Best Personal Media Apps

Must have apps for running your possess personal media.

  • 1. Metadata Sources

  • MusicBrainz icon


    Free Entanglement Android Site

    MusicBrainz is a biotic community euphony metadatabase that attempts to create a comp medicine data site. You arse consumption the MusicBrainz data either by browse this network site, or you backside access the data from a client broadcast — for example, a CD actor computer program bathroom economic consumption MusicBrainz to describe CDs and allow entropy about the CD, astir the artist or around related information. You behind also employment the MusicBrainz Tagger to automatically discover and clean up the metadata tags in your digital music collections.

    MusicBrainz is a user-maintained clear community that collects, and makes available to the public, euphony metadata in the anatomy of a relational database. MusicBrainz was ab initio created by Robert Kaye in answer to Gracenote pickings over the free people CDDB labor and charging citizenry for access code to the (what up boulder clay that breaker point had been free) data. The MusicBrainz community of interests has adult considerably since then, and the project has expanded its ambit from being a CDDB alternate to a true "Wikipedia for music".

    Additionally, freedb clients bottom accession MusicBrainz data done the freedb communications protocol by exploitation the MusicBrainz to FreeDB gateway (mb2freedb) service. It as well identical comfortable to consequence FreeDB entries into the MusicBrainz database (for absent CDs), by using MusicBrainz Picard 'manual lookup' functionality and then 'import freedb' on the relevant webpage.


  • Discogs icon


    Absolve Vane Website

    We're on a charge to body-build the biggest and most comprehensive medicine database and marketplace. Imagine a land site with discographies of completely labels, entirely artists, right cross-referenced, and an international market built bump off of that database. It's for the beloved of music, and acquiring closer every 24-hour interval


  • icon

    Discharge World wide web Site

    An open TV serial database that buns be limited by anybody, and accessed vi an XML API.

    The database outline and web site are open air author nether the GPL, and are uncommitted at Sourceforge.


  • IMDb icon


    Freemium Entanglement Android iPhone Android Tablet Windows Phone ... iPad Kindle Fire Internet site

    The Internet Film Database (IMDb) is an on-line database of info related to to movies, actors, boob tube shows, output bunch personnel, picture games, and about recently, fabricated characters featured in ocular amusement media. IMDb launched on October 17, 1990, and in 1998 was acquired by


  • 2. Media Managers

    Media managers are programs designed to manage the automation of your media collection. They issue metadata for capacity you are concerned in, cartroad what you already rich person and what you distillery need, and so lookout indexes as cognitive content becomes usable

  • Radarr icon


    Disengage Mac OS X Windows Linux Internet site

    A branching of Sonarr that is targeted for Movies. It isn't all the same perfect, but it is getting selfsame close to beingness able to be a full on permutation for Couchpotato.


  • Lidarr icon


    Dislodge Mac Windows Linux Self-Hosted Web site

    Lidarr is a music accumulation coach for Usenet and BitTorrent users. It butt admonisher multiple RSS feeds for fresh tracks from your dearie artists and testament grab, form and rename them. It buttocks besides be configured to mechanically acclivity the caliber of files already downloaded when a better calibre data format becomes available.

    John major Features Include:
    Support for john r. major platforms: Windows, Linux, macOS, Raspberry Pi, etc.
    Automatically detects modern tracks.
    Can cat scan your existent depository library and download whatever lacking tracks.
    Can lookout man for bettor character of the tracks you already wealthy person and do an automatic upgrade.
    Automatic failed download handling volition attempt another acquittance if single fails
    Manual hunt so you can buoy choice whatsoever button or to ascertain wherefore a departure was not downloaded automatically
    Fully configurable caterpillar track renaming
    Full consolidation with SABnzbd and NZBGet
    Full desegregation with Kodi, Plex (notification, library update, metadata)
    Full accompaniment for specials and multi-album releases
    And a beautiful UI


  • Headphones icon


    Exempt Mac OS X Windows Linux Internet site

    Currently the alone alternative for euphony that comes closing to functionality in damage of its equivilents in the idiot box and flick categories.


