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  • Mozilla Firefox

    Free Mac Windows Linux Android iPhone ... Android Tablet BSD iPad Haiku Website

    Mozilla Firefox (known just as Firefox) is a free people and open-source entanglement browser developed by the Mozilla Base and its subsidiary, the Mozilla Corporation.


    Mozilla Firefox icon
  • Google Chrome

    Discharge Mac Windows Linux Android iPhone ... Chrome OS Android Tablet BSD iPad Website

    A disembarrass network web browser highly-developed by Google from the clear author Small Chromium icon Chromium labor with a centering on amphetamine and minimalism. Chrome offers fast start-up and vane page loading, supports a minimalist drug user interface, automatically updates in the background, and offers syncing of browser bookmarks, extensions, passwords, and account 'tween multiple computers by your Google account.

    Additionally, Chrome has Flash and PDF accompaniment built into the web browser for better f number and security.

    Chrome World wide web Apps and Extensions are available on Small Chrome Web Store icon Chrome Entanglement Store .

    Uncommitted in more than 50 languages.


    Google Chrome icon
  • HandBrake

    Dislodge Mac Windows Linux BSD Xfce Website

    HandBrake is an open-source, multithreaded picture transcoder: it converts digital media from matchless data format to another, compressing the files in the process.


    HandBrake icon
  • HexChat

    Exempt Windows Linux BSD Xfce ... MacPorts XQuartz Website

    HexChat is an IRC client based on Small XChat for Linux icon XChat for Linux , but unlike XChat it’s completely relieve for both Windows and Unix-like systems.
    HexChat was earlier called XChat-WDK which in bend was a heir of freakschat.


    Comfortable to consumption and customizable user interface
    Cross-platform on Windows, OS X, and Unix-like OSes
    Highly scriptable with Python and Perl
    Translated in multiple languages
    Fully open beginning and actively developed
    Multi-network with auto-connect, join, and identify
    Spellcheck, Proxies, SASL, DCC backing and sir thomas more


    HexChat icon
  • Kdenlive

    Barren Mac Windows Linux BSD KDE Website

    Kdenlive is an intuitive and brawny multi-track telecasting editor compatible most holocene television technologies. It is completely free, and open-source as defined by the GNU foundation.


    Kdenlive icon
  • Krecipes

    Complimentary Linux Website

    The KDE cookbook.

    A extremely configurable formula manager, designed to brand organizing your personal recipes accumulation fasting and easy. Features include: shopping lists, food analysis, advance search, recipe ratings, import/export assorted formats, and more.


    Krecipes icon
  • LibreOffice

    Costless Mac Windows Linux Android BSD Website

    LibreOffice is a hefty agency cortege – its clean interface and feature-rich tools assist you let loose your creative thinking and enhance your productivity.


    LibreOffice icon
  • Midnight Commander

    Destitute Mac Windows Linux BSD Cygwin ... MacPorts Website

    GNU Midnight Commander is a ocular data file manager, accredited nether GNU General Public License and consequently qualifies as Detached Software. Its a characteristic rich full-screen school text modal value application that allows you to copy, motility and cancel files and unit directory trees, hunt for files and campaign commands in the subshell. Internal looker and editor in chief are included.

    Midnight Commander is based on various schoolbook interfaces, such as Ncurses or S-Lang, which allows it to employment on a fixture console, inside an X Window terminal, over SSH connections and all kinds of remote shells.


    Midnight Commander icon
  • MKVToolnix

    Gratis Mac Windows Linux BSD Website

    MKVToolnix is a band of tools to create, alter and audit Matroska files under Linux, early Unices and Windows. They do for Matroska what the OGMtools do for the OGM data formatting and then some. The latest builds at once have the ability to create WebM compliant Files.


    MKVToolnix icon
  • MusicBrainz Picard

    Gratuitous Mac Windows Linux Python Website

    Picard is the adjacent coevals MusicBrainz tagging application. This modern tagging concept is album oriented, as opposed to track/file orientated like the ClassicTagger was. Picard is scripted in Python, which is a cross-platform language, and makes economic consumption of cross-platform libraries - this allows the lapp code to discharge both on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.


