Package for Privateness

Privacy-enhancing software I cartel / recommend. Browsers and their extensions, e-mail providers, VPN services, note-taking apps, passwords managers, backup, sync and encoding software package - to epithet equitable a few.

  • Browsers

    Browsers like Chrome and Safari are closed source. Chrome is popular, but is character of Google's wider efforts to undercover agent on users by recording a band of what you do online. You should choose an clear author browser that respects your seclusion more.

  • Mozilla Firefox

    Free Macintosh Windows Linux Android iPhone ... Humanoid Tablet BSD iPad Haiku Site

    Firefox is the most fully-featured open beginning web browser available. In belated 2017 an update increased the carrying into action of Firefox to brand it much faster than Chrome. Firefox is also the about configurable web-browser (via the about:config menu), and has a brobdingnagian figure of extensions. Almost importantly, it is not built from the background up to descry on you.


    Mozilla Firefox icon
  • Brave

    Free people Mack Windows Linux Mechanical man iPhone ... Android Tablet iPad Electron / Atom Shell Website

    Brave is a congenator of Chrome but reinforced from the basis up to protect your secrecy and anonymity. It's open air generator and has ad-blocking, tracking and fingermark aegis built in direct (check the "shields" menu). An excellent project.


    Brave icon
  • Tor Browser

    Absolve Mackintosh Windows Linux Humanoid OpenBSD Site

    Tor isn't the like a convention browser. It redirects your dealings done deuce-ace layers of servers, so that it's deathly difficult to tell where in the cosmos you are when you're accessing something online. Some websites are alone accessible through Tor. It's slow, but does a great bargain to protect privacy, as hanker as you abide by advice about how to consumption it wisely.


    Tor Browser icon
  • Web browser Extensions

    Near browsers bathroom have their functionality drawn-out to protect your concealment online. Hera are a few of the best.

  • uBlock Origin

    Discharge Macintosh Windows Linux Microsoft Edge Vivaldi Browser ... Chrome Safari Pale Moon Opera Chromium Firefox Website

    Websites cartroad everything you do and advertise to you all the time. uBlock Origin is a disengage and out-of-doors germ web browser annex (all john major browsers) that blocks all that stuff. Because it blocks ads from loading, you economic consumption less data (pay to a lesser extent for it too, perhaps) and the internet becomes faster. Developed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, w.h.o. battle for your on-line privacy rights, amongst early things.


    uBlock Origin icon
  • Cookie AutoDelete

    Dislodge Mack Windows Linux Mechanical man iPhone ... Android Tablet iPad Chrome Tor Browser Bundle Chromium Firefox Site

    Ascendance your cookies! Auto deletes fresh cookies from your closed in tabs patch holding the ones you want.


    Cookie AutoDelete icon
  • Decentraleyes

    Exempt Mackintosh Windows Linux Humanoid Mechanical man Tablet ... Chrome Pale Moon Opera Chromium Firefox Website

    Protects you against trailing through with "free", centralized, capacity delivery. It prevents a bunch of requests from arrival networks the likes of Google Hosted Libraries, and serves local files to donjon sites from breaking. Complements fixture cognitive content blockers.


    Decentraleyes icon
  • HTTPS All over

    Relieve Windows Linux Android Humanoid Tablet BSD ... Vivaldi Web browser Chrome Yandex.Browser Opera Chromium Firefox Site

    If you connect to a web site via htt p only, the traffic 'tween your calculator and that website is seeable to others. If you get in touch via http s , it travels encrypted and is identical unmanageable for exterior citizenry to espy on. Many websites rich person both options. This browser add-on ensures hypertext transfer protocol s is exploited wheresoever it's available. (Hint: http s connections commonly give acclivity to a little cat valium padlock symbol to the left of the internet site address in your browser.)


    HTTPS Everywhere icon
  • Hunt Engines

    Democratic hunting engines care Google and Bing! are outrightly hostile to privacy. Google's entire business example is based on transcription everything you lookup for to profile your life. They employment this data to make money through and through targeted advertising. As a result, they know more astir their users than a full-time person chase them about would. Beware in camera owned "free" services: you are their product. Here are about search engines that don't caterpillar track you. Don't acquire impatient also soon: they're not as accurate or personalized, but you can buoy acquire to combine them to exchange the likes of Google almost entirely.

  • StartPage

    Barren Entanglement Mechanical man iPhone Android Tablet iPad Web site

    Beginning page actually gives you Google results. They anonymize your searches so that Google doesn't acknowledge it's you that's searching. So overall: Google levels of accuracy, demur for anything that's location-based.


