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  • Vault by HashiCorp

    Free Self-Hosted Site

    Vault is a cock for firmly accessing secrets such as API keys or anything else for which you deficiency tightly controlled access.


    Vault by HashiCorp icon
  • Invoice Ninja

    Freemium Entanglement Android iPhone Android Tablet Self-Hosted ... Cloudron Website

    Invoice Ninja is a free, open-source answer for invoicing and billing customers. With Invoice Ninja, you arse easily anatomy and beam beautiful invoices from whatever device that has access to the web. .


    Invoice Ninja icon
  • Mail-in-a-box

    Free people Self-Hosted ownCloud Roundcube Site

    Take back ascendance of your e-mail with this easy-to-deploy chain armor host in a box.
    Mail-in-a-Box turns a bracing cloud calculator into a working chain armour server.
    You acquire contact synchronization, junk e-mail filtering, and so on. On your phone, you backside consumption apps like K-9 Chain mail and CardDAV-Sync absolve beta to sync your electronic mail and contacts 'tween your earphone and your box. And in your browser:


    Mail-in-a-box icon
  • KeeWeb

    Discharge Mac Windows Linux Network Website

    Vane and background password coach compatible with KeePass. Works on-line in whatsoever bodoni browser or as a desktop app for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.


    KeeWeb icon
  • LibreOffice

    Disembarrass Mac Windows Linux Android BSD Site

    LibreOffice is a disengage and open-source agency cortege that is compatible with early john major authority suites, and is available on all in operation systems. It is an independently-developed adaptation of the suite.

    The bureau entourage includes:

    Small LibreOffice - Writer icon LibreOffice - Writer , a bible c.p.u. with alike functionality and data file accompaniment to Small Microsoft Office Word icon Microsoft Business office Book . It has across-the-board WYSIWYG christian bible processing capabilities, but bathroom also be exploited as a basic school text editor.

    Small LibreOffice - Calc icon LibreOffice - Calc , a spreadsheet program, exchangeable to Small Microsoft Office Excel icon Microsoft Federal agency Excel . It has a figure of alone features, including a arrangement which automatically defines serial of graphs, based on data uncommitted to the user.

    Small LibreOffice - Impress icon LibreOffice - Impress , a demonstration broadcast resembling Small Microsoft Office Powerpoint icon Microsoft Function Powerpoint . Presentations behind be exported as SWF files, allowing them to be viewed on whatever computer with Adobe Flash installed.

    Small LibreOffice - Draw icon LibreOffice - Draw , a transmitter artwork editor and diagramming creature interchangeable to Small Microsoft Office Visio icon Microsoft Government agency Visio . It provides connectors between shapes, which are usable in a ambit of agate line styles and alleviate building drawings such as flowcharts. It as well includes features like to screen background publication computer software such as Small Scribus icon Scribus and Small Microsoft Office Publisher icon Microsoft Office Publisher .

    Small LibreOffice - Math icon LibreOffice - Math , an application designed for creating and editing mathematical formulae.
    Small LibreOffice - Base icon LibreOffice - Base , a database direction program, similar to Small Microsoft Office Access icon Microsoft Office staff Access code .


    LibreOffice icon
  • Google Chrome Developer Tools

    Dislodge Mac OS X Windows Linux Chrome Website

    The Google Chrome Developer Tools allow an incorporate environment for debugging, optimizing, and agreement a world wide web application, or website, running in Google Chrome. The developer tools are developed in part done the WebKit open air generator project, where the tools are called Entanglement Inspector.

    Hera are some of the things you bottom do with the Chrome Developer Tools:
    Live blue-pencil DOM and CSS to captain your network page looks.
    Debug JavaScript exploitation graphic debugger with advance breakpoints support.
    Analyze the capital punishment clock time of all your functions to ameliorate the amphetamine of your app.
    Trace reflows and repaints as your app loads.
    Explore what is stored inside HTML5 local computer memory databases.


    Google Chrome Developer Tools icon
  • Google Lighthouse

    Exempt Mac OS X Windows Linux Site

    Lighthouse is an open-source, automated dick for improving the caliber of vane pages. You buns campaign it against whatsoever world wide web page, populace or requiring authentication.


    Google Lighthouse icon
  • Atom

    Give up Mac Windows Linux BSD Electron / Atom Shell Website

    A hackable schoolbook editor in chief for the 21st Century.

    At GitHub, we're construction the text editor program we've always wanted. A instrument you butt custom-make to do anything, but besides economic consumption fruitfully on the commencement 24-hour interval without always touch a config file. Atom is modern, approachable, and hackable to the core. We can't delay to ascertain what you body-build with it.


    Atom icon
  • Kontact - KMail

    Liberate Mac OS X Windows Linux BSD Site

    KMail is the email component of Kontact, the incorporated personal entropy director of KDE. Kontact is a personal info handler and groupware package retinue for KDE. It supports calendars, contacts, notes, to-do lists, news, and email. It uses KParts to embed the assorted applications (KMail, KAddressBook, Akregator, etc.) into the container application.

    Differences betwixt “Kontact” and “KDE PIM”:
    Technically speaking, Kontact alone refers to a small umbrella application program that unifies different stand-alone applications nether single drug user interface. KDE PIM refers to a study chemical group within the bigger KDE labor that develops the individual applications in a co-ordinated way.

    In democratic terms, however, Kontact a great deal refers to the unit band of KDE PIM applications. These days many popular Linux distributions such as Kubuntu fell the mortal applications and lone berth Kontact prominently.


    Kontact - KMail icon

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