Kagerjays Deary Package Listing

This is a heel of completely my ducky applications that I have exploited and exhaustively tested, in as many work flow / methods I could maybe imagine. The name at a lower place meets the chase criteria:

  • App has across-the-board accompaniment and future developing
  • App is comfortable to acquire and is portable
  • App batch is beneficial to everyone, careless of what airfield you employment in

I've avoided some comparatively common apps like Chrome, Firefox, etc. I've also avoided putt things the like computer programing IDE's, since different editors are specialised for different languages.

The john major centering of this appstack is for quick double editing capabilities, notetaking, automating insistent tasks, etc. Applications admit labor management, students w.h.o. deficiency to issue better notes, developers look for a code snip coach and tools to accessory it, among early things.

This is a windows-only OS based list, about apps alone oeuvre in windows

  • Autohotkey is windows OS only, Applescript is MacOS equivalent. Linux has aught
  • ShareX
  • DirectoryOpus

  • Airtable

    Freemium Mac Windows Web Android iPhone ... Android Tablet iPad Website

    A cross 'tween Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, and Google spreadsheets. Anytime you breakthrough yourself exploitation excel, consumption this broadcast instead.


    Airtable icon
  • Anki

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Android iPhone ... BSD iPad Website

    Anki is a flash card app based on a acquisition algorithm. I economic consumption this everyday. Pairs fountainhead with ShareX since I arse annotate an effigy and dump it into anki.

    Applications that I employment it for

    • Practicing audience questions
    • Memorizing things that command an extended amount of committal to memory (CSS rules and syntax)
    • Lessons conditioned as I acquire
    • Encyclopaedism fresh language vocab


    Anki icon
  • AutoHotkey

    Free Windows Website

    Whatever phrase-express can't natively handle, I broadly enjoyment autohotkey instead. Its not for the lighthearted, the phrase structure is ugly, and its arduous to semantically understand. But if you deprivation to automate XYZ, the answer is yes, autohotkey backside do it but it might not be easy.


    AutoHotkey icon
  • PhraseExpress

    Free people Personal Mac Windows Android iPhone Android Tablet ... iPad Website

    PhraseExpress is a cross-OS chopine software for automating repetitious tasks. Its a swiss-army-knife for handling many repetitive tasks


    PhraseExpress icon
  • ClippingMagic.com

    Commercial Web Website

    A gainful armed service but is deathly useful when it comes to cropping come out backgrounds on images. You could choose to exercise fiverr but I discovery I acquire identical nice caliber crops here. Not absolve computer program


    ClippingMagic.com icon
  • Microsoft OneNote

    Discharge Mac Windows Android iPhone Windows S ... Windows Phone iPad Apple Watch Android Wear Kindle Fire Website

    I currently lone function this to amaze access to the aboriginal WIN+S crosscut screenclipping command. It pairs up exceedingly well when you habit this with a computer programme the likes of shareX


    Microsoft OneNote icon
  • Lucidpress

    Freemium Web Website

    I manipulation lucidpress as a quickl layout tool. The closest affair to this is Adobe Indesign, which I purpose professionally as well. Pairs wellspring with ShareX.

    I role this to brand my possess cheatsheets for webdevelopment. For piece of work I usage it for jackanapes booklet flyers / marketing


    Lucidpress icon
  • Imagus

    Disembarrass Mac Windows Linux Chrome Safari ... Maxthon Opera Firefox Website

    This chromium-plate annex is selfsame utile when you brace it up with dynalist + shareX for authorship notes. You bathroom rich person small thumbnailed images and usance imagus to "zoom in" images by hovering over mouse.


    Imagus icon
  • Directory Opus

    Commercial Windows Website

    Directory Opus is easily single of the best windows-based apps you behind buy. Its not free, it costs about $100 USD for 2 liscenses. But its swell charles frederick worth it.

    Everything astir this software package speaks professionalism. Youtube tutorials are topnotch. Forum and the creators of this software program answer at once to whatever questions you mightiness have.

    The cause wherefore directoryOpus is bettor than entirely former data file explorers in its category is as follows:

    • Ability to wealthy person floating cutoff icons
    • Image/Data preview for thumbnails, excel files, mp4, etc.


    Directory Opus icon
  • Dynalist

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Web Android ... iPhone Website

    This is my briny notetaking application. It is higher-up to whatsoever other notetaking app in the food market in my opinion. I bear scripted respective web log posts regarding this issue


    Dynalist icon
  • ShareX

    Disengage Windows Chrome Firefox Website

    Don't use of goods and services adaptation 11.6+, the epitome editor as of 11/26/2017 is not whatever good. Compared to apps care snagit, aura note, etc this app is extremely lightweight and gets the book of job done with as little bicker as possible, deeds nicely with right early apps in this number


    ShareX icon

Basically, this is my list, which bottom be beneficial to pretty much anyone

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