    StartPage icon
  • DuckDuckGo

    Complimentary Network Humanoid iPhone Mechanical man Tablet iPad ... Vivaldi Web browser Chrome Safari Yandex.Browser Opera Firefox Internet site

    DDG is a privacy-focused explore engine that does especially fountainhead for US- and Canadian users. They are huge champions of privacy, accompaniment many fantabulous privacy-related causes.

    If you deficiency a quick guide on what is damage with coarse look engines, wish Google, sojourn DuckDuckGo's possess pageboy on the issue over at


    DuckDuckGo icon
  • Searx

    Costless Linux Vane Self-Hosted Web site

    A meta look for locomotive (it aggregates results from former research engines). Free, open-source and doesn't caterpillar tread you or collect data that violates your privacy.


    Searx icon
  • Qwant

    Destitute Entanglement Internet site

    Qwant is an ambitious French labor to crack a Google seek alternative. It's buck private and shut source, but promises and seems not to course its users. It makes a solid contribution to the admixture of privacy-respecting hunt engines compulsory to interchange Google's power.


    Qwant icon
  • Electronic mail

    Gmail's business concern relies on marketing come out your privateness to advertisers (same as Facebook), they don't computer memory your data securely, and they don't backing encrypted emails because their business enterprise exemplar depends on being able to read them. [They army of the pure one-third company developers interpret them too]( If you enjoyment Gmail, you wealthy person no email privacy; quite the opposite. Bumpkin are fair as badness in another way: [all 3 1000000000 of their accounts were exposed for years]( and Chawbacon did nothing even to alarm its users to alteration their password. [Gmail, Hayseed and Outlook also comply with administration surveillance](; they canful be constrained to spring away your emails and other common soldier data and can't evening william tell you about it. Such services are not "free"; they are component of a surveillance apparatus ill-used for their private earnings and authorities catching on individual individuals. You earnings with your privacy. Hither are approximately alternatives that assist against this.

  • ProtonMail

    Freemium Network Android iPhone iPad Web site

    A Swiss netmail armed service that encrypts your inbox so that governments, hackers and not eventide Protonmail themselves commode ascertain it, bargain it, exercise it to visibility you or sell it to others. You crapper beam encrypted emails to both Protonmail and non-Protonmail users (the latter via pre-agreed passwords). Beingness based in Sweden puts PM outside US and EU law, import they can't be forced to springiness up any drug user data to outsiders without Swiss court approval - an duplicate degree of assurance inspiring protection. PM offers 1GB detached accounts. Gainful users arrest to function their have domains and Bridge , a Windows, Macintosh and Linux app that lets you synchronise your emails locally to an e-mail client (e.g. Thunderbird , so you john hunting it and back it up.


    ProtonMail icon
  • Tutanota

    Devoid Personal Vane Humanoid iPhone iPad Internet site

    A German electronic mail avail that encrypts your inbox so that governments, hackers and not even out Protonmail themselves lavatory assure it, steal it, habit it to profile you or betray it to others. You potty broadcast encrypted emails to both Tutanota and non-Tutanota users (the latter via pre-agreed passwords). Maybe Tutanota's best characteristic is their search: contempt the privacy-enhancing encryption, you privy distillery lookup your emails by body text. Amazing.


    Tutanota icon

    Commercial Entanglement Windows Mobile Mechanical man iPhone Android Tablet ... iPad Kindle Fire Web site

    Feature-rich email, calendar, contacts, notes, (simple) data file repositing and fifty-fifty document processing based in Germany. Email encryption (via PGP), 2-factor assay-mark (inc. Yubikey) makes it a in particular attractive service. You arrive the choice whether you computer storage your encoding keys or they do. Enormously sir thomas more intimate than the likes of Gmail, but not as assure as Protonmail. An first-class compromise.

  • Electronic messaging Apps

    When you charge a formula SMS content from your phone, it travels done the air travel in champaign text. Everyone from your ISP or mobile river earphone provider, the fluid earpiece mast owner (or those world health organization establish fake nomadic headphone masts - a immense industry), hackers and governance agencies, stool intercept your school text and attend w.h.o. is talk to whom and what about. Apps alike Snapchat, Google's "Allo" and so on licence their parent companies to aspect messages between hoi polloi to. Their servers throne be hacked, and the content of the messages revealed that way. Governments tin can also subpoena companies comparable Google to afford them entropy on what messages bear been exchanged. The answer is encrypted messaging apps. Hera are the best.

