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  • Black Hat Cooperative

    Commercial Windows HTC Vive Steam Oculus Rift Site

    Black Hat Cooperative is a deuce actor cage stealing game. Single histrion is in VR, sneaking past enemies and aggregation treasure. The early instrumentalist is on the calculator and keyboard, with access to a full aspect of the function and hacking superpowers. Employment together to come through and complete the levels! Local multi-player supported.


    Black Hat Cooperative icon
  • Howl

    Free Linux BSD Website

    Howl is a full general design editor that aims to be both jackanapes and amply customizable. It is built on acme of the identical fast LuaJIT runtime, and arse be drawn-out in either Lua or Moonscript. It has a minimalistic UI compulsive chiefly by the keyboard.


    Howl icon
  • Ubuntu Contact

    Free people Linux Site

    Ubuntu Cutaneous senses is a mobile adaptation of the Ubuntu in operation arrangement for mobile river devices. It is adapted to campaign by nature in a mobile, touch-screen environment but is also able of functioning as a background computer patch in "desktop mode". This aforementioned convergence of environments from device to gimmick is where the condition "Convergence" originates. Ubuntu Feeling is made and kept up by the UBports Community, a chemical group of volunteers and passionate citizenry across the world, and is not in whatever agency endorsed by or affiliated with Ubuntu or Canonical.


    Ubuntu Touch icon
  • Amino

    Absolve Android iPhone Website

    Express yourself, attain fresh friends and discourse your cacoethes with like-minded people.


    Amino icon
  • Avee Musician

    Freemium Android Site

    In burden a lightweight euphony participant that as well have booklet browsing, equalizer, birdcall cross-fading and picture playback capability.
    Still most guiding light features are audio visualiser and comfortable HD telecasting production.
    While all visualizers are extensively customizable - color / anatomy / size / audio frequency chemical reaction / your possess characterisation and more tweaks.
    Mobile answer to not arrest producing videos, even when you are on the bus, boat or equitable base on balls in the park.


    • About democratic media formats supported
    • Direct brochure browse with folder shortcuts
    • Customizable audio recording visualizers.
    • Export visualizer as hd television file.
    • Searchable library, queue, files, ...
    • Blind orientation curl
    • Read and save playlists (pla, pls, mpcpl, plp, m3u, m3u8)
    • Lock-screen and condition barroom appliance
    • Supports media and blue-tooth controls
    • Sleep timekeeper
    • Balance
    • Cross-fade and gap-less transitions
    • UI coloration skins
    • 2 types of home players


    Avee Player icon

    Discharge Entanglement Website

    Curious Cat is a small mixer networking cock that allows you to connect with your followers by providing them with the appropiate tools to commune with you.

  • Taskade

    Disembarrass Mac Windows Network Android iPhone ... Chrome OS Android Lozenge iPad Chrome Firefox OS Firefox Site

    Did you know that the average individual has about 70,000 thoughts a day? Consumption Taskade to capture your ideas, goals, and daily tasks.

    Taskade is a friendly blank for your checklists, outlines, and notes. Economic consumption it as your simple to-do list and chore manager. You backside in a flash brand a listing and parcel it with your friends, family, and team.

    Taskade declutters your thoughts so you bathroom centering on your tasks, ideas, and acquiring things done. Employment Taskade to gaining control your ideas, goals, casual tasks and stay organized.


    • Create a beautiful labor list, note, or abstract
    • Collaborate with others, with real-time syncing
    • Part your project lists instantaneously exploitation a percentage connectedness
    • Easily invite friends and teammates to Taskade
    • Oeuvre in concert in a divided squad leaflet
    • Task lists with a cancel editing interface
    • Blue-pencil to-do lists like a bible commerce and document
    • Mark whatsoever items as complete, whether bullet, number, or checkbox.
    • Infinitely nested lists with indent / outdent
    • Tag and filter tasks using #hashtag and @mentions
    • Deeds on phones and tablets, with dwell real-time syncing 'tween devices
    • Automatic syncing between your phone, pad of paper and computing device
    • Just hydrant to edit, the like a school text papers
    • Easily amplify and collapse outlines and lists
    • Beautiful and minimal port
    • Simple, blink of an eye and Disengage
    • Feel good, acquire motivated, appropriate the impulse and amaze things done!


