Third Party Clients for Kitsu

This listing consists of every app and computer software which accompaniment Kitsu, full or partially.

  • Taiga

    Free Windows AniList Website


    • Anime tilt with assorted categorisation characteristic
    • Automatic media catching whether on-line or offline
    • Interactive season charts (1960 - latest season)
    • Gum anime heel statistic
    • Automatic cloudburst download via RSS
    • Sharing updates via Twitter, mIRC, HTTP, Skype, or Discord.
    • Supports effectual cyclosis armed service (AnimeLab, Zanzibar copal News Network, Crunchyroll, HIDIVE, Plex Web App, Veoh, VIZ, VRV, Wakanim and YouTube)
    • Supports diverse picture actor (more info )


    Taiga icon
  • Ookami

    Free iPhone iPad Website


    • Seamlessly syncs with Kitsu
    • Cartroad both your Gum anime and Manga
    • Advanced filters for discovering fresh shows and manga
    • See Highest Rated, Most Popular, Seasonal and Trending shows/manga


    Ookami icon
  • Trackma

    Free Linux AniList The Visual Novel Database ... Melative Website


    • Manage local number and contemporise when necessary, useful when offline
    • Manage multiple accounts on different media tracking sites
    • Backing for several media types (as supported by the site)
    • Multiple drug user interfaces (Qt, GTK, curses, command-line)
    • Detecting of running media player, updates inclination if essential
    • Ability to launch media histrion for a requested media in the lean and update leaning if necessary
    • Highly scalable, comfortable to code modern interfaces and backup for early sites
    • Secure, uses HTTPS wheresoever possible.


    Trackma icon
  • anitrack

    Free Windows VRV Chrome KissAnime ... Crunchyroll FUNimation Hulu Netflix Firefox Website


    • Auto trailing via Amazon Prime, Zanzibar copal Twist, Chia-Anime, Crunchyroll, Funimation, GoGoAnime, Hulu, KissAnime, MasterAni, Netflix, 9Anime, and VRV.


    anitrack icon
  • Hachidori

    Free Mac Website


    • Automatic media detection
    • Auto scrobbling
    • Bread and butter respective media instrumentalist (MPlayer OS X Extended, MPlayerX, IINA, Mpv, VLC, Quicktime, Kodi, Plex Theater) and legal streaming avail (Crunchyroll, Daisuki, Viz, AnimeNewsNetwork Video, AnimeLab, Funimation, Viewster, Wakanim, Amazon, VRV, Hidive, and Netflix)
    • Customizable hotkeys
    • Shareable observance condition


    Hachidori icon
  • Tachiyomi

    Free Android Website

    Reading manga from Tachiyomi testament automically update your manga depository library on Kitsu.


    Tachiyomi icon

    Free Web Website

    Observation gum anime from volition automically update your zanzibar copal library on Kitsu.


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whatever good word apps?


Taiga, it's jackanapes and powerfull!

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You mean the anime list? I was hoping for alike users search.


So far, Kitsu and its third-party package don't documentation that feature.

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