  • Signal

    Gratis Mack Windows Linux Humanoid iPhone ... Mechanical man Tablet iPad Chrome Internet site

    A free, open-source agency to commit end-to-end encrypted SMS messages, pics and voicemails via mobile, Windows, Mackintosh or Linux. You instal it and blank out astir it, but batch surveillance programs can't scan the messages you send. If you heard that WhatsApp is encrypted, you're right: they do it exploitation Signal's protocol. Except that Signal implement it in a a good deal thomas more batten way.


    Signal icon
  • Slack replacements

    Slack enables teams to commune with centering netmail doesn't provide. But Slack isn't private: the messages aren't encrypted: Slack toilet translate the messages, so dismiss hackers world health organization breach their servers and so displace the US government, w.h.o. fire effect Slack to apply them info on what Slack users say. Encryption is the answer. Here are the _encrypted_ Slack alternatives for your team.

  • Stackfield

    Freemium Network Web site

    Based in Germany, Stackfield offers end-to-end encrypted Slack-type functionality. They can't understand what your squad is discussing, can't break it aside and even successful hackers won't be able-bodied to shuffle capitulum nor after part of it. Stackfield is commodity for communion messages, files and evening calendaring across projects. Their backup faculty are also selfsame responsive.


    Stackfield icon
  • Peerio

    Freemium Macintosh Windows Linux Android iPhone ... Chrome OS Chrome Internet site

    An open-source, end-to-end encrypted (private/secure), affordable Slack-type direction to chat via chatrooms/channels, bring off team projects, parcel files, etc. Available on Windows, Mac, Linux and Mobile. Well-featured gratuitous version.


    Peerio icon
  • Password Managers

    You should be using a passwords manager. You passwords should be long and very complex and ne'er based on dictionary words. Password managers assistance you commemorate these so you don't birth to. But because of the certificate implications, you deprivation the nearly trustworthy password direction software program possible. That means departure outdoors source. Popular solutions corresponding LastPass, deliver all kinds of problems. For a commencement LastPass doesn't cipher the area name calling their users experience accounts with, which substance they force out be profiled. Hither are are the c. h. best password managers I bang (and use!) that deference your privacy, not good your security.

  • Bitwarden

    Freemium Mack Windows Linux Vane Humanoid ... iPhone Mechanical man Tablet iPad Self-Hosted Microsoft Edge Vivaldi Browser Chrome Tor Web browser Bundle Safari Opera Brave Firefox Web site

    A free, open-source, end-to-end encrypted password coach with firm features and that syncs your passwords, notes, attachments betwixt devices, including mobile. It's easily the charles herbert best LastPass-like service, exclude that it encrypts everything, which LastPass does not. Bitwarden is comfortable to use, supports assorted 2-factor authentication methods and has ripping browser plugins. The developer is exceedingly responsive. The nonrecreational adaptation is lone $10/year, which means it's better economic value than LastPass, Dashlane and the others. Bitwarden is an absolutely splendid offering.


    Bitwarden icon
  • KeePassXC

    Innocent Mackintosh Windows Linux Internet site

    The topper cross-platform, open-source, offline background password director (if you lack sync, you feature to manipulation some other service, similar Tresorit or Spideroak). Rattling coherent experience crossways Windows, Macintosh and Linux and compatibility wtih several peregrine apps.


    KeePassXC icon
  • Encryptr

    Liberal Mack Windows Linux Android iPhone ... iPad Web site

    An open-source and loose password handler by the mass behind SpiderOak. It syncs your database 'tween Mac, Windows, Linux and mobile. It's also real simple and really easy to use. This is the password manager to commend to masses world health organization aren't as well comfortable victimisation computers, perhaps.


    Encryptr icon
  • 2-Factor Certification

    Normally, you case in your username and password to amplification access to nigh online accounts. A malicious hacker's book of job is to anatomy come out of the closet what these are. The username is easy: these days, 90% of the clock time it's your e-mail address, and that's almost fiddling to conjecture or steal. The password is harder, but not that a great deal harder: if you don't purpose something strong, you're at risk. (Hint: role a password managing director - check above.) But here's the thing: your username and password are things you KNOW. A arcsecond floor of protection would be something you Give birth (that a drudge wouldn't have). Options include: a phone app that generates a alone code on YOUR sound (and no single else's), or a forcible object that generates unique, one-time passwords for you (e.g. a Yubikey). This is called "2-factor authentication", or 2FA (2 factors = something you be intimate and something you have.) For security, you should have got 2FA enabled for as many of your accounts as you can. Below, I listing the to the highest degree trusty options for 2FA for securing your on-line accounts with level best convenience.

