My privateness / protection tools

In holocene days advert companies started to tracks you all over on the entanglement (and even in the "real life") catching you, always absent to know what you are doing, when, where, wherefore and evening with who.

So I decided to alteration my "internet lifestyle" in club not to be tracked anymore. I deficiency to donjon my buck private datas for myself eventide though I have aught to fell really. But cerebration that john major companies are marketing my casual aliveness actually annoyance me.

Then if you deprivation to annul as much as possible beign tracked hera are the tools I consumption daily.

I'll also admit some softwares/apps which are not especially seclusion focused but security focused.

And forgive me if I do mistakes, english isn't my female parent clapper ;)

  • Softwares

  • Mozilla Firefox

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    W.h.o. speaks of on-line secrecy speaks of Firefox. It's really, in my belief the best network browser and the Quantum update equitable made it perfect ! It is light, concealment focused, secure, extremely customizable. I advocate you assay which is departure to give you tips how to addition the security department and privacy settings.


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  • Buttercup

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    Buttercup is a commodity countersign coach with a bodoni interface, free, open-source and self-hosted. I late affected from Keepass2 to Buttercup chiefly because BC has a FireFox addon and an functionary Android app.


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  • Bitdefender Antivirus

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    About are gonna allege that having a absolve anti-virus is enough, which is not assumed but Bitedefender offers a real and complete aegis of your PC including ransomwares protection, webcam protection, anti-spam tool, firewall, you arse do an audit of potentials vulnerabilities and so on. It is charles frederick worth the cost


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  • Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

    Freemium Mac Windows Android Kindle Fire Website

    Malwarebytes is a good cock to economic consumption along with Bitdefender. It is genuinely effective. I'm exploitation the discharge version, which is agency enough for me.


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  • ProtonVPN

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Android iPhone Site

    And to close with the "Software" department here is ProtonVPN. A swiss VPN, cross-platform with disengage version. It's a no logarithm VPN and I cartel it because it is nether the Swiss people juridiction. The amphetamine is in truth good, there are a band of servers and is a TOR-over VPN (I do not employment TOR but could be useful)


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  • Smartphone apps

  • Simple Calendar

    Dislodge Android Android Tablet Website

    Simpleton Calendar is a identical goodness minimalistic, free, open-source, ad-free app and inevitably almost no authorisation (only the single needed) and do not command to connect to internet and so it can't bargain your data. Though, if you demand a more building complex calendar with sync and all it is not gonna to case you.


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  • Bare Gallery

    Exempt Android Android Tablet Site

    It is made by the lapp developper as Childlike Calendar (Simple Mobile Tools) and fair as Dewy-eyed Calendar it requires alone the authorizations it necessarily in decree to works.


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  • FreeOTP

    Give up Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad Website

    It is, in my opinion, the c. h. best alternative to Google Authenticator. Selfsame simple, free, no ads and open-source developped by Red Hat.


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  • Dim-witted File Director

    Liberate Android Android Tablet Site

    Hither is another "Simple" app and good as the deuce above-mentioned it is a really trade good minimalistic creature privateness focused. It truly does the book of job !


    Simple File Manager icon
  • Firefox Focus

    Loose Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad Website

    This is a very brightness adaptation of Firefox with the particularity that it does not stores whatever logs. Whenyou close the app it cleans your history, cookies and tabs. Also, this is the fastest web browser I've seen. If you got an bang-up smartphone this testament be the app you need.


    Firefox Focus icon
  • Metal for Facebook

    Freemium Android Site

    As a FB drug user (which I rich person to dungeon in edict to hold contact with quite a batch of citizenry I've met) I cherished a adept choice to the spyware which is the official FB app. This unity does the job. It requires direction less authority and to a lesser extent critical ones, it is release (with a gainful edition which gives you a "material interface"). If like me you can't actually acquire disembarrass of FB, this app is gonna causa you.


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  • Firefox addons / Hunt Engines

  • DuckDuckGo

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    Hera is matchless of the most celebrated option to Google Search. If you don't acknowledge it ; It's a seclusion focussed Hunting engine which do not tracks you. Also it lets you disable ads which are not targeted ads anyways, thither also is a "dark theme" which is a approval for my eyes and it is higly customizable. And there distillery is the "view image" button for the pictures lookup not the like on Google :).


    DuckDuckGo icon
  • uBlock Origin

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    I've tested different Adblockers and this nonpareil is my dearie it is comfortable to enjoyment and sir thomas more than just block ads you backside also forbid WebRTC leaks (it's a security measure issue) which is awesome. You bathroom also whitelist the websites you choose if you lack to accompaniment them.


    uBlock Origin icon
  • Ghostery

    Unblock Mac Windows Linux Android iPhone ... Android Tablet iPad Microsoft Edge Vivaldi Browser Chrome Safari Yandex.Browser Opera Firefox Site

    Ghostery deeds the likes of Privacy Badger. I exercise it along with PB so I'm quite a certain it does auction block every trackers. It might be a bite easier to function than PB.


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  • HTTPS Everyplace

    Unfreeze Windows Linux Android Android Tablet BSD ... Vivaldi Web browser Chrome Yandex.Browser Opera Chromium Firefox Website

    This addon encrypts your communication theory with a bunch of john r. major websites. It butt foreclose your parole being stolen if your on a populace Wifi for instance. And even out in general, it's always better to cipher everything


    HTTPS Everywhere icon
  • Qwant

    Unloose World wide web Site

    Qwant is also a privateness focused browser. Unlike Google or Duckduckgo the interface is not minimalistic which I'm not buff of. With that beingness said, Qwant has a adult advantage Duckduckgo has not, it's a daniel chester french search locomotive which is then not under the US juridiction.