    Yes, Taskade is completely free. Before long you testament rich person the alternative to acclivity to Taskade Pro, which volition wealthy person additional features the likes of themes, dagger packs, and customizations.

    • Behind I Enjoyment TASKADE WITH MY TEAM?

    Yes. Create a group and ask for your team instantly. It helps donjon your lists and team up organized. Members will bear full-of-the-moon access code to lists in the group. Exercise Taskade as your coaction creature to assist each former arrest clobber done. Meeting notes, undertaking lists, collaborative documents and processes are at once in unity berth in your divided up Taskade squad folder. Unleash your team’s potential.


    Taskade icon
  • SUMo

    Freemium Windows Website

    SUMo stands for Computer software Update Monitor. Thanks to SUMo you'll be able to dungeon your PC up-to-date by victimisation the almost holocene edition of your deary package ! Unlike build-in auto update features, SUMo tells you if updates are available ahead you demand to function your software.


    Automatic catching of installed software
    Detects compulsory updates / patchs for your software package
    Filter / authorise Beta versions (user setting)
    Ignore tilt : alone tracks software program YOU deficiency to cartroad
    More compatibility and less assumed positive than others Update Monitors (according to users feedback ;-)
    Internationalization support.


    SUMo icon
  • microG

    Dislodge Android Site

    At this point, respective popular open-source applications care the assure courier Signal already command some of Google’s proprietary libraries to be installed. Increasing demand in the exempt software system biotic community in accession to austere problems in Google’s proprietorship computer software ascertained by the Android modding community, birth light-emitting diode to the developing of a give up package clon of Google’s proprietary congress of racial equality libraries and applications - the microG Project was born.

    Although near microG components are alir from complete, users are amazed by the results. Liberate software users got elongated application support, privacy-caring users bottom abbreviate or admonisher data that is sent to Google and especially aged phones buns anticipate about assault and battery aliveness improvements. microG is not lone exploited on real devices, but besides replaces Google tools in exam emulators and is evening ill-used in practical fluid infrastructure.


    Armed service Core (GmsCore) is a depository library app, providing the functionality mandatory to discharge apps that habit Google Caper Services or Google Maps Android API (v2).

    Services Fabric Proxy (GsfProxy) is a belittled assistant public-service corporation to admit apps developed for Google Cloud to Twist Messaging (C2DM) to manipulation the compatible Google Cloud Messaging avail included with GmsCore.

    Unified Electronic network Emplacement Provider (UnifiedNlp) is a library that provides Wi-Fi- and Cell-tower-based geolocation to applications that purpose Google’s mesh localisation provider. It is included in GmsCore but butt likewise foot race independently on nearly Android systems.

    Maps API (mapsv1) is a organisation library, providing the lapp functionality as at present deprecated Google Maps API (v1).

    Computer memory (Phonesky) is a frontend application program providing accession to the Google Child's play Computer storage to download and update applications. Development is in early degree and there is no available applications programme yet.


    microG icon

    Loose Vane Website

    Upload an double and ploughshare it without being tracked.

    Release address effigy hosting, if it's effectual in the USA, it's welcome.

  • CerebroApp

    Relieve Mac OS X Windows Linux Site

    Cerebro is an clear author and relinquish electron-based productiveness software package alternate to Alfred and Spotlight. It is focused on amphetamine and commodity UI and UX. In nigh cases you don't eventide indigence to open another application, because you buttocks ascertain results right in Cerebro, wish google maps, IMDB movies or contact details.