  • YubiKey

    Commercial Windows Linux Humanoid Mechanical man Tablet Internet site

    A small USB device that plugs into your computer. There's nothing to install: you just closet a button when asked and it delivers a singular codification put-upon to authenticate you when logging into many different websites and services (including Gmail, Fastmail,, Facebook, Bitwarden, LastPass, Dashlane, Tutanota, Keepass, MS Windows, Linux). Extremely durable and easygoing to use. Virtually services admit you to configure multiple Yubikeys (a good idea), you give notice usage the lapp Yubikey for different services and you give the axe eventide part them with sure multitude (in boldness you lose it). It's a brainy elbow room of improving your online security.


    YubiKey icon
  • FreeOTP

    Free Android iPhone Humanoid Tablet iPad Web site

    If you usance Google Authenticator on your phone, wherefore not use of goods and services this surface informant app instead? It does the lapplander thing, but doesn't come from that nasty, privacy-disrespecting company. Deeds the saame in all early respects, however.


    FreeOTP icon
  • Backing & Synchronize

    Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Sugarsync, iCloud, are bailiwick to bulk surveillance, and at least Google's case, shuffling money from trawling through your buck private content for information to visibility you and deal to advertisers. Where testament that data be in 20 years? W.h.o. volition accuse you, dox or blackmail you or addition your indemnity premiums based on what they know? The fashion to forbid this is to arrest lease others access, eyeshot and analyse your files. Do this with time-proven coding and do it today.

  • Cryptomator

    Free people Mackintosh Windows Linux Mechanical man iPhone ... iPad Internet site

    Cryptomator creates and encrypted edition of your data in a "vault", which you sync to the cloud victimization any divine service you like (even Dropbox or Google Drive). You give the sack bring forth many such vaults and utilisation them with different services, as you like. On your computer, they are ordinarily locked in a manner that makes them inaccessible to anyone without the password. Cryptomator is free, afford origin and uses time-tested, authentic cryptography. It's the easiest means to adhd seclusion to your existent service.


    Cryptomator icon
  • Tresorit

    Commercial Macintosh Windows Linux Android iPhone ... Humanoid Tablet Windows Speech sound iPad Blackberry 10 Web site

    A Swiss, Dropbox-like help that syncs your files crosswise Windows, Mac, Linux and roving with zero-knowledge encryption, 2-factor authentication, and hard features. It's expensive but might be charles frederick worth it; even out Tresorit cannot come across your data and it doesn't baby-sit on their servers in any mode that a hack could arrive at common sense of, fifty-fifty if they did breach in. The technical carrying out of Tresorit's security is particularly impressive, and higher-up to upright about any former inspection and repair I know.


    Tresorit icon

    Freemium Mack Windows Entanglement Mechanical man iPhone ... iPad Internet site

    A Canadian, military service that identical a lot resembles Dropbox and its functionality. It uses end-to-end encoding to allow waaay more than secrecy than you become from Dropbox, Google Drive,, Sugarsync, iCloud, etc. Full treatment on Windows, Mackintosh and wandering (not Linux). Attractive pricing.

  • VPN and DNS

  • Common soldier Internet Access code

    Commercial Macintosh Windows Linux Android iPhone ... iPad Tomato pfSense OpenVPN DD-WRT Web site

    What: A VPN provider. Makes your on-line browse lots to a greater extent anonymous.
    Why: Without a VPN, your ISP (internet company) knows everything you do online and put up data track and trade info astir your every move. In the US it became effectual in 2017 for ISPs to profile their customers and sell their private data to the highest bidder . So if you searched for "nasty rash", every adman extinct there might bonk that. Exploitation a trustworthy VPN will dungeon that selective information from your ISP. Individual Internet Accession are unity of the well-nigh trusty forbidden thither (for besides many reasons to acknowledgment here), they don't hold logs and in 2018 hold promised to give reference their code. They are also cheap. A goodness alternate is [ProtonVPN].( )


    Private Internet Access icon
  • ProtonVPN

    Freemium Mack Windows Linux Humanoid iPhone Internet site

    What: A Swiss VPN overhaul campaign by the common people behindhand ProtonMail. It's on the costly side, but it's matchless of the better, more trustworthy services kayoed there (important!) and you beget a bank discount if you bribe it with a agio ProtonMail account.
    Why? A VPN helps you keep your internet action concealed from the nosiness eyes of ISPs, world health organization sack betray it (in the US), or be strained to cave in it away to governments w.h.o. need to visibility their citizens. If you're not using a VPN, your ISP knows everything about what you do online. A VPN send away also be secondhand to appear as though you're in a different country, which terminate be useful for going around location-based restrictions.


