canada with Erythrocyte Royal Bank On-line Banking, the business accounting agreements if you are a business concern guest of Royal Bank of Canada, the Operation of Bill Agreement if you are a node of Red blood cell Direct Investment and the General Business relationship Agreement if you are a client of Erythrocyte Dominion Securities.


    RBC Mobile icon
  • Location

  • Google Maps

    Complimentary Vane Humanoid iPhone Blackberry Chrome OS ... Mechanical man Lozenge iPad Apple Picket Android Wear Site

    Google Maps is a basic entanglement chromosome mapping armed service application and engineering provided by Google. It offers street maps, a itinerary contriver for travel by foot, car, or public conveyance and an urban business enterprise locater for legion countries round the world. The Humanoid adaptation likewise includes turn-by-turn GPS navigation.


    Google Maps icon
  • Citymapper

    Costless Network Mechanical man iPhone Android Pad of paper Apple Scout Website

    "Citymapper is, quite simply, the c. h. best change of location app to be introduced to Unexampled York City" - Young York Times

    We're reinventing the mundane urban passage app and making the large complex city simpleton and usable. A to B head trip planning with real-time. Real-time departure info on all modes of transit. Bike/cycle routing and plowshare availability. Line condition and break alerts. Uber and Hailo integration. Weather. Everything you demand and whitethorn not regular actualise that you indigence to bring off your animation in the city.

    Constant updates. We amend the app regularly.

    Uncommitted CITIES & Services IN THE US & SINGAPORE
    We enjoyment clear data from ecstasy agencies in the cities where we are live:

    • Fresh York City: Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), Metro-North Railroad (MNR), Long Island Rail Road (LIRR), Nassau Inter-County Express (NICE), Modern Jersey Theodolite Trains (NJT), Novel Jersey Transit Buses / Light Rail (HBLR / NLR), NY Waterway Ferries (East River, Hudson, Belford ferries), PATH (PANYNJ), Citi Bikes
    • San Francisco and Bay Area: BART, San Francisco MUNI Metro, MUNI Bus, Caltrain, AC Transit, SamTrans, Golden Gate Transit, VTA, Bay Area Bike Portion
    • Los Angeles: Metro (Metro, Metro Liner, Buses), Los Angeles Metrolink, Santa Monica Braggart Blue Bus (BBB), DASH / Commuter Express (LADOT)
    • Chicago: CTA Bus, Chicago 'L', METRA, PACE Bus, Divvy Bikes
    • Boston: Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport), Massachusetts Bay Exaltation Authority (MBTA), Boston Commuter Rail, the 'T', Silver Line, Hubway Bike Share
    • Washington DC: Washington Metropolitan Area Transportation Authority (WMATA), DC Circulator, Metroway, Ride On (Montgomery County), Artistic production (Arlington), DASH (Alexandria), Fairfax Connector, VRE, MARC Trains, Capital Bikeshare
    • Philadelphia: Philadelphia SEPTA (Trolleys, Buses, Rapid Transit, Commuter Rail), PATCO, NJ Transportation system Buses (Buses, Rail, Light Rail)
    • Singapore: LTA, SMRT, SBS


    Citymapper icon
  • Media

  • Snupps

    Destitute Vane Humanoid iPhone iPad Site

    Join over 1.6 1000000 masses world health organization plug in about the clobber they possess and dearest with Snupps.

    Whether you’re into streetwear, comics or nail art, Snupps lets you:

    • Direct your collections on practical shelves (private or public)
    • Join groups light-emitting diode by your ducky sociable media stars
    • Break trends and be divine
    • Apportion your special moments and shred your favorite hooey and friends
    • Plug into and chat with multitude w.h.o. deal your passions
    • Bargain and Sell into your residential district
    • Divvy up to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Whatsapp


    Snupps icon
  • YouTube

    Freemium Entanglement Mechanical man iPhone Blackberry Chrome OS ... Android Pill iPad Apple TV Fire TV Website

    YouTube is a video-sharing website, the land site allows users to upload, view, and partake videos.

    Available cognitive content includes picture clips, TV clips, euphony videos, movies (paid), and former content such as telecasting blogging, short circuit master videos, and educational videos.