    MusicBrainz Picard icon
  • Okteta

    Liberal Mac Windows Linux Website

    Okteta is a simple editor program for the altogether data of files. This case of broadcast is also called curse editor or binary editor. The data is displayed in the traditional aspect with deuce columns: nonpareil with the numeral values and one and only with the assigned characters. Editing arse be done both in the economic value chromatography column and the character column. Besides the common redaction capabilities Okteta as well brings a small bent of tools, the like a board itemisation decodings into common simpleton data types, a mesa itemization all possible bytes with its character reference and note value equivalents, a info eyeshot with a statistic and a filter tool.


    Okteta icon
  • pyRenamer

    Loose Linux Website

    pyRenamer is a batch renamer for GTK desktops.
    With pyRenamer you backside alteration the epithet of several files at the lapplander clock time easily.

    • You bathroom employment patterns to rename files.
    • You behind enjoyment hunting & exchange to rename files.
    • You bottom exercise commons substitutions.
    • You buns manually rename selected files.
    • You butt rename images exploitation their metadata.
    • You buttocks rename euphony using its metadata.

    It is written victimisation PyGTK for the Dwarf desktop, altought it volition oeuvre in whatever PyGTK enabled environment (KDE, XFCE, even Windows), and its commissioned below the GPL.


    pyRenamer icon
  • qBittorrent

    Spare Mac Windows Linux BSD ... Haiku Website

    The qBittorrent project aims to allow a Free Software program alternative to Small µTorrent icon µTorrent . Additionally, qBittorrent runs and provides the saame features on all john major platforms (Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, OS/2, FreeBSD).

    qBittorrent is based on the Qt toolkit and libtorrent-rasterbar library.


    Polished µTorrent-like Exploiter User interface

    Well-integrated and extensible Lookup Engine
    Simultaneous search in about celebrated BitTorrent explore sites
    Per-category-specific look requests (e.g. Books, Music, Movies)

    All Bittorrent extensions
    DHT, Peer Exchange, Full encryption, Magnet/BitComet URIs, ...

    Remote control ascendance done a Network substance abuser interface
    Nearly identical to the habitue UI, all in Ajax

    Advanced ascendancy all over trackers, peers and torrents
    Torrents queueing and prioritizing
    Torrent capacity choice and prioritizing

    Natively integrated: When Downloads Completes Options (no demand for additional book or plug-in)
    Exit, Suspend, Hibernate, Shutdown

    UPnP / NAT-PMP embrasure forwarding backup

    Usable in ~41 languages (Unicode support)

    Torrent conception cock

    In advance RSS bread and butter with download filters (inc. regex)

    Bandwidth scheduler

    IP Filtering (eMule and PeerGuardian compatible)

    IPv6 compliant

    Sequential downloading (aka "Download in order")

    Useable on almost platforms: Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, OS/2, FreeBSD


    qBittorrent icon
  • Qt Creator

    Commercial Mac Windows Linux BSD Website

    Qt Creator is a cross-platform C++, JavaScript and QML incorporate developing environs which is character of the SDK for the Small Qt icon Qt Framework.

    It includes a optic debugger and an incorporated GUI layout and forms designer. The editor's features admit phrase structure highlight and autocompletion, but advisedly not tabs (although plug-ins are available). Qt Creator uses the C++ compiler from the GNU Compiling program Aggregation on Linux and FreeBSD. On Windows it can buoy function MinGW or MSVC with the default establish and canful besides habit Microsoft Cabinet Debugger when compiled from generator code. Clang is likewise supported.

    Qt Creator also includes a projection coach that commode manipulation a assortment of task formats such as .pro, CMake, Autotools and others. A undertaking file crapper arrest data such as what files are included into the project, custom body-build stairs and settings for running the applications.

    Moreover Qt Creator includes a codification editor in chief and integrates Qt Architect for design and building graphical user interfaces (GUIs) from Qt widgets.


    Qt Creator icon
  • SimpleScreenRecorder

    Free people Linux Website

    SimpleScreenRecorder is a Linux concealment fipple flute that supports X11 and OpenGL. It is easy to use, feature-rich, and has a Qt-based in writing drug user interface. It derriere book the entire cover or component of it, or criminal record OpenGL applications directly. The transcription fanny be paused and resumed at whatsoever time. Many different file cabinet formats and codecs are supported, and easygoing to adhd more.

    Created 2012-13 and currently kept up code: -- but as well prepackaged for near democratic linux distros.