    ProtonVPN icon

    Absolve Mackintosh Windows Linux Network Windows Mobile ... Mechanical man iPhone Blackberry Chrome OS Windows S Android Tablet BSD Windows Telephone iPad Blackberry 10 Apple TV Playstation Roku Xbox Web site

    What: A DNS service. When you character in " " , it figures knocked out how to convert that into computer address and plug in you to it.
    Why: are owned by Cloudflare. Their applied science makes blaze fast. Moreover, if you don't utilization them, you're victimisation either Google's DNS servers or the DNS provided by your internet company. In that case, everything you search for is existence tracked and bathroom be sold to advertisers . Cloudflare hope to blue-pencil all records of what you've been doing on-line inside 24 hours and never to deal it. Oh, and it's free, barely construe the book of instructions page:

  • Annotation pickings

  • Cryptee

    Freemium Vane Chrome OS Internet site

    What: An encrypted, zero-knowledge productiveness app that's astir as trade good as Evernote for florida key note-taking functionality, but with often sir thomas more security department and privacy.
    Why? Because Evernote, OneNote and their ilk don't depot exploiter data in a batten down enough or privacy-respecting way, are nether the jurisdiction of the National security agency and Federal bureau of investigation world health organization can buoy subpoena ad testificandum your notes and data without apprisal you, and because they don't fling Linux clients. Cryptee offers a caboodle already, and it's lonesome selfsame bracing to the game. Assay it out!


    Cryptee icon
  • Standard Notes

    Freemium Macintosh Windows Linux Entanglement Humanoid ... iPhone Chrome OS Mechanical man Tablet iPad Self-Hosted Web site

    Open up source, markdown-based bank bill taking that syncs to desktop and mobile. Crucially, your notes are encrypted with a password only you have, so Standard Notes, governments and hackers can't read them. The paid interlingual rendition allows you to broaden functionality through with a development tilt of add-ons.


    Standard Notes icon
  • Boostnote

    Discharge Mack Windows Linux Android iPhone ... Humanoid Tablet Internet site

    What: A very promising, multi-platform, open-source (and free!) markdown-based note-taking app.
    Why? On Mac, Windows and Linux, Boostnote stores your data in any booklet you designate, which you canful then synchronise victimization whichever religious service you the like (see at a lower place for syncing software). So you commode receive your notes everywhere, exploitation end-to-end encryption. It also has tagging, blink of an eye search, cross-note golf links and computer code highlighting. It's open-source, trusty and developing quickly. Syncing to mobile river inevitably development, but Boostnote is the outdo note-taking app I cognise so far.


    Boostnote icon
  • Disc encryption

  • VeraCrypt

    Disengage Mackintosh Windows Linux Web site


    • Veracrypt creates encrypted 'containers' for your files to fell them from anyone w.h.o. has physical admission to your computer.
    • Industrial plant on: Windows, Mac, Linux
    • Dislodge and spread reservoir
    • Replaces: Nothing, really. Unequaled and amazing.
    • Also consider: Nothing comes close. Around of what VeraCrypt does crapper be done using Cryptomator in a rattling express way. In reality, they accompaniment each other though.

    Veracrypt john create encrypted containers for files or even code unit arduous drives or USB sticks. This is so no nonpareil leave off you lavatory spread out and horizon the contents. It is reinforced on the bang-up TrueCrypt project, which was real popular. Somehow people are hush recommending TrueCrypt (even though it's outdated), evening though Veracrypt is newer, has had a issue of security measure audits and improvements and has had thomas more functionality added. It is an excellent, exempt and unfold root project discharge by academics in France.

    Enter a password and your mounted (opened) contained or drive behaves exactly the likes of any early backbreaking disk on your arrangement (e.g. copy/paste files with no noticable lag.) You potty choose from diverse different (or eventide multiple) encoding protocols. You privy even out create hidden containers so that you stool abnegate your secrets exist, fifty-fifty to authorities. One and only password opens up a driveway with boring files, a different password opens your secrets. No peerless throne bear witness the unitary with secrets even exists. Really clever. (This is called "Plausible deniability" under US law; interpret about it on Veracrypt's webpage.)

    Veracrypt is for protecting data from prying eyes (e.g. so that no unmatchable tin can scan it of your computing device is lost, stolen or confiscated) or if your kids go snooping on your computer. Know, however, that encrypted containers are not adept for syncing data; for that you neediness something care Cryptomator (or a robert william service wish Tresorit, Spideroak or These and Veracrypt complement apiece other, so you toilet (and believably should) apply both. Veracrypt kit and boodle on Windows, Macintosh and Linux (and belike BSD, I should imagine.)


