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Privacy-enhancing software I cartel / advocate

  • Peerio

    Free Mac Windows Linux Android iPhone ... Chrome OS Chrome Website


    • Chat & data file communion
    • Uses encoding to protect seclusion and certificate
    • Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile
    • Fountainhead featured free people adaptation
    • Clear author (therefore more trust-worthy)
    • Replaces: Slack and alike

    Slack doesn't protect your secrecy or protection because your chats there are not encrypted. That means Slack's admins arse ascertain your messages, and so backside whatever successful hackers if they acquire into their system. Peerio uses encryption, so alone intended content writers and recipients bathroom read the messages. And whatsoever hackers that brand it into their servers testament lone assure scrambled noise, and not your communication theory or files.


    Peerio icon
  • Inkdrop

    Commercial Mac OS X Windows Linux Android iPhone Website


    • Annotation pickings app
    • Uses markdown
    • Primarily for programers and hackers, but not lonesome
    • Uses end-to-end encryption to sync 'tween Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile. That makes it identical private, unlike e.g. Evernote
    • Responsive, friendly developer
    • Exchangeable to: Boostnote, Standard Notes
    • Possible alternate for Evernote, depending on your needs.

    Replacing Evernote is not comfortable for multiple reasons. These admit that it has a broad ambit of functionality and integrations. However, Evernote has john major disadvantages too, including having been hacked before, storing drug user data in a selfsame naif agency (to put option it mildly) and its outright disregard of Linux users.

    Inkdrop is a paid-for bank bill taking app that uses markdown (a simple direction of data format text), that behind also attach images to notes, cross-link notes and bring out them on-line to parcel with others. It's not as amply featured as Evernote (no time-based reminders or consolidation with Todoist or browser addon). But everyone's note-taking requirements are different and if you demand something that syncs between devices, respects your privacy, is much sir thomas more assure and handles text, code and images, this could be for you. It's also quite a brigham young product, so important additional functionality is likely to be added over the adjacent class or two.

    Programmers and hackers volition bask the fact that Inkdrop understands codification and colors it. It's also theme-able and is compatible with a figure of community-developed extensions.


    Inkdrop icon
  • Signal

    Absolve Mac Windows Linux Android iPhone ... Android Tablet iPad Chrome Website


    • Mobile river electronic messaging app
    • Beam your SMS messages as normal, but... if receiver also has Signal, your message is end-to-end encrypted (super concealment profits - it defeats batch surveillance by governments and hackers)
    • Discharge and open beginning
    • Easiest affair to use... always
    • Background clients (Windows, Mac and Linux)
    • Replaces: Your default messaging app, Google 'Allo, Whatsapp
    • Also consider: Whatsapp (better privacy than nothing, but in realism it uses the lapp coding as Signal with a worse implementation)

    Your SMS messages, like your emails, are the bailiwick of bulk surveillance by governments and hackers. Signal makes this a good deal less effective and even boodle it by exploitation a solid, well-designed encoding system. The app detects if your contact has Signal installed. If so, messages betwixt you will be end-to-end encrypted (only you and your intended recipient bottom interpret them). Otherwise, Signal acts the like convention SMS app. You can't lose.


    Signal icon
  • HTTPS Everywhere

    Disembarrass Windows Linux Android Android Tablet BSD ... Vivaldi Web browser Chrome Yandex.Browser Opera Chromium Firefox Website


    • Browser annex (Firefox and Chromium-based browsers, the likes of Chrome, Vivaldi, Opera)
    • Forces connections to websites to consumption the thomas more batten (and private) https protocol, where available.
    • Disengage and open air generator
    • Replaces: Nothing.
    • Also consider: Nothing. Stop considering and equitable adhd this to your browser.


    HTTPS Everywhere icon
  • VeraCrypt

    Dislodge Mac OS X Windows Linux Website


    • Veracrypt creates encrypted 'containers' for your files to fell them from anyone w.h.o. has forcible access to your computer.
    • Deeds on: Windows, Mac, Linux
    • Exempt and out-of-doors germ
    • Replaces: Nothing, really. Unique and amazing.
    • Also consider: Nothing comes close. Some of what VeraCrypt does buns be done using Cryptomator in a very express way. In reality, they accompaniment each early though.

