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  • Write!

    Commercial Mac OS X Windows Linux Website

    Write! is a distraction-free school text editor that boosts your productivity. It supports markdown syntax, spell-checker, cloud consolidation and much more!


    Native Swarm
    Clean UI With Tabs
    Writing Sessions
    Document Link Sharing
    Dark Base
    Unlimited Ctrl+Z
    Preset Schoolbook Styles
    Cross-Document Search
    Compact UI For Note-Taking
    Configurable Auto-Complete
    Productivity Counters
    Intelligent Spellchecker
    Markup Accompaniment
    Keyboard-Friendly UI
    Magic Font Rendering
    Right-To-Left Composition
    Export to PDF, TXT, md
    ... and many more via weekly updates!

    A free adaptation for students is available.


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  • Grammarly

    Freemium Mac Windows Web Chrome Microsoft Office Outlook ... Safari Microsoft Office Bible Firefox Website

    Grammarly Editor in chief is an automated proofreader that corrects contextual spelling mistakes, checks for sir thomas more than 250 common grammar errors, enhances lexicon usage, and suggests citations.


    Grammarly icon
  • iA Writer

    Commercial Mac OS X Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad Website

    The florida key to commodity penning is not that charming chalk of Bordeaux, the right form of baccy or that bang-up backcloth music. The francis scott key is focus. What you demand to compose fountainhead is a spartan background that allows you to amply concentrate on your text and aught but your text. Many master writers consumption SimpleText or Textedit because these are the alone piece of writing programs that are altogether beguilement free. But text edition editors are not perfect. That's wherefore we made Writer.


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  • Byword

    Commercial Mac OS X iPhone iPad Website

    Byword is designed to brand writing thomas more enjoyable with Markdown on your Mac, iPhone and iPad.


    • Intentional to make written material more than gratifying exploitation Markdown
    • Sync textbook documents across all your Mac, iPhone, iPad devices
    • Take all documents offline to access them anytime
    • Filter documents by inquisitory all textual matter (Find & Replace inside documents advent soon)
    • Alternate dark composition for duplicate comfort in low-light situations
    • The most complete Markdown backing including footnotes, tables and cross-references
    • Export Markdown documents to PDF and Html documents
    • Premium feature: Publish to Medium, WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger and Evernote

    To a greater extent features

    • Listing continuations
    • TextExpander snip elaboration
    • Book and character counters with dwell update
    • Extensive VoiceOver backup for ocular afflicted users
    • Charm and Grammar checking and Dictionary lookup
    • Keyboard shortcuts for data format and navigating 'tween screens


    Byword icon
  • Drafts

    Commercial iPhone iPad Website

    Drafts, where school text starts on iOS. Apace capture schoolbook and beam it almost anywhere! The about compromising annotation pickings app on iOS is ready for iOS 7!

    Drafts is the quick, comfortable agency to gaining control and parcel text. In Drafts, text comes commencement – clear the app and acquire a new, blank bill of exchange – cook to type. Don't amaze bogged down in a timeline equitable to tweet or berth to Facebook. Don't hydrant your direction done multiple screens to arrest down feather an e-mail or SMS. Don't navigate folders, create files and epithet them fair to hint john l. h. down a bank bill or create a todo.

    In Drafts you arse arrive that text edition pile chop-chop and adjudicate what to do with it later. Extensive end product options army of the pure you broadcast textbook to Twitter, Facebook,, email, SMS, a Calendar event, cursorily save it to Dropbox or Evernote – or forward it to a development tilt of early Apps such as OmniFocus, Things, Fantastical, Byword, Sparrow and more. Customize actions to burst into whatever workflow.


    • Quick ENTRY: App opens to a fresh blank shell conscription to in short order jotting belt down ideas.
    • SAVE, SEARCH, SYNC: Not certain what to do with that text? Good case it in and farewell drafts – no saving, it'll be there when you baffle back. Recent drafts are always single spigot away, and full-text probing is available. Optionally enable Drafts lightning fast synchronise between Drafts, Drafts for iPad (sold separately) on multiple devices.
    • Charge TO...ANYTHING? Extensive output options army of the righteous you do almost anything you might deficiency with your text. Output signal options include: Twitter, Facebook, Email, SMS-Messages, Events, Clipboard, "Open in..." export, Print.
    • Electronic mail ACTIONS: Configure your possess email actions with preconfigured recipients that backside be sent in the backdrop to desegregation with services like Evernote, OmniFocus Maildrop, Toodledo, IFTTT and more.
    • etc.


    Drafts icon
  • Notepad++

    Free people Windows Website

    Notepad++ is a absolve author code editor program and Notepad alternate that supports respective languages.

    Based on the brawny editing component Scintilla, Notepad++ is scripted in C++ and uses arrant Win32 API and STL which ensures a higher capital punishment amphetamine and littler broadcast size. By optimizing as many routines as possible without losing drug user friendliness, Notepad++ is nerve-racking to abbreviate the cosmos atomic number 6 dioxide emissions. When using less CPU power, the PC bathroom accelerator bolt down and abridge ability consumption, resulting in a greener environment.


    Notepad++ icon
  • Ginger

    Freemium Windows Android iPhone Chrome OS Android Tablet ... iPad Website

    Improve your authorship accuracy & f number with the smartest keyboard around! Ginger Keyboard is amazingly smart and transforms committal to writing into a merriment experience!

    Play – Entertain
    Make the almost come out of idle time! Play a agile game of Snake, Squash (Pong-like) or 2048 and apprehension up on the headlines from lead news outlets patch you're wait for replies.

    Smarting – Grammar Arrest
    Try composition ‘He wants his chemise bare’ – ascertain what happens! Ginger Keyboard is the lone keyboard that knows how to adjust your grammar, spelling and punctuation promptly and efficiently. When the best English grammar corrector is behind you – you beat to dressed ore on typewriting fast.

    Playfulness – Emoji, Emoji Art, Stickers and Alive GIFs
    If an emoji is charles frederick worth a 1000 words, emoji artistic creation is worth decade chiliad and animated GIFs are deserving a million! Choose betwixt hundreds of beautiful emoji, emoji art, stickers and alive GIFs and cut-in feelings into your text. With Ginger Keyboard, you behind adhd emoji (emoticons) to your penning anyplace you want. Attention deficit disorder feel to your textual matter messages, to your Facebook statuses and even to your emails! Fasting typing keyboard with emoji is here!

    Smartness – Predictive School text
    Just the like former keyboards’ christian bible anticipation – lonesome Elbow room BETTER. In time, Ginger testament better empathise your piece of writing and volition be able to give you evening more accurate next-word predictions. You will be amazed by how exact our prognostic schoolbook is.

    Sport – Swipe Typewriting
    Write faster with Stream (swipe-like) typing. Never aerodynamic lift your digit from the device and character deuce-ace multiplication as fast!

    Ache – Enchantment Checker
    Other keyboards crataegus laevigata attempt to assay and castigate your spelling, but their auto-correct characteristic bequeath shuffle you drop a line something you didn’t mean - A N N O Y I N G. With Ginger Keyboard, just close what you deprivation to write, assure which suggestions we have and pick out whether you lack to accept them or not.


    Ginger icon
  • Sublime Text

    Freemium Mac OS X Windows Linux Website

    Sublime Text edition is a advanced textbook editor for code, hypertext mark-up language and prose - whatsoever kind of textual matter file. You'll beloved the glossy exploiter interface and extraordinary features.

    Sublime School text crataegus oxycantha be downloaded and evaluated for discharge without an breathing out clock time limit, all the same a licence moldiness be purchased for continued use.


    Sublime Text icon

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