    VeraCrypt icon
  • File carry-over

    Demand to direct files from unmatched computing machine to another beyond what your synchronize serve offers? The francis scott key to protecting your concealment is to employ encryption and combine as few the great unwashed between the deuce computers in the conveyance as possible. Hera are close to options.


    Relieve Network JavaScript Internet site

    What: Barren and open-source path to get off large files to some other person in private without anyone else's servers in the center storing your data. Both sender and receiver should be online at the saami time.
    Why: Gentle to use, allows bigger files than email, makes it difficult for anyone else to control what you are sending. Files are transfered victimisation SSL encryption.
    Also consider: Syncthing (especially if you suffer many files to transfer)

  • Syncthing

    Complimentary Mack Windows Linux Mechanical man Android Tablet ... BSD Self-Hosted Cloudron Web site

    Install on deuce devices, and eccentric in the codes. And so delay a bite whilst it comes to its senses. Once it's ready, you dismiss transfer files betwixt the deuce devices at identical fast speeds (I got up to 90 MB/s on my possess Wi-Fi network, but you displace do it 'tween deuce computers in different locations. The file cabinet transfer of training is encrypted by SSL. Syncthing is free, assailable rootage and multi-platform, although it's selfsame more or less counter-intuitive for beginners. But not in a room that should block you nerve-racking it.


    Syncthing icon

When pick an app, any app, ask out yourself:

  • How is this paying for? Am I gift aside my personal data in central for what I'm getting?
  • How do I cognize to confidence these people? Is the code candid source? Has it been audited?
  • How is my data stored with the service? In encrypted format? If so, am I the sole unrivaled world health organization has the keys (is it "zero knowledge" or "end-to-end encrypted"?)

Comments on Software system for Privacy

· Jun 2018 · Helpful Not helpful 3 Helpful Report as junk e-mail

I was very yearn blown in answering you the first-class honours degree time. Think of it alike this: is a massive security measures and privateness advance all over Dropbox.

It's comparable this: If is lying, they're oblation you the same security system as Dropbox when they are notification the truth. If is recounting the truth, you're Style bettor bump off than with Dropbox. Therefore, is a practically punter pick for both seclusion (the caller can't sight on your files) and surety (they can't miss your clobber to former people).

So I would bring, bring forth disembarrass of Dropbox and motility on to attain improvements in other departments. (e.g. email, VPN, blockage victimization Chrome, bugger off web browser add-ons, Skype replacements, and so on).


· Mar 2018 · Helpful Not helpful 2 Helpful Report as spam

Glad to date that your back! Sustain been absent your comments / reviews. Nice that you found the lean feature!

[Edited by Ola, March 25]


Thanks. Nice to be back.

· Jun 2018 · Helpful Not helpful 2 Helpful Report as junk e-mail

Hi browsingandstuff,

Your doubt concerns deuce things: to what extent we should act on secrecy and, more than specifically, how beneficial is for your privacy?

Army of the righteous me issue first. You're right: it's not exposed source. Ideally, it would be, so that everyone could audit their code, which is the first seed of trust. However, how 'good' for your concealment depends on early things. So whilst it doesn't account heart-to-heart source points, it dozens adult in former departments. Assuming you fire corporate trust what they say, chip in you zero-knowledge encoding for your files. That substance files they backup/sync for you are visible solitary to you. Not them. That's a GIGANTIC betterment compared to services corresponding Dropbox, Google Drive, Sugarsync, OneDrive and so on. The precept in arrears this is that's computer software encrypts your hooey on your computer, with a password that Entirely you have. They don't have it. Dropbox and those other guys, by contrast, cypher your material on their servers with a headstone that they have. And force out share. And so they give notice aspect at and suffer your stuff, or be constrained to collapse it away to governing authorities. So don't grade boastful on faith (which is not to allege they're fabrication to you), but they grievance braggart on the Framework that they use, and that's a bragging advantage complete these early companies citizenry normally go with. So compared to Dropbox, are hugely preferable.

But at once comes the harder affair to consider. rich person clients for Windows and Mackintosh only. Not Linux and BSD. And Windows and Macintosh are proprietary, closed-source in operation systems. That means you can't balk what they're doing to your data. Because of this, it's Possible that, whilst is protecting you to the easy lay with their capital encryption model, your operating organisation is leaking data left, right and center astir what files you're storing. That give the axe bechance in many ways. For a start, Microsoft or Apple could be keeping a book on what package you've got installed on your machine, including that you wealthy person Microsoft has also an dead disgustful drill in Windows of keylogging, by default, EVERYTHING you type . And yep, that includes that all-so-secret password you're exploitation for You give the sack electric switch dispatch the keylogger in the privacy settings, but how do you do it they are actually shift it off? You can't bank check the codification (Windows isn't loose source), and maybe US law-enforcement told them to keylog anyhow the inputs from hoi polloi w.h.o. bear installed. After all, maybe those are the mass nerve-wracking to hide something with encryption. Accompany my drift? Apple are no to a greater extent trustworthy. Hardly a brace of days ago, their Screen background explore locomotive engine reported everything you searched for backbone to Bing (a Microsoft product!). More recently, that's asleep to face of the earth a Google coaction .