    Veracrypt butt create encrypted containers for files or evening cipher unit arduous drives or USB sticks. This is so no single demur you buttocks outdoors and aspect the contents. It is built on the bang-up TrueCrypt project, which was rattling popular. Somehow citizenry are distillery recommending TrueCrypt (even though it's outdated), eventide though Veracrypt is newer, has had a issue of security audits and improvements and has had more than functionality added. It is an excellent, give up and surface informant labor campaign by academics in France.

    Enter a countersign and your mounted (opened) contained or campaign behaves fair care whatever former backbreaking disc on your arrangement (e.g. copy/paste files with no noticable lag.) You can buoy choose from assorted different (or even out multiple) encryption protocols. You canful flush create concealed containers so that you commode abnegate your secrets exist, level to authorities. Unity parole opens up a cause with boring files, a different password opens your secrets. No matchless crapper bear witness the nonpareil with secrets fifty-fifty exists. Real clever. (This is called "Plausible deniability" nether US law; learn about it on Veracrypt's webpage.)

    Veracrypt is for protecting information from nosiness eyes (e.g. so that no one and only derriere record it of your calculator is lost, stolen or confiscated) or if your kids go snooping on your computer. Know, however, that encrypted containers are not commodity for syncing data; for that you deficiency something wish Cryptomator (or a armed service comparable Tresorit, Spideroak or These and Veracrypt complement apiece other, so you fanny (and believably should) economic consumption both. Veracrypt full treatment on Windows, Mac and Linux (and belike BSD, I should imagine.)


    VeraCrypt icon
  • Tresorit

    Commercial Mac OS X Windows Linux Android iPhone ... Android Tablet Windows Phone iPad Blackberry 10 Website


    • Tresorit syncs files 'tween computers
    • Your files are encrypted so only you fundament e'er attend them on your devices (not regular Tresorit can)
    • Many other features (including share-out and 2FA)
    • Based in Switzerland
    • Expensive, but might be charles frederick worth it.
    • Industrial plant on: Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile.
    • Replaces: Dropbox, Google Drive,, SugarSync and similar...
    • Also consider:, SpiderOak and

    If you computer memory your files on Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Sugarsync or interchangeable service, they are seeable to employees of those services. They are also credibly trawled for diverse data that could identify, profile or tied accuse you. And they are stored in a elbow room that makes them vulnerable to hackers. What you want, is a 'zero-knowledge' service, corresponding, SpiderOak or Tresorit. (Or at least Cryptomator.)

    Tresorit are good. Expensive, but good. Servers in Switzerland, end-to-end/zero-knowledge encoding for all your files, accompaniment for Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile. 2-factor authentication. File coach integration. Sharing of golf links to files in a fashion the caller can't check the contents. Plus you hind end part encrypted 'Tresors' (folders, essentially) with teams, and for Business users, Tresorit offers dozens of chondritic control. Plus, the fluid app is a great deal better than SpiderOak's because you hindquarters upload from your mobile, which SO doesn't army of the pure you do.


    Tresorit icon

    Freemium Mac OS X Windows Entanglement Android iPhone ... iPad Website


    • Syncs files across devices.
    • Really like to Dropbox, but with waaaay to a greater extent privacy.
    • Kit and boodle on: Windows, Mac and mobile.
    • Relatively brassy
    • Replaces: Dropbox, Google Drive,, SugarSync and similar...
    • Also consider: Tresorit, SpiderOak or Cryptomator, depending on your needs.

    If you employment Dropbox (or similar) on Windows or Mac, you should electric switch to for privateness reasons. It's cheap and Identical Dropbox-like, but with end-to-end encryption added for seclusion and security. That means, unlike Dropbox, can't see, sell, escape or danger exposing your files. They also have a good nomadic app, but no Linux support. Early trustworthy companies in this food market are Tresorit and SpiderOak. Otherwise, arrest come out Cryptomator (which is free) for enjoyment with your existent cloud. At to the lowest degree do that.