    SimpleScreenRecorder icon
  • Skype

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Vane Android ... iPhone Blackberry Chrome OS Windows S Android Tablet BSD Windows Earphone iPad Apple Watch Android Wear Website

    An blink of an eye electronic messaging app that provides on-line text content and video recording chat services.


    Skype icon
  • Spotify

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux World wide web Android ... iPhone Blackberry Chrome OS Windows S Android Tablet Windows Earpiece iPad Apple TV Kindle Fire Playstation Fire TV Xbox Website

    Spotify is a commercial message medicine streaming armed service providing digital rights management-restricted cognitive content from disc labels including Sony, EMI, Warner Music Group and Universal.

    Euphony fundament be browsed by artist, album, genre, playlist, or disk label, as fountainhead as by address searches. On computers, a connectedness allows the attender to leverage selected cloth via better half retailers.

    Spotify medicine cyclosis is available on all Android and iOS devices and on background computers for inexhaustible durations. Features the likes of offline hearing and ad-free playback are alone uncommitted for Premium subscribers of the service.


    Spotify icon
  • Stellarium

    Absolve Mac Windows Linux Website

    Stellarium is a discharge out-of-doors germ planetarium for your computer. It shows a naturalistic flip in 3D, equitable care what you ascertain with the au naturel eye, binoculars or a telescope.
    It is being exploited in planetarium projectors. Fair circle your coordinates and go.


    Stellarium icon
  • Subtitle Composer

    Disembarrass Linux Website

    A text-based subtitles editor program that supports basic operations as well as thomas more ripe ones, aiming to become an improved adaptation of Subtitle Workshop for every chopine supported by KDE.


    Subtitle Composer icon
  • SuperTux

    Disengage Mac Windows Linux Android Website

    SuperTux is a classic 2D jump'n foot race sidescroller game in a dash alike to the archetype Super Mario games. Instead of Mario, the bomber in this plot is Tux, the mascot of the Linux kernel.


    SuperTux icon
  • Tails

    Dislodge Linux Tor Browser Bundle Gnome Tor Thunderbird Website

    Tails is a Debian based endure CD/USB with the destination of providing complete Internet anonymity for the user.


    Tails icon
  • Terminator

    Exempt Mac Linux BSD Website

    Terminator, multiple terminals in peerless window. The finish of this cast is to garden truck a useful creature for arrangement terminals. It is divine by programs such as gnome-multi-term, quadkonsole, etc. in that the briny direction is arranging terminals in grids (tabs is the nearly green default option method, which Terminator besides supports).


    Terminator icon
  • Thunderbird

    Relieve Mac Windows Linux BSD ... Haiku Website

    Thunderbird is a free, outdoors source, cross-platform e-mail, news and flash messaging client. The contrive scheme is modeled after Small Mozilla Firefox icon Mozilla Firefox .

    It supports POP (storing chain armor locally on your arduous campaign so that it hind end be accessed without an internet connection), and IMAP. It features excellent chain armour dribble capabilities and management.

    Thunderbird has firm documentation for victimization multiple accounts and identities, including automated key signature features.

    Confab functionality is reinforced in, so you hindquarters bask real-time conversation with your contacts, right from your dearie electronic messaging application, with multiple supported networks. Thunderbird makes it gentle to look for through both past conversations and received emails.

    Thunderbird john likewise affair as an RSS/Atom feed reader, and has a large excerpt of add-ons that broaden it with calendar support, PGP support, consolidation with online services and much more.

    Usable also as portable app:


    Thunderbird icon
  • TimeShift

    Barren Linux Website

    TimeShift for Linux is an application program that provides functionality exchangeable to the Arrangement Bushel feature in Windows and Fourth dimension Machine dick in Mac OS. TimeShift protects your organisation by pickings incremental snapshots of filing cabinet organization at regular intervals.


    TimeShift icon
  • ucaresystem burden

    Complimentary Linux Linux Mint basal OS Ubuntu Kylin Ubuntu Budgie ... Kubuntu Ubuntu Debian Ubuntu MATE Raspbian UbuntuStudio Xubuntu Lubuntu Mythbuntu KDE atomic number 10 Website

    ucaresystem app is an automation hand that mechanically and without asking for your intercession performs some all-important Ubuntu alimony processes, which otherwise would be done unitary by unmatchable and press Y / N each time.


    ucaresystem core icon
  • Viber

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Android iPhone ... Windows RT Android Tablet Windows Headphone iPad Blackberry 10 Apple Watch Website

    Viber is a mobile applications programme that lets you make costless phone calls and beam text edition messages to anyone w.h.o. as well has the coating installed. .