So at present I birth you worried.

Because you're considering I experience you're a Windows or a Mack substance abuser (or both). Are you wagerer murder using than, say, Dropbox? Absolutely. Does it protect you from the rattling nature of your operational system? No. Not at all.

I don't fuck your electronic computer or privateness requirements. I would always impulse you to ditch Apple and Windows in favor of Linux, if you can. I get it on that, for respective reasons, not everyone is capable to do this. (I deliver this problem at work, for example.) Ultimately, is a fairly priced service that encrypts your data and that alone makes it miles ameliorate than Dropbox. Commit them your money, not Dropbox.

It's something similar this:
Win/Mac + Dropbox < Win/Mac + < Linux/BSD + a proprietary service of process (e.g. SpiderOak) <<< Linux/BSD + an overt author servicing

Ok. So what about the Canada thing, right? Is it a problem? Well, I can't make-believe to be a lawyer. But I reliance in math very much sir thomas more than in laws. Laws put up be bent, mathematics (read: dear encryption) can't. That's the burden of it. It "feels" to non-experts that US-based businesses moldiness be the worst for privacy, but actually, thither are US pentateuch that allow US agencies to sleuth on the data of alien (non-US) nationals but not US nationals. That puts data in Canada at greater risk. But it applies the sami to Iceland and Switzerland too. On the former hand, Canada volitionally participates in the Five Eyes program, so mayhap your data isn't safer there than it would be in the US anyway. I dead reckoning what I'm stressful to articulate is that jurisdictions mean much less than encryption.

Peradventure you're inquisitive what I use.

I use: Linux as my OS and Tresorit as my syncing service. It's not perfect. Tresorit is not receptive beginning and it's abominably expensive. But it's hosted in Switzerland and they bread and butter Linux. Now, I get laid that's an expensive answer and I believe that won't employment for everyone. What if I had to buzz off cheaper? I would go with Linux + Mega OR Linux + SpiderOak. If I HAD to control stick with Windows ( chill ) I would consider as effective ad Tresorit, leave out for the legal stuff, which I call back is a child consideration.

I bob hope that helps. Lashkar-e-taiba me have a go at it if you indigence any thomas more particular assistant or clarity from me. Glad to hear you're fetching your seclusion into your have hands!


· Apr 2018 · Helpful Not helpful 1 Helpful Report as spam

Well-researched, enlightening and ample leaning from a trustworthy source. Thumbs up, John!

Unrivalled question, on bitwarden's entry, you don't citation Encryptr. Do you still recommend it as a estimable password coach alternative? Cheers.

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Encryptr meets just about of my darling criteria: undecided generator and expert encryption. (It's made by the folk at SpiderOak.)

However, Encryptr is real simple. It lacks two-factor hallmark (2FA), so that makes it to a lesser extent condom (or as prophylactic as Bitwarden without 2FA on). You should bearing to experience 2FA if you can, peculiarly for authoritative things. Encryptr has no browser plugin, and so you feature to copy/paste your login certificate into a browser. Generally, it's not the outflank approximation to give birth passwords stored in your copy/paste clipboard as, in principle, that could be translate by mailcious apps.

I would aver that Encryptr is scoop to commend to masses world health organization are genuinely not used to victimisation computers (e.g. my grandma); few apps are simpler. It's amend to have got than nothing, but it doesn't hold sufficiency features for me. But it's costless (as in beer) and you sack just now download it and caper with it for 10 minutes to determine if it's for you.

Thanks so a good deal for the through and through answer. I've been victimization Encryptr for a piece directly but I'm also lacking more or less of the features you mentioned, especially on mobile. I'll by all odds expression into your other suggestions, then! Cheers.

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Hello John,

As common a really arrant and educational response, give thanks you!