  • Cryptomator

    Liberate Mac Windows Linux Android iPhone ... iPad Website


    • Cryptomator creates 'vaults' which computer storage encrypted versions of your files. The vaults you john synchronise victimisation cloud services (e.g. Dropbox or Google Drive) without risking your privacy.
    • Kit and caboodle on: Windows, Mac, Linux (and peregrine a bit)
    • Loose and afford origin
    • Easy to exercise
    • Replaces: encFS, Sookasa, etc.
    • Following best thing:, Spideroak or Tresorit, depending on your needs.

    Cryptomator is a free, give reference and easy-to-use app that adds a layer of AES encoding to your files for repositing in the cloud. Plant with whatsoever service. Thither are about bugs on Linux (particularly under KDE desktop environments, like Plasma), but that bequeath disappear at one time they electrical switch to victimization FUSE, which they are at once working on out. If you economic value your secrecy and keister pick out sole peerless matter from this list, this right would in all likelihood be my acme pick. Not least because of how easygoing it is to use. Maybe it would be arcsecond after Bitwarden.


    Cryptomator icon

    Release Network JavaScript Website


    Easily broadcast large files crossways the vane without anyone else's servers in the center storing your data. Open up source, gentle to use. Files are transfered exploitation SSL encryption. Both sender and recipient role should be online at the lapplander time.

    Also consider: Syncthing (especially if you rich person many files to transfer)

  • Buck private Internet Access code

    Commercial Mac Windows Linux Android iPhone ... iPad Tomato pfSense OpenVPN DD-WRT Website


    • Hides your internet action from prying eyes (internet avail provider, hoi polloi in Starbucks on spread Wi-Fis).
    • Whole caboodle on: Windows, Mac, Linux
    • Cheap, trusty and soon-to-be spread out sourced
    • Replaces: Former VPNs that don't deference your privacy.
    • Also consider: ProtonVPN

    f you don't function a VPN, which websites you sojourn and maybe what you eyeshot there is visible to hackers, administration agencies and your internet divine service provider. In the US, a late passed constabulary has allowed that information to be sold astir common soldier individuals. Your entire on-line browse account is a commodity. Your solitary bob hope is to graze the internet via a VPN (or, alternatively, Tor) so they can't gather that data in the commencement place. Luckily, it's not so concentrated to do.

    Private Internet Accession is of the selfsame few (perhaps only) VPN help to wealthy person had their servers confiscated (in Russia) and were found by the authorities Not to be storing their customers browsing records. That's worth A LOT of combine in the VPN world, and you should aspect for reasons to confidence a VPN companionship ahead you give them your money. Moreover, PIA are cheap, accept fast and authentic connections, a dead-easy-to-use client (especially on Mac and Windows) and... to capital it all off... they announced they leave unfold reservoir all their software package late in 2018. Extremely recommended!

    TIP: whichever VPN inspection and repair you use, go all over to and discharge the drawn-out test. If it finds whatever more than 1 server, you bear something called a DNS leak. You should register the assist or FAQ pages of your VPN provider for assistance on how to fixing that because it could compromise your privacy. Usually, the answer is simple.


    Private Internet Access icon
  • Joplin

    Relieve Mac Windows Linux Android iPhone Website


    • An incomplete but bright attack to exchange Evernote, the note-taking app.
    • Relinquish and assailable root
    • Whole kit on: Windows, Mac, Linux and roving
    • Replaces: Evernote, Google Keep, Zoho Notes, etc.
    • Future c. h. best thing: maybe... Laverna or Standard Notes, depending on your needs.

    Joplin is a free, candid source, cross-platform Evernote replacement. It's not (yet) full matured, but already it's quite a able and in all probability sir thomas more than enough for simpleton bank note fetching of the type, say, Bare Banker's bill offers. Joplin features Evernote importing, encryption, syncing via your alternative of service, todos and time-based reminders. Importation files to notes on Android seems to bring forth errors, but such things testament be ironed come out of the closet in time. Another absent characteristic is hunt by multiple tags at once.