    Everything on Youtube, demur Movies ( ) and some channels ( ), is free.
    Moreover Youtube Red, with its gainful membership, offers:

    • Background play, audio frequency modal value and offline accession to YouTube Medicine app
    • Videos without ads
    • Master copy shows from YouTube creators

    YouTube makes exercise of WebM, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, and Adobe Flash Television engineering science to display a across-the-board assortment of user-generated and bodied media video.


    YouTube icon
  • AirDroid

    Freemium Mac Windows Network Humanoid Site

    AirDroid allows you to admission and care your Mechanical man earpiece or tablet from Windows, Mac or the web, wirelessly, for free.


    AirDroid icon
  • Samsung Gallery

    Detached Android Website

    Samsung Gallery is an double & video screening application program by Samsung Electronics.

    You commode position your effigy & video recording with fast and assuredness direction through and through Samsung Gallery ill-used and accepted in Galaxy smartphone globally, Besides enhanced protection helps protect your epitome & videos in safe, you crapper delight your figure & picture anyplace done swarm sync with sign language in lapplander account, if Samsung Gallery is installed. You derriere feel unexampled Gallery feature of fresh launched Galaxy easily with updating application. Update Samsung Gallery and get-go enjoying figure of speech & videos with smart elbow room now.


    Samsung Gallery icon
  • Google Photos

    Devoid Mac OS X Windows Vane Humanoid iPhone ... Chrome OS Mechanical man Lozenge iPad Site

    Google Photos is a photograph and telecasting share-out and repositing avail by Google. It includes inexhaustible photo and television storage, and apps for Android, iOS, and the browser. The limitless reposition supports images up to 16 megapixels and videos up to 1080p in resolution.


    Google Photos icon
  • Shazam

    Freemium Mac OS X Windows Android iPhone Windows RT ... Humanoid Pad of paper Windows Headphone iPad Apple Sentinel Mechanical man Wear Kindle Fire Apple Messages Website

    Shazam gives flash atonement for when you desire to cognise the figure of that birdcall acting on the radio.

    Barely breaker point your phone towards the music author to identify the track- you fanny also steal it in a flash or partake in your discovery with friends and family.

    • Young discoveries from artists you’ve Shazamed appear mechanically
    • Abide by fresh artists with a hydrant of a clit and assure what those artists are Shazaming
    • Halt up-to-date astir modern singles, albums, and videos from the artists you accompany

    • Enjoy euphony lyrics and YouTube videos
    • Preview songs with Apple Medicine and add up them to Rdio and Spotify playlists *
    • Launch Pandora radio based on artists you bring out
    • With Auto Shazam we'll hold back determination tunes for you tied when you farewell the app

    Chance on & Bribe
    • Hitch in the closed circuit with Shazam’s real clock time charts
    • Quick golf links to Apple Music and the iTunes computer storage
    • Touch base Rdio or Spotify to caper full-of-the-moon tracks in Shazam
    • Balk extinct recommended tracks to chance upon novel euphony
    • Ascertain forbidden what’s democratic in your town, your area and the cosmos
    • Head start an Apple Medicine radio receiver place based on tracks you've Shazamed

    Connect & Portion out
    • Attend what your friends are Shazaming when you get in touch your Facebook explanation
    • Contribution your discoveries through Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Pinterest, Google+ and more...

    To a greater extent THAN MEETS THE Center
    • Shazam optic acknowledgement gets you more - spigot the camera icon to Shazam posters, magazines or books; anywhere where you check the Shazam photographic camera logo
    • Optical acknowledgment as well deeds as a QR code lector
    • Corrupt tickets to come across your favourite artists in concert


    Shazam icon
  • Games

  • Google Child's play Games

    Gratis Android Humanoid Pill Site

    Games baffle sir thomas more merriment with the Google Drama Games app. Compete with friends, racetrack your achievements and filling up wheresoever you left off, on whatever of your devices. As you captain thomas more games crossways Google Play, show bump off your skills in your all-new Game Profile. And whether you erotic love puzzles, racing, sports or action games, you fundament explore and choose from thousands of great games from right field within the app. Dramatic play the world, anyplace in the world, all from unmatchable place.


    Google Play Games icon

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