    Viber icon
  • Vim

    Destitute Mac Windows Linux BSD Haiku ... OpenSolaris Website

    Vim ("Vi IMproved") is an sophisticated textbook editor that allows sentence structure highlighting, bible closing and has a brobdingnagian amount of contributed content. It besides has a GUI edition called GVim.


    Vim icon
  • VLC Media Actor

    Detached Mac Windows Linux Android iPhone ... Chrome OS Windows S Android Tablet BSD Windows Telephone iPad Apple Watch Apple TV Kindle Fire Haiku Xbox Website

    VLC is a devoid and surface informant cross-platform multimedia histrion and framework. Owned by the non-profit administration VideoLAN.


    VLC Media Player icon
  • Y PPA Director

    Gratis Linux Website

    Y PPA Handler is a GUI instrument to add, remove, purge, heel and research for Launchpad PPAs. It deeds with Ubuntu and Linux Mint.

    Y PPA Manager features:

    • Attention deficit disorder PPA

    • Remove PPA

    • Purgation PPA

    • Seek for packages in Launchpad PPAs: a even hunt which is faster, but doesn't display demand bundle matches and comes with less details and a deep hunting which displays exact package matches. In the search, you keister likewise assure if a PPA is already added on your scheme or not and if a packet is already installed (and the installed version). You lavatory execute the chase actions on a PPA listed in the lookup results: attention deficit hyperactivity disorder it, number packages in the PPA, afford PPA in browser, download packages, instal a parcel exploitation the built-in installer (if the PPA is not already added, it will be added)

    • Update bingle PPAs - without running game a full-of-the-moon "apt-get update", which should be a batch faster (and especially utile for computers with decelerate Internet connections)

    • Inclination packages in PPAs enabled on your calculator

    • Blue-pencil PPA origin indian file

    • Absent duplicate PPAs

    • Consequence all absent GPG keys

    • Fix GPG BADSIG errors

    • Backing an doctor PPAs (automatically imports lacking GPG keys)

    • Re-enable working PPAs afterward Ubuntu upgrade: when you ascent to a newer Ubuntu release, the PPAs are disabled so using this feature, the PPAs that piece of work with the novel Ubuntu interlingual rendition you're victimisation are re-enabled, departure the others handicapped

    • Update acquittance figure in workings PPAs: fairly interchangeable to the feature article above, this unmatched is utilitarian if you've backup up the PPAs in allege Ubuntu Accurate and restored them in Ubuntu Quantal (just an example) - in this case, victimization this feature film you nates interchange "precise" in apiece PPA reference with "quantal", but lone for the PPAs that rich person packages for Quantal.

    • Desktop integration: notifications, Unity quicklists, index and HUD financial backing


    Y PPA Manager icon
  • Atom

    Gratuitous Mac Windows Linux BSD Electron / Atom Shell Website

    A hackable textual matter editor in chief for the 21st Century.

    At GitHub, we're construction the school text editor program we've always wanted. A pecker you posterior custom-make to do anything, but also purpose fruitfully on the first-class honours degree 24-hour interval without always touch a config file. Atom is modern, approachable, and hackable to the core. We can't delay to attend what you build with it.


    Atom icon
  • Blender

    Innocent Mac Windows Linux BSD ... Haiku AmigaOS MorphOS Website

    Blender is the liberal and give reservoir 3D cosmos suite. It supports the entireness of the 3D pipeline—modeling, rigging, animation, simulation, rendering, compositing and apparent motion tracking, evening picture editing and secret plan creation.


    Blender icon
  • Audacity

    Loose Mac Windows Linux BSD ... LAME Website

    Audacity is free, open up root software system for recording and redaction sounds. You potty role Audacity to phonograph record exist audio, convert tapes and records, delete audio files, change the fastness or auction pitch of a transcription and a good deal more.


    Audacity icon
  • bore

    Spare Mac Windows Linux BSD Website

    Caliber is a free and spread rootage e-book depository library direction covering made by users, for users. Many languages, intentional about the conception of the coherent book, i.e., a single accounting entry in your library that crataegus laevigata agree to actual e-book files in several formats.