    Joplin icon
  • bitwarden

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Entanglement Android ... iPhone Android Tablet iPad Self-Hosted Microsoft Edge Vivaldi Web browser Chrome Tor Browser Bundle Safari Opera Brave Firefox Website


    Bitwarden generates, stores and syncs your login details and passwords, a lot the like Lastpass.

    • Free, exposed rootage
    • Whole kit and boodle on: Windows, Mac, Linux, Chromium-based browsers, Firefox and wandering
    • Replaces: LastPass, Dashlane, 1Password
    • Also consider: KeePassXC if you want/can grip syncing your possess watchword databases some other away (e.g via

    If you're not using a word manager, you should be. And you should be victimisation a trustworthy, heart-to-heart seed one. That's because LastPass (for example) lavatory come across the domains you visit (because that character isn't encrypted). Bitwarden is easily the closest thing to LastPass in functionality and lots bettor in privacy. It's leisurely to use, syncs via a web browser addon (or bandstand alone app), supports 2-factor authentication, checks passwords against breaches/leaks, and the resign edition is highly functional. The gainful interlingual rendition is entirely $10/year.


    bitwarden icon

    Commercial Network Windows Mobile Android iPhone Android Tablet ... iPad Kindle Fire Website


    • Feature-rich email, calendar, contacts, notes and (simple) file cabinet reposition military service based in Germany.
    • Whole kit and caboodle on: online via browser or synchronize via e-mail customer (e.g. Thunderbird)
    • Doesn't assault your privacy, supports 2FA and PGP
    • Replaces: Gmail, Yahoo Mail (which you should cease immediately!),, GMX and so on...
    • Also consider: Protonmail (max. privacy), Tutanota (max. privacy), Fastmail (more features - except calendar search)

    If you habit Gmail and think it's "free", believe again. Google's business concern example is based on exploiting (selling) information almost you to advertisers, and in linking your search, emails, browse habits, Youtube views, mobile river data (location, texts), contacts, files in Google Drive, they birth thomas more on you than the Stasi would ever consume dreamed of. Oh, and they nates be compelled by the authorities to spring that clobber up. It's not free. You are the product. This has atrocious implications for privacy, freedom-of-speech and democracy. Therefore, earnings for your email, calendaring and contacts, and backing the mass world health organization don't manipulation such frightful business enterprise models. Many of these problems apply also to, Yahoo, GMX and whatsoever webmail given to you by your Internet Overhaul Provider, all of whom posterior (and quite an likely do) scan your emails, potty base on balls them onto others and so on. is Germany-based Gmail refilling with fully-featured (and searchable!) calendars, contacts, writer, sheets, PGP encryption backup (you prat even bring off your keys) and 2FA authentication, including Yubikey support. As a privacy-preserving service, it's somewhere between Fastmail and Protonmail. Not a badness berth to be. Assay it out.


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Glad to construe that your back! Deliver been lacking your comments / reviews. Nice that you base the heel feature!

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Thanks. Nice to be back.

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Well-researched, enlightening and ample name from a trustworthy source. Thumbs up, John!

Unitary question, on bitwarden's entry, you don't acknowledgment Encryptr. Do you hush commend it as a goodness countersign director alternative? Cheers.

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Encryptr meets approximately of my darling criteria: loose source and trade good encryption. (It's made by the common people at SpiderOak.)

However, Encryptr is very simple. It lacks two-factor assay-mark (2FA), so that makes it to a lesser extent condom (or as prophylactic as Bitwarden without 2FA on). You should bearing to experience 2FA if you can, especially for authoritative things. Encryptr has no web browser plugin, and so you feature to copy/paste your login certificate into a browser. Generally, it's not the charles herbert best approximation to give birth passwords stored in your copy/paste clipboard as, in principle, that could be show by mailcious apps.

I would allege that Encryptr is topper to recommend to masses w.h.o. are actually not exploited to victimization computers (e.g. my grandma); few apps are simpler. It's punter to have got than nothing, but it doesn't hold sufficiency features for me. But it's unblock (as in beer) and you privy good download it and caper with it for 10 minutes to control if it's for you.

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