    CerebroApp icon
  • Dance Ballz: Medicine Agate line

    Freemium Android iPhone Android Pill iPad Website

    Dancing Ballz: Music Ancestry is matchless of many tapping games which cartel fast-paced gameplay with high-quality euphony beat. This game bequeath create the amazing experience with a ball moving in zigzag argument to catch with dance music.
    Playing this is simple, the florida key is not to lookout for deeps and turns only, but also hear to the saltation medicine beat and spigot at the right field time.

    How to drama Terpsichore Ballz: Music Argumentation

    1. Heed to the euphony beat, and strike to alteration the crank assembly line moving charge of the ball.
    2. Water faucet the concealment when “the ball” ambit “the rings” - the signs tell you to make a move.
    3. Fair abide by the itinerary and rhythm, call back not to autumn off.

    Thither are many checkpoints in a birdsong to assistance you arrive back quickly, but don't barren your life.

    “One Water tap Nonpareil Tune” - It’s the simpleton one and only wiretap only. You leave ne'er deliver to role 2 fingers at a time.

    Be certain to baffle your friends to dramatic play with and assure w.h.o. can buoy be the best tapper!

    Plot features:

    • Peerless Exploit Unitary Tune: easy to free rein with good unmatchable digit
    • Finish a call to unlock a modern one. There are a batch of resign EDM songs wait for you.
    • All novel modern/trending songs for you to “dance” with
    • Unlock astonishing theme/background with fantastic coloring apiece alone epic degree
    • Let the medicine guide you done dark and spin you around!


    Dancing Ballz: Music Line icon
  • Boostnote

    Unblock Mac Windows Linux Android iPhone Site

    Boostnote is bare annotation app, code manager, snip coach and memo app for software program programmers. Boostnote saves all of your data astir development. Be a hacker's brain.

    Victimization Boostnote is altogether free. Premium architectural plan is advent soon!


    Boostnote icon
  • Camelcamelcamel

    Unfreeze World wide web Chrome Safari Firefox Website provides an easygoing direction to caterpillar track Small Amazon icon Amazon cartesian product prices, beat alerted when prices bead and even out attend how prices experience changed with account charts and other helpful details. The full searchable entanglement app is accessible on-line and through a browser annex called Camelizer, uncommitted for Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

    The Camelizer web browser add-on provides intersection cost chronicle charts when visiting shopping sites. Merely go to a supported land site and chink the Camel icon to become flash pricing course insights.

    Supported retailers:

    Amazon (US, UK, DE, FR, JP, CA)
    Best Buy


    Camelcamelcamel icon
  • GoAccess

    Unloose Mac Windows Linux BSD Cygwin ... Docker Site

    GoAccess is an open air beginning real-time network logarithm analyser and interactional looker that runs in a depot in *nix systems or through with your browser. It provides fasting and valuable HTTP statistics for organization administrators that expect a ocular host account on the fly.

    Why GoAccess?

    GoAccess was designed to be a fast, terminal-based lumber analyzer. Its core group approximation is to apace analyse and eyeshot vane server statistics in real number clock time without needing to usage your browser (great if you deprivation to do a quick analysis of your admission logarithm via SSH, or if you only beloved working in the terminal).

    Piece the pole end product is the default output, it has the capability to bring forth a discharge real-time HTML news report (great for analytics, monitoring and data visualization), as fountainhead as a JSON, and CSV report.

    Francis scott key Features

    • Fast, real-time, millisecond/second updates, scripted in C
    • Lonesome ncurses as a addiction
    • Nearly all world wide web lumber formats (Apache, Nginx, Amazon S3, Elastic Burden Balancing, CloudFront, etc)
    • Plainly band the logarithm data format and footrace it against your lumber
    • Beautiful terminal and bootstrap dashboards (Tailor GoAccess to case your have coloring material taste/schemes)
    • and of course, Valgrind tested.


    GoAccess icon
  • Beginning Bill of fare X

    Freemium Windows Website

    Commencement Card X is a alternate of the scheme carte for professionals.

    Virtual Groups
    Group programs by determination (office applications, graphics, etc) without changing their localization on the arduous drive.