    Calibre prat sort the books in your program library by title, author, appointment added, date published, size, rating, or series, along with duplicate metadata such as tags and personal comments. You privy easily search your account book appeal for a detail book, based on whatever of this information. Gauge rear as well go onto the internet to breakthrough on-line books based on existent title/author or ISBN information.

    In addition, Quality also:
    -syncs to your ebook lector
    -downloads news program from the internet and converts it into ebook anatomy
    -offers a ebook spectator that rear end exhibit all john r. major ebook formats


    Subroutine library Management
    E-book changeover
    Syncing to e-book lecturer devices
    Downloading news show from the entanglement and converting it into e-book build
    Built-in e-book viewer
    Content host for online access to your al-qur'an assemblage
    E-book editor for the john roy major e-book formats


    calibre icon
  • Brackets

    Free people Mac Windows Linux Electron / Atom Shell Website

    Brackets is an open-source editor in chief for network blueprint and development built on acme of vane technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The design was created and is maintained by Adobe, and is released nether an MIT License.

    With focused optical tools and preprocessor support, Brackets is a bodoni schoolbook editor program that makes it leisurely to conception in the browser. It's crafted from the background up for world wide web designers and front-end developers.

    Brackets is a lightweight, all the same powerful, bodoni font text editor. We blend visual tools into the editor so you acquire the right field amount of money of assistance when you deficiency it without acquiring in the agency of your creative process. You'll delight authorship computer code in Brackets.

    Made with Love (and JavaScript)
    Brackets is an open-source project, supported by an active and passionate community. It's made by former entanglement developers wish you!

    Inline Editors
    Instead of jump between single file tabs, Brackets lets you spread out a windowpane into the cipher you attention about most. Deprivation to study on the CSS that applies to a particular ID? Put your black eye cursor on that ID, button Command / Ctrl+E and Brackets bequeath appearance you all the CSS selectors with that ID in an inline window so you rump work on your cypher side-by-side without whatsoever popups.

    Experience Preview
    Get a real-time association to your browser. Shuffle changes to CSS and HTML and you'll in a flash check those changes on screen. Besides come across where your CSS chooser is beingness applied in the web browser by merely putt your pointer on it. It's the ability of a encipher editor in chief with the appliance of in-browser dev tools.

    Preprocessor Financial support
    Work with preprocessors in a whole unexampled way. We know how authoritative preprocessors are to your workflow. That’s wherefore we lack to shuffling Brackets the best encrypt editor program for preprocessors come out there. With Brackets you seat usage Quick Edit and Hold out Highlight with your To a lesser extent and SCSS files which leave arrive at functional with them easier than ever.


    Brackets icon
  • Code::Blocks

    Absolve Windows Linux BSD Website

    Code::Blocks is a discharge C++ IDE reinforced to meet the nigh demanding inevitably of its users. It is unintentional to be identical extensile and amply configurable.

    An IDE with all the features a developer need, having a consistent look, feel and functioning across platforms.

    Built around a plugin framework, Code::Blocks stern be drawn-out with plugins. Whatever genial of functionality stool be added by installing/coding a plugin. For instance, compilation and debugging functionality is already provided by plugins!


    Code::Blocks icon
  • CherryTree

    Disembarrass Windows Linux Website

    A hierarchal annotation taking application, featuring rich people text edition and syntax highlighting, storing data in a unity xml or sqlite file.


    CherryTree icon
  • Flameshot

    Disengage Linux openSUSE Arch Linux Void Linux Fedora ... Ubuntu Debian Docker Website

    A powerful, as yet bare to usance screenshot software. Features a dislodge attracter tool, arrows, lines, circles, and other tools for editing screenshots you take. Screenshots tail be uploaded to Imgur, protected to a local file, or copied direct to your clipboard to easily library paste in early programs. Many configuration options are available, such as concealing icons or changing the colors ill-used in the program. Flameshot is likewise unfold source, so experienced developers tail end assistant ameliorate the program.


    Flameshot icon
  • GIMP

    Exempt Mac Windows Linux BSD ... Haiku AmigaOS Website

    GIMP is a relieve computer program for such exposure retouching, double composing and effigy authoring. Essentially it's the closest affair to Photoshop you throne amaze for free.


    GIMP icon

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