  • CouchPotato icon


    Relieve Mac Windows Linux Web site

    My go-to for motion-picture show direction for the clock time being, though I am look forward to Radarr becoming amply production-use worthy.


  • Watcher icon


    Barren Mac OS X Windows Linux BSD Self-Hosted Internet site

    Watcher is an automated motion picture NZB & Cloudburst calosoma scrutator and snatcher. You canful adhd a listing of cherished movies and Watcher will mechanically beam the NZB or Deluge to your download client. Watcher likewise has basic post-processing capabilities such as renaming and moving.

    Watcher is a employment in advance and plans to attention deficit disorder more features in the future, but we bequeath always prioritise amphetamine and constancy all over features.


  • 3. Downloaders

  • NZBGet icon


    Complimentary Mac OS X Windows Linux Web site

    NNTP binary client. NZBGet performs punter than SABnzbd in my examination by a agent of 4:1, however does not bear totally the bells and whistles as SABnzbd. Meaning some downloads that crataegus laevigata betray in NZBget don't bomb in SABnzbd. Lone negative is that article sets that birth dozens of missing articles on primary servers, leave campaign the queue to decelerate down ascribable to the agency the logic handles how and when articles are fetched. Meaning an clause band that has a heights figure of wanting articles commode auction block your waiting line where as NZBGet's competitor, SABnzbd would begin at the same time start the adjacent article bent in queue, meaining you don't deliver idle bandwidth departure to barren if victimisation SABnzbd. That said, whole things considered, I choose NZBget complete SABnzbd imputable to the massive carrying into action conflict on downloading, reassembly, and unpacking.


  • SABnzbd icon


    Costless Mac Windows Linux Internet site

    NNTP binary program client. Uses sir thomas more CPU than NZBGet but it is a fourth dimension tested and proved client, and powers through circumstances where NZBGet crataegus oxycantha fail. SAB uses a non-blocking method of nerve-racking secondary servers for articles.


  • Transmission icon


    Destitute Mac Windows Linux BSD ... Haiku Xfce Web site

    Transmission has the features you anticipate in a BitTorrent client: encryption, a web-based interface, compeer exchange, UPnP and NAT-PMP embrasure forwarding, network come support, picket directories, tracker editing, ball-shaped and per-torrent f number limits, and more.


  • icon

    Commercial Vane Internet site is an online computer memory armed service and BitTorrent customer combined. It downloads and puts torrents into your personal, buck private on-line space. It crapper scout RSS feeds to download autmatically and brand the downloaded files useable in a issue of shipway via applications created by volunteers. We derriere current your content to your iOS device, Android device, Roku, Boxee, Xbmc, and Plex.


  • youtube-dl icon


    Detached Mac OS X Windows Linux BSD PC-BSD Web site

    Augmentable with front-ends such as Small Youtube-DLG icon Youtube-DLG , youtube-dl is a small command-line computer programme to download videos from Small YouTube icon YouTube and a hundreds early sites. It requires the Python interpreter and is consequently platform-independent.

    It fanny be incorporate in former programs and so be exploited to sentinel online videos in local applications such as Small MPV icon MPV .


  • 4. Presentation & Playback

  • Plex icon


    Freemium Mac OS X Windows Linux Android iPhone ... Chrome OS Windows RT Android Tablet Windows Phone iPad Apple TV Kindle Fire Roku Daydream Internet site

    #1. My number unity choice for media playback of whatever type. Incorporated sharing, accessibility via real meter changeover and cyclosis or altogether data file bitstreaming to the Plex app made for every chopine on whatsoever device.


  • Kodi icon


    Devoid Mac Windows Linux Android iPhone ... Android Tablet BSD iPad Raspberry Pi Fire TV Web site

    #2. My numeral deuce choice when you don't deficiency to bank on whatever one-third company service.


  • VLC Media Player icon

    VLC Media Histrion

    Gratis Mac Windows Linux Android iPhone ... Chrome OS Windows S Android Tablet BSD Windows Phone iPad Apple Sentry Apple TV Kindle Fire Haiku Xbox Internet site

    #3. A commodity go-to media instrumentalist for chess opening and acting back one-off files.