    One-click first

    The PRO interlingual rendition allows you to allot a primary broadcast to whatever pamphlet and get-go it simply by clicking this folder.

    Flexible configuration
    Customize the carte du jour to your taste! Change the anatomical structure and adhd tabs.

    The Head start Computer menu serial by OrdinarySoft includes: Jump Fare X, Kickoff Menu XP, Vista Offset Menu, Outset Bill of fare 7, Scratch Card 8 and Scratch line Carte 10.


    Start Menu X icon
  • Org modal value

    Unloosen Mac Windows Linux Site

    Org-mode is for holding notes, maintaining ToDo lists, doing projection planning, and authoring with a debauched and effective plain-text system.

    Org is enforced on big top of Lineation mode, which makes it possible to hold the capacity of large files well structured. Visibility cycling and bodily structure redaction help to piece of work with the tree. Tables are easily created with a built-in board editor. Org supports TODO items, deadlines, timestamps, and scheduling. It dynamically compiles entries into an agenda that utilizes and smoothly integrates much of the Emacs calendar and diary. Champaign schoolbook URL-like golf links get in touch to websites, emails, Usenet messages, BBDB entries, and whatsoever files related to the projects. For impression and communion notes, an Org data file canful be exported as a integrated ASCII file, as HTML, or (TODO and agendum items only) as an iCalendar file. It commode as well answer as a publication dick for a bent of coupled entanglement pages.


    Org mode icon
  • Well-disposed for Facebook

    Freemium Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad Website

    Well disposed is the to the highest degree dispatch Facebook Calorie-free and FB Messenger alternative. Reinforced as an annexe of the brightness Facebook nomadic website, it conserve your battery, repositing and data, spell gift you backbone ascendance over your news feed.

    Facebook Courier
    No motivation to download some other FB messanger app. You crapper chat and content your Facebook friends right hand inside Friendly.

    Facebook Video Download
    Download videos from Facebook with Friendly. Easily bring through videos from Facebook so you derriere lookout man it later.

    Customize Your FB News program Feed
    The brand spanking unexampled Keyword Filtering characteristic for Android devices full treatment in deuce ways: If you’re banal of beholding political posts, just circle your Keyword Dribble to fell posts and articles containing the keywords “election,” “Republican,” or “Democrat”... and voilà: Whatever posts containing those actor's line testament not appear in your news show feed.

    Conversely, if you lack to check sir thomas more posts featuring cats (or posts from a close friend), you fanny curing a Keyword Filter out to high spot topics and users. Why settee for Facebook’s less-than-ideal algorithm when you fundament issue full moon newsworthiness provender ascendancy with Friendly?

    Why You’ll Dear Friendly
    • Download videos from Facebook
    • Payoff ascendence of your news feast with Keyword Filters.
    • Sort your news program feed in by virtually holocene epoch posts.
    • Block FB Ads
    • No motive for another Facebook messenger app
    • Batten your account with Fingerprint & Passcode Ignition lock
    • Chop-chop electric switch betwixt multiple FB accounts
    • Beautiful cloth themes
    • Degenerate Facebook light app! Don’t settle for anything else.


    Friendly for Facebook icon
  • RAWGraphs

    Barren Network Self-Hosted Site

    RAW Graphs is an out-of-doors generator data visual image frame built with the destination of devising the optic agency of building complex data gentle for everyone.

    Primarily conceived as a instrument for designers and vis geeks, RAW Graphs aims at providing a absent connection 'tween spreadsheet applications (e.g. Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers, OpenRefine) and transmitter artwork editors (e.g. Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, Sketch).

    The project, light-emitting diode and maintained by the DensityDesign Research Lab (Politecnico di Milano) was released in public in 2013 and is regarded by many as unmatched of the well-nigh authoritative tools in the airfield of data visualization.

    After a brace of years, the affair of Contactlab as a financing better half brought the cast to a young stage. DensityDesign and Calibro hind end directly design freshly releases and shipway to affect the community.