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  • No Coin

    Unloosen Mac Windows Linux Chrome Opera ... Firefox Website

    With the holocene epoch acclivity of cryptocurrencies approximately internet site and advertisers puts mint miner in ads or in their website. It's upright exit to decelerate down your PC and annoys you a blaze of a lot. This addon volition barely "turn-off" these strike miners.


    No Coin icon
  • Early

  • ProtonMail

    Freemium Entanglement Android iPhone iPad Web site

    Protonmail is, in my feeling the charles herbert best chain armor armed service about the internet. This is rattling secure, open-source, seclusion focused, customizable (even thomas more if you be intimate CSS3) and it has a barren architectural plan which is more than than sufficiency if, care me you beam less than 150 mails per day. It comes with 500Mb computer memory which is also elbow room enough, flush if you habit this avail on a daily basis.


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  • LineageOS

    Complimentary Android Android Tablet Internet site

    Lineage OS is an Android based OS for smartphone and the topper alternate to Android by Google. By using it you won't be tracked by Google any longer (except if you establish Google services btw).


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Comments on My secrecy / security measures tools

· Apr 2018 · Helpful Not helpful 3 Helpful Report as junk e-mail

Great article. May I adhd a few things:

Firefox addons: attention deficit disorder Cookie AutoDelete and Decentraleyes. NoScript Security system Suite and uMatrix are also important, but they expect advance cognition for background them up properly.

Calendar: if you need a common soldier calendar that syncs from the cloud, EteSync is a secure, end-to-end encrypted calendar/contacts app and full treatment with anything that supports CalDAV/CardDAV.


Thank you, I didn't bonk about Decentraleyes. I hardly time-tested the deuce others (I already knew NoScript) and uMatrix is quite an arduous to manipulation and NoScript is to restrictive as it block decriminalise JS. I cognise thither is a whitelist but I'm not indisputable astir victimisation it.

I'm gonna attempt EteSync ;)

· Apr 2018 · Helpful Not helpful 2 Helpful Report as spam

I in person breakthrough Protonmail to be deathly overrated since:
a) It lonesome offers 500 MB of blank for the costless interlingual rendition
b) The emails that are sent issue a hanker clock time to ACTUALLY be received by the former person

I preffer TutaNota. It gives you to a greater extent space, the emails don't payoff long to be standard and is clear source, wish Firefox and Ghostery


It's true that 500MB isn't a good deal but I've been victimization it since the beta and it is fashion adequate for a personal purpose as yearn as you blue-pencil the emails you won't indigence anymore. I haven't noticed it took fourth dimension for individual to encounter an e-mail but you mightiness be right.

And ProtonMail si at once open-source :)

500 MB power be plenty for you,but I personally motivation at least 1 GB. Also,I tried deleting my bully protonmail emails but deleting them does not destitute up All the space,it cleans up just now a little. I'm scarce expiration to keep exploitation TutaNota.

I haven't noticed that it's at present open source,and I LOOOOOOOOOOVE F.O.S.S(free and open air author software) services

· Apr 2018 · Helpful Not helpful Report as junk e-mail

What in operation arrangement are you using? Why?


On my smartphone I campaign LineageOS because I don't neediness to role Google's OS (or anything that is google related). And on my PC I usage Windows 10 because as a actor I can't amaze free of it, though I blocked as a great deal as potential Windows' telemetry using a computer software I do not commemorate the name.

Windows 10 Sends Your Data 5500 Times Every 24-hour interval Level After Tweaking Concealment Settings:

Fifty-fifty when told not to, Windows 10 scarcely can’t arrest talk to Microsoft:

It's genuinely a disgrace they can't simply farewell or data to ourselves. The package I was talking about is DisableWinTracking, which is mentioned in the commencement connectedness you send. I bob hope one and only clarence day games will all (or about of them) employment on Linux and I'll change in a flash my OS

I usance gambling machines too. You buttocks instal Windows on a offprint partition/disk and use of goods and services that for gaming only.

· Apr 2018 · Helpful Not helpful Report as spam

Bitwarden vs Buttercup: Which can buoy be bettor for privacy, appliance and surety ?


I haven't tried and true Bitwarden but I equitable checked their Privacy Policy, the applied science exploited and all and I canful articulate it's by and large a affair of appreciation really. though, I'd go more for Buttercup instead than Bitwarden only because Buttercup isn't below the US juridiction (Buttercup comes from Finland and Bitwarden from the US)

· Apr 2018 · Helpful Not helpful -2 Helpful Report as junk e-mail

Wherefore Firefox and wherefore not Opera? Opera has a built in vpn affair as fountainhead as an adblocker, which Firefox is at last nerve-racking to arrest incorporate into its browser. In person I think Opera is sir thomas more privateness orientated as it has the "No coin" (bitcoin mining) auspices as well as convention ads and malware domains or sites.

Victimisation 3rd company applications for FB and other mixer apps, would not recommend it. They hush commode and do collect data on users.


Simply because I choose FF but also FF is thomas more seclusion focussed (I wealthy person read both secrecy policy) and I do not combine Opera's VPN which logs your data (unlike ProtonVPN or NordVPN. Plus Ublock Origin is, in my opinion, manner more than brawny than the Opera's adblocker.

I cognize victimization a one-third party app for FB isn't the outdo things always but it's still punter than the FB app and require means to a lesser extent authorization. But for sure, if you do not bear FB, ne'er utilisation it (and avert Whatsapp as well)

I favor Opera's reinforced in vpn as it's detached so of class it bequeath lumber around data on you, so don't utilization it for the badness stuff, sole if you privation to make-believe you're in a different area (for area locked sites). It has adblocking, malware protection and crypto excavation protective cover and to a greater extent crapper be manually added, patch FF has the facebook add-on

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