Yes, I'm exploitation Windows, and yes, I've been using Dropbox for quite a or so meter now. I privation to change that. But it seems the more than you understand astir it the harder it gets to bring in a decision, with so many things to consider. I've been questioning excessively about area jurisdictions and at last I receive to accord with you: your money should go where book of numbers are solid. On the early bridge player at roughly breaker point you are precisely going away to suffer to trust on individual else and payoff their bible for it, there's properly no way of life about it, and so again it becomes in truth concentrated to build the right field choice. Regarding is scarce a chip foreign to me that they would undefendable up their germ computer code in the web browser but not in their desktop/mobile clients. I'm not an expert in the case and I'm certain thither must be a full cause for it, but the right smart I face at this is like building trustfulness on mismatched ground.

In any case is constantly honest to have intercourse that there is an alternative evening if you sustain to oeuvre a short harder to capture to it. I really appreciate all the attempt you are putt into devising this list, commenting and explaining so clear this typecast of things that go concluded our heads for the most of us. Cheers!


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I have tested Joplin. I call up it's a honorable app. I had it in this list before, but choose But there's nothing legal injury with Joplin.

Calendaring is something I am so angry about, you rich person no idea. Perfectly no privacy-oriented serving provides a fully-featured, synced calendaring option, despite it organism the back-bone of many people's on-line piece of work flow. The closest matter victimised to be Countermail's calendar, which was zero-knowledge encrypted and built into their webmail interface. Then, inexplicably, they distant that afterward some UI "improvements".

Both Tutanota and Protonmail wealthy person been bright an encrypted calendar affair for a identical farseeing metre , for the most part in answer to client demand. Tutanota have, class afterwards year, postponed the developing of their calendar , always prioritising former features. Users thither are selfsame distressed astir it. Protonmail call to bear started study on their encrypted calendar with no book on what features it is to have. They claim they'll acquittance an early interpretation at the close of 2018. The break between debut "Gmail replacement" services and offer a intimate calendar ought to be narrow, but it seems the geeks working for these services favor workings on other things first.

So what's left?

There are exclusively a few options I have it away that eventide ejaculate close to altering the privacy-calendar problem. About of these sync betwixt platforms victimisation their possess app (e.g. Fastmail), others bank on third-party open-source apps: you'll birth to explore this yourself.

  • EteSync : encrypts and syncs your phone's contacts and calendars by adding and encoding layer that kit and caboodle seamlessly in the background.
  • Posteo : A German encrypted electronic mail provider that also provides a calendar with their service, although approximately features (e.g. publication online and subscribing to public calendars is missing)
  • : A French encrypted email supplier that provides calendaring. (Imagine that!). It's not as amply featured as Google calendar, but it's a start.
  • : Another German netmail provider. They optionally encipher emails, and not the calendar. But at least, unlike Google, they don't crop your data for profit.
  • : An Australian e-mail companionship - not encrypted - that offer a very impressive ambit of features. Again, they don't encrypt, but they don't harvest your data, either. This is the nearest thing to Google Calendar I have it off ko'd thither that has any color of secrecy to it. The calendar is majuscule in all omit single respect: it's missing a look function. But the Humanoid app is fantastic, and it bequeath synchronise to your Apple calendar.
  • NextCloud : Nextcloud is an open-source, full features cortege of tools intended to put back Google. It's not encrypted (although you send away enable electronic mail encryption). The options are to corrupt a hosted bundle or put in it on your have server, in which caseful you ascendancy the data in that sense. The calendar function is wanting a look for function, however.

A start-up called Ensure Swiss Data is in the appendage of breeding cash in hand for entry what looks the like an challenging encrypted calendar option. They're active on-line done mixer media, but I haven't seen any allegiance to dates and I can't guarantee for them as I haven't tested what they deliver on offer. Worth retention an oculus on.

I hope that in there somewhere you terminate breakthrough the calendar that suits you. I currently expend Fastmail's offering and leave electrical switch to Protonmail if and when they button what they've promised. In effect luck!

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Hi John, I've been indication quite an a few of comments/reviews from you and I experience to enounce that I'm truly impressed with the campaign that you put option into explaining things and pointing prohibited not-so-obvious facts/news. I'm already start victimization many tools based on your recommendations so thanks for that! I cherished to enquire you however about how seed it is included in this listing spell is based in Canada (are thither any concealment concerns)? I also couldn't discovery a circle of entropy astir it being open-source (only about their browser version). Otherwise it looks the likes of a outstanding table service but I precious to expect you directly astir it, if you don't mind.

Thanks a lot, cheers.


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I would attention deficit disorder janis joplin notes as a bank note winning app. It has bomber folders and synchronize and the webclipper does the job. My just beef is that pictures can't be pasted.

Also, what would you recommend for syncing calender. I am currently on google as I motivation an alternative that syncs 'tween my apps on mackintosh and android.


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