    RAWGraphs icon
  • Zen Koi

    Freemium Android iPhone Android Lozenge iPad Website

    Zen Koi is a fun, relaxing and fashionable peregrine secret plan feel from LandShark Games. Grow, breed and collect beautiful Japanese carp as they shuffle their elbow room to fabulous draco form.


    Zen Koi icon
  • Feature I been pwned?

    Complimentary Vane Site

    Give birth I been pwned? allows you to hunt crossways multiple data breaches to come across if your e-mail addresses has been compromised.


    Have I been pwned? icon
  • Dungeon Hunter

    Freemium Windows World wide web Android iPhone Windows S ... Android Pad of paper Windows Earphone iPad Website

    After fillet the daemon encroachment in the Kingdom of Valenthia, the cosmos archeological remains shattered - crumbling at its selfsame core. Only the warriors of the Bounty Hunting watch guilds keep the ataraxis now. And sole the blade of unrivaled of their leaders hindquarters cast the monsters backrest into the darkness so we john rebuild.

    • Single-Player Campaign
      With your guild, embark on a journey of payback as a spirit-imbued hero, brand in hand. You’ll change of location through and through basketball team monster-filled realms and become the most ill-famed warrior and huntsman of them all.

    • Cooperative Gameplay
      Hire your friends or early players as chartered swords to avail you on your fancy adventure full phase of the moon of despicable demons, brave warriors, and awful dragons.

    • Asynchronous Multiplayer
      Customize your Club Stronghold with a bombastic assortment of behemoth minions, bring off and champion it, and diagonal your fashion done adversary Strongholds to depredation their loot.

    • Craft your possess appurtenance with no restrictions
      Fuse and acquire up to 46 pieces of armor and 150 swords, axes, and more, to become the ultimate Bounty Hunter, bump off the mightiest dragon, and bestow accolade to your guild!

    • Cinque Elements to captain
      Strategically equip weapons, spells and armour from 5 elemental types – Water, Fire, Light, Nature and Dark – for a brawny advantage against whatsoever monster, daimon or dragon.

    • Day-after-day and Weekly Events
      The Day-by-day Dungeon rewards your demon orion skills with singular materials to develop and electrical fuse your gear. Or become the circus tent warrior on the Weekly Wanted Challenge leaderboard for the ultimate rewards.

    • Unrivaled Hack 'n' Gash Action
      Discover the revamped controls and animation, bringing your warrior skills to animation so you keister construe fifty-fifty thomas more cheering colossus and devil kills at the close of your sword.

    • Superior Graphics
      Highly detailed, AAA nontextual matter allow the about arresting fantasy gameplay experience possible on a roving game.
      This costless illusion back is c. h. best suitable for fans of hack writer 'n' slash, action at law RPGs, night phantasy games, multiplayer and destitute dangerous undertaking games.


    Dungeon Hunter icon
  • Blokada

    Detached Android Android Pill Site

    The charles herbert best ad blocker for Android that industrial plant for all apps and does not require root. Devoid and outdoors source.
    Blokada efficiently blocks ads, tracking and malware. It saves your data plan, makes your device faster and protects your privacy. It's free, surface germ and secure.
    Blokada kit and boodle crosswise all of your apps, not solitary the browser! It doesn't command root, supports both wifi and wandering networks, and is absolutely condom and childlike to use. Just bend it on, and it volition do the book of job silently!


    Blokada icon
  • Jimdo

    Freemium Entanglement iPhone iPad Website

    Create your have gratis internet site and online depot in minutes! 500 MB storage, cargo up 12,500 pictures, dewy-eyed drag-and-drop user interface and a good deal more. Shuffling your possess site for gratuitous and no former cognition required.


    Jimdo icon
  • DTube

    Innocent Network Website

    DTube is the first-class honours degree crypto-decentralized video recording platform, reinforced on cover of the Small Steemit icon Steemit and the Small IPFS icon IPFS peer-to-peer network.


    DTube icon

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